February/March, 2019

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Abramowitz, Adam. A Town Called Malice (STM, 28.99) Mar. A Boston bike messenger becomes involved when a rock legend suspected of murdering his girlfriend reappears after 30 years on the lam, and begins to suspect that his gambler father now suffering from Alzheimer’s may have a connection to the crime.

Armstrong, Kelley. Watcher in the Woods (STM, 26.99) Feb. When a U.S. marshal arrives in the off-grid Canadian Yukon settlement of Rockton hunting a dangerous fugitive, Sheriff Eric Dalton and Detective Casey Duncan order him to leave, but he is shot by a sniper before he can, so they must solve his murder, find the fugitive he was hunting, and figure out how he found Rockton—all before the U.S. government intervenes. I love this clever series.

Bartz, Andrea. The Lost Night (RH, 27.00) Feb. In a debut psychological thriller, when a woman reconnects with old friends years after the supposed suicide of her best friend, she discovers that her memory of the fatal evening is missing, and while investigating begins to wonder if she can trust herself not to have been involved in the death.

Baxter, Cynthia. Hot Fudge Murder (Ken, 26.00) Feb. Ice cream shop owner Kate must churn through the many suspects to find a cold killer when a fashion designer is killed at his glamorous gala, but her investigation could lead to a double scoop of deadly trouble.

Benedict, Laura. The Stranger Inside (LB, 27.00) Feb. A woman returns home to find her house has been rented to a man who later has her jailed for assault, and she comes to believe that he is blaming her for the death of her sister in a twistily-plotted novel told by the epitome of an unreliable narrator.

Berry, Steve. The Malta Exchange (STM, 28.99) Mar. Cotton Malone is in Italy hunting for letters between Churchill and Mussolini that disappeared in 1945 in a case that involves the Knights of Malta, a papal conclave, and an explosive secret from WWII.

Black, Sue. All that Remains (Arcade, 27.99) Mar. A look at forensic pathology, mortality, death, and solving crimes, by a forensic pathologist at the University of Aberdeen. Interestingly enough, her first job was working at a butcher’s shop. I really enjoyed this.

Booth, Claire. A Deadly Turn (SH, 28.99) Mar. Branson County sheriff Hank Worth investigates when six teenagers are killed in a traffic accident, and one of the dead was stabbed, despite not having jurisdiction in the third of this excellent series.

Box, C.J. Wolf Pack (Put, 27.00) Mar. Joe Pickett’s return to work as a game warden is complicated when four bodies are found in the park and he fears that a violent Sinaloa cartel is moving in to the area.

Buckley, Carla. The Liar’s Child (Ball, 27.00) Mar. A woman in a federal witness program is relocated to the Outer Banks of North Carolina before she testifies in a major trial, and despite warnings to maintain a low profile, she becomes involved with the neglected neighboring children and must rescue them when an impending hurricane threatens them all.

Chase, Julie. Cat Got Your Crown (Per, 26.99) Mar. When the obnoxious emcee of a pet pageant in New Orleans’s Garden District is murdered, Lacy must take time out from baking pet treats to collar a killer.

Childs, Laura. Broken Bone China (Brk, 26.00) Mar. When the CEO of a software company is killed after the hot-air balloon he was in was targeted by a drone, Theodosia decides to investigate the death, particularly when the fiancé of one of her friends becomes a suspect in the murder.

Coben, Harlan. Run Away (GC, 29.00) Mar. When a man sees his daughter, who left home addicted to drugs, and a violent boyfriend in Central Park, he decides to follow her in hopes of bringing her home, but he finds himself involved in a dangerous world that threatens him and his family.

Collins, Max Allan and Mickey Spillane. Mike Hammer—Murder my Love (RH, 22.99) Mar. Mike Hammer is hired by a politician who is being blackmailed and given a list of suspects, but when the suspects are killed one by one, Hammer realizes that something more serious than a salacious tape is the issue.

Collins, Megan. The Winter Sister (SS, 25.00) Feb. A woman returns home when she learns that her estranged mother is undergoing cancer treatment, having left years before after the murder of her sister, and begins to investigate her sister’s death after she learns that the sister’s boyfriend is now working as an oncology nurse at the hospital in a suspenseful debut.

Coulter, Catherine and J.T. Ellison. The Last Second (SS, 27.99) Mar. Special agents Drummond and Caine must stop a private French space agency that is led by a woman intent on destroying the world with an electromagnetic pulse.

Crider, Bill. The Old Scoundrel Death (STM, 27.99) Feb. Sheriff Dan Rhodes investigates the murder of a man who was behind a website that has embarrassed the local mayor’s administration in the last of this wonderful series.

Cussler, Clive and Dirk Cussler. Celtic Empire (Put, 29.00) Mar. Dirk Pitt is investigating a bioremediation company in Scotland, but discovers that his children, archaeologists in Egypt, are being chased by killers in a case that has international ramifications.

Daheim, Mary. A Case of Bier (HC, 24.99) Feb. When her husband suggests a vacation getaway in the Colorado Rockies with her cousin and husband, Judith is all in favor of some time off, but their fellow guests are planning a sinister send-off for one of their group, so she and Renie must make sure their plans fail.

Daugherty, Christi. A Beautiful Corpse (STM, 26.99) Mar. Savannah reporter Harper McClain investigates the murder of a law student and bartender in a case that has explosive political ramifications when she discovers that the woman had been stalked by the scion of a powerful family. I loved the first of this series.

Downie, David. The Gardener of Eden (Peg, 25.95) Mar. When a mysterious stranger arrives in a rundown Pacific Northwest town, it turns out that he is a retired judge who has returned to discover what happened to his first love, an investigation that horrifies the townspeople who would prefer to keep their secrets hidden.

Downing, Samantha. My Lovely Wife (Brk, 26.00) Mar. A wickedly satisfying debut thriller about a suburban couple whose marriage has gotten a little too interesting when they realize that they must find a way to get away with murder. Delightfully creepy.

Ellis, Karen. Last Night (LB, 27.00) Feb. NYPD detective Lex Cole tracks a missing Brooklyn teenager whose bright future is endangered by the ghosts of his unknown father’s past in the second of this solid police procedural series.

Fairstein, Linda. Blood Oath (Dut, 28.00) Mar. ADA Alex Cooper returns from leave to be assigned the case of a young woman who claims that she was sexually assaulted while testifying in a landmark federal trial years before, and disturbingly the case becomes intertwined with rumors of a sexually-abusive colleague and the mysterious collapse of another.

Fforde, Jasper. Early Riser (Vik, 28.00) Feb. A standalone novel set in a world where the human population hibernates during the winter, and an investigator with a group responsible for the safety of the sleeping masses must find the reason for a series of viral dreams that start killing people. Fforde is a delight.

Fielding, Joy. All the Wrong Places (Ball, 27.00) Mar. Four women, friends, family, rivals, turn to online dating to find companionship only to find themselves in the crosshairs of a tech-savvy killer.

Flower, Amanda. Murders and Metaphors (Per, 26.99) Feb. When a wine connoisseur is stabbed to death at a book-signing after fighting with her sister, bookstore owner Violet finds that all her siblings had strong motives, but the magical essence of the bookstore feeds her the clues that she must be decipher to find the killer.

Fluke, Joanne. The Chocolate Cream Pie Murder (Ken, 27.00) Mar. Hannah’s life is upended once again when a body is found in her bedroom after an unexpected visit from her shifty ex, so she and an old flame join forces to serve up justice before someone takes a slice out of her.

Foley, Lucy. The Hunting Party (HC, 26.99) Feb. A group of friends from Oxford gather together at an isolated estate in Scotland for a New Year’s celebration a decade after graduation, but a blizzard cuts them off from the outside world, and soon one of them is dead—and one of them is a murderer.

Frances, Michelle. The Temp (Ken, 26.00) Feb. A high-powered television producer hires a temp to cover for her during her maternity leave, but she soon finds that her perfect life is spinning out of control, both professionally and personally in a novel of psychological suspense.

Gardner, Lisa. Never Tell (Dut, 27.00) Feb. Boston detective D.D. Warren investigates the case of a man shot three times in his home, and his pregnant wife is holding the gun, a woman whose father was shot to death years before in an accident, and meanwhile Flora Dane recognizes the victim as an acquaintance of her captor.

Gates, Eva. Something Read, Something Dead (Per, 26.99) Mar. Librarian Lucy Richardson hosts a bridal shower for her cousin at the Lighthouse Library, but when one of the bride’s more irritating cousins drops dead after eating a gluten-free treat prepared specially for her, Lucy must make sure that the bride is free to wear her wedding dress and not an orange jumpsuit.

Gilbert, Victoria. Past Due for Murder (Per, 26.99) Feb. When a dance student disappears and her choreographer boyfriend was the last to see her, librarian Amy investigates after he becomes a person of interest for the police.

Goldberg, Lee. Killer Thriller (T&M, 24.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Feb. In a second comic romp, thriller writer Ian Ludlow is once again thrust into one of his fictional plots when the Chinese intelligence agency develops a sinister plot to overthrow the U.S. and they mistakenly think that he is a secret agent.

Graves, Sarah. Death by Chocolate Malted Milkshake (Ken, 26.00) Feb. The Chocolate Moose has been hired to make the wedding cake for the nuptials of the local kindergarten teacher and a Coast Guard captain, but when the bride’s bitter ex-boyfriend is murdered, both bride and groom end up in jail, and it’s up to Jake and Ellie to catch a poisoner.

