April/May 2018

Signings and Special Events

Saturday, April 13 at 4:00, Betty Webb will be discussing and signing the last of the series featuring Phoenix PI Lena Jones, who finally uncovers the secret of her identity in Desert Redemption (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp). This will be a bittersweet farewell to a compelling character for all of her readers.

Sunday, April 14 at 2:00 the Clues Unlimited Book Club will meet to discuss Who in Hell is Wanda Fuca? (T&M, 14.95) by G.M. Ford, the first of a Seattle-based series featuring PI Leo Waterman.

Tuesday, April 16 at 7:00 Lori Rader-Day will be here to sign and discuss Under a Dark Sky (Morrow, 26.99 hc, 15.99 tp), a suspenseful thriller set in a dark sky park. The event will be cross-promoted by the Tucson chapter of the International Dark Sky Association.

Saturday, April 27 is Independent Bookstore Day and Clues Unlimited will be celebrating in conjunction with Tucson’s other two women-owned independent bookstores, Antigone Books and Mostly Books. Visit all three stores to enter a drawing to win fun stuff. Clues will offer a chance to hear and meet six outstanding Arizona women mystery writers: Shannon Baker, Eileen Brady, A.J. Flick, Elizabeth Gunn, Isabella Maldonado, and Rosemary Simpson beginning at 1:00, with a book signing to follow. Come early to enjoy Jamaican food specials at D’s Island Grill, Ja and to check out our neighboring merchants at the Wild Bird Store and Racquet Shack. Try a new mystery author and get 20% off your purchase.

Sunday, May 10 at 2:00 the Clues Unlimited Book Clue will meet to discuss the classic espionage novel by Eric Ambler, A Coffin for Dimitrios (Vintage, 16.00).

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Allan, Barbara. Antiques Ravin (Ken, 26.00) May. Vivian is now been elected sheriff, with Sushi becoming the K9 unit, so when decidedly creepy happenings at the Edgar Allan Poe festival lead to murder, she must listen for the tell-tale heart of a murderer.

Andrew, Mary Kay. Sunset Beach (STM, 28.99) May. A woman whose life has derailed leaving her only her mother’s ramshackle beach bungalow at Sunset Beach reluctantly accepts an offer from her estranged father to work in his law office, where she becomes caught up in a decades-old murder that could have some dangerous consequences today.

Arévalo, Daniel Sánchez. Alice’s Island (SS, 28.00) Apr. A woman whose husband dies unexpectedly on a small island near Nantucket decides to go undercover to find out more about his life and mysterious death—knowledge that may prove deadly.

Bannister, Jo. Silent Footsteps (SH, 28.99) May. Constable Hazel Best begins receiving bouquets and gifts from a stalker, but things soon escalate when her friend Gabriel Ash is assaulted in another offbeat British police procedural.

Barron, Laird. Black Mountain (Put, 26.00) May. When ex-mob enforcer Isaiah Coledrige opens up shop as a PI in New York’s Hudson Valley, his first client is a local Mafia capo who asks him to investigate the murder of a small-time criminal, the second murder not authorized by the Mob, in a case that pits him against a group much more dangerous than the mob—an heiress, a powerful corporation, and a serial killer. I loved the first in this series.

Berry, Connie.   (Per, 26.99) Apr. In the first of a new series an antique dealer returns to the Scottish island where her husband drowned three years before at the behest of her sister-in-law who has turned the family manor house into an upscale hotel and who wants to discuss a recently published novel based on the case of a young bride murdered two centuries earlier, but a murder intervenes and the only clue is an eighteenth-century carved chest.

Blake, Heather. A Witch to Remember (Per, 26.99) Apr. When the magical tea room hosting her bridal luncheon goes up in flames and the body of the owner is found in the ashes, wish-crafter Darcy must investigate the victim to find the killer.

Bostwick, James S. Acts of Omission (SS, 26.00) May. A young San Francisco personal injury lawyer agrees to help a horribly injured young man, pitting him against the most dangerous legal adversary in the city in a debut courtroom thriller.

Buffa, D.W. The 45th (Per, 27.99) May. When a man with no government experience is elected to the presidency of the country, it is unclear if he will be able to handle the task or if the country will be plunged into chaos in a timely political thriller.

Burke, Alafair. The Better Sister (HC, 26.99) Apr. When a prominent Manhattan attorney is murdered, two estranged sisters—one his widow, and one his ex-wife—reunite after police focus on their son and stepson as the main suspect in a novel of dark family secrets, lies, and betrayal.

Cleveland, Karen. Keep You Close (RH, 27.00) May. A woman, and single mother, who works in the FBI’s Internal Investigations division is shocked when she discovers a gun concealed in the room of her teenaged son, but worse occurs when an FBI agent on the domestic terrorism squad arrives at the door.

Conlan, Edward. The Policewoman’s Bureau (SS, 25.99) May. Despite the sexism she faces daily in her job as a policewoman, from within and without the NYPD, Marie Carrara dedicates herself to the violence and brutality of investigating sex offenders in a police procedural written by a former NYPD officer who is one of my favorite writers. Highly recommended.

Constantine, Liv. The Last Time I Saw You (HC, 26.99) May. After the brutal death of her socialite mother a Baltimore heart surgeon is pleased to reconnect with her friend from high school and college, and when she begins to receive threatening notes from her mother’s killer, her friend, now a best-selling mystery novelist, vows to find the killer while the police investigation remains stalled.

Davis, Krista. The Diva Sweetens the Pie (Ken, 26.00) May. When the celebrity judge at the annual Pie Festival bites the crust during the pie-eating contest, domestic diva Sophie must find a killer before her friends are boxed up for murder.

Deaver, Jeffrey. The Never Game (Png, 28.00) May. In the first of a new series featuring a man who works as a finder of missing persons after having grown up in a survivalist cult and becoming an expert tracker, who is hired to find a missing woman in a case that plunges him into video-gaming industry when it appears that the disappearance is tied to a survivalist video game.

Dow, David R. Confessions of an Innocent Man (Dut, 27.00) Apr. In a suspenseful and emotionally powerful debut, a Houston man who is convicted of the murder of his wife is exonerated at the ultimate hour before his execution when DNA evidence is discovered, but his life has been ruined and he vows to exact revenge on those who have destroyed him. Texas has the highest number of executions of any state and many of the convictions have been obtained through the intentional misuse of forensic science.

Elliott, Lexie. The Missing Years (Brk, 26.00) Apr. In a gothic mystery set in the Scottish Highlands, a woman who inherits a family manor house after the death of her mother finds herself haunted by her tangled family history.

Evanovich, Janet and Peter Evanovich. The Big Kahuna (Put, 28.00) May. FBI agent Kate O’Hare and conman Nick Fox are sent to investigate the kidnapping of a tech billionaire in a case that sends them to Hawaii where they go undercover as a married couple in a surfer community.

Feeney, Alice. I Know Who You Are (STM, 27.99) Apr. A twisty psychological thriller with two plot lines: a little girl who runs away from home and an actress whose husband goes missing after they fight.

Ferencik, Erica. The Jungle (SS, 27.00) May. A woman accepts a job teaching English in Bolivia, but when the job falls through, she joins a hunter from the jungles to track down the jaguar who killed his nephew in a suspenseful adventure story of the kind that used to feature only male characters. Great fun.

Fletcher, Jessica and Jon Land. Murder She Wrote: Murder in Red (Brk, 25.00) May. When a friend enters the new private hospital for a simple procedure and winds up dead, Jessica decides to investigate a case of business malpractice.

Golding, Melanie. Little Darlings (Per, 26.99) Apr. In an unsettling thriller a new mother is convinced that her newborn twins have been taken by someone and replaced with identical babies, despite the fact that no one takes her seriously—but she knows…. This is a creepy delight.

Grames, Juliet. The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna (HC, 27.99) May. A family saga of secrets and betrayals that begins in a small Italian village before WWII where a beautiful young woman who suffers a strange childhood of lethal and life-threatening occurrences finds that her new life in the US is equally fraught, and in coming to terms with her life, she becomes estranged from her family and beloved younger sister.

Griffiths, Elly. The Stone Circle (HMH, 27.00) May. Archaeologist Ruth Galloway and DCI Nelson both receive letters from out of the past, but while Nelson’s is anonymous, Ruth’s letter purports to be from her mentor—a dead man.

Haines, Carolyn. Game of Bones (STM, 26.99) May. When a ritually-murdered corpse is found in an archaeological site, the director of the dig hires Sarah Booth Delaney to clear his name, but as the bodies continue to pile up at the Native-American site.

Hall, Parnell. Lights! Camera! Puzzles! (Peg, 25.95) Apr. The Puzzle Lady agrees to help produce the film being made from her ex-husband’s tell-all memoir of their life together, but she finds that the actress who plays her is all wrong, the director is an idiot, and the script is stupid, so when a dead body is found it’s almost a relief—except for the crossword puzzle.

