August/September 2019

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Aird, Catherine. Inheritance Tracks (SH, 28.99) Aug. In a nicely old-fashioned mystery, Sloan and Crosby investigate when one of a group of heirs to a patent-medicine fortune is murdered, and must see if the other heirs are in danger, and also help find a missing heir.

Andrews, Donna. Terns of Endearment (STM, 26.99) Aug. Meg and her family are enjoying a cruise to Bermuda when the power goes out and the ship is stranded—and then a passenger jumps overboard, an apparent suicide, but Meg organizes her family to investigate while all the possible suspects are stuck onboard.

Barclay, Linwood. Elevator Pitch (HC, 26.99) Sept. The death of a jogger, whose mutilated body is found on the High Line, is tied to a series of deadly elevator sabotage in a police procedural that will have you taking the stairs.

Barr, Nevada. What Rose Forgot (STM, 28.99) Sept. When a 68-year-old woman wakes up in the North Carolina woods with no idea how she got there, and the next thing she knows she is hospitalized with a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s and after escaping, she heads home vowing to investigate while suffering from a case of drug-induced amnesia in a cleverly-plotted standalone mystery.

Barrett, Casey. Tower of Songs (Ken, 26.00) Sept. Former Olympic swimmer turned NYC PI Duck Darley investigates the disappearance and possible abduction of a billionaire hedge fund manager, whose daughter is convinced that her grandmother is behind the crime.

Barrett, Lorna. A Killer Edition (Brk, 26.00) Aug. Booktown bookstore owner Tricia overhears an argument between the owner of a romance bookstore owner and her neighbor, she is not surprised when the neighbor turns up dead and the bookstore owner is the main suspect.

Bartley, D.A. Death in the Covenant (CL, 26.99) Aug. A Utah policewoman investigates when an old friend dies in a car crash, particularly after she hears that he was asking after BYU female graduate students who suddenly dropped out of school in a case that takes her to Mexico.

Beck, Haylen. Lost You (RH, 26.00) Aug. In an intense psychological thriller a woman who is hired to be a surrogate for a childless couple finds herself unable to give up the baby after she sees the new mother becoming more and more irrational, leading to a deadly showdown.

Begley, Louis. Killer’s Choice (RH, 25.95) Aug. Retired Marine Jack Dana must bring down the man who has killed two of his uncle’s friends and who is now threatening the family of the woman he loves in the final book in this thriller series.

Blake, Elizabeth. Pride, Prejudice and Poison (CL, 26.99) Aug. In the first of a new series, a bookshop owner turns sleuth when the newly elected president of the Jan Austen Society in a village in Yorkshire, a village rife with scandals and secrets, both romantic and criminal.

Box, C.J. Bitterroots (STM, 27.99) Aug. Former police officer Cassie Dewell has become a PI in Montana where she is hired by a defense attorney to investigate a man from a wealthy ranching family who has been accused of raping his niece, and whose only defense is that he was too drunk to remember, but local resistance to her investigation from family and law enforcement leads to her arrest.

Brett, Simon. The Killer in the Choir (SH, 28.99) Sept. Jude and Carole investigate when a wealthy retiree falls down the stairs and his daughter is convinced that her stepmother propelled his descent.

Brook, Allison. Read and Gone (Per, 26.99) Sept. Librarian Carrie is asked by the library’s resident ghost to investigate when her niece is murdered, but the suspect list is inordinately long because the niece had a bad habit of blackmailing her neighbors.

Brown, Sandra. Outfox (GC, 27.00) Aug. An FBI agent becomes obsessed with finding a conman who has swindled eight wealthy women out of their fortunes before each disappeared, and he thinks he has identified both the conman and his next victim.

Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane. And Then They Were Doomed (CL, 26.99) Aug. Literary biographer Zoe is invited to a meeting of the Northern Michigan Christie Society, but the participants are trapped by torrential rains and limited cell phone service, and soon two of them disappear. Great fun for Christie lovers.

Byron, Ellen. Fatal Cajun Festival (CL, 26.99) Sept. During a country music festival Maggie poses as a groupie to infiltrate a country music singer’s entourage when one of back-up musicians is murdered and her musician friend is accused of the murder.

Carcaterra, Lorenzo. Tin Badges (RH, 28.00) Aug. A retired NYPD detective is brought back in to work on the case of notorious drug kingpin, but the kingpin fights back by killing the man’s family, leaving him in charge of his orphaned nephew whose computer expertise would be invaluable in bringing down the drug empire.

Carter, Andrea. Treacherous Strand (PGW, 26.95) Sept. In the second in this Irish series set on the Inishowen Peninsula, the body of a woman with a strange tattoo on her leg turns up on the beach and while her death first appears to be accidental, it soon turns out to be murder, and solicitor Ben O’Keefe decides to investigate.

Cavanagh, Steve. Thirteen (STM, 27.99) Aug. New York defense attorney Steve Flynn is defending an actor accused of killing his wife when he hears of a serial killer who has remained hidden by framing others for his killings—and who just happens to be on the jury for this trial. A masterpiece of plotting and a clever combination of serial killer/legal thriller.

Cleeves, Ann. The Long Call (STM, 26.99) Sept. After years of estrangement from his family, a police detective returns to the small Devon village when his father dies, but the discovery of a body with the tattoo of an albatross forces him to stay to investigate and uncover the secrets and lies of his family in the first of a new series.

Coleman, Reed Farrel. Robert B. Parker’s The Bitterest Pill (Put, 27.00) Sept. Jesse Stone must deal with the effects of the opioid crisis in Paradise, centered on the high school, an investigation made more difficult by the students, their parents, the school administrators, and the teachers, all doing their best to hinder his search for the bad guys—drug dealers from Boston.

Cumming, Laura. Five Days Gone (SS, 26.00) Aug. The account of an investigation into a kidnapping that occurred during the childhood of the author’s mother, who was taken for three days and then returned when she was small, and the network of lies, name changes, and family secrets that made it very difficult to discover what actually happened. This is fascinating.

Cussler, Clive and Jack Du Brul. The Titanic Secret (Put, 29.00) Sept. A century apart Dirk Pitt and Isaac Bell work to solve the mystery of the deaths of nine men linked to the discovery of a new metal with strange powers.

Daly, Paula. Clear my Name (PGW, 26.00) Sept. An investigator for a British nonprofit fighting to free the wrongly convicted must investigate the case of a middle-aged woman convicted of killing her husband’s mistress, a case that forces her to return to the faded coastal town where the crime took place, the location of her own childhood traumas.

Delaney, JP. The Perfect Wife (Ball, 27.00) Aug. An excellent twisty thriller about a woman who reappears after disappearing five years before leaving her tech-mogul husband and autistic son, but nothing is as it seems. I loved this so much I read it in one night.

Duncan, Elizabeth J. Remembering the Dead (CL, 26.99) Sept. in the tenth in the series set in North Wales, artist and spa owner Penny arranges a dinner commemorating the centennial of the Armistice, but a recently refurbished chair with 100 years of Welsh literary history that was part of the festivities is stolen and a waiter murdered, she must hunt for a thief who may also be a murderer, a quest that takes her to Dublin and a shady antiquarian.

Ephron, Hallie. Careful What You Wish For (HC, 26.99) Aug. A professional organizer who works helping people declutter their lives ironically lives with a man who is a hoarder, and after a glass of wine with a new client in the same situation, she finds herself wishing that things were different—a desire that leads her into a mess she may not be able to clean up.

Flynn, Vince and Kyle Mills. Lethal Agent (SS, 28.99) Sept. Mitch Rapp must stop a deadly bioterror attack on the Mexican border in the midst of a politically divisive presidential campaign in the latest thriller.

Gould, Howard Michael. Below the Line (Dut, 26.00) Aug. Former LAPD detective Charlie Waldo is lured away from his solitary life in the woods by his former girlfriend, a PI, to help her with the case of a mendacious teenager who claims that her high-school teacher seduced her, but when the teacher is murdered the girl becomes the main suspect and it’s time to find the truth. I like this funny series.

Harmel, Kristen. The Winemaker’s Wife (SS, 28.00) Aug. After she has lost everything in her life, a New York woman is whisked off to France by her eccentric grandmother, who must share a tragic story going back to the early days of WWII in the winemaking country of northern France, and in revealing the past, helps her granddaughter realize her future.