Griffiths, Elly. The Stranger Diaries (HMH, 25.00) Mar. A gothic standalone mystery featuring a single mother who accepts a teaching job at school in a West Sussex village that was home to a Victorian writer famous for his ghost stories, but when her colleagues begin dying in ways reminiscent of his famous story, she investigates in a combination of the occult, forbidden desire, and murder.

Grippando, James. The Girl in the Glass Box (HC, 27.99) Feb. Miami lawyer Jack Swytek agrees to help an undocumented woman who fled the gangs of El Salvador with her daughter and came to Miami when she is turned in to the immigration authorities by her vengeful employer after she spurns his sexual advances, but being slated for deportation is the least of her problems—someone from her home country is after her and her daughter.

Hamilton, Glen Erik. Mercy River (HC, 26.99) Mar. When he agrees to help a fellow veteran accused of murder, Van Shaw is plunged into a dangerous world of stolen opioids, deadly mercenaries, and dark family secrets.

Hannah, Sophie. The Next to Die (HC, 26.99) Feb. A comedienne is drawn into the case of a serial killer targeting pairs of best friends when she remembers that she has been given a little white book similar to those sent to the victims in a serial-killer thriller that is the best I’ve ever read because it turns the whole idea on its head. Highly recommended.

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia. Headlong (SH, 28.99) Feb. DI Bill Slider investigates the death of a celebrated literary agent who appears to have fallen out of the window of his office in a case that is a splendid romp through London’s publishing world.

Heller, Peter. The River (Knopf, 25.95) Mar. Two college students on a whitewater canoeing trip in northern Canada are caught when a wildfire works its way north through the forest, but when they hear a couple arguing and later they see a single man canoeing by their camp, they realize that they have to contend with human violence as well as nature’s fury.

Hunt, Amber and Emily G. Thompson. Unsolved Murders (Png, 19.99) Feb. A collection of some of the most infamous unsolved cases of the twentieth and twenty-first century, complete with details and clues, biographies of the victims, psychology of killers—everything one needs to try to solve the mystery. Have at it!

Hunt, Thomas. One Fatal Mistake (Brk, 26.00) Feb. When her college-bound son confesses that he killed a man in a hit-and-run accident, his mother agrees to help him cover up the crime, not realizing the dangers in store for both of them in a nail-biting novel of suspense.

Hyde, Katherine Bolger. Cyanide with Christie (SH, 28.99) Mar. Literature professor Emily Cavanaugh has taken a sabbatical to turn a property she inherited into a writer’s retreat, but tensions among her first guests lead to a poisoning and she must investigate in the third in this cozy series.

Iles, Greg. Cemetery Road (HC, 28.99) Mar. A journalist returns to his small Mississippi hometown because his father is dying and his mother needs help with the family newspaper, but when the wife of the most powerful man in town is found shot in her bed and her husband is put on trial, he joins forces with his former girlfriend to uncover the shattering secrets that led to the crime.

Jacobs, R.J. And Then You Were Gone (Per, 26.99) Mar. A woman suffering from bi-polar disorder awakens while on a sailing trip to find her boyfriend has disappeared from the boat, but when she finds evidence that he was murdered and she becomes a person of interest for the authorities, she must hope that her mental condition will not deteriorate before she can prove her innocence.

James, Terry. Heir Apparent (Skyhorse, 24.99) Mar. A hard-drinking PI is accused of a murder he didn’t commit—or did he?—in a Chandleresque noir novel filled with twists and turns.

Johansen, Iris. Dark Tribute (STM, 28.99) Mar. When Eve Duncan’s ward, a violinist, is abducted from her hotel room in Atlanta, Eve, along with her husband and her ward’s friend, hunt for her in a paranormal suspense thriller.

Kellerman, Jonathan. The Wedding Guest (Ball, 28.99) Feb. When a guest at a wedding held at a strip club stumbles across the body of a woman, LAPD detective Milo Sturgis and psychologist Alex Delaware can find no connections between the victim and any of the wedding party, but a Polish ex-pat working at the coroner’s officer informs them of a murder with an identical M.O. in her native country.

Kenneth, TR. A Room Full of Night (Per, 26.95) Mar. A burnt-out journalist helping a friend move finds a piece of cloth with a plea for help and an address in Berlin behind an oil painting, so they investigate and find a sealed apartment that has not been lived in since 1942, but the investigation unleashes a nefarious plot involving remnants of the Third Reich.

Kent, Christobel. What We Did (FSG, 27.00) Feb. When the violin teacher who sexually assaulted her twenty years before walks into her boutique with his newest “protégé,” a woman is unsure what to do, and then the man goes missing in an insightful psychological thriller.

Khan, Ausma Zehanat. A Deadly Divide (STM, 27.99) Feb. Esa Kattack and Rachel Getty are sent to liaise with the local community after a fatal shooting at a mosque in a small town in Quebec and discover that the Muslim helper is charged with the crime despite the fact that the local priest is found holding the murder weapon.

Kistler, Bonnie. House on Fire (SS, 27.99) Mar. In a debut novel of domestic suspense, a blended family is torn apart when a drunk driving accident leaves one child dead and the other accused of manslaughter—although he insists that he wasn’t driving.

Knight, Renee. The Secretary (HC, 26.99) Feb. A creepy psychological thriller about the personal secretary to the head of a London-based supermarket chain, who has given up her personal life for her ambitious boss, and arranges a chilling comeuppance after a bitter betrayal.

Lang, Essie. Trouble on the Books (Per, 26.99) Mar. In the first of a new series set in a mystery bookshop, a former book editor turns bookseller when she returns to her upstate New York hometown, but the murder of the volunteer coordinator at the tourist attraction where the bookstore is located causes her to investigate with the help of a hunky Coast Guard investigator.

Lansdale, Joe R. The Elephant of Surprise (Mull, 26.00) Mar. PIs Hap and Leonard help a woman with half her tongue cut out fleeing a pair of heavily-armed goons during a flood in East Texas only to discover that she survived a mob hit and now the boss is coming after all of them. TFOB.

Lawson, Mike. House Arrest (Per, 26.00) Feb. Political fixer Joe DeMarco is accused by the FBI of murdering the House Majority Whip, so he calls in a former DIA agent friend to investigate while he awaits trial in jail, and she finds a connection to the ruthless CEO of a large corporation, who had a very personal motive for murder.

Lelchuk, S.A. Save Me from Dangerous Men (STM, 27.99) Mar. A badass bookseller who punishes abusive men as a sideline to her second job as a PI finds herself and her whistleblower client in danger when men from the tech company where she works come after both of them in a debut with a scary-strong female protagonist. I just hope that this won’t blow my cover as a badass bookseller.

Les Becquets, Diane. The Last Woman in the Forest (Brk, 26.00) Mar. A woman who works with rescue dogs to help protect endangered wildlife falls in love with her mentor, but a tragic accident causes her to suspect that not only is he the man she thought he was, but he could be the killer of four women, a suspicion that puts her in danger.

Love, Melissa Scrivner. American Heroin (RH, 27.00) Feb. Drug lord Lola Vasquez inadvertently starts a drug war with a rival Los Angeles gang when she agrees to help a pregnant woman keep her abusive husband in prison. Lola is a great character: compassionate, charitable, intelligent, and absolutely ruthless.

Malerman, Josh. Inspection (Del Rey, 27.00) Mar. At a secret boys school in a remote forest boys are being trained to be prodigies in art, sciences, and athletics in an isolated environment run by the only parent figure they know, but when one of them begins to question his life and the school, he creates problems for himself and the school in a creepy dystopian thriller.

Margolin, Phillip. The Perfect Alibi (STM, 27.99) Mar. A defense attorney entangled in the case of a University of Oregon football star released on bail after having been convicted on DNA evidence that was later found at the scene of another attack during his imprisonment, investigates when the law partner of his former defense attorney is murdered.

Masters, Priscilla. Bridge of Sighs (SH, 28.99) Feb. Coroner Martha Gunn investigates the perplexing suicide of a successful woman on the eve of her wedding to a celebrated journalist and the suicide of a twelve-year-old boy without the help of her police detective colleague, who’s been sidelined by the death of his wife.

McMahon, John. The Good Detective (Put, 27.00) Mar. A police detective in a Georgia town beset by demons since the death of his wife and child fears that he may have killed the chief suspect in the murder of a black teenager, but further investigation reveals that the death may be part of a conspiracy going back to the time of the Civil War.

Meade, Amy Patricia. Cookin’ the Books (SH, 28.99) Mar. A former banker who moves to a small Virginia town to open a “literary” café is hired to cater a fundraiser for the local library, but when the executive director is murdered, she must find a killer among a group of suspects that seems to include everyone in town in a debut cozy.

Merritt, Stephen. While You Sleep (Peg, 25.95) Mar. A ghost story set on a remote Scottish island where an American divorcee moves into an old house reputed to be haunted and becomes convinced that the spooky occurrences may represent a danger that is all too real.

Michaelides, Alex. The Silent Patient (Celadon, 26.99) Feb. A psychotherapist working at a London facility works to get an artist convicted of murdering her husband six years before to speak of the crime since she has been mute since the day of her arrest in an edgy intricately-plotted debut novel of psychological suspense.