Hall, Rachel Howzell. They All Fall Down (STM, 26.99) Apr. Seven strangers are offered the trip of a lifetime on a tropical island off the coast of Mexico, but each of them harbors a dark secret, and all of them are trapped between the ocean and the jungle, as one by one they succumb to mysterious accidents….

Haseldine, Jane. You Fit the Pattern (Ken, 26.00) Apr. Crime writer Julia Gooden reports a series of murders of female joggers, but soon the killer is contacting her directly because he wants her to make him famous.

Heley, Veronica. False Account (SH, 28.99) Apr. Bea Abbott is asked by a wealthy mother and daughter looking to staff their mansion in Mayfair if she would also investigate the murder of their beloved cats, and soon there’s a dead person as well, not to mention blackmail, fraud, and rudeness to domestics.

Herbert, A.L. Murder with Collard Greens and Hot Sauce (Ken, 26.00) Apr. A hair show in town brings lots of business for Halia’s restaurant, but the murder of the pop-culture icon behind the show, sends her and her cousin on the trail of a killer.

Hillerman, Anne. The Tale Teller (HC, 26.99) Apr. Although retired, Joe Leaphorn is hired to find a missing priceless artifact donated to the Navajo Nation, in a case that soon turns into a murder case with overtones of witchcraft when the chief suspect dies mysteriously, and then a clear case of homicide occurs, bringing in both the Tribal police and the FBI.

Hitchcock, Jane Stanton. Bluff (PP, 26.99 hc, 15.95 tp) Apr. A one-time socialite enters a posh NYC restaurant and shoots one of the patrons, in the first of a series of moves on her part to get revenge against those who stole her mother’s fortune and left her family in ruins. Hitchcock is great!

Horowitz, Anthony. The Sentence is Death (HC, 27.99) May. When a celebrity-divorce lawyer is bludgeoned to death with a bottle of wine, the police are forced to call in PI Daniel Hawthorne and his sidekick, the writer Anthony, to winnow through the large pool of suspects, but it soon becomes clear that Hawthorne has his own secrets.

Housewright, David. Dead Man’s Mistress (STM, 26.99) May. Unlicensed PI Rushmore McKenzie is hired by a woman notorious for having been the muse, and subject, of a famous painter, who wants him to find three previously unknown paintings that have been stolen.

Jameson, Hanna. The Last (SS, 27.00) Apr. A post-apocalyptic murder mystery set in a Swiss hotel after a nuclear war, where the twenty survivors must find a murderer among them when the body of a young girl is found outside the hotel.

Jance, J.A. The A-List (SS, 27.99) Apr. Ali Reynolds must deal with the fall-out from a case when she was a broadcast journalist years before after a fertility doctor who secretly served as the sole sperm donor for his clinic was outed, leading to the murder of his ex-wife and his incarceration decides to seek revenge against those who “destroyed” his life, a list with Ali’s name on it. Signed copies.

Kavanagh, Emma. I Am Watching (Ken, 26.00) Apr. A professor of criminal psychology in Northumbria who found three bodies when she was a child is given the chance to interview the convicted killer for her research, but before she can do so, two more bodies appear with the same MO.

Kelly, Erin. Stone Mothers (STM, 26.99) Apr. A married woman who has thrived in her career has a dirty secret in her past—she let her boyfriend bully her into blackmail a hospital bureaucrat using abandoned records she had found—and when her former boyfriend reappears years later seeking to blackmail her, she must decide what to do to protect her life.

King, Janna. Malibu Bluff (Peg, 25.95) May. The brand ambassadors known as the “seasonaires” are sent to Malibu where one of them finds that secrets from her past could be deadly in another perfect beach read.

Klinger, Leslie and Lisa Morton, eds. Ghost Stories (Peg, 25.95) Apr. A collection of classic ghost stories by masters such as Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe.

Koontz, Dean. The Night Window (Ban, 28.00) May. In the final volume of the trilogy, Jane Hawke, widow and rogue FBI agent, must fight against a terrifying conspiracy—not only to avenge her husband’s death, but to save humanity’s freedom.

Koryta, Michael. If She Wakes (Hach, 28.00) May. When a college student is left in a locked-in state after a car accident, an insurance investigator realizes that the crash was no accident, a realization that puts both women in danger from a mysterious young hitman.

Land, Jon. Strong as Steel (STM, 27.99) Apr. When skeletal remains are found at an excavation site in the desert, Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong must reopen a 25-year-old case.

Lasdun, James. Afternoon of a Faun (Nor, 25.95) Apr. An English ex-pat journalist living in New York is appalled when he learns that an old flame has written a memoir about the sexual landscape of the 1970s that includes details of his raping her in a hotel room, and he realizes that the publication would tarnish his reputation irreversibly in a psychological thriller.

Laukkanen, Owen. Deception Cove (Mull, 28.00) May. After a veteran returns from Afghanistan, suffering from PTSD and accompanied by a therapy dog, to find her husband dead, she is horrified when the local sheriff arrives looking for a mysterious package and takes her dog hostage until she turns over the package, and her only help is the ex-con who trained the dog and offers to help get her back.

Lee, Patrick. Dark Site (STM, 27.99) May. A suspenseful thriller featuring a former Special Forces operative who is on the run from an unknown group for something from his past that he cannot remember.

Linden, Eugene. Deep Past (SS, 25.99) May. An archaeologist working in Kazakhstan makes a startling discovery of intelligent life in the distant past, but academic politics are nothing compared to the political instability of the region that causes her to fear for her life in a debut novel of suspense based on the author’s nonfiction research into evolution and intelligence.

Logan, Kylie. The Scent of Murder (STM, 26.99) May. In the first of a new series, an administrative assistant at an all- girls school who handles cadaver dogs is horrified when a dog in training uncovers the body of one of the students in an abandoned building.

Lyle, D.P. Sunshine State (Per, 26.95) May. Florida PIs Longly and Jamison are hired by a self-confessed serial killer who claims that he didn’t kill two of the seven victims attributed to him, despite DNA evidence, but it’s not clear if he is gaming the system or if there’s someone getting away with murder in the third in this funny series.

McGuiness, Patrick. Throw Me to the Wolves (Bloom, 27.00) Apr. When the body of a young woman is found in the Thames, an eccentric former teacher becomes the focus of a tabloid campaign to prove his guilt, while the investigating officer who was one of his students at the time when another student disappeared from the school tries to find out the truth.

McMahon, Jennifer. The Invited (BDD, 25.95) Apr. After a couple buys land in rural Vermont to build their dream house, they discover that the locals believe the area to be cursed by the spirit of a woman who was hanged as a witch a century before in a powerfully creepy supernatural thriller.

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau. Cat Chase the Moon (HC, 24.99) Apr. Feline detective Joe Grey saves the life of a badly beaten woman left on the beach, but he must turn his attention to something closer to home when one of his daughters is kidnapped.

Nichols, Lisa. Vessel (SS, 27.00) May. In a sci-fi thriller, a lone astronaut returns home alone after years in deep space, having lost her entire crew to a mysterious accident—but is she telling the truth?

Norman, August. Come and Get Me (Per, 26.99) Apr. When an award-winning journalist returns to Indiana University to receive an honorary degree, she is asked by a student to look into the case of a missing student, so she works with the local police force to investigate a case that brings back memories of her own assault while a student there.

Palmer, D.J. Saving Meghan (STM, 27.99) Apr. When their daughter develops a serious illness that the doctors cannot diagnose, her family turns to an expert on a rare mitochondrial disease, but before he begins treating her, the mother is accused of deliberately making her daughter sick—known as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

Panowich, Brian. Like Lions (STM, 26.99) Apr. A Georgia sheriff is also the heir to a notorious backwoods crime family, and when a rival criminal organization seeks to take over the crime enterprise, leaving a trail of bodies in its wake, he must decide how he will respond to protect himself and his family.

Page, Katherine Hall. The Body in the Wake (HC, 25.99) May. Faith Fairchild is looking forward to a quiet summer at their cottage in Maine helping her friend plan her daughter’s wedding, but the discovery of a body with a mysterious tattoo sends her on a quest to find a killer.

Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro. The 18th Abduction (Hach, 29.00) Apr. When three teachers disappear after a night out, Lindsay Boxer and the Woman’s Murder Club must protect San Francisco from monstrous killer.

Pavone, Chris. The Paris Diversion (RH, 27.00) May. Intelligence agent Kate Moore, assigned to Paris, must partner with a French agent when a suicide bomber threatens the Louvre and a tech CEO goes missing, and she soon realizes that the attack might be related to her own past.