Hart, Ellen. Twisted at the Root (STM, 26.99) Aug. Minneapolis restaurateur and sometimes PI Jane Lawless agrees to help her father who wants to find further evidence to force a retrial for a man convicted of killing his husband, a case that soon leads to another death and a wealth of red herrings.

Hart, Rob. The Warehouse (RH, 27.00) Aug. A near-future thriller about a mega-company that has taken over in an age of social unrest, high unemployment, and climate change, but a corporate spy who has infiltrated the organization and a security guard discover that the security offered by the company comes at a high price.

Herron, R.H. Stolen Things (Dut, 26.00) Aug. When her teenaged daughter calls drugged and disoriented from the house of a former football player who leads an anti-police brutality organization, a police dispatcher in a small Northern California town must investigate to discover what happened to her daughter’s missing friend, especially after her daughter convinces her that the main suspect is innocent.

Hill, Edwin. The Missing Ones (Ken, 26.00) Sept. Librarian Hester Thursby who uses her research skills to find missing people goes to find a missing child on an island off the Maine coast, and to her horror uncovers a murder. I loved the first in the series for intelligent, nuanced plotting and in-depth characterization.

Horowitz, Alexandra. Our Dogs, Ourselves (SS, 28.00) Sept. According to Cappy, this is a must-have book for all dog-lovers and dog-owners—and he is the expert having been a dog for five years now. I’ll add that any of Horowitz’s books on dogs are well worth reading, both informative and entertaining.

Howard, Catherine Ryan. Rewind (Blackstone, 24.99) Sept. When an Irish woman who suspects her husband of having an affair goes to stay at the holiday hotel near Cork that she believes is the scene of the trysts, she disappears, and the attempts to find her are made more difficult by the secrets held by her husband and the owner of the hotel in a well-crafted mystery.

Hunter, Stephen. Game of Snipers (Put, 27.00) Aug. When he agrees to help a woman track down the sniper who killed her son, Bob Lee Swagger must confront an assassin whose skills match his own.

James, Peter. Dead at First Sight (IPG, 27.95) Aug. DS Roy Grace investigates the death of a scam victim, an elderly person tricked into falling in love online and giving up her life savings.

Jance, J.A. Sins of the Fathers (HC, 26.99) Sept. Beaumont’s retirement is interrupted when an old friend appears with an infant asking for his help finding his missing daughter in a case that leads back to Beau’s less-than-stellar past.

Jensen, Billy. Chase Darkness with Me (Source, 25.99) Aug. Jensen is a journalist who specializes in using social media to help solve cold cases with astonishing success. A fascinating true crime book about the first digital “consulting detective.”

Johnson, Craig. Land of Wolves (Vik, 28.00) Sept. Walt Longmire investigates the hanging death of a Basque shepherd, part of a family known for removing the legs of Wyoming sheriffs.

Keller, Julia. The Cold Way Home (STM, 27.99) Aug. Bell Elkins, prosecutor turned PI in West Virginia stumbles upon the body of a woman in the ruins of a psychiatric hospital in a case that is tied to the murder of the woman’s grandmother who worked at the hospital fifty years before. This excellent mystery deals with incredibly serious themes concerning the history of psychiatric treatment for poor women.

Kelly, Sofie. A Night’s Tail (Brk, 25.00) Sept. When a businessman is found murdered after arguing with a member of her brother’s band, librarian Kathleen must find a killer with the help of her magical cats.

King, Stephen. The Institute (SS, 30.00) Sept. In a terrifying thriller, a group of children with special powers such as telekinesis and telepathy are abducted from their homes and taken to a grim institution where punishment for any infractions is swift and sometimes lethal, and when they decide to escape, it will take all their powers to succeed.

Koepp, David. Cold Storage (Ecco, 27.99) Sept. A Pentagon bioterror operative must figure out how to contain contain an organism capable of extinction-level destruction with only the help of two security guards—an ex-con and a single mother, in a thriller where luck, fearlessness, and a sense of humor save the day.

LaManna, Gina. Pretty Guilty Women (Source, 25.99) Sept. When three college friends gather for a wedding weekend at a glamorous spa, they meet the groom’s aunt, and when a man is found dead all four confess to his murder in a cleverly-plotted mystery.

Lapena, Shari. Someone We Know (Png, 27.00) Aug. When a teenager sneaks into houses in a suburban area in upstate New York—and finds out their secrets from their computers—people becomes aware when two anonymous letters arrive, but the unease and suspicion escalate when a woman is found murdered. Lapena is a master of domestic suspense.

Lee, Tosca. A Single Light (SS, 27.00) Sept. In the second in the series, survivors Wynter Roth and Chase Leigh emerge from their underground bunker to find a world that has been devastated by a virulent prion disease, and they must figure out how to stop its spread.

Locke, Attica. Heaven, my Home (GC, 27.00) Sept. Texas Ranger Darren Matthews is hunting for a small boy who’s disappeared from a lakeside tourist town that thrives on nostalgia for antebellum Texas—and the racial attitudes of that era, a case that has ties to white supremacists and his last case.

Logan, T.M. 29 Seconds (STM, 27.99) Sept. A London literature professor is given the chance to have the man who stands between her and a full-time teaching position killed without repercussions, and she jumps at the chance because he is a serial harasser of women as well, but she doesn’t anticipate the results of her decision.

Lotz, Sarah. Missing Person (LB, 27.00) Sept. A reclusive bookseller who learns the truth that his uncle didn’t die, but left Ireland to go to New York years before begins tracking him down through a website that matches missing persons with unidentified bodies, finds that he may have been the victim of a serial killer targeting gay men.

Lutz, Lisa. The Swallows (Ball, 27.00) Aug. A new creative writing teacher at an exclusive private school in Vermont uncovers a strange connection between an English teacher, a group of socially-prominent students, and a mysterious place called the “Darkroom,” but someone is uncovering her secrets as well in a thriller about the gender wars. Lutz is great.

MacBride, Stuart. All That’s Dead (HC, 26.99) Sept. DI Logan McRae is assigned to the politically-charged case of a missing high-profile campaigner against Scottish independence, who disappeared leaving only bloodstains behind.

Mason, Jamie. The Hidden Things (SS, 26.00) Aug. A security camera captures a teenaged girl fighting off an intruder in her suburban home, and also reveals a glimpse of a seventeenth-century Dutch masterpiece that was stolen from a museum years before in a thriller based on the real-life theft of paintings from a Boston museum in 1990.

Masters, Priscilla. Blood on the Rocks (SH, 28.99) Aug. DI Joanna Piercy is assigned the case of an elderly man who disappeared from a residential home, but soon she finds that there are too many discrepancies in the case of a frail old man with dementia escaping from a locked building.

Mayor, Archer. Bomber’s Moon (STM, 27.99) Sept. When a reporter gets on the trail of a burglar who has discovered information on a stolen laptop that relates to an elite Vermont prep school, she is shocked when he is found shot, and Joe Gunther with the VBI must find a killer.

McGeorge, Chris. Now You See Me (HC, 26.99) Sept. In a contemporary take on the classic puzzle mystery, six students enter the longest canal tunnel in England in a private boat and only one comes out, unconscious and unable to remember what happened, and after he is arrested by the police, he turns to a famous author to help him prove his innocence.

McHugh, Laura. The Wolf Wants In (RH, 26.00) Aug. Two women living in a small Kansas town are on a collision course with one another and the discovery of human remains in the wood outside of town—one wants to find out who killed her brother and why, the other wants to leave her past with its dark secrets behind.

McMillan, Gilly. The Nanny (HC, 26.99) Sept. Recently-widowed, a woman returns to her family home in England, where her beloved nanny had disappeared when she was a small child, and when she finds a skull, the police investigate what may be the remains of the missing nanny in a novel of psychological suspense.

Meade, Amy Patricia. The Garden Club Murder (SH, 28.99) Sept. Caterer Tish and her assistant visit a retirement community to prepare for the annual garden club luncheon only to discover the body of a wealthy retiree, the winner of last year’s gardening competition in a fast-moving cozy.

Meier, Leslie. Haunted House Murder (Ken, 26.00) Sept. Three novellas by Meier, Barbara Ross, and Lee Hollis celebrating Halloween in Maine.

Monroe, Rachel. Savage Appetites (SS, 26.00) Aug. Narrative nonfiction about women’s obsession with true crime using four archetypes—victim, killer, attorney, and detective—linking them to the story of four women whose fixations with true crime completely engulfed their lives.