Newman, Sandra. The Heavens (Per, 26.00) Feb. A man falls in love with an unworldly, fanciful young woman he meets at a Manhattan party, who tells him that since childhood she has had a recurring dream that she is the mistress of a nobleman in Elizabethan England, a dream that he finds charming until she begins to awaken to find things changed and he worries that she has lost touch completely with reality. I loved this: it’s beautifully written with two equally fascinating narratives.

O’Connor, Carlene. Murder in an Irish Pub (Ken, 26.00) Mar. When a poker player from Dublin is found swinging from a rope in a room in the Kilbane pub, the Garda assume it was suicide, but Siobhán and the man’s pregnant widow both suspect foul play.

Parks, Brad. The Last Act (Dut, 26.00) Mar. A struggling stage actor is hired by the FBI to play the part of a low-level felon in a minimum security prison in order to befriend a recently convicted banker and discover the whereabouts of documents that could lead to the arrest of the head of a violent drug cartel, but he soon finds out that the drug cartel is also searching for the documents and he must give the performance of his life to stay alive.

Patterson, James and Brendan DuBois. The Cornwalls are Gone (GC, 28.00) Mar. An Army intelligence officer returns home to find her husband and daughter missing and then receives a phone call informing her that she must locate and liberate an unnamed captive or they will be killed in a suspense thriller.

Perkins, S.C. Murder Once Removed (STM, 26.99) Mar. A cozy debut featuring a professional genealogist, who discovers that her client’s ancestor was murdered, possibly by the ancestor of a present-day senator running for office against her client’s son, and when the client accuses the senator of having a murderous ancestor, it leads to a present-day murder.

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child. Verses for the Dead (LB, 28.00) Jan. FBI agent Pendergast must deal with a difficult case—and a new partner—while he investigates a rash of killings in Miami Beach where the hearts of the victims are torn out and left by the gravestones of women who committed suicide.

Putnam, David. The Reckless (Per, 26.95) Feb. A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy and his impetuous partner are put on loan to the FBI to capture a group of armed teenaged bank robbers without getting anybody killed—which may not be an easy assignment when the criminal running the gang turns out to be a stone killer.

Reich, Christopher. Crown Jewel (Mull, 28.00) Mar. International fixer Simon Riske is hired is hired by a group of Monte Carlo casinos that have been victimized by a group of criminal gamblers, who have graduated to kidnaping and murder.

Robinson, Peter. Careless Love (HC, 26.99) Feb. DCI Banks and his team are faced with two cases of possible murder, that of a young student found in a car that didn’t belong to her and a man found dead in the wild moorland, and it’s up to Annie to find a connection between the two.

Robb, J.D. Connections in Death (STM, 28.99) Feb. Eve Dallas investigates when the brother of a doctor hired by Roarke to head a new treatment facility is found dead of an apparent accidental drug overdose.

Rosenfelt, David. Black and Blue (STM, 28.99) Mar. A New Jersey state police officer still suffering from the amnesia caused by being shot in the line of duty reopens a cold case when a new murder occurs and there is a ballistics match, and revisiting a case he can no longer remember allows him to look at it in a new light.

Ryan, Annelise. Dead of Winter (Ken, 26.00) Mar. Medicolegal investigator Mattie Winston is called in when a teenaged girl is left at the ER by a mysterious man who soon disappears along with a younger girl, and after the teenager dies of her injuries, she investigates in a dark case involving child abduction and human trafficking.

Savage, Vanessa. The Woman in the Dark (GC, 27.00) Mar. In a debut psychological thriller, a woman and her family move to a gothic seaside house where her husband grew up, but she soon learns that a family was brutally murdered there fifteen years earlier—and then creepy things begin to happen…

Spence, Gerry. Court of Lies (STM, 27.99) Feb. A legal thriller featuring a corrupt prosecutor who, facing the high-profile trial of a woman accused of murdering her wealthy husband, decides to use every sleazy trick in the book not only to convict her unfairly, but also to railroad the judge into jail.

Strawser, Jessica. Forget You Know Me (STM, 27.99) Feb. A woman whose life is a mess fears that she is being stalked by someone, and the possibilities range from a neighbor with whom she’s having an affair, a shady loan company, or an unscrupulous colleague of her husband in a powerful thriller.

Swanson, Peter. Before She Knew Him (HC, 26.99) Mar. When she and her husband move to a town outside of Boston, a woman with a history of bipolar disorder finds herself becoming obsessed with their neighbor, believing that he is somehow involved with the unsolved murder of a young man, but she can’t be sure that her obsession isn’t part of her illness—until she realizes that he knows she knows.

Swinson, David. Trigger (Mull, 27.00) Feb. Former D.C. cop Frank Marr, now a PI, is asked by an old friend from his police days to help him beat a charge of killing an unarmed civilian, but the case plunges Frank into the world of dirty cops and suspicious drug busts that led to his problems years before.

Thomas, Wendell. Drowned Under (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Mar. In the second in this comic series, a travel agent agrees to investigate when her ex-husband’s parents go missing from an Australian cruise, but when she arrives, she discovers that her friend who had offered to help her has been murdered, and while she investigates—with no help from the cruise line—she discovers that the murder may be linked to her in-laws’ disappearance and the heist of the last surviving Tasmanian tiger.

Tudor, C.J. The Hiding Place (RH, 27.00) Feb. A teacher returns reluctantly to his old school having gotten a job there with the express motive of exacting revenge for what happened to his sister years ago in a novel of psychological suspense.

Tyce, Harriet. Blood Orange (LB, 26.00) Feb. In a complex debut psychological thriller a London defense lawyer gets her first murder case, a woman accused of stabbing her husband who wants to plead guilty, but the lawyer’s personal life is in shambles—she’s involved in an affair that is borderline abusive, she is being threatened, and her husband wants a divorce and custody of their child—causing her to see disturbing parallels between her client and herself. Highly recommended. TFOB.

Ward, Annie. Beautiful Bad (HC, 26.99) Mar. After she is badly scarred in an accident, a woman with a beautiful home, lovely child, and wonderful marriage begins writing therapy, where she gradually reveals that things are not quite so perfect in her life--and then a shocking crime occurs, in a debut novel of psychological suspense.

Webb, Betty. Desert Redemption (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Mar. Scottsdale PI Lena Jones investigates a religious compound promoting a mishmash of Native American symbolism and philosophy, and when a body is found in the desert, she sees a link to the center and later a link to the mystery of her own life in the final book in the series.

Winslow, Don. The Border (HC, 28.99) Feb. The conclusion to the Cartel trilogy finds Art Keller highly-placed in the ranks of the DEA, but no closer to stemming the tide of drugs coming from across the border, and to his horror, he discovers that the incoming administration is in bed with the very cartels he is trying to take down.

Woods, Stuart. Wild Card (Put, 28.00) Mar. Stone Barrington must return to Manhattan when an assassin hired by an investment banker is on his trail.


New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Albert, Susan Wittig. Queen Anne’s Lace (Brk, 7.99) Mar.

Baldacci, David. The Fallen (GC, 9.99) Mar.

Beaton, M.C. Death of an Honest Man (GC, 7.99) Feb.

Berenson, Alex. The Deceivers (Put, 9.99) Feb.

Box, C.J. The Disappeared (Put, 9.99) Feb.

Childs, Laura. Plum Tea Crazy (Brk, 7.99) Mar.

Clark, Mary Higgins. I’ve Got my Eyes on You (SS, 8.99) Feb.

Finder, Joseph. Killer Instinct (STM, 9.99) Feb. Reissue.

Fluke, Joanne. Raspberry Danish Murder (Ken, 7.99) Feb.

Haines, Carolyn. Charmed Bones (STM, 7.99) Mar.

Haseldine, Jane. Worth Killing For (Ken, 9.99) Mar.

Howard, Catherine Ryan. The Liar’s Girl (Blackstone, 9.99) Feb.

Johansen, Iris and Roy Johansen. Double Blind (STM, 9.99) Mar.

Kavanagh, Emma. The Missing Hours (Ken, 7.99) Mar.

Kellerman, Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman. Measure of Darkness (Ball, 9.99) Mar.

Kent, Kathleen. The Dime (Mull, 7.99) Feb.

Kope, Spencer. Whispers of the Dead (STM, 9.99) Feb.

O’Connor, Carlene. Murder in an Irish Churchyard (Ken, 7.99) Feb.

Patterson, James and Candice Fox. Fifty Fifty (GC, 9.99) Feb.

Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro. The 17th Suspect (GC, 9.99) Mar.

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child. The Pharaoh Key (GC, 8.99) Mar.

Reich, Christopher. The Take (Mull, 9.99) Feb.

Rosenfelt, David. Fade to Black (STM, 7.99) Mar.

Ryan, Annelise. Dead Calm (Ken, 7.99) Feb.

Spillane, Mickey and Max Allan Collins. Mike Hammer--The Goliath Bone (RH, 7.99) Mar.

Walker, Wendy. All is not Forgotten (STM, 9.99) Feb.

White, Randy Wayne. Caribbean Run (Put, 9.99) Mar.

Woods, Stuart. Turbulence (Put, 9.99) Mar.


New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Berenson, Laurien. The Doggie Day Care Murder (Ken, 7.99) Mar. Melanie is busy with a new baby and her standard poodles, but she takes time to check out a new dog day care center for a friend, and when the owner is found shot, she can’t resist investigating.