Perry, Anne, ed. Odd Partners (Ball, 28.00) Apr. A collection of short stories by contemporary masters that feature uncomfortable detective pairings.

Pitoniak, Anna. Necessary People (LB, 27.00) May. Two women who became best friends in college are both working in cable news, and find their friendship is threatened by their ambition in a suspenseful novel of rivalry and relationships.

Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Takes the Wheel (Png, 27.00) Apr. Miss Julia is suspicious of the new doctor and his painfully shy wife, and decides to investigate in the latest in this small-town Southern series.

Rouda, Kaira. The Favorite Daughter (HC, 26.99) May. A wealthy woman in a toney neighborhood in Southern California has been lost in a haze of grief and anti-depressants since the death of her daughter decides that the graduation of her younger daughter and a memorial service for the older will mark her re-entry into her life, but she finds that her family has changed dramatically and she no longer feels she knows them—or the truth about her daughter’s death.

Sandford, John. Neon Prey (Put, 29.00) Apr. Lucas Davenport is on the trail of a bail-jumper, hired muscle for a loan shark, who turns out to be an unsuspected serial killer operating for years and filling the land around his cabin with graves.

Scottoline, Lisa. Someone Knows (Put, 27.00) Apr. When three former friends meet at the funeral of a fourth, they must deal with the dark secret that has destroyed their lives—as teenagers they played a dangerous prank that led to the death of another girl.

Shelton, Paige. The Loch Ness Papers (STM, 26.99) Apr. Edinburgh bookseller Delaney befriends an eccentric elderly man who is obsessed by the Loch Ness monster, and when he is accused of murdering his nephew, she vows to find the real killer.

Souza, Joseph. Pray for the Girl (Ken, 26.00) May. An Afghan vet who lost her legs in a roadside bombing returns to her Maine hometown to find that things have changed due to an influx of refugees, but the death of a young Muslim girl in what is first thought to be an honor killing reveals a deeper evil has taken over the town.

Spain, Jo. With Our Blessing (Per, 26.99) Apr. In the first of an Irish police procedural series, a Dublin homicide detective investigates the murder of a nun found in a park in a case that he feels is tied to the infamous Magdalene Laundries, where infants were taken from “fallen women” in the 1970s.

Turnbull, Peter. Cold Wrath (SH, 28.99) Apr. When a man is found murdered in his isolated country house three days after three nearly identical blonde women arrive at his door, York police detectives Hennessey and Yellich investigate.

Walker, Wendy. The Night Before (STM, 26.99) May. When her troubled sister who has a disastrous track record with men disappears after going on a blind date, a woman investigates, and can’t help wondering if the sister is in danger or is a danger.

Zandri, Vincent. The Caretaker’s Wife (Per, 26.00) Apr. A writer whose personal life is in tatters moves to an Adirondack resort to work on his new book, but he begins an affair with the owner’s wife, a woman with very dangerous connections, and adultery soon turns into murder.


                                                                             New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Allan, Barbara. Antiques Wanted (Ken, 7.99) Apr.

Andrews, Donna. Toucan Keep a Secret (STM, 7.99) May.

Ashdown, Isabel. Little Sister (Ken, 9.99) May.

Atkins, Ace. Robert B. Parker’s Old Black Magic (Put, 9.99) May.

Barclay, Linwood. The Noise Downstairs (HC, 9.99) May

Barron, Laird. Blood Standard (Put, 9.99) Apr.

Brown, Rita Mae. Probable Claws (Ban, 7.99) May.

Carlisle, Kate. Buried in Books (Brk, 7.99) May.

Child, Lee. Past Tense (RH, 9.99) Apr.

Clark, Tracy. Broken Places (Ken, 9.99) May.

Cooper, Ellison. Caged (STM, 7.99) May.

Cussler, Clive and Robin Burcell. The Gray Ghost (Put, 9.99) May.

Ellison, J.T. Lie to Me (HC, 9.99) May.

Fletcher, Jessica and Jon Land. Murder She Wrote: Manuscript for Murder (Png, 7.99) May.

Gibbins, David. Inquisition (STM, 9.99) Apr.

Goldman, Matt. Broken Ice (STM, 9.99) May.

Greenlaw, Linda. Fisherman’s Bend (STM, 7.99) Apr.

Jance, J.A. Field of Bones (HC, 9.99) May.

Kellerman, Faye. Walking Shadows (HC, 9.99) Apr.

Koonts, Dean. The Forbidden Door (BDD, 9.99) Apr.

McKevett, G. M. Hide and Sneak (Ken, 7.99) Apr.

Palmer, Michael and Daniel. The First Family (STM, 9.99) Apr.

Ricciardi, David. Warning Light (Brk, 9.99) Apr.

Sandford, John. Twisted Prey (Put, 9.99) Apr.

Smith, Ian K. The Ancient Nine (STM, 9.99) Apr.

Souza, Joseph. The Neighbor (Ken, 9.99) Apr.

Swallow, James. Nomad (STM, 9.99) Apr.

Thor, Brad. Spymaster (Pkt, 9.99) May.

Woods, Stuart. The Money Shot (Png, 9.99) May.        

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Adams, Ellery. Murder in the Reading Room (Ken, 7.99) May. When her boyfriend goes missing, Jane searches for him at another literary-themed resort, and it soon appears that the case is tied to a missing manuscript stolen from Hemingway in Paris in 1922, a manuscript that someone is willing to kill for.

Buckley, Julia. Death Waits in the Dark (Brk, 7.99) Apr. When best-selling novelist Camilla Graham is threatened by a woman who will reveal her husband’s family secret and who then is found dead, her friend and apprentice Lena helps her find out the secret in order to find a killer.

Chien, Vivien. Murder Lo Mein (STM, 7.99) Apr. Everyone at the Ho Lee Noodle House are excited about the contest for Cleveland’s Best noodles, but when one of the judges is found face-down in a plate of noodles, Lana investigates, but an ominous fortune in her cookie has the police hunting for a serial killer.

Ehrhart, Peggy. Knit One, Die Two (Ken, 7.99) May. When an amateur actress who has recently joined the knitting group dies in a suspicious backstage accident after threatening to unmask those responsible for all kinds of backstage drama, the Knit and Nibblers vow to drop the final curtain on a killer.

Elliott, Lauren. Prologue to Murder (Ken, 7.99) May. In the first of a new series a Boston rare-books librarian returns to her New England hometown, but the local gossip columnist accuses her being involved in the death of a local librarian who had recently published a book on pirate legends.

Griffo, J.D. Murder in Tranquility Park (Ken, 7.99) Apr. Alberta and her friend discover a dead body while out jogging in Tranquility Park, so they take a detour to solve a murder.

Hesse, Jennifer David. May Day Murder (Ken, 7.99) Apr. Just before Beltane, practicing witch and attorney Keli agrees to help a Druid friend who thinks he’s been cursed by his ex-girlfriend, but when she’s found dead, both Keli and her friend become persons of interest in the investigation.

Hollis, Lee. Death of a Wedding Cake Baker (Ken, 7.99) May. Food columnist Hayley must save the day—and the marriage—when her friend’s wedding to a prominent lawyer looks like it will be cancelled after the bride’s unpleasant cousin who was in charge of baking the wedding cake is found face-down in the buttercream.

McKinlay, Jenn. Dying for Devil’s Food (Brk, 7.99) May. Melanie agrees to cater her fifteenth high school reunion, urged to do so by the group at Fairy Tale Cupcake, but the murder of her nemesis, the class mean girl, makes Mel the chief suspect.

Ripley, JR. Towhee Get your Gun (Ken, 7.99) Apr. Bird-store owner Amy gets roped into performing in the community theater’s latest musical, but accidents involving the cast escalate into murder, and soon she’s trying to sight a new species of killer.

Sennenfelder, Debra. The Hidden Corpse (Ken, 7.99) Apr. Food blogger Hope feels very guilty when her elderly neighbor dies in what appears to be an accidental house fire, but the discovery of a second corpse turns it into a case of murder.

Wait, Lea. Thread on Arrival (Ken, 7.99) May. When a man who gets by on disability checks and junk collecting is murdered, suspicion falls first on a teenaged boy, but Angie discovers that the victim was not as harmless as he seemed, and may, in fact, have been supplementing his disability income with blackmail.

Webb, Debra. The Secrets We Bury (HC, 7.99) May. A woman who left her small Tennessee town and the family undertaking business after the tragic deaths of her mother and twin sister becomes a forensic psychiatrist working with the Nashville police discovers that she has an uncanny ability to read the secrets the dead keep in the first of a new series.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Alger, Cristina. The Banker’s Wife (Put, 16.00) Apr. When her financier husband dies in a plane crash in the Swiss Alps, his widow is left with an encrypted laptop, his shady client list, and the knowledge that the crash was no accident, while a journalist on the verge of marrying into New York’s social elite comes across evidence implicating some of the top men in the financial world, including members of her new family in a suspenseful thriller of rich people behaving very badly indeed.