Noonan, R.J. In the Line of Fire (CL, 26.99) Aug. A Japanese-American police detective in Portland, OR investigates a bank robbery that has similarities to a series of robberies three years before where a police officer was killed.

North, Alex. The Whisper Man (Celadon, 26.99) Aug. A supernatural-tinged police procedural about the hunt for a missing child, who may have been lured from his house by someone whispering at the window, the m.o. of a serial child killer who was caught and convicted twenty years before.

Norton, Graham. A Keeper (SS, 27.00) Aug. When a woman returns to Ireland after the death of her estranged mother, she discovers a packet of letters that reveal the truth about her father and a family secret from forty years before.

Ossowski, Tamar. Fractured (Sky, 25.99) Aug. A psychological thriller about a woman who cannot remember her past, but who has a tantalizing glimpse when she finds herself standing next to a strangely-familiar man by the edge of a lake with an overwhelming urge to run away in a time-bending novel about second chances—or not.

Parker, T. Jefferson. The Last Good Guy (Put, 27.00) Aug. PI Roland Ford is hired by an enigmatic woman to find her missing teenaged sister in a case that leads him through the Southern California underbelly to meet up with skinheads, American Nazis, and an arch-conservative celebrity evangelist. I love Parker—he doesn’t know how to write a bad book.

Patterson, James and Howard Roughan. Killer Instinct (LB, 28.00) Sept. Professor Dylan Reinhardt and Detective Elizabeth Needham join forces to find the psychopath behind a domestic terrorism attack, a criminal who targets Elizabeth.

Peikoff, Kira. Mother Knows Best (CL, 26.99) Sept. A medical thriller about genetic engineering and three people—a woman with a genetic mutation who is desperate for a healthy child, a fertility doctor, and a researcher—who all claim the child that is the result of their experiments.

Penny, Louise. A Better Man (STM, 28.99) Aug. Inspector Gamache, recently demoted and working for his son-in-law investigates when the body of a pregnant woman is found near Three Pines, but the obvious suspect, the victim’s abusive husband, may not be the murderer.

Pobi, Robert. City of Windows (STM, 26.99) Aug. A former FBI agent who teaches astrophysics after a shoot-out caused him the loss of an arm, a leg, and an eye, is called back to investigate when his former partner is killed by a sniper in Manhattan, a seemingly impossible shot in the first of a new series.

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child. Old Bones (GC, 28.00) Aug. The first of a new series featuring archaeologist Nora Kelly who agrees to undertake the search for the location of a lost third camp of the doomed Donner Party when a diary written in 1847 by the wife of George Donner is found, while her friend, FBI agent Corrie Swanson, investigates the murder of a man found in the grave of a person with ties to the Donners.

Robb, J.D. Vendetta in Death (STM, 28.99) Sept. A woman who has decided that vigilante justice is the only justice targets a wealthy abusive businessman as her first victim, and Eve Dallas and Roarke must comb through the businessman’s secret papers to find the identity of the killer before she strikes again.

Russo, Richard. Chances Are (Knopf, 26.95) July. Russo’s latest is a sort of a mystery following three friends in their 60’s who meet in 2015 on Martha’s Vineyard, and whose reunion is overshadowed by the disappearance of a young woman in 1971. Rick and I were in a mystery book club when we were in graduate school, so you know that he knows his mysteries!

Ryan, Hank Phillippi. The Murder List (STM, 27.99) Aug. A law student gets an internship with the ADA of Middlesex County and is soon investigating the murder of a nurse, who may have been killed by a patient in the hospital where she worked.

Schaffer, Bernard. An Unsettled Grave (Ken, 26.00) Aug. In a police procedural set in western Pennsylvania, a newly-promoted police detective investigates the discovery of human remains buried in the woods, in a case that is tied to a murder case that has haunted her mentor for three decades.

Slaughter, Karin. The Last Widow (HC, 27.99) Aug. Will Trent and Sara must find and stop a mysterious group planning to unleash a deadly epidemic.

Smith, Sherri. The Retreat (STM, 26.99) Aug. Four friends go to a wellness retreat in upstate New York, each with her secrets, but at the end of the stay only one is still alive, having done what is necessary to keep her secrets.

Spain, Jo. Beneath the Surface (CL, 26.00 Aug. When the political advisor to an up-and-coming Irish politician is found dead in Parliament clutching a compromising photo of his boss, DI Tom Reynolds heads the investigation that soon turns on collusion between government and big corporations.

Stevens, Madeline. Devotion (HC, 26.99) Aug. A young and broke New York woman is saved when she gets a job as nanny for a wealthy young couple, but soon her gratitude turns to obsession as she finds herself wanting the perfect life that her employer has in a debut novel of psychological suspense.

Tracy, P.J. Ice Cold Heart (CL, 26.99) Sept. Minneapolis detectives turn to the Monkeewrench gang to investigate when a woman is found dead in a vacant house belonging to a friend and the murder seems to be the mirror image of a murder that took place a year before.

Unger, Lisa. The Stranger Inside (HC, 26.99) Sept. Years later, a woman whose two friends were abducted when they were children is drawn into the case when a murdered who escaped justice is found dead, murdered in the same way as her friend’s abductor.

Ware, Ruth. The Turn of the Key (SS, 27.99) Aug. In an updating of The Turn of the Screw, a woman hired as a nanny for a wealthy, picture-perfect family living in an elegant “smart” home in the Scottish highlands discovers too soon that things are not as she thought and then she finds herself in prison for murder. Ware is great!

Watt, Holly. To the Lions (Dut, 27.00) Sept. An overheard conversation in a London nightclub about the suicide of a wealthy young man sends an investigative reporter to northern Africa on the trail of a dangerous conspiracy involving a group of wealthy and powerful men.

Wiltshire, Patricia. The Nature of Life and Death (Put, 27.00) Sept. A fascinating look at the ways in which a pioneer in forensic ecology is able to solve crimes using the traces, often microscopic, that remain in/from nature after criminal activity in a book that is a highly-readable combination of natural history and true crime.

Woods, Stuart. Contraband (Put, 28.00) Aug. Stone Barrington must fight a national smuggling ring when trouble literally falls out of the Florida sky.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Barrett, Casey. Against Nature (Ken, 9.99) July.

Bickford, Susan Alice. A Short Time to Die (Ken, 9.99) Sept.

Black, Lisa. Suffer the Children (Ken, 9.99) Sept.

Brennan, Allison. Abandoned (STM, 8.99) Sept.

Childs, Laura and Terry Farley Moran. Glitter Bomb (Brk, 7.99) Sept.

Coleman, Reed Farrel. Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind (Put, 9.99) Sept.

Cook, Robin. Pandemic (Put, 9.99) Sept.

Coyle, Cleo. Shot in the Dark (Brk, 7.99) Sept.

Crawford, Isis. A Catered Cat Wedding (Ken, 7.99) Aug.

Cussler, Clive and Boyd Morrison. Shadow Tyrants (Put, 9.99) Sept.

Daheim, Mary. A Case of Bier (HC, 7.99) Sept.

Driscoll, Sara. Storm Rising (Ken, 9.99) Sept.

Dunnett, Kaitlyn. Overkilt (Ken, 7.99) Sept.

Evanovich, Janet. Look Alive Twenty-five (Put, 9.99) Sept.

Finder, Joseph. Judgment (Dut, 9.99) Aug.

Flynn,Vince and Mills, Kyle. Red War (SS, 9.99) Sept.

Gates, Eva. Something Read, Something Dead (CL, 7.99) Sept.

Grant, Andrew. Invisible (Ball, 9.99) Sept.

Grippando, James. The Girl in the Glass Box (HC, 9.99) Sept.

Hamilton, Steve. Dead Man Running (Put, 9.99) Aug.

Hill, Edwin. Little Comfort (Ken, 9.99) Aug.

Kelly, Sofie. The Cats Came Back (Brk, 7.99) Aug.

McKinlay, Jenn. Hitting the Books (Brk, 7.99) Aug.

Meier, Leslie. Halloween Murder (Ken, 7.99) Sept. Reissue of two Halloween-themed novels in one edition.

_____. Silver Anniversary Murder (Ken, 7.99) Aug.

Munier, Paula. A Borrowing of Bones (STM, 7.99) Sept.