Harris, Sherry. The Gun Also Rises (Ken, 7.99) Feb. While sifting through an extensive mystery collection to be sold through her yard-sale business, Sarah discovers a case of missing Hemingway manuscripts, but before she can research how they got to Massachusetts almost one hundred years later, she must solve a murder, find the stolen manuscripts, and hope that the bell doesn’t toll for her.

Henry, Julia. Pruning the Dead (Ken, 7.99) Feb. In the first of a new gardening series, a recently retired woman with a green thumb must weed out a killer when her ex-husband’s third wife is found dead after her garden party, and her ex becomes the main suspect.

Kashian, Tina. One Feta in the Grave (Ken, 7.99) Mar. Mediterranean restauranteur Lucy investigates when an obnoxious local businessman is found dead under the boardwalk shortly after a shouting match with her friend.

Kelly, Diane. Dead as a Door Knocker (STM, 7.99) Feb. In the first of a new series set in Nashville, a woman who makes a living buying and renovating houses to resell buys a crumbling mansion, but when her cat finds a body in the flowerbed, she must find a killer before she is foreclosed.

Klein, Libby. Restaurant Weeks are Murder (Ken, 7.99) Mar. Poppy loves her Jersey shore B&B, but when she gets the chance to work in her former fiancé’s restaurant during Restaurant Week, she jumps at the chance to be the pastry chef, but a series of harmless pranks in the kitchen escalate and one of the judges dies after eating one of her cannoli, she becomes the chef suspect.

Lee, R.J. Grand Slam Murders (Ken, 7.99) Feb. A society columnist who yearns to be a crime reporter investigates when four wealthy ladies in a bridge club are murdered, the first quadruple murder in their small Mississippi town.

Matthews, Olivia. Alibis and Angels (Ken, 7.99) Mar. Sister Lou agrees to help the beleaguered mayor when her assistant is found with a broken neck—in her car, wearing her coat—and while she worries that she could be putting her sisters in danger, she decides to investigate a case of unrepentant murder.

Morgan, Alexis. Death by Committee (Ken, 7.99) Feb. A newly-divorced woman inherits her aunt’s crumbling mansion in a small Washington town, along with a slobbering mastiff, a surly tenant, a quilting group—and a dead body in the back yard in the first of a new quilting series.

Mugavero, Liz. Murder, She Meowed (Ken, 7.99) Feb. When the male stripper hired to jump out of a cake at her bachelorette party is found murdered, Stan must find a killer before the guest list turns into a suspect list in the latest in this series featuring a baker of gourmet pet treats.

Perry, Carol J. Final Exam (Ken, 7.99) Mar. Lee Barrett is pleased to be the first reporter on the scene when police dredge up a vintage sports car containing human remains, and when her aunt reacts strongly to the report, she realizes that she must delve into the past to find a killer.

Randall, Shari. Drawn and Buttered (STM, 7.99) Mar. Ballerina Allie remains working at her family’s lobster restaurant while her ankle heals, but when a 27-lb pet lobster is kidnapped from the restaurant and later found on top of the dead body of a wealthy and prominent citizen, she must find a fishy killer.

Ryan, Sofie. No Escape Claws (Brk, 7.99) Feb. Sarah and her rescue cat Elvis investigate when a young woman comes into the second-hand shop asking for help when her father is convicted of negligence in the death of her elderly stepmother.

Weiss, Kirsten. Pie Hard (Ken, 7.99) Mar. When a television reality show offers to help struggling Pie Town, Val accepts the offer, but when one of the producers is killed, she must following the crumbs to find the killer.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Adams, Michelle. Between the Lies (STM, 16.99) Mar. A woman who awakens from an accident with total amnesia becomes convinced that her family is lying to her about what happened in a novel of psychological suspense.

Blake, Heather. To Catch a Witch (Per, 15.99) Mar. When she is hired by a friend to organize a marathon, witch and wishcrafter Darcy is most worried about the weather upsetting her planning, but when she finds the body of her friend in a snowdrift, she must find a killer even while finding out everything she didn’t know about her friend.

Brown, Duffy. Lethal in Old Lace (Per, 15.99) Mar. Consignment-shop owner Reagan must put her wedding plans on hold to investigate when two women who work as professional mourners are implicated in the murder of the man who fleeced them out of their money.

Brown, Sandra. Tailspin (Hach, 15.99) Feb. A pilot is hired to deliver a box to a doctor in Georgia, but an accident while he is landing convinces him that the contents of the box are something that someone is willing to kill for.

Butler, JL. Mine (HC, 15.99) June. A divorce lawyer falls in love with a client, madly and obsessively, only to discover that he is still involved with his wife, and when she sees them together, she follows them, only to wake up the next morning covered in blood to discover that the wife has disappeared. I really liked this.

Cornick, Nicola. The Woman in the Lake (HC, 16.99) Feb. A woman recently divorced from her abusive husband is surprised when an elegant gown that she stole from an historic house as a child is mysteriously returned to her, and just as when she was a child, the gown has a power over her that leads her to investigate its history revealing parallels to her own marriage.

Coulter, Catherine. Paradox (SS, 16.00) Feb. When a psychopath and criminal mastermind escapes from prison, he sets his sights on FBI agents Savich and Sherlock in his quest for revenge, but while investigating a murder at a Maryland lake, they discover evidence that connects him to a series of murders.

Daugherty, Christi. The Echo Killing (STM, 16.99) Mar. When a single mother is killed in a nice neighborhood of Savannah, crime reporter Harper McClain sees parallels to the murder of her own mother fifteen years before in the first of a series that wonderfully combines suspense, action, and emotional depth. I loved this.

Davis, Krista. The Diva Cooks up a Storm (Ken, 15.95) Mar. When a guest at a pop-up gourmet dinner is found dead after showing up with his young trophy wife to the consternation of his ex-wife and son, Sophie is determined to stop a killer before someone else eats his last dinner.

Dorricott, Fran. After the Eclipse (RH, 14.95) Mar. Years after her young sister disappeared during a solar eclipse, a woman returns to her small village to care for her grandmother only to learn that on the eve of the latest solar eclipse another girl has gone missing in a debut novel of psychological suspense with a supernatural element.

Elliott, Lexie. The French Girl (Brk, 16.00) Feb. In a debut novel of psychological suspense, six friends from Oxford spend a week at a French farmhouse, where they meet a young Frenchwoman who exacerbates the tensions among them and disappears their last night together—only to reappear a decade later as a skeleton found in a well.

Finn, A.J. The Woman in the Window (HC, 16.99) Mar. A debut novel of psychological suspense about a child psychologist suffering from agoraphobia who becomes obsessed with the family that lives across the park from her Manhattan townhouse, and when she witnesses a stabbing in the house, no one believes her. Great plot twists.

Flanagan, Richard. First Person (RH, 17.00) Mar. A penniless writer accepts the job of ghost-writing the memoir of a notorious conman and corporate criminal, a job he finds exceedingly difficult because the man is evasive, contradictory, and easily distracted, and he soon begins to wonder if the man is not only interested in rewriting the truth, but also the ghostwriter’s life as he is pulled into the man’s orbit.

Gardner, Erle Stanley. The Case of the Curious Kitten (Penzler, 15.95) Mar. A reprint of a classic legal thriller featuring Perry Mason and his assistant Della Street.

Gates, Eva. The Spook in the Stacks (Per, 15.99) Feb. Hallowe’en at the Lighthouse Library is spooky enough, what with phantom horses and flickering lights, but when the body of a wealthy businessman is found in the stacks, librarian Lucy Richardson must find an-all-too-real killer.

George, Elizabeth. The Punishment she Deserves (Png, 17.00) Mar. DI Lynley and DS Havers return to face their most sinister of murder cases in a quiet medieval town.

Giolli, Veronica. Whispers in the Wind (Per, 14.95) Mar. In the first of a series featuring a Native American investigator in Nevada, a fraud investigator returns home to the reservation for her best friend’s funeral and a vision convinces her that her friend did not commit suicide, but was murdered.

Goldberg, Paul. The Chateau (STM, 19.00) Feb. A reporter recently fired from his job goes to Florida to investigate the death of his college roommate, a plastic surgeon who died under salacious circumstances, but he gets roped in to his estranged father’s bid to control the condo board of his rundown building inhabited by mostly Russian Jewish immigrants—all of them fraudsters, according to his father—in a funny crime novel.

Goodman, Carol. The Night Visitors (HC, 15.99) Mar. A woman escaping an abusive relationship with her young son finds refuge with a social worker who takes them to her large home in the middle of the woods near a small New York town as a blizzard gains strength, and both women are hiding secrets in this novel of mistaken identities, redemption, and revenge. Goodman is great.

Grimes, Martha. The Knowledge (Per, 16.00) Mar. Richard Jury investigates when an acquaintance is murdered outside a London art gallery in a case that takes Melrose Plant to Nairobi and him to a gambling club in Reno. I loved this.

Gunn, Elizabeth. Burning Meredith (SH, 17.95) Mar. When an unidentified body is found after a horrific wildfire in Montana, a retired teacher and her reporter nephew investigate what turns out to be a murder in the first of a new series.

Hamilton, Karen. The Perfect Girlfriend (HC, 15.99) Mar. A woman will stop at nothing to regain her former boyfriend, despite the fact that he has found a new girlfriend, so she begins training as an airline stewardess for the company where he works as a pilot in a debut novel of psychological suspense.