Andrews, Mary Kay. The High Tide Club (STM, 16.99) May. When an attorney is summoned by a wealthy elderly woman to her home, she is surprised that the woman wants her to help to protect her land from developers and to set things right from a long-ago murder in a tale of friendships renewed, true love found, and justice delivered. The perfect summer vacation read.

Armstrong, Richard. The Don Con (Per, 14.95) Apr. A small-time actor whose career highlight was a walk-on part in The Sopranos, is coerced by a mob boss into a heist at a pop-cultural fan convention, a heist that goes very badly leaving him two years to plan his revenge in a funny caper.

Bauer, Belinda. Snap (Per, 16.00) May. A woman in a suburban community awakens to find a knife and a note on her pillow, but doesn’t want to involve the police because she is herself involved in a string of burglaries and the murder of a woman three years before in a novel of psychological suspense.

Belsky, R. G. Below the Fold (Per, 16.00) May. TV news director Clare Carlson investigates the death of a homeless woman on the streets of New York, but the more she digs, the more she finds odd connections between the woman and rich and powerful people—and then there are more murders. I love this series.

Billingham, Mark. The Killing Habit (Per, 16.00) May. DI Thorne and straitlaced DI Nicola Tanner join forces again when a string of animal deaths leads to the discovery of a serial killer while at the same time the spread of a dangerous new drug is claiming victims.

Bryan, Mollie Cox. The Jean Harlow Bombshell (MidInk, 15.99) May. In the first of a new series, a writer decides to finish the biography of Jean Harlow that her overbearing boss had begun before her sudden death, but she finds that she is stalked online and in person by a Harlow lookalike, and begins to suspect that her boss’ death was murder.

Burns, V.M. Wed, Read & Dead (Ken, 15.95) May. It’s open season on wedding planners when the woman planning Sam’s mother’s hurried-up nuptials is strangled, and the wedding planner in Sam’s novel in progress is stabbed in the latest in this cozy series featuring a bookstore owner who writes mysteries.

Candlish, Louise. Our House (Brk, 16.00) Apr. A woman is shocked and horrified to arrive at the house she owns jointly with her former husband to find a new family moving in and her ex and the children disappeared in a novel of domestic suspense about lies and secrets between spouses.

Carr, John Dickson. The Mad Hatter Mystery (AMC, 15.95) May. A reissue of a classic mystery featuring Gideon Fell, who investigates the murder of the nephew of a collector of rare manuscripts. Carr was a master of ingenious plotting.

Cartmel, Andrew. The Vinyl Detective: Flip Back (RH, 14.95) May. The detective is hired to find a copy of the last album released by a folk rock band before the group split up, but the hunt is complicated by killers, deranged fans, and journalists in another funny mystery.

Christie, Agatha. The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Vin, 9.95) Apr. and Murder on the Links (Vin, 9.95) Apr. The first two appearances of Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot, famous for his egg-shaped head and little grey cells. The Secret Adversay (Vin, 9.95) Apr, a Tuppence and Tommy thriller is also being reissued.

Clifford, Joe. Broken Ground (Per, 16.00) May. When part-time PI is asked by a woman he meets at an AA meeting to investigate her missing sister, who disappeared from a rehab facility, he learns that the woman was a reporter working on a story about the facility and had no history of drug use.

Cline, Rachel. The Question Authority (Per, 15.95) Apr. A timely novel about a woman who reconnects with a childhood friend, bringing back her memories of their both being molested by their middle-school teacher, and raising questions about how to deal with the crime years later.

Coben, Harlan. Caught (Png, 9.99) Apr. A reissue of an early mystery about a social worker trying to find a missing teenager who is caught up in a sting operation to catch sexual predators.

Cole, Courtney. Mine (SS, 16.00) May. When a wife discovers her husband’s infidelity while he is on a business trip and she is waiting out a hurricane in their Florida home, she decides to take matters into her own hands and invites his mistress over in a delicious novel of revenge and retribution.

Connolly, John. The Woman in the Woods (SS, 17.00) May. PI Charlie Parker is hired by a lawyer when the body of a woman is found in the Maine woods, a woman who had recently given birth, to search for the missing child.

Cooper, Doug. Focus Lost (Per, 18.00) Apr. In a novel about the temptations and indulgences of Hollywood and celebrity, a rising rock star must deal with the fallout when pictures of him with a starlet appear in the tabloids, fallout that leads to rage and revenge.

Dams, Jeanne M. Crisis at the Cathedral (SH, 17.95) Mar. Dorothy Martin begins to worry when an Iraqi couple fail to show up for a post-concert party at the local inn, and fears that terrorism could be behind their disappearance.

Dolan, Eva. This is How It Ends (Blooms, 17.00) May. A cleverly-plotted standalone about a police academy dropout who becomes friends with an activist photographer in London and when her new friend kills a friend from her past—in self-defense she claims—the photographer begins to wonder just how trustworthy her new friend is.

Dugoni, Robert. The Eighth Sister (T&M, 15.95) Apr. A former CIA agent returns to his job and is sent to Moscow to find the woman responsible for killing three Russian women groomed from birth to infiltrate Russian institutions and provide intelligence to the US, but he finds that things are not as they seem in a gripping spy thriller.

Dyer, Ashley. Splinter in the Blood (HC, 15.99) May. In a debut suspense novel a police detective on the trail of a serial killer is brutally attacked, and only his partner who has taken over the case knows what actually happened—and she is covering it up.

Fields, Helen. Perfect Silence (HC, 12.99) Apr. When the body of a young girl is found outside of Edinburgh, DCI Turner and DI Luc Callanach make the grisly discovery that the silhouette of a doll has been carved on her body, and later they discovery a doll made of human skin beside the next body in what is the beginning of the series of deaths.

Fleet, Rebecca. The House Swap (Png, 16.00) May. When a couple agrees to swap their cramped flat in London for a week in a house in a leafy suburb, they jump at the chance thinking that it will help repair their crumbling marriage, but the neighbors seem overly interested in them, and then the wife begins to fear that the owners may know her past—a past she has kept secret for years.

Frear, Caz. Sweet Little Lies (HC, 16.99) May. A detective constable in London is called in to the murder of a young housewife, a murder that brings back memories of the disappearance of a girl twenty years before that involved her own father in a debut police procedural.

Freeman, Brian. Alter Ego (Quer, 15.99) Apr. When a film begins shooting in Duluth based on a serial killer he captured, police lieutenant Jonathan Stride is concerned, but when an intern on the film is shot, he investigates after it turns out that she was using a false identity to spy on the lead actor.

Gentry, Amy. Last Woman Standing (HMH, 15.99) May. An aspiring comedienne and a computer programmer decide to get revenge against the men who have impeded their careers, but they get drawn into a swamp of deceit, betrayal, and paranoia.

Goldsborough, Robert. Death of an Art Collector (Mys, 16.99) When a wealthy NYC art collector falls to his death, the police believe it was an accident, but his daughter wants Nero Wolfe and Archie to investigate.

Green, Layton. A Shattered Lens (Prom, 15.95) May. A former Atlanta police detective who has returned to his North Carolina hometown investigates the murder of the town’s golden boy, whose mother is the main suspect in his murder.

Greenaway, R.M. Flights and Falls (Per, 17.99) Apr. A car crash on a notoriously bad piece of road is understandable, but when the people who stopped to help are being killed one by one, Vancouver RCMP constable Leith investigates, and all of the clues point to a fellow RCMP officer.

Griffiths, Elly. The Dark Angel (HMH, 14.99) May. Archaeologist Ruth Galloway is hired to work in an Italian hill town identifying bones, but while she hears rumors of a strong resistance movement in the area during WWII and feels that there are dark secrets buried in the area, it’s not until a murder occurs in the present that she begins to wonder if there is a connection with the ancient bones she’s studying.

Haeberlin, Julia. Paper Ghosts (Ball, 17.00) May. A twisty tale of an elderly man, who may or may not have dementia, who may or may not be a serial killer, who is taken on a road trip through Texas by a woman who may or may not be his daughter. A tour-de-force of suspense. I loved this.

Hall, Araminta.  Our Kind of Cruelty (MCD, 17.00) May. A debut psychological thriller featuring a London golden couple whose relationship falls apart when she decides to leave him for another man and he sees it as part of a kinky role-playing game. Very twisty.

Harding, Robyn. Her Pretty Face (SS, 16.99) May. A woman with a troubled son feels isolated from the other mothers at a toney private school until she gets to know one of the other mothers, a beautiful, outgoing woman with a son the same age, but both women are hiding dark secrets. I really liked this.

