Kevin Conroy, voice of Batman, dies at 66 - Check out in detail

Kevin Conroy, who gave the Batman animation an iconic voice for decades, died Thursday after battling cancer, according to a press release from Warner Bros.

Talent agent Steven Neibert, who worked with Conroy for "over 25 years," also confirmed his death Friday

Conroy was the voice behind "Batman: The Animated Series," which aired on the Fox Network in 1992 until 1996.

His role in the '90s animated series led him to take on more Batman voice roles throughout the franchise, including TV series "Batman Beyond" and "Justice League Unlimited.

He even voiced the Dark Knight in several video game spinoffs from the franchise.

DC Comics remembered Conroy on Twitter as "a legendary actor."

In 1980, Conroy moved to Los Angeles, began acting in soap operas and booked appearances on TV series including "Cheers," "Tour of Duty" and "Murphy Brown."

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