Harris, Sarah J. The Color of Bea Markhams’s Murder (SS, 16.99) Feb. When his neighbor disappears and is presumed murdered, a thirteen-year-old boy with synesthesia feels horribly guilty and tries to remember their relationship to find out what happened to her, but it becomes clear that someone is feeling threatened by him.

Hart, John. The Hush (STM, 16.99) Feb. A sequel to The Last Child (2009) that follows Johnny Merriman a decade later when is hires an attorney to help with a suit contesting his ownership of the land that he has in North Carolina, while meanwhile inexplicable violent acts keep occurring on the land.

Heard, H. F. A Taste for Honey (AMC, 15.95) Mar. An elderly man looking for a new source of his beloved honey after his beekeeper is stung to death meets a beekeeper in Sussex who is very interested in the death and thinks it could be murder in a classic Sherlockian pastiche.

Hunter, Cara. In the Dark (Png, 16.00) Feb.  When a young woman and a child are found after having been held captive behind a basement wall, the elderly owner of the house claims to have had no knowledge of their existence, but Oxford DCI Hawley sees a connection with an unsolved case of a mother and child who went missing years before—from the house adjacent to this one.

Kalla, Daniel. We All Fall Down (SS, 16.00) Mar. A NATO infectious disease expert and a WHO investigator join forces to stop an outbreak of the plague, a search that leads them to an ancient monastery and a medieval manuscript that may hold the clue to the reappearance of the deadly scourge.

Kent, Christobel. The Day She Disappeared (FSG, 19.00) Mar. When her friend disappears, a barmaid in a small English village, a woman goes to the police who refuse to help, but an elderly bar patron is sure he saw something, and due to a recent stroke, he can’t remember what.

Kidd, Jess. Mr. Flood’s Last Resort (SS, 16.99) Mar. A magical novel featuring an Irish caretaker with a tragedy in her past in London who helps an eccentric, elderly man on his large, ramshackle property, and who gradually uncovers his tragic past. I loved this.

Kiernan, Olivia. Too Close to Breathe (Dut, 16.00) Mar. A debut police procedural set in Dublin, featuring a homicide detective who investigates the death of a woman, found hanging in her home, her body covered in scars with partially-healed bones, and her husband missing.

Klinger, Leslie S. In the Shadow of Agatha Christie (Peg, 15.95) Feb. A collection of short stories by the classic British, American, and Australian female mystery writers who wrote prior to Christie and who have been unfortunately largely forgotten.

Lansdale, Joe R. Jackrabbit Smile (LB, 15.99) Mar. When a couple show up at Hap’s wedding they ask the PI pair to investigate the disappearance of an accountant in a nearby town, a case that puts them in contact with a hog farmer who wants to create a segregated white utopia with the help of local yokels. TFOB.

Lawler, Liz. Don’t Wake Up (HC, 16.99) Feb. A doctor at a large hospital wakes up on an operating table and a doctor she doesn’t recognize tells her how he is going to rape her, and when she wakes up again, she reports the rape, but there is no physical evidence. Even she begins to doubt her story until she meets the next victim in a debut novel of psychological suspense.

Lawson, Mike. House Witness (Per, 16.00) Feb. Political fixer Joe DeMarco is sent to ensure that the rich playboy who killed his boss’ son is convicted, but when the five witnesses to the crime appear to have been interfered with to weaken the prosecution’s case, he investigates and finds that someone is fixing cases against wealthy people across the country.

Lenhardt, Melissa. The Fisher King (Skyhorse, 16.99) Feb. The police chief of the Texas town of Stillwater has problems—both personal and professional—when a drug war hits the area and the politician running against his girlfriend for city council may be the biggest crook around.

Lorac, E.C.R. Murder by Matchlight (PP, 12.95) Mar. In a classic from the 1940s, CID officer McDonald investigates a murder in Regent’s Park, but the only witness saw the killer’s face by the light of a match.

LoTiempo, T.C. Death by a Whisker (Per, 15.99) Feb. Syd and her tabby must find a killer when the shopping-channel queen who’s heading the shelter’s latest fundraiser is found dead and the shelter administrator is the prime suspect.

Lyle, D.P. A-List (Per, 16.00) Feb. A PI goes to New Orleans at the behest of his girlfriend’s uncle, a Hollywood movie producer whose megastar is found in bed with the body of a local coed and no recollection of what happened in a funny mystery featuring actors, mobsters, and fortunetellers.

Mackintosh, Clare. Let Me Lie (Brk, 16.00) Mar. In a novel of psychological suspense the adult daughter of a couple who committed suicide decides to investigate her parents’ deaths, but she soon discovers that nothing was as it appeared.

May, Peter. I’ll Keep You Safe (Quer, 16.99) Feb. In a standalone, a couple who own a small cloth business on an island in the Outer Hebrides got to Paris for a fashion trade show, but when the husband is killed in a car accident, the wife returns home and is attacked, leading her to investigate who might be behind the threat.

McDonald, Christina. The Night Olivia Fell (SS, 16.00) Feb. After her pregnant teenaged daughter falls from a bridge in a suspicious accident and is considered brain dead, her mother investigates—not only to discover why she was attacked, but how she became pregnant in a debut novel of psychological suspense.

Mosby, Steve. You Can Run (Peg, 15.95) Mar. A serial killer in England is identified when a car accidentally crashes into his garage and reveals a half-dead victim, but DI Turner must hunt through a series of notes that would indicate that someone else is also involved, and then there’s the husband of one of the victims who knows much more than he should about the case.

Mosley, Walter. Down the River unto the Sea (Hach, 15.99) Feb. In a standalone, a former NYPD detective, now a PI, investigates two cases of gross injustice, including the destruction of his own police career at the hands of a crooked cop who framed him on bogus assault charges and the case of militant journalist on death row for killing two policemen.

Nay, Roz. Our Little Secret (STM, 16.99) Feb. A woman is the chief suspect when the wife of her high-school sweetheart disappears mysteriously, and the detective in charge of the case must listen to what she is saying in order to solve the investigation in a debut novel of psychological suspense.

Nugent, Liz. Lying in Wait (SS, 16.00) Feb. A novel of psychological suspense featuring a Dublin housewife who appears to have it all, but when her son discovers her secret, her perfect life threatens to crash down upon her. This has the best first line I’ve ever read.

Parks, Adele. I Invited Her In (HC, 16.99) Feb. Two friends from university reunite after years of not seeing each other after one became pregnant and dropped out, and now one is a successful, happily-married mother of three and the other is a bitter, recently divorced woman who wants the life that her friend has achieved in a novel of jealousy and revenge.

Parks, Brad. Closer than You Know (Put, 16.00) Feb. In a novel of psychological suspense a young mother loses custody of her child after the discovery of cocaine in her house, and, although she swears that she had no knowledge of it, she is arrested, but the prosecuting attorney on the case is also working the case of a serial rapist and she begins to suspect a connection. I loved this.

Pisel, Angela. Another Word for Honor (Png, 16.00) Feb. A young doctor who rescued a young Afghani girl from an honor killing and has raised her as her own without telling her anything about her past, finds that past coming after her when her fiancé is murdered and it appears that the girl’s family has found her.

Rosenberg, Jordy. Confessions of the Fox (RH, 17.00) Mar. A scholar researching the life of the notorious eighteenth-century London criminal Jack Shepherd finds a manuscript purporting to be the confessions of Shepherd, confessions that turn the story of the criminal on its head, but he soon discovers that someone else is hunting for the manuscript—and will stop at nothing to get it.

Rounds, Jeffrey. Shadow Puppet (Per, 16.99) Feb. Toronto PI Dan Sharp investigates the disappearances of three closeted Muslim men when the police are reluctant to pursue the case and finds a link to the illicit sex trade.

Schopen, Bernard. The Dying Time (Per, 16.95) Feb. The fourth and final mystery featuring PI Jack Ross elderly and retired until his ex-wife asks him to investigate when she receives a letter from a young woman who believes she is the daughter of her deceased husband. I love this series because it is thoughtful without sacrificing any plot elements that one wants in a mystery.

Scottoline, Lisa. Missing Anna (STM, 17.99) Mar. A woman who recently married a widower with a young son is ecstatic when she is reunited with the daughter she hasn’t seen in 17 years, but the daughter disrupts her happy home, and soon she finds herself with a murdered daughter and a husband who is the chief suspect.

Sharpe, Tess. Barbed Wire Heart (GC, 12.99) Mar. The daughter of a Northern California drug king, now running a shelter for abuse victims, decides that the only way to survive is to put two warring drug families out of business, which she begins to do by blowing up meth labs and targeting leaders, all the time counting on the fact that as a woman she will always be underestimated.

Spain, Jo. The Confession (Per, 15.99) Mar. A man walks in to the police station to confess to the beating death of a disgraced banker, but he says that the murder was not premeditated and he has no motive in a brilliantly-plotted mystery in which the who and the how are known, but not the why.

Stenson, Peter. Thirty-Seven (Per, 16.95) Feb. The only survivor of an apocalyptic cult is persuaded by his enigmatic boss to restart the cult in a thoughtful horror novel.

Swanson, Peter. All the Beautiful Lies (HC, 15.99) Feb. When his stepmother calls to say that his father has died in a suicide, a recent college graduate returns to Maine where his father ran a bookstore, but his stepmother, who is uncomfortably sensual tries to convince him that his father was murdered, and to make matters more complicated a young woman arrives in town who begins to question his stepmother’s role in his father’s death in a twisty thriller.