Harmer, Liz. The Amateurs (Vin, 15.50) Apr. In a mash-up of sci-fi and dystopian fiction, the invention of a device that can transport people in space and time powered by nostalgia and longing leads to a depopulation of the country and the failure of the grid.

Hart, Rob. Potter’s Field (Per, 16.00) May. Amateur PI Ash McKenna returns home to Staten Island and is hired by a drag-queen crime lord to find a missing woman, who might have fallen victim to the burgeoning heroin trade in the borough in the last in the series.

Heath, Jack. Hangman (HC, 15.99) Apr. An FBI consultant is called in when a young boy is kidnapped and is assigned to an agent from his past, an agent who knows his dark secrets.

Herron, Mick. London Rules (Soho, 15.95) May. While the head of MI5 wrestles with a series of problems facing a beleaguered prime minister, the gang of misfits at Slough House are confronting their personal problems and their nagging belief that their newest colleague is a psychopath when Roddy Ho is kidnapped. I loved this, but then I love the entire series—smart, funny, and really suspenseful.

Horowitz, Anthony. The Word is Murder (HC, 16.99) May. The author himself is a character in this tricky mystery as he plays Watson to a disgraced police detective who investigates the case of a woman who plans her own funeral six hours before she is found strangled.

Johnson, Kirk Wallace. The Feather Thief (Png, 17.00) Apr. The true tale of the theft of rare bird specimens collected in the nineteenth century from the British Museum of Natural History in 2009, stolen by an American obsessed with the Victorian art of salmon fly-tying that calls for feathers of exotic birds. A wonderful tale of natural history, true crime, and obsession for lovers of The Orchid Thief.

Johnston, Linda O. For a Good Paws (MidInk, 15.99) May. Bakery owner Carrie decides to investigate when the man convicted of killing the mayor is paroled and the mayor’s husband is murdered shortly thereafter.

Jones, Sandi. The Other Woman (STM, 16.99) May. When a woman decides that a London IT recruiter is the one for her, she only later realizes that he has a glaring drawback—a mother who will stop at nothing to split the couple up, and who may, in fact, have murdered his previous girlfriend in a debut novel of psychological suspense.

Kane, Paul and Marie O’Regan, eds. Exit Wounds (RH, 14.95) May. A collection of short stories by a number of the best contemporary masters.

Kardos, Michael. Bluff (Per, 16.00) Apr. A former magician is writing an article about cheating at cards, but a card sharp she meets proposes that the two of them perform the ultimate in sleight-of-hand—with a $1.5 million pay-off. I loved this.

Kiernan, Olivia. The Killer in Me (Dut, 16.00) Apr. DCS Frankie Sheehan must deal with a media storm when a man convicted of the brutal murder of his parents while a teenager is released from prison, but things only get worse when two bodies are discovered in the suburban town outside of Dublin.

King, Janna. The Seasonaires (Peg, 15.95) May. In a debut novel, a clothing designer dispatches a small group of brand ambassadors to represent her clothing to Nantucket, and when a young aspiring designer is chosen, she is thrilled, but a toxic mélange of drugs, illicit hookups, and rivalry leads to a murder, and she realizes that no one is what they seem.

King, Stephen. The Colorado Kid (RH, 12.95) May. A reissue of an unsolved mystery that is the basis for the television show Haven.

Knoll, Jessica. The Favorite Sister (SS, 16.99) Apr. Two sisters join the cast of a reality TV series featuring highly successful women, but when one of the sisters is murdered the other most find a killer among the rest of the cast, all of whom have motives to kill for. I liked this for great plot twists.

Kushner, Rachel. The Mars Room (SS, 17.00) May. A powerful novel featuring a woman who is serving a life sentence for murder, separated from her young son and incarcerated with a group of women who are compassionately and unsentimentally portrayed.

Lapena, Shari. An Unwanted Guest (Png, 16.00) May. When a blizzard closes off an elegant Catskill inn, the guests are content to settle in and wait out the weather—until first one and then another of the guests is found dead.

Leininger, Rob. Gumshoe on the Loose (Per, 16.00) Apr. A Reno PI is hired to find out why a woman was left a note demanding $1 million, but he finds a dead rapper in her garage, and is hired by her father to find the murderer in a complicated case that takes him to Las Vegas and leads him into a few felonies on the way.

Lepionka, Kristen. What You Want to See (STM, 17.00) May. PI Roxane Weary is hired by a man who thinks his fiancée is having an affair and, when she is shot in the street, he becomes a murder suspect, but as Roxane investigates the victim’s life she discovers that the woman had been involved with a group of con artists scamming the elderly.

MacBride, Stuart. The Blood Road (HC, 15.99) May. Logan McRae investigates when a DI is found dead in his crashed car, but the problem is that he was buried two years earlier.

MacCrea, Molly. Scones and Scoundrels (Peg, 15.95) Apr. When a hometown author returns for a writing residence in the coastal Scottish Highland village of Inversgail, the owners of Yon Bonnie Books are all excited until they realize that eccentric does not begin to describe her, and then when a murder occurs they must find a killer.

Maher, S.J. Social Misconduct (SS, 16.00) Apr. A young woman gets a dream job with a Manhattan tech company complete with a new smart phone, which soon turns into a nightmare when she is stalked by someone on social media and subjected to a smear campaign, but she is not going to give up without a fight.

Malliet, G. M. In Prior’s Wood (STM, 16.99) Apr. Max Tudor investigates the murder/suicide of the lady of the manor and her young lover during a writer’s retreat, but the disappearance of a young girl and threats against a crime writer up the stakes.

Masters, S.R. The Killer You Know (LB, 15.99) May. When a group of childhood friends meet after fifteen years, one of the group doesn’t return—the one whose ambition was to be a serial killer—and when the others investigate, they find two murders that match the details of his proposed murder spree.

McCarthy, Rob. A Handful of Ashes (GRD, 15.95) Apr. London medical examiner Harry Kent is summoned to look into the stabbing suicide of a pediatrician who had been fired after reporting irregularities in patient care, in particular the deaths of four young patients. I really liked this.

McCarthy, Sean Padraic. In the Midst of the Sea (Per, 16.95) May. A woman and her family move to her husband’s family house in Martha’s Vineyard, but strange things begin to happen, and the more she researches the history of the Victorian-era house, the more she realizes that she and her daughter must escape in a gothic tale.

McFarland, Kristin. No Saving Throw (Per, 15.99) May. A debut mystery set in a gaming store, where the proprietor must turn sleuth when one of her customers is found murdered.

McLaughlin, James A. Bearskin (HC, 16.99) Apr. The caretaker of an Appalachian nature preserve, a man hiding out from the vengeance of a Mexican drug cartel, risks his safety by becoming involved in stopping a scheme to poach the bears who live in the area.

McPherson, Catriona. Scot & Soda (MidInk, 15.99) Apr. Marriage counselor Lexy Campbell finds a man’s body anchored to her houseboat and her friends at the Last Ditch Motel decide to help her find the killer, much to the dismay of the police detective assigned to the case in the second of this very funny series.

McTiernan, Derva. The Scholar (Png, 16.00) May. When a research scholar finds a hit-and-run victim outside of the grounds of Galway University, she calls in her boyfriend, a police detective, who discovers that the victim was the owner of a large pharmaceutical company that is funding his girlfriend’s research in a twisty thriller set in the cutthroat world of academia.

Millar, Margaret. An Air that Kills (Soho, 14.95) May. The reissue of a classic novel of lust, deceit, betrayal, and death.

Monroe, J. S. The Last Thing She Remembers (HC, 15.99) May. A woman who arrives at Heathrow after a business trip discovers that her bag containing her identification has been stolen—and worse, she is suffering from stress-induced amnesia and can remember nothing of her life—so she uses the train ticket she finds and travels to a small village where she thinks she may live, but the villagers regard her with suspicion and fear.

Morton, Kate. The Clockmaker’s Daughter (SS, 17.00) May. A London archivist finds a satchel containing a Victorian-era photograph and a sketchbook of a house on the Thames and uncovers a story of art, friendship, and murder going back to the summer of 1862. Morton is terrific.

Oates, Joyce Carol. Night-Gaunts and Other Tales of Suspense (Per, 16.00) Apr. Six tales of terror by a master.

O’Connell, Catherine. The Last Night Out (Per, 14.00) May. When six friends get together for a bachelorette party, one of the group ends up dead, and the remaining five are reluctant to reveal their secrets—even if it means that one among them gets away with murder.

O’Donohue, Clare. Breaking the Dance (MidInk, 15.99) May. Accidental spies Hollis and Finn Larsson find themselves on a new case, going undercover in Argentina to find an Irish art thief in the second of an excellent series.