Patterson, James with Nancy Allen. Juror #3 (LB, 9.99) Sept.

Petrie, Nick. Tear it Down (Put, 9.99) Sept.

Quirk, Matthew. The Night Agent (HC, 9.99) Aug.

Robb, J.D. Connections in Death (STM, 8.99) Aug.

Rosenfelt, David. Dogtripping (STM, 9.99) Sept.

Stevens, Taylor. Liar’s Paradox (RH, 9.99) Sept.

Unger, Lisa. Under My Skin (HC, 9.99) Aug.

Woods, Stuart. A Delicate Touch (Put, 9.99) Aug.  

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Archer, Winnie. Flour in the Attic (Ken, 7.99) Sept. Bread baker Ivy decides to stop loafing and investigate when a competitive swimmer is found drowned, and she realizes that it was no accident.

Buckley, Julia. Death in a Budapest Butterfly (Brk, 7.99) Aug. In the first of a new series, a woman who runs her family’s Hungarian-themed teahouse must utilize her grandmother’s ability at reading tea leaves to find a killer when a customer keels over after drinking a cup of tea.

Calder, Eve. And Then There Were Crumbs (STM, 7.99) Aug. A Manhattan pastry chef starting from scratch in a small Florida town gets a job at a bakery, but when the developer who has been urging her boss to sell his property is found dead, she must help her crusty boss before he gets burned in the first of a sweet new series.

Cates, Bailey. Cookies and Clairvoyants (Brk, 7.99) Sept. Magical baker Katie agrees to help a firefighter colleague of her fiancé who is accused of murder when his fingerprints are found on a statue used to killer a collector of rarities.

Chien, Vivien. Wonton Terror (STM, 7.99) Sept. Lana Lee investigates when a food truck explodes during the first evening of an evening market, killing one of the proprietors and injuring others, and when the family of the victim accuses the partner of murder, Lana must investigate.

Corrigan, Maya. Crypt Suzette (Ken, 7.99) Sept. Caterer Val investigates when the opening of the town’s new bookstore is followed by the death of a customer, a young woman living with Val’s grandfather while she takes classes at the local university in the latest in the series that offers five suspects, five clues, and a five-ingredient recipe.

Delaney, Vicky. Silent Night, Deadly Night (Brk, 7.99) Sept. When Christmas- shop owner Merry hosts a group of her mother’s college friends, she finds the ladies are truly grinches, and when one of them is murdered, she must find a killer before the Christmas spirit is destroyed.

Eaton, J.C. Molded 4 Murder (Ken, 7.99) Sept. When her mother’s name is found on a piece of paper clutched in the hand of a member of Sun City’s clay sculpting group, Sophie knows that she must investigate only to discover something far more valuable that amateur art.

Erickson, Alex. Death by Café Mocha (Ken, 7.99) Sept. While at a coffee convention, Krissy must investigate when the winner of a flavor competition is beaned by a carafe, and while the contest turns bitter, she checks to see if the victim was offering perks to the judges.

Farrow, Sharon. Mulberry Mischief (Ken, 7.99) Sept. When an eccentric customer asks for mulberry to protect her from someone who wants to kill her, Marlee shrugs it off until a man in town for the Harvest Health Fair is found shot by an arrow made from mulberry and the customer has disappeared.

Harris, Sherry. Let’s Fake a Deal (Ken, 7.99) Aug. Sarah’s life becomes very messy when she agrees to help out newcomers with a yard sale only to discover that the items are all stolen and then her best friend in line for a promotion is accused of sexual discrimination and the likely accuser is found dead in the trunk of her car.

Henry, Julia. Tilling the Truth (Ken, 7.99) Sept. Retiree Lilly and her garden squad friends investigate when a real-estate agent friend is found standing over the body of the grumpiest woman in town and it looks like someone has planted the evidence against her.

Marks, Mary. Knot on her Life (Ken, 7.99) Aug. Quilter Martha Rose agrees to help a neighbor girl whose parents were murdered and whose foster mother has fallen mysteriously and seriously ill.

Morgan, Alexis. Death by Jack-o’-Lantern (Ken, 7.99) Sept. In the first of a new series set in Washington State, a recent divorcée volunteering for Halloween Festival in her small town finds the body of a pumpkin farmer in the middle of his corn maze, and investigates when a homeless veteran is accused of the murder.

Newman, Kim. The Hunting of Drearcliff Grange School (RH, 8.99) Sept. A paranormal thriller featuring a young woman with moth wings who accepts the challenge to face the mystery of a haunted school.

Ripley, J.R. The Woodpecker always Pecks Twice (Ken, 7.99) Sept. Checking on a woodpecker that has awakened her way too early, Amy sees through her binoculars what looks like a murder across the lake, but when the police investigate there is no body.

Ryan, Annelise. Needled to Death (Ken, 7.99) Aug. The first in a new series spun off from the Mattie Winston series features hospital social worker Hildy Schneider who investigates the death of the son of one of her patients in a grief and addiction therapy group, a death that might just be murder.

Wilton, Traci. Mrs. Morris and the Ghost (Ken, 7.99) Aug. In the first of a new paranormal mystery series, a woman who buys a historic mansion to open a B&B in Salem wakes to discover a very handsome man at the foot of her bed, who claims to have been murdered three years before.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Auerbach, Dathan. Bad Man (RH, 16.00) Aug. A young man who has always felt guilty about the disappearance of his three-year-old brother during a trip to the grocery store takes a job at the same grocery story in hopes that he will discover what happened. I liked this offbeat creepy thriller.

Blauner, Peter. Sunrise Highway (STM, 17.99) Aug. An NYPD detective ties the case of a murdered pregnant woman found washed up on a beach in Far Rockaway with a trail of murdered women found along Long Island’s Sunrise Highway dating back to 1977, but the police chief whose jurisdiction this is less than willing to help her in a case that highlights police corruption, misogyny, and racism.

Bolton, Ginger. Jealousy Filled Donuts (Ken 15.95) Sept. Detective’s widow and doughnut shop owner Emily must investigate when the queen of the town’s Fourth of July celebration is killed when a firecracker goes off in a plate of jelly doughnuts.

Bowen, Gail. A Darkness of the Heart (M&S, 15.95) Aug. When Joanna discovers that the man she had always thought to be her father IS not, she finds that her sense of self is rocked, and she agrees to participate in a mini-series about her real father, a famous visual artist, but she soon finds that dealing with film crews is not only uncomfortable, but menacing.

Boyne, John. Ladder to the Sky (Soho, 17.00) Nov. A charming would-be novelist turns a chance encounter with an elderly, famous novelist into the beginning of a successful career based on using other people’s stories in a Highsmithian psychodrama of high ambition and low morals.

Brett, Simon. A Deadly Habit (SH, 17.95) July. Actor Charles Paris has been offered a part in a West End show by a friend and is also considering stopping drinking, but before he takes that step, he finds the body of an actor backstage while inebriated and feels that he can’t call the police, but must investigate on his own.

Burrows, Steve. A Dance of Cranes (PGW, 14.95) Aug. Dominic JeJeune goes to Ontario where his brother has disappeared while conducting research on Whooping Cranes, but soon he receives word that his estranged girlfriend has been abducted by his old nemesis. An excellent series.

Christie, Agatha. The Last Séance (HC, 16.99) Sept. A collection of supernatural tales and spooky mysteries by the Queen of Crime.

Cleeves, Ann. Wild Fire (STM, 17.99) Aug. In what may be Jimmy Perez’ last case, he investigates when a woman working as a nanny is found hanging in the neighbor’s byre in a remote community on Shetland.

Cohen, Tammy. They all Fall Down (Peg, 15.95) Aug. A woman sentenced to a high-risk psychiatric facility in London after committing a serious crime is convinced that a serial killer is at work when two friends die unexpectedly, but even her mother has trouble believing her until she begins to investigate the center’s charismatic doctor.

Cooper, Steven. Valley of Shadows (SS, 15.95) Sept. Phoenix detective Alex Mills investigates the case of a murdered socialite and the Dali masterpiece that has disappeared from her lavish estate with the help of his psychic friend Gus Parker. If you haven’t tried this excellent series that combines police procedural with a hint of the paranormal, strong characterizations with clever plotting, do it now!

