Elon Musk demands Twitter staff commit to long hours or leave - Check out in detail

New Twitter CEO and sole director Elon Musk sent a companywide email to employees of Twitter on Wednesday, demanding they commit to working “long hours

The companywide ultimatum, sent around midnight in San Francisco time and shared with CNBC, comes after Musk has already fired key Twitter executives

Since Musk took over on Oct. 28, he has announced sweeping changes planned for Twitter.

The $7.99/month Blue subscription service allowed people to pay for a blue check mark that looked like the mark previously reserved to show an account was verified or official.

A deluge of impersonators bought the paid subscriber checkmarks to pose as legitimate celebrities, brands and politicians, and in some cases, they posted false information about companies.

For example, accounts impersonated the multinational drug company Eli Lilly. One impersonator caused a serious problem when they tweeted

Eli Lilly’s stock price dropped sharply after the false message was posted, and the company has decided to suspend advertising on Twitter indefinitely.

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