Orange, Tommy. There There (RH, 16.00) May. A debut novel that follows twelve people—all Native Americans—attending a Powwow in Oakland, California, a chance to connect with their families and their roots, but dark forces are at work and see the Powwow as a place to make their mark.

Page, Nora. Better off Read (Per, 15.99) Apr. In the first of a new series, a septuagenarian librarian in a small Georgia town turns to the bookmobile when the local library is damaged by a storm, but when the eccentric benefactor interested in providing money for the repairs turns up bludgeoned to death, she must find a killer as the evidence stacks up.

Paris, B.A. Bring Me Back (STM, 16.99) May. Ten years after his wife disappeared during a holiday in France, a man and his fiancée, who is the sister of his first wife, begin receiving suggestions that the woman is still alive in a novel of psychological suspense.

Penn, Sean. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff (SS, 16.00) Apr. A debut novel that morphs from a spy thriller into a comment on the political climate of America.

Petrie, Nick. Tear it Down (Put, 16.00) May. War veteran Peter Ash goes to Memphis to help a war correspondent friend who has been receiving peculiar threats, but when he arrives the threats turn violent--someone has driven a dump truck through the living room. I love this series.

Pettus, Charlton. Exit Strategy (HC, 15.99) May. When the founder of a medical technology start-up finds his work and life a shambles, he calls on a newly-developed company to take him out of his life and give him a new one, but he soon begins to wonder about his old life and what actually happened, so much so, that he decides to break the one rule—return to his old life--in a suspenseful thriller.

Reardon, Bryan. The Real Michael Swann (Dut, 16.00) May. A suburban family is rocked when a terrorist attack takes place at Penn Station, and the wife finds herself wondering if her husband is still alive—and if she really knew him.

Riley, Lucinda. The Royal Secret (SS, 17.00) May. A journalist covering the death of a famous British actor discovers the existence of a letter that the Royal Family will do anything to cover up in a suspenseful thriller that was considered too scandalous to promote when it first came out in 2000. I loved this.

Ripley, Nathan. Find You in the Dark (SS, 17.00) May. In a debut thriller, a man with a strange hobby—he reviews police files and hunts for victims of serial killers—finds himself caught between a serial killer who thinks he knows too much and a police detective who finds his hobby suspicious.

Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Raises the Roof (Png, 16.00) Apr. Miss Julia discovers that a nosy do-gooder has made plans to by the house next door to Hazel Marie to establish a home for wayward teenaged girls, but could there be a more nefarious purpose for the property?

Rowley, Emma. Where the Missing Go (Ken, 15.95) May. A novel of psychological suspense about a woman who volunteers at a helpline for teens who gets a call from her own daughter, missing for two years, although no one believes her.

Roy, Lori. The Disappearing (Dut, 15.00) May. When a woman returns to her small Florida hometown, she finds that the townspeople still remember the crimes of her father, the sinister director of an infamous boy’s school, but when her teenaged daughter disappears, she feels she must find the truth about the disappearance which may be payback for her father.

Sager, Riley. The Last Time I Lied (Dut, 16.00) Apr. A woman returns to the summer camp she attended as a child to uncover the truth about a tragedy that took place there fifteen years before. Great twisty plotting and wonderfully gothic setting.

Sayers, Dorothy L. Whose Body? (Vin, 9.95) Apr. A reissue of the first Lord Peter Wimsey mystery. The Golden Age didn’t get any better than this.

Scott, D. Greg. Virus Bomb (Per, 17.95) May. An IT contractor in Minnesota stumbles across a computer virus that is part of a cyber-attack involving both biological weapons and bombs, but when he reports his findings to the government he is not believed.

Shaw, William. Salt Lane (GRD, 15.95) Apr. Transferred from London to the Kentish countryside a police detective has trouble fitting in, and when a woman is found floating in the salt marsh with no apparent cause of death, and her son claims that she visited him at the same time her body was pulled from the water, she faces the most bizarre and puzzling case of her career.

Slaughter, Karin. Pieces of Her (HC, 16.99) May. A standalone about a woman who discovers that her mother had quite a different—and slightly shady past—and whose investigation into it creates danger for them both. Slaughter is great.

Soule, Charles. The Oracle Year (HC, 16.99) May. An apocalyptic thriller featuring a man who awakens with a knowledge of future events, an ability that he uses online anonymously to predict the future until government agencies, religious groups, and journalists seeking his identity send him running for his life.

Steadman, Catherine. Something in the Water (Ball, 17.00) Apr. A perfect English couple find their lives—and their marriage--irrevocably changed when they discover a bag of untold riches while scuba diving during their honeymoon on Bora Bora in a debut novel of suspense.

Talley, Marcia. Mile High Murder (SH, 17.95) Apr. Hannah Ives is in Denver to study the feasibility of legalizing medical marijuana in Maryland when one of the guests in the B&B where she’s staying is found dead, and her investigation uncovers disturbing secrets and hidden agendas among the other guests.

Tyler, Anne. Clock Dance (RH, 16.95) Apr. When an Arizona woman receives a mysterious telephone call she flies to Baltimore to care for a young woman, her daughter, and her dog in a novel of hope and transformation. Tyler is a real favorite of mine, and I decided that since this novel starts in Arizona, I can justify ordering a non-mystery.

Ware, Ruth. The Death of Mrs. Westaway (SS, 16.99) Apr.  A young woman who works as a tarot reader after the death of her mother is surprised when she receives a letter informing her of an inheritance from a woman she doesn’t know, but she decides to take advantage of the offer, although it may be a case of mistaken identity, by using her talents in a wonderful novel of gothic suspense. I loved this.

Weiss, Kirsten. Chocolate á la Murder (MidInk, 15.99) Mar. Paranormal Museum owner Maddie has put together a Magic of Chocolate exhibit as part of the town’s Chocolate festival, but when she visits the new boutique chocolate shop, she finds the owners dead and coated in chocolate.

White, Kate. Such a Perfect Wife (HC, 16.99) May. True-crime reporter Bailey Weggins is reporting on the story of a missing wife and mother, a story with multiple suspects in the idyllic mall town where she lived, but a tip from an anonymous caller leads Bailey to the grisly discovery of the woman’s body—along with the bodies of other victims.

Williams, Penelope. Lies that Bind (Per, 19.99) May. After the breakup of her marriage, a woman returns to her small Canadian hometown, but all of the old resentments and dark secrets resurface—along with a series of mysterious deaths.

Wyllie, Lynn. Operation Bob Dylan’s Belt (Per, 14.99) May. When a Florida PI is hired by a woman to investigate a recurring dream she has about Bob Dylan’s belt, she pays him $10,000 in counterfeit bills, plunging him into a terrorist conspiracy being investigated by the FBI and MI5.


New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Bannalec, Jean-Luc. The Missing Corpse (STM, 25.99) Apr. Inspector Dupin is called in when an elderly actress discovers a corpse that disappears before he arrives, but later the body of an unidentified man is found in the mystical hills of Mont d’Arree in a case involving ancient druid cults, Celtic mysticism, and sand thefts.

Beck, Peter. Damnation (Per, 16.95) Apr. The head of security for a Swiss bank must investigate when a valuable client is killed in a helicopter crash in a case where he must follow the money to find the truth in the first of a new Swiss series.

Black, Cara. Murder on the Left Bank (Soho, 16.95) May. When his nephew is murdered while carrying a notebook filled with evidence of dirty cops to the office of Paris’s chief prosecuting attorney and the notebook disappears, a Paris attorney hires Aimée Leduc to find both the notebook and the murderer, a case that takes her to the Left Bank and an enclave of Cambodian refugees.

Bonnert, Kenneth. The Mandela Plot (HMH, 14.99) May. A teenaged South African boy becomes involved with an American college student teaching in a black township when she stays with his family, but he soon discovers that she is a political activist trying to topple the apartheid regime in a literary thriller set in the 1980s.

Bonnier, Jonas. The Helicopter Heist (RH, 17.99) May. Four young Swedish men decide to rob a money depot and escape in a stolen helicopter, a plan that goes off without a hitch, but each of the men has his secrets and no one is what he appears to be in a fast-paced thriller based on a real-life heist.

Camilleri, Andrea. The Sect of Angels (Europa, 16.00) Apr. In turn-of-the-century Sicily a journalist uncovers a secret plot by prominent men and priests to initiate devout virgins into the rites of married life by promising them divine grace, but when he reveals what he has discovered, the journalist is the one who is vilified.

Conway, Aidan. A Known Evil (HC, 15.99) May. In the first of a new series set in Rome, two maverick detective inspectors track a serial killer in a freakish winter, and when the girlfriend of one of the police detectives is attacked and left in a coma, he becomes the killer’s focus.