Copenhaver, John. Dodging and Burning (Peg, 16.95) Aug. After a crime photograph of a beautiful woman is sent to a crime writer, she is forced to remember an incident from her childhood in 1945 when she and her best friend accompanied a young man to the woods outside a small Virginia town to see a body, an incident that changed all of their lives forever.

Corry, Jane. The Dead Ex (Png, 16.00) July. The lives of four women are thrown into chaos when a man disappears, and the question becomes, which of them will survive?

Datlow, Ellen. Echoes (SS, 22.95) Aug. A collection of the best contemporary ghost stories, by masters such as Joyce Carol Oates and Alice Hoffman.

DelBianco, Rae. Rough Animals (Per, 16.99) Sept. A gritty and powerful debut set in the modern West about a young Utah rancher who sets out to find the young girl who killed one of his steers, knowing that the loss of his cattle will lead to the loss of his family ranch.

Edwards, Martin. Deep Waters (PP, 14.99) Sept. A collection of stories about dark secrets hidden in the murky depths, all from mystery’s Golden Age.

Fluke, Joanne. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Ken, 12.95) Aug. A reissue of the first in the Hannah Swenson series that includes new recipes.

French, Tana. The Witch Elm (Vik, 17.00) Aug. In a standalone novel of suspense, a man struggling with his injuries after an assault moves in to care for his dying uncle, and the discovery of a skull in the garden forces him to confront his past that may not have been as he believed it to be.

Frey, Rea. Because You’re Mine (STM, 16.99) Aug. When the protective mother of an autistic child agrees to go on a girls-only weekend with a friend, it turns out worse than she’d feared when someone ends up dead in a novel of psychological suspense with a gut-wrenching ending.

Gardner, Lisa. Never Tell (Dut, 17.00) Aug. Boston detective D.D. Warren investigates the case of a man shot three times in his home, and his pregnant wife is holding the gun, a woman whose father was shot to death years before in an accident, and meanwhile Flora Dane recognizes the victim as an acquaintance of her captor.

Goodkind, Terry. The Girl in the Moon (SS, 15.99) Sept. A young woman with the ability to spot killers unexpectedly becomes the prey of an international terrorist group and must fight back any way she can, not just to save herself, but the rest of us as well.

Gran, Sara. The Infinite Blacktop (SS, 16.99) Sept. PI Claire Dewitt returns in another funny, kick-ass noir, hoping to solve the disappearance of her friend, until she is almost killed by a homicidal driver on her way to New Orleans. Gran is wonderful.

Handler, David. The Man in the White Linen Suit (HC, 15.99) Aug. Ghostwriter Hoagy and his neurotic Bassett hound Lulu investigate when a bestselling author’s manuscript is stolen in a case that leads to three murders before it’s finished.

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia. Old Bones (PGW, 14.00) Aug. Bill Slider is assigned to a cold case when human bones are found in a London garden, but he soon realizes that this case is still very hot in the latest in this excellent police-procedural series.

Hillier, Jennifer. Jar of Hearts (STM, 16.99) Aug. When her high-school boyfriend is arrested for a series of murders that occurred years before, a woman is convicted of helping him hide her best friend’s body, but after she is released after serving her prison term, he escapes from prison and starts killing again, forcing her to confront the danger from decades-old secrets.

Hirahara, Naomi. Iced in Paradise (Con, 16.00) Sept. In the first of a new series, a woman returns to Kauai to work in her family’s failing shave ice store, and when a protégé of her father endorses a rival and is later found murdered, she must protect him from a murder charge.

Jensen, Louise. The Date (GC, 12.99) Aug. A woman who wakes up alone after a date with someone she met online covered in bruises and with no memory of what happened realizes that her roommate is missing, and soon she begins receiving packages of bloodstained clothes and note accusing her of being a murderer—even she isn’t sure.

Jewell, A.B. The Man Who Wouldn’t Die (HC, 16.99) Aug. A comic neo-noir set in Silicon Valley, where an old-fashioned detective is hired to look into the mysterious death of a tech mogul who appears to be sending messages from beyond the grave.

Johnson, Craig. Depth of Winter (Vik, 16.00) Aug. When an international hitman, member of one of Mexico’s most dangerous drug cartels, kidnaps Walt’s beloved daughter Cady, Walt heads to the Northern Mexican desert determined to rescue her.

Kendal, Claire. I Spy (HC, 16.99) Aug. A former spy finds that her life is very constrained and lonely until she meets a young woman with a child who offers her friendship, but soon she finds herself with the unpleasant feeling that someone is spying on her.

Klehfoth, Elizabeth. All These Beautiful Strangers (HC, 15.99) July. A young woman still haunted by the disappearance of her mother ten years before is invited to join an elite secret society at the toney private school she attends, but the year-long initiation rite has her questioning her family, her past, and her place in the school.

Koestler, Arthur. Darkness at Noon (SS, 17.00) Sept. A new translation of the original German manuscript of a classic political novel about totalitarianism that is as resonant today as when it was written. A must read.

Lee, Tosca. The Line Between (SS, 17.00) Aug. A young woman escapes from an apocalyptic cult just as melting Alaska permafrost releases a long-extinct disease that causes a type of rapid-acting dementia in its victims, and when her sister arrives with a set of medical samples that must be delivered to a scientific laboratory in order find a cure. Summer in Tucson and apocalyptic thrillers just go together, I think.

Lescroart, John. The Rule of Law (SS, 17.00) Jan. Dismas Hardy investigates when his assistant is charged as accessory to the murder of a coyote who has been smuggling women from Mexico and Central America.

Lethem, Jonathan. The Feral Detective (HC, 16.99) Aug. A woman hires a hirsute detective who lives in the Mojave Desert with his dogs and an opossum to find the missing daughter of a friend and their quest leads them to California’s Inland Empire filled with hippies and vagabonds who live off the grid.

LoTempio, T.C. The Time for Murder is Meow (MidInk, 15.99) Aug. In the first of a new series a television actress takes over her late aunt’s pet shop, but before she even reopens the shop she becomes suspect in a murder, and must save herself and the business with the help of a Siamese cat and her aunt’s Persian.

Malerman, Josh. Inspection (Del Rey, 17.00) Mar. At a secret boys school in a remote forest boys are being trained to be prodigies in art, sciences, and athletics in an isolated environment run by the only parent figure they know, but when one of them begins to question his life and the school, he creates problems for himself and the school in a creepy dystopian thriller.

Manning, Max. The Victim (Source, 15.99) Aug. A clever psychological thriller that examines the life-altering consequences of split-second decisions when a woman is carjacked—in one scenario she fights back and in the other she acquiesces.

McGeorge, Chris. Guess Who (HC, 16.99) Sept. A debut thriller that is a modern take on the locked-room mystery, featuring a celebrity detective who awakens to find himself in a hotel room with five strangers and a corpse—and he has three hours to solve the mystery or they all will die.

Miller, T. Christian and Ken Armstrong. Unbelievable (RH, 17.00) Sept. The true story of a young woman who was charged with false reporting after she recanted a claim of having been raped, but who was exonerated after a police detective noticed a pattern in a series of rapes that fitted her description. This is a chilling account of how rape victims are further victimized by those who should be helping—although we know it’s all their fault for not carrying a gun!

North, Lauren. The Perfect Son (Brk, 16.00) Aug. A recent widow wakes up in the hospital the day after her son’s eighth birthday party to discover that she has been stabbed and her child is missing—and the doctors do not believe her and will not help her in a debut novel of psychological suspense.

Paul, Bart. See that my Grave Is Kept Clean (SS, 15.95) Sept. In the third of this western series set in the Sierras of Nevada, packer Tommy Smith leads a group hunting for a missing girl, but instead they find the skeleton of a man who may tied to a bank robbery years before—and a fortune in missing cash.

Pelecanos, George. The Man who Came Uptown (Mull, 15.99) Sept. An inmate awaiting trial begins reading to pass the time, inspired by the jail librarian, and finds a world of possibility that he never knew existed, so when he is released and is blackmailed by the man who effected his release, he is caught in a moral dilemma. An “unforgettable novel of crime, redemption, and the transformative power of the written word” says PW in a starred review. I loved this.

Perry, Leigh. The Skeleton Stuffs a Stocking (PGW, 16.00) Sept. When the Georgia’s dog goes missing and then returns with a femur in his mouth, she and Sid, the family skeleton, investigate.

