Alibaba has released new specifications and price for the first RISC-V laptops.

An Alibaba T-Head TH1520 quad-core SoC with integrated NPU and Imagination Technologies GPU powers the new Roma laptops with RISC-V technology.

Prices begin at $1499 USD, and Alibaba offers three unique bundles that contain extra items such as wireless controllers, headphones, speakers, and smartwatches.

Xcalibyte announced pre-orders for the first RISC-V laptops, called Roma, in July of this year, but there was no information on pricing or availability.

The Roma laptops are now available for purchase on Alibaba, and the spec sheet has been updated with further information.

Prices begin at $1499, with the first batch slated to ship in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The Roma laptops have an Alibaba T-Head TH1520 quad-core RISC-V SoC operating at 2.6 GHz, as well as a 4 TOPS NPU and an Imagination Technologies GPU, according to the product description website.

According to Tom's Hardware, this SoC is part of Alibaba's recently announced Wujian 600 edge computing platform.

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