Clinical trials play an important role in the success of mRNA technology.

Much of the world first met mRNA technology when it arrived in the form of COVID-19 vaccines.

Scientists have been studying mRNA technology in areas from infectious diseases to oncology for decades.

They are working at the next frontier of medicine, where mRNA technology may allow them to solve problems that were previously insurmountable

Besides preventive vaccines for infectious diseases, mRNA could also be used to develop treatments for cancer and rare diseases

In addition to the groundbreaking work being done in COVID-19 vaccines, Pfizer is advancing the next wave of innovation through mRNA vaccines for several conditions, including influenza and shingles

With an efficacy rate between 40% and 60%, today’s flu vaccines are the best hope at protecting against influenza illness. But with mRNA, there is the potential to do better

With an mRNA vaccine, which activates both arms of the immune system, pharmaceutical developers could provide better protection and manufacture doses more quickly than ever before.

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