Dovalpage, Teresa. Death Comes in through the Kitchen (Soho, 15.95) Apr. A debut mystery set in Havana in 2003, where an American journalist arrives to marry his fiancée only to find her dead—and that he really didn’t know her at all as he discovers when he begins to investigate her to keep himself from becoming the main suspect in her murder. Despite containing recipes, this is not a cozy.

Duerrenmatt, Friedrich. The Execution of Justice (Pushkin, 14.95) Apr. A neo-noir mystery by a Swiss post-war aster about a man who murders a respected professor in a Zurich restaurant, turns himself in, and then hires a lawyer to defend him in an examination of the legal system and the difficulty in obtaining justice.

Friis, Agnete. The Summer of Ellen (Soho, 26.95) May. A Copenhagen architect returns to the Jutland farm where his elderly uncles live and must confront his past, particularly the summer in the 1970s when he fell in love with a young hippie girl and his best friend’s sister disappeared.

Giovanni, Maurizio de. Cold for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone (Eur, 18.00) May. In the third in this Neopolitan police procedural series, Inspector Lojacano and his group of misfit policemen must solve a double murder in a squalid apartment in the wrong side of town.

Haohui, Zhou. Death Notice (RH, 16.00) May. An elite police squad hunts a mysterious entity that threatens to execute publically those criminals whom the law cannot reach in a suspenseful thriller set in China’s Sichuan province.

Henaff, Sophie. Stick Together (MacLehose, 26.99) Apr. Paris police commissaire Anne Capestan and her department investigate the murder of a former police officer and find a link to a bank robbery in Lyon in 1992 in the second in this excellent series.

Hewson, David. Savage Shore (Per, 14.00) May. Roman police detective Nic Costa is sent to the wilds of Calabria to infiltrate the ruthless criminal gang, the ‘Ndrangheta, after one of the bosses decides to turn state’s witness and no one knows why.

Holt, Anne. Beyond the Truth (SS, 17.00) Apr. Hanne Wilhelmsen investigates when a get-together among one of Oslo’s wealthiest families results in a multi-victim homicide.

Jonasson, Ragnar. The Island (STM, 27.99) May. In the second in the series featuring DI Hulda Hermannsdottir of the Reykjavik police, who investigates a murder at a remote hunting lodge, the scene of tragic wedding trip ten years before.

Manzini, Antonio. Spring Cleaning (HC, 15.99) May. In the fourth of this Italian series, police detective Rocco Schiavone is working to find the killer of his best friend’s girlfriend while dealing with the case of a kidnapped teenager whose family is covering up something that he must unearth.

Matsuoka, Keisuke. Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Japan (Vert, 17.95) Apr. Holmes didn’t die at Reichenbach Falls, rather he went to Japan where he helped that country’s first prime minister discover who was responsible for the near- assassination of the son of the tsar of Russia in a politically fraught case.

McCall Smith, Alexander. The Colors of all the Cattle (RH, 15.95) May. Precious Ramotswe reluctantly agrees to run for a seat on the Gabarone City Council to prevent a flashy hotel from being built next to the graveyard in the latest in this charming series.

_____. The Department of Sensitive Crimes (RH, 24.95) Apr. The first of a new series about a Swedish police department tasked with investigating unusual crimes, including the case of a man stabbed in the back of the knee.

Meyer, Deon. The Woman in the Blue Cloak (Per, 22.00) May. Cape Town police detective is called in when an art historian who came hunting for a lost Dutch masterpiece painted by a student of Rembrandt is found murdered outside of the city in a short, suspenseful gem of a mystery.

Miller, Derek B. American by Day (HMH, 14.99) Apr. A Norwegian police inspector travels to upstate New York to search for her missing brother, the suspect in the death of his lover who was thrown out of a window, and when she joins forces with a local sheriff, she finds that things are quite different in America.

Nakamura, Fuminori. Cult X (Soho, 17.95) May. After his girlfriend disappears, a young man joins the Tokyo cult that she was part of, entering into a web of violence that he did not expect.

Rees, Matt. The Samaritan’s Secret (Soho, 15.95) May. Omar Yussef must quickly solve the case when a member of the Samaritan community who controlled hundreds of millions of dollars of government money is murdered, and the World Bank threatens to cut off all further aid to the Palestinians

Scott, Brandy. Not Bad People (HC, 16.99) May. When a New Year’s celebration in the wine-growing area outside of Sydney ends with a tragedy, one of three best friends becomes obsessed with the idea that they inadvertently caused the crash of a small plane by setting off illegal Chinese lanterns, so she inserts herself in the investigation.

Simenon, Georges. Maigret and the Good People of Montparnasse (Png, 13.00) Apr and Maigret and the Saturday Caller (Png, 13.00) May. The reissue of two classics of French detection.

Svensson, Anton. The Sons: Made in Sweden, Part II (Quer, 16.99) Apr. The son of the abusive criminal father plots to steal back the millions recovered in the arrest of his father—money that is housed in Stockholm’s police station in the final part of this powerful family saga.

Tantimedh, Adi. Her Fugitive Heart (SS, 17.00) Apr. The third and final installment in the Ravi P.I. series finds Ravi and his new bride in deep trouble when their boss at Golden Sentinels is found murdered. This is a great, goofy, fun mashup of fantasy, detection, thriller, and espionage. I loved this.

Tuomainen, Antti. Palm Beach Finland (IPG, 15.95) Apr. In a darkly comic mystery a property developer hires two bumbling thugs to vandalize the home of a woman to scare her into selling her property, but they encounter someone else in the house and accidentally break his neck, causing the Vantaa bureau of investigation to send an undercover cop to find the killer.

Tuti, Ilaria. Flowers over the Inferno (Soho, 25.95) Apr. In a debut set in the Italian Alps a police detective who is an expert in criminal profiling is called in when a man is found naked with his eyes gouged out, and while dealing with her own age and health issues, she comes to realize that the remote community is a place of dark secrets and eerie folk beliefs.

Vargas, Fred. The Accordionist (IPG, 14.95) Mar. The conclusion to the Three Evangelists trilogy finds Louis and his three eccentric historian friends investigating the murder of two seemingly random women on the streets of Paris after a mentally impaired street musician is accused of the crimes.

Wilson, Kea. We Eat our Own (SS, 17.00) Apr. A darkly funny novel set in the Colombian Amazon, where a filmmaker’s artistic experiment leads to violence and a murder trial. I liked this.


New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Atkinson, Kate. Transcription (LB, 16.99) Apr. A young woman is recruited into MI5 during WWII and finds herself slipping into the role of an undercover agent which she continues during the Cold War, and in the 1970s she becomes a double agent in a powerful historical novel. I loved this.

Beaufort, Simon. Mind of a Killer (SH, 17.95) May. In the first of a new Victorian series, a London journalist investigates the death of a haberdasher whose cerebrum was removed before his body was burned in a fire.

Benjamin, Melanie. Mistress of the Ritz (Dela, 28.00) May. The American wife of the manager of Paris’s famed Ritz Hotel during WWII has a number of secrets she keeps from her husband, including working in the French Resistance, but a shocking secret about her past is revealed shortly before the Americans liberate Paris.

Borman, Tracy. The King’s Witch (Per, 16.00) May. In the first of a trilogy set in England at the end of the Tudor reign and the beginning of the Stuart’s a young gentlewoman with an interest in medicine is forced by her family to stay at the court of the newly-installed King James, a man whose penchant for witch-hunting puts her in grave danger.

Brandreth, Benet. The Assassin of Verona (Peg, 25.95) May. In the second in this Elizabethan series featuring William Shakespeare as a detective, he and his friends flee Venice after discovering the identity of Roman Catholic spies bent on bringing down Elizabeth and become involved with a couple of young lovers in Verona who are threatened by a sinister priest.

Brandreth, Giles. Oscar Wilde and the Return of Jack the Ripper (Peg, 25.95) Apr. Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle join forces to find a serial killer when it appears that Jack is back and preying on those on the fringes of society.

Brody, Frances. A Snapshot of Murder (Per, 26.99) Apr. In the latest in this series set in 1920s Yorkshire, Kate Shackleton joins a group of photographers on an outing to the Brontë museum, but when one of them is murdered, she must find a killer.

Buckley, Christopher. The Judge Hunter (SS, 17.00) May. Set in the colonies in 1664, a young Englishman is sent to the New World to hunt for the two judges who sentenced the English king, Charles I, to be executed in a funny adventure that contrasts the libertine Restoration court with the dour Puritanism of the colonies.

Calkins, Susanna. Murder Knocks Twice (STM, 17.99) Apr. In the first of a new series set in Chicago in the 1920s, a young woman working as a cigarette girl in a mob-run speakeasy vows to find out what happened when her photographer friend is murdered.

Chiaverini, Jennifer. Resistance Women (HC, 26.99) Apr. An American woman who marries a German economist returns to Berlin with him in the 1930s, but the rise of Nazism finds her and other female friends resisting the repressive regime by working from within to destroy it at the risk of their own lives in a novel based on real events.