Symons, Julian. The Color of Murder (PP, 12.95) Feb. The reissue of a classic murder mystery told from the point of view of a psychiatrist evaluating the accused and his trial.

Tate, Courtney Evan. I’ll Be Watching You (Mira, 15.99) Mar. After her teenaged daughter disappears, thought drowned, her mother discovers pornographic images of her on her laptop and begins investigating to find out who in their small community might be responsible.

Thomas, Keith. The Clarity (SS, 16.99) Mar. A suspenseful combination of science and thriller featuring a young girl who can remember past lives, the researcher who tries to protect her, and the assassins hired to kill her.

Westlake, Donald. Brothers Keepers (Hard Case, 9.95) Feb. In the reissue of a comic masterpiece, a group of monks will do anything to save their two-hundred year-old monastery on New York’s Park Avenue from an unscrupulous real estate developer.


New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Akunin, Boris. The Coronation (Per, 26.00) Feb. In the latest in the historical mystery series by a best-selling Russian writer, private enquiry agent Fandorin must help a Grand Duke, in Moscow for the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II, when his young son is kidnapped and the kidnappers demand the handover of a fabulous diamond set on the handle of the royal scepter.

Bannalec, Jean-Luc. The Fleur de Sel Murders (STM. 17.99) Mar. Commissaire Dupin is attacked while investigating some mysterious barrels in Brittany’s salt works at the behest of a journalist friend, so he teams up with the departmental investigator, a beautiful woman.

Bellotto, Tony. Bellini and the Sphinx (Akashic, 15.99) Feb. The first in a Brazilian mystery series featuring a PI hired to find a missing nightclub dancer, but when his client is murdered, he must discover the connection between the disappearance and the murder.

Blaedel, Sara. Her Father’s Secret (GC, 26.00) Mar. Having decided to remain in Wisconsin after inheriting her father’s funeral home, Ilke Jensen becomes involved in the murder of a neighbor woman who had been a close friend of her father and tied to the secrets of his past.

Camilleri, Andrea. The Overnight Kidnapper (Png, 16.00) Feb. Montalbano investigates the strange case of two women who were abducted and then returned unharmed—and the only connection is that they both work for a bank. If you like the Bruno mysteries, you must try these.

Criaco, Gioacchino. Black Souls (Soho, 25.95) Mar. A standalone crime novel set in a small village of Calabria, home of the crime family ‘Ndrangheta, focused on three young men who decide to improve their lot in life by joining the mob in a morality tale of how violence begets more violence, steeped in brigand lore, mountain mythology, and peasant lore.

Cumming, Charles. The Moroccan Girl (STM, 27.99) Feb. A thriller writer is persuaded to spy for the UK in Morocco where he is going for a literary event; in particular, he is asked to find a woman involved with the leader of a revolutionary group fighting against the present regime in Russia.

Eisler, Barry. The Killer Collective (T&M, 24.99 hc, 15.95 tp) Feb. A Seattle sex crimes detective, assassin John Rain, and a former Marine sniper join forces to stop an international child pornography ring and find themselves battling a conspiracy involving corrupt rogue government agencies.

Elo, Elisabeth. Finding Katerina M. (Per, 26.99) Mar. An American doctor who thought that her Ukrainian grandparents died in a Stalinist labor camp is surprised to discover that her grandmother is still alive and living in Siberia, but she also discovers that her grandmother is in danger from the regime of Vladimir Putin when she goes to visit her in Siberia, and helping her grandmother might mean betraying her country.

Escobar, Melba. House of Beauty (HC, 25.99) Feb. A talented beautician at an elegant salon in Bogota, Colombia learns all her clients’ secrets while making them beautiful, and wonders how to solve her own money problems, but when she becomes involved in the death of a teenaged girl, her life becomes exceedingly dangerous in an international bestseller.

Fox, Candice. Crimson Lake (STM, 9.99) Feb. A disgraced Sydney homicide detective whose trial for the rape and attempted murder of a 13-year-old girl is surprisingly dismissed for lack of evidence, moves to Queensland where he goes to work for a PI investigating the disappearance of a best-selling author.

_____. Redemption Point (STM, 25.99) Mar. A PI in Queensland must join forces with another when the father of an abducted teenager decides on revenge and his only hope of survival is to find the girl himself.

Giordano, Mario. Auntie Poldi and the Vineyards of Etna (HMH, 26.00) Mar. Auntie Poldi, a sixty-something Bavarian who has retired to Sicily, suspects Mafia involvement when the water to her neighborhood is shut off, but in the course of her investigation, she discovers the body of a well-known fortuneteller in a vineyard.

Goenawan, Clarissa. Rainbirds (Soho, 15.00) Mar. After the stabbing death of his beloved sister, a man goes to the desolate town she had moved to, leaving behind Tokyo and her family, and in an attempt to understand her life and death, he takes her old job and her living arrangements.

Grant, Michael. A Sudden Death in Cypress (SH, 28.99) Feb. In the first of a new series, a burglar who has been a fugitive since jumping bail almost twenty years before comes across the body of a woman at a beach resort in Cypress, and is talked into helping find the murderer by two FBI agents unofficially investigating.

Grebe, Camilla. After She’s Gone (Ball, 27.00) Feb. A psychological profiler working on a murder case with a police detective is found wandering on a road with no memory of where her partner is or what they had been investigating, and the only person who has the clues to what happened to her is a teenaged boy who finds her journal, but he has a secret he feels he must keep, so he is hesitant to come forward until he begins to read the journal in an award-winning Swedish mystery.

Hamilton, Ian. Fate: the Lost Decades of Uncle Chow Tung (Per, 15.95) Feb. A spinoff of the Ava Lee series set in Hong Kong in the late 1960s where a young, self-effacing administrator is chosen to protect the Triad when Dragon Head dies.

Harper, Jane. The Lost Man (STM, 27.99) Feb. A standalone mystery set in the Australian outback where a cattle rancher investigates the death of his brother, whose desiccated corpse is found in the shadow of a headstone known as the stockman’s grave.

Holt, Anne. No Echo (SS, 17.00) Feb. Hanne Wilhelmsen investigates the murder of a celebrity chef in Oslo.

Howe, K.J. Skyjack (Quer, 14.99) Mar. Accompanying two child soldiers from Africa to their new home in London, international kidnap specialist Thea Howe must find a way for them all to survive and stop an international conspiracy when their plan is hijacked and forced to land in the Libyan Desert.

Ivar, Katja. Evil Things (Bitter Lemon, 14.95) Feb. The first female Helsinki police detective is sent to Finnish Lapland in 1952 to investigate the disappearance of an elderly man, but the murder of a Soviet doctor ups the stakes tremendously because of the Cold War in the first of an excellent new series.

James, Marlon. Black Leopard, Red Wolf (Riverhead, 30.00) Feb. In the first of a trilogy inspired by African mythology that combines, history, fantasy, adventure, and suspense, a mercenary is hired to find a mysterious boy, missing for three years, and is joined in his quest by others also seeking the boy including a shape-shifting man-animal known as the Leopard.

John, D.B. Star of the North (RH, 16.00) Feb. A Korean American searching for her twin sister who was kidnapped on a South Korean beach by North Korean operatives learns that she may still be alive thirty years later and agrees to work for the CIA to go undercover in North Korea to find her.

Kent, Serena. Death in Provence (HC, 26.99) Feb. When a divorcée retires from her job in forensics with the Home Office in England, she moves to a farmhouse in the sleepy Provençal village of St. Merlot, but after she finds a body floating in her swimming pool, she must discover the secrets and intrigues of her new home in the first of a new series.

Keplar, Lars. The Stalker (Knopf, 27.95) Feb. After the Swedish police receive a video of a woman in her home, clearly unaware that she is being filmed, and then find her mutilated body, they call in detective Joona Linna to help find the killer, in a case that becomes more urgent when a second video is received.

Leon, Donna. The Temptation of Forgiveness (Per, 16.00) Mar. Commissario Brunetti investigates a suspicious accident that leads him to uncover a longstanding scam with disturbing unintended consequences.

____. Unto Us a Son is Given (Per, 26.00) Mar. Brunetti’s father-in-law asks him to investigate when his elderly friend decides to adopt a young man, ensuring that he will inherit all of his wealth, but after the friend dies and a woman in Venice for the funeral is murdered Brunetti must solve the mystery of the friend’s life to find a killer. Signed.

Natt och Dag, Niklas. The Wolf and the Watchman (SS, 28.00) Mar. A debut mystery set in eighteenth-century Stockholm, featuring a brilliant legal scholar who is asked to investigate when an unidentified mutilated body is found in a lake, and with the help of the night watchman, he must immerse himself in a labyrinthine world that cuts across social classes at a time of political upheaval to find the killer.

Pattison, Eliot. Bones of the Earth (STM, 27.99) Mar. Inspector Shan realizes that he must solve the murder of an American archaeologist in a case that plunges him in a power struggle between the Tibetans and the government in Beijing in the last of the series that began with The Skull Mantra.

Pomare, JP. Call Me Evie (Put, 26.00) Mar. A twisty debut novel of suspense about a teenaged girl who finds herself held captive by a man who claims he is saving her from the consequences of something terrible she did back home in Melbourne—something that she cannot remember at all.

Rees, Matt. A Grave in Gaza (Soho, 15.95) Mar. A reissue of an earlier mystery set in Jerusalem, featuring Palestinian police detective Omar Yussef, who goes to Gaza to investigate a case of espionage and must deal with corruption, bribery, kidnapping, and murder. This is a welcome return of an excellent series.