Picoult, Jodi. A Spark of Light (Ball, 17.00) Sept. When a gunman enters a women’s health clinic guns blazing, he takes all those inside hostage, and as the hostage negotiator seeks to diffuse the situation we learn the stories of all of the people inside in a narrative that moves backward to explain how everyone arrived at the clinic.

Pinborough, Sarah. Cross her Heart (HC, 18.99) Sept. A single mother who is overly devoted to her teenaged daughter lives in fear that a dark secret from her past will be revealed, and when it is, it shatters her connection to her daughter.

Rankin, Ian. In a House of Lies (LB, 16.99) Sept. Edinburgh Inspector Rebus is called out of retirement when the skeletal remains of a private investigator who went missing a decade before are found outside of the city, in a case tied to a shady land deal, official corruption, and a possible police cover-up.

Sallis, James. The Long-Legged Fly (Soho, 16.95) Sept. A reissue of the first mystery in the series featuring black PI Lew Griffin set in New Orleans.

Sangster, Jimmy. The Spy Killer (Brash, 16.99) Sept. The first of a British PI series originally published in 1967, featuring a PI hired by his ex-wife to find out if her husband is having an affair with a man, but he discovers the husband’s body—and that he may have been killed for a secret notebook related to his work in the Foreign Office. A funny well-constructed spy story with a hero who is kind of an anti-James Bond.

Scottoline, Lisa. Feared (STM, 16.99) Aug. When their law firm is the subject of complaints of gender discrimination, Bennie Rosato, Mary DiNunzio, and Judy Carrier are shocked, and after their sole male colleague is found murdered, they begin investigating.

_____. Someone Knows (Put, 17.00) Aug. When three former friends meet at the funeral of a fourth, they must deal with the dark secret that has destroyed their lives—as teenagers they played a dangerous prank that led to the death of another girl.

Stevenson, Benjamin. Trust Me When I Lie (Source, 15.99) Aug. A documentary-film producer is instrumental in showing the flimsy evidence and biased policing that led to the conviction of a man accused of murdering a young woman, but after the man is retried and released another murder occurs, causing the producer to wonder if he helped release a monster.

Tracy, P.J. The Guilty Dead (Per, 16.99) Aug. When a wealthy philanthropist is found dead, supposedly a suicide, homicide detective Magozzi and Rolseth call on the Monkeewrench group to help untangle a wealth of digital evidence.

Von Doviak, Scott. Charlesgate Confidential (Hard Case, 9.95) Sept. A novel that begins with a Boston art heist in 1946, moves to 1986 when the last surviving art thief gets out of prison and recruits some local college students to help him find the art, and finally moves forward to the present day with the students, now middle-aged, deciding to hunt for the missing art themselves.

Wiseman, Ellen Marie. What She Left Behind (Ken, 16.95) Sept. A seventeen-year-old girl helping her foster family catalogue papers from a long-shuttered state asylum finds journals and letters left by a young woman who was committed in 1929 for disobeying her parents, and her story helps the girl come to terms with her rejection of her own mother who was convicted of killing her husband during a fit of insanity.

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Adler-Olsen, Jussi. The Washington Decree (Put, 17.00) Aug. A standalone political thriller set in the U.S. featuring a young woman who must fight to save her father, accused of being the mastermind behind the assassination of a newly-elected president’s pregnant wife.

Braithwait, Oyinkan. My Sister, the Serial Killer (DD, 14.95) Aug. A funny debut novel set in Lagos featuring a woman who finds herself cleaning up after her sister who has a history of killing her boyfriends (in self-defense, of course), and who realizes that the situation has to come to an end when the sister sets her sights on a handsome doctor.

Camilleri, Andrea. The Other End of the Line (Png, 16.00) Sept. Montalbano must help with the influx of refugees along the coast of Sicily, but when a charming seamstress is found murdered, he must weave together the loose threads to find a killer.

Cayre, Hannelore. The Godmother (ECW, 17.95) Sept. A prize-winning funny French mystery featuring a woman overwhelmed by her financial obligations with two daughters in college and an elderly mother who works as a translator for the Paris drug squad and who discovers a way to get a large quantity of hash and set herself up as a dealer, right under the noses of law enforcement.

Cotterill, Colin. The Second Biggest Nothing (Soho, 27.95) Aug. When Dr. Siri receives a death threat against himself and all those he holds dear, he must remember back to Paris in the 1930s and Vietnam in the 1970s to discover who would want him dead.

Fossum, Karin. The Whisperer (HMH, 24.00) Aug. As she is being interviewed by Inspector Sejer, a woman in police custody explains the details of her solitary existence which changed irrevocably when she receives an anonymous note telling her that she is going to die as payment for an unspecified crime.

Giacobone, Nicolás.  The Crossed-Out Notebook (SS, 25.00) Sept. A suspenseful metafiction about a Buenos Aires screenwriter who is kidnapped by a director and forced to produce a screenplay—or else.

Greenwood, Kerry. The Spotted Dog (PP, 26.99) Sept. Baker Corinna Chapman agrees to help an Afghan War veteran whose ex-service dog has gone missing, in a case that sets her on the trail of a gang of drug runners in the latest in this series set in Australia.

Hjorth, Vigdis. Will and Testament (RH, 19.95) Sept. A story of dark family secrets that impact a woman in the present by an award-winning Norwegian novelist.

Johnson, Sara E. Molten Mud Murder (PP, 15.95) Sept. In a debut mystery, a forensic expert visiting New Zealand is asked to investigate when a body is found submerged in a molten mud pot in Rotarua, and she soon finds that the victim was a city councilman who had trespassed on land sacred to the Maori.

Lagercrantz, David. The Girl who Lived Twice (Knopf, 27.95) Aug. The conclusion of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Series is set in Moscow where Lizbeth is attempting a reconciliation with her sister, and as expected all is not happy families.

Lea, Caroline. The Glass Woman (HC, 27.99) Sept. A gothic historical novel set in late seventeenth-century Iceland, where a young bride marries a widower, a taciturn trader who lives in an isolated house by the sea, and who forbids her to go into the attic. We know how this ends, don’t we?

Limón, Martin. The Line (Soho, 16.95) Sept. CID agents Sueño and Bascom are dispatched from Seoul when a battered body is found four feet north of the DMZ, and discover that political tensions make investigating the death almost impossible.

Lin, Ed. 99Ways to Die (Soho, 15.95) Sept. Jing-nan reluctantly agrees to help a frenemy from high school when her father is kidnapped, but he soon finds himself in trouble with a host of unsavory people including the abducted father in the third of this series set in Taiwan.

Lövestam, Sara. The Truth behind the Lie (STM, 26.99) Aug. When her daughter disappears in a Stockholm shopping mall, a woman hires a mysterious Iranian refugee who is a soi-disant PI, and he discovers that the little girl is not registered with Social Services in a case that leads to possible child smuggling and human trafficking.

Marías, Javier. Berta Isla (Knopf, 28.95) Aug. After her fiancé returns from Oxford, a Spanish woman notices that he has changed, not realizing that he has been recruited by the British intelligence service, which will change their lives irrevocably.

May, Peter. Chinese Whispers (Quer, 15.95) Sept. The series finale finds pathologist Margaret Cameron and police detective Li Yan hunting for a killer targeting beautiful young women known as the Beijing Ripper.

Norman, Andreas. The Silent War (Quer, 26.99) Sept. The head of Swedish intelligence in Brussels is pitted against a rogue MI6 agent after she reveals that he was involved in a conspiracy to use a safe house in Syria to imprison, interrogate, and kill political prisoners.

Porter, Henry. White Hot Silence (Mys, 26.00) Sept. A thriller about international financial and political skullduggery featuring a woman working in Italy for her financier husband’s foundation who is kidnapped by two Italian gangsters, but fortunately she was able to contact a former lover, an ec-MI6 agent working as a PI, before she was abducted, so he and her husband work to find her. A combination of action, brilliant plotting, and in-depth characterization that is Porter’s hallmark.

Roslund & Hellström, Three Hours (Quer, 26.99) Sept. Piet Hoffmann has infiltrated a Nigerian trafficking ring, but he must get out as soon as possible or he may not survive in the third in this international crime trilogy.

Simenon, Georges. Maigret and the Ghost (Png, 13.00) Aug. and Maigret Defends Himself (Png, 14.00) Sept. Two French classics featuring the Parisian detective.

