Mila Kunis, 200 celebs denounce antisemitic film in open letter to Amazon

Mila Kunis, Debra Messing and more entertainment industry figures are putting pressure on Amazon and Barnes & Noble to remove antisemitic book

Nonprofit organization Creative Community for Peace publicized its letter to both companies on Thursday after they allegedly refused to remove the title and continue to profit from its bigotry.

Kunis, Messing, Mayim Bialik and Diane Warren are among 200 public figures to sign the letter after NBA player Kyrie Irving promoted the book and documentary

The CCFP said the book and movie cause "tremendous harm to the Jewish community while spreading dangerous misinformation to an impressionable public that may be susceptible to its propaganda."

The organization said Irving's promotion catapulted the book into becoming a bestseller and that Amazon and Barnes & Noble are "profiting from hate."

In a strong condemnation, the Nets released the statement hours after Irving met with reporters, but declined to offer a direct apology and refused to say he had antisemitic views.

Irving initially refused to back down from his social media post despite a statement from Nets owner Joe Tsai to the NBA.

A day prior to his suspension, the Nets and Irving announced a $1 million donation 

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