Rogneby, Jenny. Any Means Necessary (RH, 15.99) Feb. Leona Lindbergh is assigned to the case of a bomber who miraculously survives blowing himself up outside of the Swedish Houses of Parliament to try to discover if there are more terror attacks to follow, but she is fighting her own demons and must handle the case with one foot on either side of the law.

Ross, Oakland. Swimming with Horses (Per, 20.99) Mar. A Canadian teenager becomes involved with a visiting South African girl, who teaches him equestrian skills and drops hints about her past in the apartheid era, and who mysteriously leaves with a least one unsolved murder in her wake. Years later he travels to South Africa to find her and must confront a shocking secret of his own.

Shalit, Jonathan de. A Spy in Exile (SS, 27.00) Feb. Former Mossad agent Ya’ara Stein is asked to head up a new top-secret unit that answers only to the prime minister and must deal with the threat of Russian deception in Europe and Islamist splinter groups in the Middle East.

Sigurdardottir, Yrsa. The Reckoning (STM, 26.99) Feb. A Reykjavik detective consults a child psychiatrist when a ten-year-old letter is found in a high-school time capsule predicting six murders in 2016—and then the body parts turn up.

Simenon, Georges. Maigret and the Old People (Png, 13.00) Feb. A reissue of an early Inspector Maigret mystery. Coming in March will be Maigret and the Lazy Burglar (Png, 13.00).

Svensson, Anton. The Sons: Made in Sweden, Part II (Quer, 16.99) Feb. Detective Broncks suspects that Leo Duvnjac, newly released from prison, is making plans to find a way to disappear forever, but he doesn’t realize that the plan involves stealing $100 million crowns from a police station.

Tursten, Helene. Hunting Game (Soho, 26.95) Feb. New series lead DI Embla Nystrom, a young detective in Gothenburg, must find a killer when she returns home for the annual moose hunt and one of the hunters is found dead, a case that forces her to deal with her personal demons while she hunts for a killer.

Viel, Tanguy. Article 355 (RH, 15.99) Mar. This short noir novel consists of a conversation between a man accused of murdering a land developer in a depressed area of northern France and the examining judge who must rule on the matter according to his conscience.

Willocks, Tim. Memo from Turner (Blackstone, 26.99) Mar. An incorruptible Cape Town police officer vows to bring to justice the two white men involved in a hit-and-run accident that killed an unidentified black teenager, despite his superior’s resistance to the idea because one of the men is the son a millionaire politician.

Würger, Takis. The Club (Per, 26.00) Mar. A German orphan goes to live in England with his aunt who teaches at Cambridge, and she offers to help with his education if he will help her investigate an exclusive club filled with aristocrats and wealthy socialites. I really liked this and read it in one night.


New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Anderson, Kent. Green Sun (Mull, 16.99) Mar. In a police procedural set in 1983, a former English teacher returns to police work in Oakland, CA, where he tries to work as an “armed social worker” in a community filled with violence where the local drug lord has become a kind of folk hero.

Blackwood, Gary. Bucket’s List (SH, 17.95) Feb. In the first of a new series, the detective is Charley Field, the real-life inspiration for Charles Dickens’s Inspector Bucket in Bleak House, who is asked by Dickens to investigate who is sabotaging a stage adaption of A Christmas Carol.

Bolton, Guy. The Syndicate (Per, 25.95) Feb. In the second in this series that recreates Hollywood in the 1940s, PI Jonathan Craine is abducted from his home with his son by thugs and flown to Las Vegas where Meyer Lansky orders him to investigate the recent shooting of Bugsy Siegel and find the killer in five days or his son will be killed.

Bowen, Rhys. The Victory Garden (Lake Union, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Feb. A headstrong young woman from a wealthy family falls in love with an Australian flying ace during WWI, and becomes a “land girl” in part to be closer to him, but after his death—and before they could marry—she discovers that she is pregnant and goes to live in a cottage on a neglected Devonshire estate, where she discovers the journal of an herbal healer implicated in a murder. TFOB. I loved this.

Brightwell, Emily. Mrs. Jeffries Delivers the Goods (Brk, 16.00) Mar. When a crude member of the aristocracy is poisoned at a social function Inspector Witherspoon, Mrs. Jeffries, and the rest of the household realize that a madman is at work.

Brittany, Lynn. Murder in Belgravia (Per, 26.99) Mar. In the first of a new series set in 1915 in London, a Scotland Yard detective assembles a group of sharp, educated women to help with his investigation when an aristocrat is murdered in a case that takes the group from the townhouses of high society to London’s seedy underbelly.

Celestin, Ray. Dead Man’s Blues (Peg, 16.95) Feb. In this mystery set in Chicago in 1928, two Pinkerton detectives investigating the disappearance of a young heiress run into a fixer for Al Capone looking for a traitor in a bluesy, atmospheric mystery.

Doherty, Paul. The Mansions of Murder (SH, 17.95) Feb. Brother Athelstan investigates a seemingly impossible crime at a locked church, where someone murdered two people and made off carrying a corpse and a king’s ransom of gold.

Downing, David. The Dark Clouds Shining (Soho, 15.95) Mar. In the final of the Jack McColl WWI–era series, the British spy is sent to Moscow after the Bolshevik Revolution to spy on other British spies who may be involved in an assassination attempt.

Eastland, Sam. The Elegant Lie (Per, 14.95) Feb. A criminal who is in charge of the black market in post-war Cologne is in the sights of the CIA because they fear he could become involved with the Russian, so they use a disgraced American army officer as an undercover operative to learn about the operation and ultimately destroy it.

Finch, Charles. The Vanishing Man (STM, 26.99) Feb. In another prequel, Charles Lennox is retained by the Duke of Dorset to investigate the theft of a painting from his London house, but a kidnapping and a murder take place, and everything that has happened may be linked to a lost Shakespeare play.

Finlay, Mick. The Murder Pit (HC, 15.99) Feb. In the second in this Sherlockian series, Holmes’s competitor Arrowood investigates the grittier crimes that the great detective won’t take on. The first in the series, Arrowood, is available in paperback.

Fredericks, Mariah. A Death of No Importance (STM, 9.99) Mar. A lady’s maid in 1910 Manhattan decides to help out her employers when the playboy fiancé of the daughter is found dead with his eyes gouged out and the suspects range from his jilted fiancée to the families of those killed in a mining disaster on his property to anarchists. PW gave this first mystery a starred review.

 Gentill, Sulari. A Murder Unmentioned (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Feb. When the gun that killed his father in 1920 is found thirteen years later, Rowland Sinclair returns to the family estate in New South Wales and joins the investigation that disturbingly focuses on him and his brother.

Golden, Peter. Nothing is Forgotten (SS, 17.00) Mar. A young man living with his Russian-Jewish grandmother in 1950s New Jersey finds himself in the USSR and the south of France when the murder of his grandmother sends him on a quest for his identity in order to solve her murder.

Gough, Alfred and Miles Millar. Double Exposure (GC, 26.00) Mar. In a thriller set in the 1960s a former CIA officer now working at the Library of Congress’s National Film Archive is drawn into an international conspiracy when another CIA officer shows him a film canister dropped over the Berlin Wall that contains evidence that WWII didn’t end; it just went underground.

Hamilton, Victoria. A Gentlewoman’s Guide to Murder (MidInk, 15.00) Feb. In the first of a new Regency series, a genteel spinster carries out rescues of female servants who are sexually assaulted by their employers, but when one rescue goes wrong and the master of the house is murdered, she must find the killer before she is unmasked.

Harman, Claire. Murder by the Book (RH, 26.95) Mar. A wonderfully written look at the actual murder of Lord Russell in London in 1840, and the fear that gripped Londoners that it was books, particularly the popular books about unrepentant criminals such as Jack Shepherd that caused his valet to commit the nefarious deed.

Harris, C. S. Why Kill the Innocent (Brk, 16.00) Mar. The murder of a pianist with ties to the royal court plunges St. Cyr into the world of deceit and death at the palace.

Hollinghurst, Alan. The Sparsholt Affair (RH, 16.95) Feb. A family saga that begins in 1940 and continues to the present day showing the changing attitudes of the British public to the LGBT community as seen through three generations of friends who meet at Oxford in 1940.

Kasasian, M.R.C. Dark Dawn over Steep House (Peg, 15.95) Mar. Victorian “personal detective” Sidney Grice is asked for help in seeking justice by the brother of a woman who was raped by a wealthy German nobleman, but whose father forbids her from pursuing the case.

Katsu, Alma. The Hunger (Png, 16.00) Mar. A novel about the tragic history of the Donner Party reimagined with a supernatural twist.

Kerr, Philip. Greeks Bearing Gifts (Put, 16.00) Mar. In 1956 in Munich, Bernie Gunther is working for an insurance company when a large claim is made by a former SS officer who served in Greece of artifacts probably confiscated from Greek Jews, but when Bernie goes to interview the man in Athens he finds him dead, and the Greek police detective he meets thinks that the murder is similar in MO to one committed during the German occupation of Athens.

King, Crystal. The Chef’s Secret (SS, 16.99) Feb. When his uncle dies, a wealthy man who had been the chef to popes and the author of a bestselling cookbook, his nephew is determined to learn his secrets in his encrypted journal, and discovers a tale of deception, betrayal, and murder in Renaissance Italy. I loved her first novel, Feast of Sorrow, set in ancient Rome.