Sveistrup, Soren. The Chestnut Man (HC, 28.99) Sept. Police hunting for a psychopath terrorizing Copenhagen and leaving a crude doll made of chestnuts at the grisly crime scenes are shocked when forensic investigation discovers the fingerprint of the daughter of a government official who was kidnapped and murdered the year before.

Tokarczuk, Olga. Drive your Plow over the Bones of the Dead (River, 27.00) Aug. An eccentric recluse in a small Polish village who works as a caretaker for the summer houses of wealthy Warsaw residents investigates when a series of bizarre murders take place, and while she’s sure she knows the killer, no one will take her seriously.

Vargas, Fred. This Poison Will Remain (Png, 16.00) Aug. Commissaire Adamsberg investigates when three pensioners from Nimes are killed by the venom of the recluse spider and discovers a connection between them dating from childhood.

Zeh, Juli. Empty Hearts (RH, 26.95) Aug. A seemingly ordinary German wife and mother is stunned when she hears of a suicide attack in Leipzig—because her job at a suicide prevention clinic is a cover for providing suicide bombers to terrorist organizations—and this was not one of her operations, in a prescient political thriller.

Zur, Yigal. Death in Shangri-La (Per, 16.00) Aug. In the first of a trilogy by an Israeli journalist, a former operative turned private investigator heads to the Himalayas to search for the missing son of an Israeli arms dealer.

New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Adams, Jane A. The Clockmaker (SH, 28.99) Sept. A skillfully-plotted police procedural set in the 1920s featuring DCI Johnstone of Scotland Yard, who investigates the disappearance of a young Jewish man and finds a complicated case involving criminal gangs in London’s East End.

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem and Anna Waterhouse. Mycroft and Sherlock (RH, 14.95) Sept. Mycroft Holmes has returned to the War Office and asks his brother Sherlock to take over tutoring responsibilities at a London charity orphanage, but the death of a young boy from a drug overdose leads him to the opium dens of the Limehouse docks.

_____. Mycroft and Sherlock: The Empty Birdcage (RH, 25.99) Sept. When a distant relative of the queen is killed by a serial killer, Mycroft turns the case over to his brother Sherlock while he hunts for the missing fiancé of the woman he loves.

Bahlson, Ronald H. The Girl from Berlin (STM, 16.99) Sept. Liam and Catherine investigate for a friend whose aunt is being evicted from her Italian villa by a large corporation that claims to have the deed to the land, but the only clue is a German manuscript dating from WWII written by a German-Jewish pianist who fled to Bologna.

Benedict, Marie. The Only Woman in the Room (Source, 16.99) Aug. A novel based on the life of film star Hedy Lamarr, who married a Nazi industrialist to protect herself because she was Jewish, and who managed to escape in 1937 and flee to America, where she had to reveal the most important secret of her life—she was a trained scientist who invented a radio-guidance system that is still in use today in devices such as Blue Tooth.

Benn, James. Solemn Graves (Soho, 15.95) Aug. Billy Boyle is called in to investigate a murder in Normandy a month before D-Day, amidst fears that Nazi spies may be infiltrating preparations for the big operation.

_____. When Hell Struck Twelve (Soho, 27.95) Sept. In a twistily-plotted mystery set in France in 1944, Billy Boyle must work with the Resistance to track down a French traitor planning to turn Allied plans for the liberation of France to the Germans, but the twist is that the traitor must be allowed to turn over the plans before the Resistance kills him because the plans are a carefully orchestrated ruse to give false information to the Nazis.

Benson, Raymond. The Secrets of Chicory Lane (SS, 16.99) Sept. In a coming of age novel set in the 1960s a romance novelist travels to visit her childhood friend, on death row for killing his wife and child, and their reunion provides her the knowledge to understand the traumas underneath their idyllic all-American neighborhood.

Bowen, Rhys. Love and Death among the Cheetahs (Brk, 27.00) Aug. Georgie and Darcy go on a busman’s honeymoon to Kenya, where he is investigating a string of robberies in London and Paris that may have been committed by someone who fled to Kenya, but they are soon investigating the murder of an aristocrat who was notorious in the hard-partying community of Happy Valley.

Bradley, Alan. The Golden Tresses of the Dead (RH, 17.00) Sept. Flavia de Luce and Dogger decide to turn professional sleuths, but little did they expect that their first case would involve a severed finger in the wedding cake of Flavia’s sister Ophelia’s nuptials.

Brightwell, Emily. Mrs. Jeffries and the Alms of the Angel (Brk, 26.00) Sept. Mrs. Jeffries and Inspector Witherspoon must solve the murder of a woman beloved for her charity work.

Byrd, Max. The Sixth Conspirator (SS, 26.00) Aug. A historical novel based on the long-forgotten government search for European conspirators in the assassination of President Lincoln, headed by General Grant’s spymaster, who spearheaded the search for a mysterious Confederate courier, known as “the Veiled Lady.”

Chandler, L A. The Pearl Dagger (Ken, 15.95) Sept. As the Great Depression begins to lift, NYC Mayor La Guardia sends Lane to London to check a crime wave that appears to be on both sides of the ocean in the third in this 1930s New York series.

Cleverly, Barbara. Invitation to Die (Soho, 26.95) Aug. In the second in the series set in 1920s Cambridge, DI Redfyre discovers a body while walking his dog behind his home, and a card on the body suggests a military connection as well as a connection to a secret academic dining society.

Conroy, Vivian. Death Comes to Dartmoor (CL, 26.99) Aug. In the second in this series set in late-Victorian London, a young zoologist travels to a remote village with an aristocratic colleague to see a private zoological collection, but the village is in an uproar over the death of a local servant girl and blame their host.

Dunn, Carola. The Corpse at the Crystal Palace (STM, 16.99) Sept. Daisy Dalrymple investigates the murder of a nanny during a family outing to London’s Crystal Palace, a case that becomes more personal when her children’s nanny is attacked.

Edwards, Martin. Gallows Court (PP, 15.95) Sept. In the first of a new series set in 1930s London a journalist investigates a judge’s daughter who achieved notoriety by finding a murderer before Scotland Yard, but her search for justice has the somewhat unfortunate result that the murderer ending up poisoning himself, a pattern that is repeated. This has the feel and plotting of a Golden Age mystery.

Ellis, Bella. The Vanished Bride (Brk, 26.00) Sept. When a young wife and mother goes missing in Yorkshire in 1845, the three daughters of the local vicar, Patrick Brontë, decide to investigate.

Fellowes, Jessica. Bright Young Dead (STM, 17.99) Sept. During a treasure hunt at the Mitford estate a wealthy playboy is pushed to his death from a nearby church tower and police accuse a maid of the murder, but the sisters’ chaperone believes that she is innocent and sets out to find the murderer.

Gillham, David R. Anneliese (Vik, 17.00) Sept. A novel about Anne Frank that imagines that she survived the concentration camp with her father, and returned to Amsterdam to become the writer that she had wanted to be, moving past the guilt, the rage, and the desire for revenge to realize that she can use her gift to honor the dead.

Gleason, C.M. Murder in the Oval Library (Ken, 15.95) Aug. In April, 1861 with Rebel troops just across the Potomac River, one of a group of men sent to protect the White House and President Lincoln is found murdered, and Lincoln’s aide must find a killer in the chaos of war.

Gregory, Phillippa. Tidelands (SS, 28.00) Aug. The first in a sweeping historical saga that begins during the English Civil War in the seventeenth century in a seaside village in Sussex where a poor midwife agrees to help a spy for the exiled English king, Charles I, a decision that has far-reaching implications for her and her family through the centuries.

Gross, Andrew. Button Man (STM, 9.99) Aug. A historical thriller based on the author’s family that chronicles the rise of organized crime in NYC in the 1920s and 30s.

_____. The Fifth Column (STM, 28.99) Sept. A man who lost his job and his family in NYC in 1941, becomes suspicious of his wife’s neighbors, an elderly Swiss couple who claim to hate Hitler, but his suspicions grow more serious when he uncovers what may be a nest of Nazi spies, in a historical thriller based on fact.

Hannah, Sophie. The Mystery of Three Quarters (HC, 15.99) Aug. After four strangers accuse Hercule Poirot of sending letters accusing them of murdering a man who died accidentally in his bath, he decides to investigate only to discover a tangled web of relationships, secrets, and past crimes.