Klinger, Leslie, ed. In the Shadow of Agatha Christie (Peg, 15.95) Feb. A collection of stories by now-forgotten women mystery writers who paved the way for the greats of the Golden Age.

Kutscher, Victor. Goldstein (STM, 18.00) Feb. When an American hitman arrives in Weimar Berlin, police detective Gereon Rath is assigned to keep an eye on him, little realizing that American ingenuity extends even to assassins in the third in the series.

Lawhon, Ariel. I Was Anastasia (BDD, 16.00) Feb. A novel with a dual narrative about Anastasia Romanov, supposedly murdered by the Bolsheviks in 1918 along with the rest of the Russian imperial family and Ana Anderson, a woman who appeared in Berlin in 1920 claiming to be Anastasia.

Lovesey, Peter. Bertie: The Complete Prince of Wales Mysteries (Soho, 31.95) Mar. A reissue of the three novels featuring the son of Queen Victoria who discovers a passion for sleuthing—even though he is not the best detective.

Lynch, Christine. The Italian Party (STM, 17.99) Mar. A perceptive debut set in Italy in 1956 where a young American couple has recently moved, but their lives are filled with secrets, including the fact that the husband is not the manager of a tractor company, but a CIA agent who has come to Italy in part to be with his lover from Yale, and while he engages in espionage activities, she tries to find a missing local teenager.

Marcantonio, Patricia. Felicity Carrol and the Perilous Pursuit (Per, 26.99) Feb. The first in a series set in the late Victorian period featuring an educated young society woman who investigates when her mentor at the British Museum is murdered and a priceless manuscript of King Arthur lore is stolen, the first in a series of murders and thefts of Arthurian material.

Maxwell, Alyssa. The Murderous Marriage (Ken, 26.00) Feb. When her sister bows to family pressure and marries a wealthy man many years her senior, Lady Phoebe is concerned, but when the bridegroom is found dead the morning after the marriage, she and her lady’s maid vow to find a killer before a murder conviction destroys her sister’s chance for a love match.

May, Peter. The Man with no Face (Quer, 26.99) Mar. In an early mystery by May available in the U.S. for the first time, a journalist is sent to Brussels in 1979 during a political crisis, which turns deadly when a fellow journalist and a British politician are found shot dead and the only witness is the journalist’s autistic daughter who claims they were killed by a “man with no face.”

McCall Smith, Alexander. The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse (RH, 16.00) Feb. A stand-alone novel about a British farm girl, an American pilot, and a German soldier brought together during WWII by a very cute border collie.

Mukherjee, Abir. Smoke and Ashes (Peg, 25.95) Mar. A British police detective in Calcutta in 1921 must solve two murders while keeping his opium addiction, a result of his experiences in the Great War, secret, and must rely on his Indian sergeant to help him in the third of an excellent series for fans of The Raj Quartet.

Myers, Amy. Death at the Wychbourne Follies (SH, 28.99) Mar. In the second in this series set in the 1920s and featuring an Escoffier-trained chef employed by an aristocratic lady, a reunion of artistes planned as a fundraiser for WWI veterans turns murderous and Nell must leave the kitchen to help a Scotland Yard detective find a killer.

Nebenzal, Harold. Café Berlin (Over, 16.95) Feb. A young Jewish immigrant from Damascus begins a torrid affair with an exotic dancer in Weimar Berlin, not knowing that she is working for the British and has uncovered a plot between Adolf Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem in a brilliant work of espionage.

Offutt, Chris. Dark Country (Per, 16.00) Mar. A noir story about a Korean War vet who returns to his home in the Kentucky backwoods where he runs moonshine, but when his family is threatened, he turns violent changing his life irrevocably.

Parks, Alan. February’s Son (Europa, 18.00) Feb. In the second of this Tartan Noir series set in Glasgow in the 1970s, the police are confronted by an influx of drugs that is changing the face of crime in the city, and when DCI Harry McCoy is asked to look after the niece of a colleague who is running with a bad crowd, he finds himself involved in murder and drug overdoses.

Pitts, Leonard Jr. The Last Thing You Surrender (Per, 17.00) Feb. A powerful tale of race and war set during WWII featuring three characters—a privileged white man who is taken prisoner by the Japanese, a black widow who works in the shipyards, and a young black soldier sent to fight against Hitler.

Quincy, D.M. Murder in Bloomsbury (Per, 15.99) Feb. Victorian adventurer Atlas Catesby agrees to help the aristocratic lady he loves when her maid’s brother is murdered, and they discover that he was the secret lover of a society woman.

Quinn, Kate. The Huntress (HC. 26.99 hc, 16.99 tp) Feb. A trio of Nazi hunters are after a Nazi woman who committed unspeakable war crimes in Austria and Poland at the end of WWII and then managed to escape, and years later an Austrian woman becomes the stepmother of an American teenager, who soon becomes suspicious of her past.

Raybourn, Deanna. A Dangerous Collaboration (Brk, 26.00) Mar. Veronica Speedwell agrees to accompany her colleague’s brother to a house-party on an island off the Cornish coast, where they discover that the guests all have a connection to the host’s wife who disappeared three years earlier.

______. A Treacherous Curse (Png, 15.00) Feb. Victorian adventuress Veronica Speedwell investigates when the members of an Egyptian expedition appear to fall under the curse of a princess whose tomb they are excavating.

Robertson, Cara. The Trial of Lizzie Borden (SS, 28.00) Mar. Using legal transcripts, contemporary newspaper accounts, unpublished letters by Lizzie Borden herself, the author looks at the famous murder and resulting trial in its historical context.

Royal, Priscilla. The Twice-Hanged Man (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Feb. Prioress Eleanor is in England with her family when a local abbot asks her to look into the death of a priest who was found dead and a witness claims that a man recently executed was standing over the body.

Russell, Craig. The Devil Aspect (BDD, 27.95) Mar. Set in Czechoslovakia in 1935, a psychiatrist takes a job at a notorious asylum for the criminally insane to study the six inmates, while a detective investigating a series of murders in Prague asks for the psychiatrist’s help because he fears that there is a connection between the killer and the asylum in a brilliant combination of horror and mystery set in the shadow of Nazism.

Sansom, C.J. Tombland (Mull, 28.00) Feb. Matthew Sheldrake continues to work for the young princess Elizabeth during the period of her brother’s reign, a period of political and religious upheaval, but when a distant relation of the princess is found dead, and then a second murder is found on her estate he must examine where his loyalty lies.

Shallcross, Liefe. The Beast’s Heart (Png, 15.00) Feb. A magical retelling of the classic fairy tale told from the point of view of the Beast, a seventeenth-century French nobleman cursed until he can find true love.

Todd, Charles. The Black Ascot (HC, 26.99) Feb. Ian Rutledge is assigned to the cold case of a man who escaped from justice years before after a shocking murder in 1910 during a horse race in honor of Edward VII, a man who reportedly has returned to England, but Rutledge finds his own sanity called into question after a shocking incident, and realizes that the only way to save his career and his sanity is to find the murderer.

Varese, JonMichael. The Spirit Photographer (Over, 16.99) Mar. A wonderful Sothern Gothic novel set shortly after the Civil War when a photographer who specializes in fraudulently photographing the spirits of the dead is shocked when the spirit of a woman he knows appears in a photograph, sending him to Louisiana to hunt for her.

Verble, Margaret. Cherokee America (HMH, 27.00) Feb. In 1875 in Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma), the murder of a Cherokee man by white killers gives a judge reason to impose federal law on protected Native land, but a group townspeople, including a prosperous widow with five sons, deceive the investigating U.S. marshals to preserve their sovereignty in a novel of false promises, broken treaties, and mother love.

Weisgarber, Ann. The Glovemaker (Sky, 24.99) Feb. A woman living in Utah Territory in 1888 gives refuge to a man on the run from the U.S. Marshalls, accused of practicing polygamy, a felony according to the government, but things are not as clear-cut as they first appear, and when the Marshall is critically injured she must make a difficult decision.

Welsh, Kaite. The Unquiet Heart (Peg, 25.95) Feb. In the second in the series featuring an Edinburgh medical student in 1893, she must investigate when her boring but respectable fiancé is arrested for the murder of his father.

Wilkinson, Lauren. American Spy (RH, 27.00) Feb. An African-American FBI operative is asked by the CIA to insinuate herself with the new leader of Burkina Faso in the mid-1980s in an effort to destabilize his government, but she finds herself and her loyalties torn, particularly after she decides to investigate the mysterious death of her older sister, also part of the intelligence community.

Willig, Lauren. The English Wife (STM, 17.99) Feb. After a fairytale courtship and marriage, a wealthy New York couple meet a tragic end—he, stabbed to death, she missing and presumed drowned—so when his sister begins to investigate with the help of a reporter, she is shocked at what she learns about the couple.

Winspear, Jacqueline. The American Agent (HC, 27.99) Mar. Driving an ambulance during the Blitz in 1940, Maisie Dobbs meets an American journalist found murdered in her flat the next morning, and when Scotland Yard enlists her help in solving the case, she is reunited with an attractive American agent.

_____. To Die but Once (HC, 16.99) Feb. Maisie Dobbs is asked in 1940 to look into the death of a 15-year-old apprentice painter who worked for a company hired by the British government to paint RAF facilities with a new fire-retardant.

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