Harris, Tessa. The Angel Maker (Ken, 15.95) Aug. In the second in this Victorian series, London flower seller Constance Piper investigates when the body of a young prostitute is found near the house of a woman who finds “homes” for unwanted babies.

_____. A Deadly Deception (Ken, 26.00) Sept. London’s Whitechapel district is afraid that Jack the Ripper is active again when a woman is found with her throat cut, but Constance discovers a connection to a group of “Fenians,” Irish nationalists seeking freedom from English rule.

Jefferies, Dinah. The Sapphire Widow (RH, 16.00) Aug. In Ceylon in 1935 a woman suddenly left a widow by the death of her businessman husband travels to the plantation where he had been spending increasing amounts of time in order to discover the truth about his life.

Jio, Sarah. All the Flowers in Paris (Ball, 27.00) Aug. A woman who awakens with amnesia in a Paris hospital returns home to her solitary apartment and finds a diary from the years of WWII when Paris was occupied by the Nazis, the diary of a young Jewish woman who had a flower shop with her father, and whose affair with a Nazi officer did not protect him from being sent to the camps, sending her on the run with her young daughter.

Kelly, Julia. The Light over London (SS, 16.99) Sept. A woman who works for a London antiques dealer specializing in liquidating large family estates comes across a WWII-era diary and photograph of a young woman in uniform, and as she digs into the young woman’s history and that of the time, she learns of the sacrifices of wartime. Really first rate.

Kennedy, Randy. Presidio (SS, 17.00) Aug. A darkly-humorous, suspenseful debut crime novel set in 1970s Texas featuring a pair of brothers—one a car thief—who unwittingly kidnap a young Mennonite girl asleep in one of the cars they steal, and whose refusal to get out of the car leads them on a chase across Texas and into Mexico with the law and the girl’s vengeful father on their heels.

Krueger, William Kent. This Tender Land (SS, 27.00) Sept. This tale set in 1932 during the Great Depression follows four children who run away from a Native-American school in Minnesota and follow the Mississippi to find their own place in an America filled with dispossessed people and lost souls. I can’t recommend this highly enough. Signing.

Krugler, David. Rip the Angels from Heaven (Peg, 15.95) Sept. Intelligence officer Ellis Voigt fights to prevent the Soviets from infiltrating the Manhattan Project while running from enemies on both sides in the second in this WWII series.

Lindsey, Erin. A Golden Grave (STM, 17.99) Sept. Newly-minted Pinkerton agent Rose Gallagher, who specializes in cases of a paranormal nature investigates when a series of politicians are murdered by someone or something and the next victim may be mayoral candidate Theodore Roosevelt.

Macneal, Elizabeth. The Doll Factory (SS, 27.00) Aug. A well-researched and evocative debut crime novel set in Victorian London, where a doll-maker’s apprentice is stalked by an insane collector of curiosities—and a serial killer.

Mason, Daniel. The Winter Soldier (LB, 16.99) Sept. A medical student in 1914 Vienna volunteers for WWI and is sent to a field hospital in the Carpathian Mountains where he falls in love with a nurse and becomes obsessed with a shell-shocked soldier, and when the nurse disappears and he is sent home to Vienna, he cannot get on with his life until he discovers what happened to her and the soldier. Highly recommended.

Maxwell, Alyssa. Murder at Crossways (Ken, 26.00) Sept. In the latest Gilded Newport mystery, journalist Emma Cross investigates the stabbing of a man on the beach, a death that is followed by the stabbing death of Prince Otto of Austria.

McIlvanney, Liam. The Quaker (PGW, 18.00) Sept. A young police detective from the Highlands investigates when a serial killer leaving no clues terrorizes Glasgow in 1969.

Nunez, Sigrid. Mitz (PGW, 15.95) Aug. The whimsical but well-researched biography of the sickly marmoset adopted by Leonard Woolf who accompanied him and Virginia on their travels and who became a fixture of the Bloomsbury group. I know it’s not a mystery, but where else well you find a biography of a literary marmoset but at Clues Unlimited?

Oldfield, William and Victoria Bruce. Inspector Oldfield and the Black Hand Society (SS, 16.99) Aug. Based on papers left by his great-grandfather, the author outlines how the Post Office Inspector was able to take down a nineteenth-century Sicilian-American mafia that terrorized immigrants. This is an absolutely fascinating account.

Pearl, Matthew. The Dante Chamber (Png, 16.00) Aug. When a man is found dead in London in 1870 with a stone around his neck etched with a verse of the Divine Comedy, Christina Rosetti fears that her brother, painter Dante Gabriel Rosetti will be the next victim, so she enlists the help of fellow poet Tennyson and Browning to decipher the clues to find the killer.

Penrose, Andrea. Murder at Half Moon Gate (Ken, 15.95) Aug. In the second in this Regency series, the Earl of Wrexford stumbles across the body of an acquaintance in a disreputable part of London, and the man’s widow asks him to investigate the death.

Perry, Anne. Dark Tide Rising (Ball, 17.00) Sept. Monk agrees to protect a businessman who has agreed to pay the ransom for his kidnapped wife on an island in the Thames, but when he and his men are attacked, he must figure out who leaked the operation and who would want to kidnap the woman in the first place.

_____. Death in Focus (Ball, 28.00) Sept. In the first of a new series set in 1930s Europe, a young photographer must deliver a message to Berlin after a murder puts her lover in peril, and she soon discovers that she is caught up in a dangerous international plot.

Prescott, Lara. The Secrets We Kept (Knopf, 26.95) Sept. The story of the three CIA secretaries during the Cold War who turned spy in order to ensure the publication of Dr. Zhivago in America and then to smuggle the manuscript into the USSR where it was banned. This is a captivating and well-written historical saga.

Ramzipoor, E.R. The Ventriloquists (HC, 26.99) Aug. A debut historical adventure based on a true story that takes place in 1943 in Nazi-occupied Belgium where a German military propagandist decides to create a propaganda scheme by having information purportedly from the Resistance come from his office, but the journalist members of the underground that he arrests and forces to create his misinformation have other ideas.

Rosett, Sara. Murder at Archly Manor (McGuffin, 13.99) Aug. The first of a new series set in England in 1923 where a young lady goes to London when it becomes clear that her stepmother resents her, and agrees to help her aunt investigate the background of her cousin’s fiancé, an investigation that quickly leads to murder. The second in the series, Murder at Blackburn Hall (McGuffin, 15.99) is also available.

Shaw, William. Play with Fire (Mull, 27.00) Aug. In the fourth in this series set in “swinging sixties” London, DS Cathal Breen investigates the murder of a prostitute reputed to have powerful establishment patrons, who want to keep her life and death under wraps.

Stewart, Amy. Kopp Sisters on the March (HMH, 26.00) Sept. In the spring of 1917, the Kopp sisters sign up for the military-style training camps for women who want to volunteer for the war effort, but when the matron is hurt in an accident, one of the sisters must take over the camp.

Stuart, A. M. Singapore Sapphire (Brk, 16.00) Aug. A young woman with a dark tragedy in her past leaves England to go to Singapore in 1910 and takes the post of personal secretary to a wealthy explorer, but when he is found dead, she helps the British colonial police inspector find a killer.

Tomlinson, Max. Vanishing in the Haight (IPG, 26.95) Aug. In this debut set in San Francisco in 1978, a woman working as a security guard after having served 10 years in prison for killing her abusive husband is hired by a wealthy dying man to investigate the rape/murder of his daughter 11 years before, and when her informant is murdered, she realizes that someone powerful wants to shut down the investigation.

Tremayne, Peter. Blood in Eden (SH, 28.99) Aug. Sister Fidelma and her husband investigate when an itinerant worker is accused of murdering a farmer and his family in a small village in seventh-century Ireland, but the scene of the crime indicates that more than one person was involved.

Upson, Nicola. Nine Lessons (CL, 16.99) Sept. While DCI investigates a series of deaths in Cambridge, he is joined by mystery writer Josephine Tey in this series set in the 1930s.

Weaver, Ashley. An Act of Villainy (STM, 27.99) Sept. London socialite Amory Ames and her husband travel to New York to attend the wedding of a friend, but when a member of the wedding party is found murdered, they turn sleuths to find the guilty party

Williams, Beatriz, Lauren Willig, and Karen White. The Glass Ocean (HC, 15.99) Sept. A novel about the sinking of the cruise ship Lusitania by a German U-boat in 1915, with three female characters who are impacted by the tragic events.

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