Correa, Armando Lucas. The Daughter’s Tale (SS, 27.00) May. After her husband is sent to a concentration camp, a Berlin bookseller flees to the south of France with her two daughters, only to be caught up in the most horrible atrocity of WWII, the Nazi massacre of civilians in the village of Oradur-Sur-Glane.

Cox, Michelle. A Veil Removed (Per, 16.95) Apr. In the latest in the series set in 1930s Chicago, Henrietta and her police detective husband return to his family estate in England when his father dies mysteriously, and together investigate his tangled affairs.

Doherty, Paul. The Godless (SH, 28.99 Apr. Brother Athelstan is asked to help find the killer of prostitutes, a killer who may be tied to an English who plundered the French countryside in 1363.

Downing, David. Diary of Dead Man on Leave (Soho, 27.95) Apr. An undercover Russian spy is sent to Germany in 1938 to connect with remaining communists who might help to keep the Nazis from going to war knowing that he may not survive the attempt, and his efforts are revealed when his diary is found fifty years later by his landlady’s son.

Epstein, Jennifer Cody. Wunderland (RH, 27.00) Apr. In 1989, a woman receives the ashes of her estranged mother who died in Germany together with a cache of unsent letters from the 1930s, letters that explain why her mother was so reticent about her past, in a novel of betrayals and dark secrets.

Fredericks, Mariah. Death of a New American (STM, 26.99) Apr. Ladies maid Jane Prescott travels to Long Island where her mistress is planning the wedding of her daughter to the son of a prominent family the head of which is famous for his prosecution of the Italian crime family known as the Black Hand, so when the Italian nanny is murdered the family assume it was the result of an attempted kidnapping, but Jane believes that the murder may be more personal.

Freeland, Liz. Murder in Midtown (Ken, 15.95) Apr. Aspiring police detective Louise arrives at the publishing house where she works to find the owner dead and the building in ashes, but when a man she knows is arrested, she decides to investigate in the latest in this series set in pre-WWI Manhattan.

Goldberg, Leonard. A Study in Treason (STM, 17.99) May. Joanna, the daughter of Sherlock Holmes joins with Dr. Watson and his son to recover a secret treaty between England and France stolen from the estate of a nobleman in the second in this series.

Handler, Jesse. The Magnetic Girl (Per, 27.00) Apr. In a novel based on a real woman from the 1870s, a young Georgia woman learns to use electricity to perform tricks, so her father decides that she should perform in vaudeville, while she wants to use her abilities and notoriety to help her disabled brother.

Harris, C.S. Who Slays the Wicked (Brk, 26.00) Apr. Sebastian St. Cyr must help find the murderer of a dissolute nobleman before his niece, the man’s widow, is accused of the crime in the latest in this Regency series.

Hartov, Steven. The Soul of a Thief (HC, 15.99) Apr. At the end of WWII, a young German soldier, the adjutant to a colonel in the Waffen SS, decides to leave the army taking the colonel’s mistress with him, but when he discovers that the colonel also plans to escape with a stolen fortune, he decides to steal the fortune as well.

Herriman, Nancy. A Fall of Shadows (Per, 26.99) Apr. The murder of a player in a travelling troupe in the small village of Wiltshire reveals a number of suspects within the group of travelling actors, but herbalist Bess Elyott and the constable are also looking into the hill where he was found—an area associated with black magic in the second in this Elizabethan series.

Huber, Anna Lee. An Artless Demise (Brk, 16.00) Apr. In London with her new husband, Lady Darby is blackmailed by someone who threatens to reveal her first husband’s past as an anatomist when a rash of murders occurs that suggest the notorious Edinburgh criminals Burke and Hare.

Ison, Graham. Hardcastle’s Quarry (SH, 28.99) Apr. In 1927, DI Hardcastle and his team go to Norfolk to investigate the disappearance of a WWI veteran, the nephew of a local vicar, but they soon return to London where a series of crimes appears connected to the disappearance.

Jakubowski, Maxim, ed. The Book of Extraordinary Historical Mystery Stories (Per, 19.95) May. A collection of all-new historical mystery short stories by contemporary masters.

Kelly, Martha Hall. Lost Roses (BDD, 28.00 Apr. A New York socialite visits her friend, a Russian aristocrat in Saint Petersburg in 1914, barely managing to escape when war is declared, but for her Russian friend, escape is not so easy in a novel based on the life of Eliza Ferriday, who helped countless White Russians escape the Bolshevik Revolution.

Kerr, Philip. Metropolis (Put, 28.00) Apr. In a prequel (and sadly the final in the series), Bernie Gunther joins the Berlin Murder Commission in 1928 and must hunt down a serial killer scalping prostitutes, but things become more difficult when a second killer appears, targeting maimed war victims. If you enjoy WWII-era mysteries and haven’t tried this excellent series, please give it a try.

Knott, Robert. Robert B. Parker’s Buckskin (Put, 27.00) May. Lawmen Virgil and Hitch must find a killer when gold is discovered in the foothills outside of Appaloosa, leading to a rash of murders in the town.

Massey, Sujata. The Satapur Moonstone (Soho, 26.95) May. In the second in this excellent series set in 1920s India, Bombay attorney Perveen Mistry, India’s first female attorney, travels to the mountain principality of Satapur to settle a royal dispute in a mystery with the feel of a Golden Age locked-room mystery. This is an excellent series for fans of Maisie Dobbs and The Raj Quartet.

Moore, Christopher. Noir (HC, 16.99) Apr. A spoof of hard-boiled fiction of the 1940s featuring a bartender who is ordered by his boss to find a bevy of broads for an event at the Bohemian Club in redwood country, but he discovers his boss’s snake-bitten corpse in the stock room and soon men in black suits arrive.

Ondaatje, Michael. Warlight (RH, 16.95) May. A teenaged brother and sister are left by their parents who go off to Singapore in 1945 in the care of a man named Moth who may be a criminal, but who cares for them and educates them until their mother returns about a year later without their father. Only years later do they begin to understand. I loved this.

Orringer, Julie. The Flight Portfolio (Knopf, 28.95) May. A powerful novel based on the real-life character of Varian Fry, an American who went to Marseilles in the late 1930s to save as many writers, artists, and intellectuals from the Nazi camps as possible by providing passports and IDs to get them out of Europe, but he is confronted with a dilemma when his first love arrives pleading with him to save a young boy hunted by the Nazis, even though saving the boy’s life means losing the life of the writer slated to leave.

Osbourne, Lawrence. Only to Sleep (Hog, 16.00) Apr. In this homage to Raymond Chandler set in 1989, the elderly Philip Marlowe is hired by an insurance company to investigate the disappearance of a man in Mexico, leaving his wife a very wealthy woman, and Marlowe discovers that the man may have drowned—or he may be plotting to split the insurance money with his beautiful wife.

Pastor, Ben. The Horseman’s Song (Con, 14.95) Mar. German investigator Martin Bora is in Spain with Franco’s Spanish Foreign Legion in 1937 discovers the body of poet Federico Garcia Lorca by a mule track, and after he identifies the famous poet of the Civil War, the body disappears.

Pattison, Eliot. Savage Liberty (Per, 16.95) May. In the fifth in this series set in eighteenth-century America, exiled Scotsman Duncan McCallum finds himself in trouble after a ship arriving from London explodes in Boston harbor and soon finds himself caught between the British officials who charge him with treason and the colonists who are fomenting revolution.

Pearce, AJ. Dear Mrs. Bird (SS, 17.00) May. The charming story of a young woman who wants to become a war correspondent during WWII, but who finds herself working for an advice columnist—who refuses to advise women dealing with the changes in society during the war—and who begins to respond herself to the women. I loved this.

Perry, Anne. Triple Jeopardy (Ball, 28.00) Apr. Daniel Pitt is forced to defend a British diplomat accused of the theft of a necklace in the US, but he begins to believe that there is something going on that is more serious than a jewel heist.

_____. Twenty-one Days (Ball, 17.00) Apr. In the first of a new series featuring Daniel Pitt, the lawyer son of Thomas and Charlotte, set in 1910, he investigates the case of a biographer sentenced to hang for the murder of his wife in three weeks, unless Daniel can find the real murderer.

Rose, Sarah. D-Day Girls (RH, 28.00) Apr. The untold story of three women recruited by the British to sabotage the Nazis and prepare for the invasion. It’s great to see that the many women who paved the way for the Allied victory against the Nazis are finally receiving their due.

Runcie, James. The Road to Grantchester (Bloom, 17.00) May. The prequel to the mysteries featuring Archdeacon Sidney Chambers begins in 1938, when he was a young man enjoying London club life, but seven years later, after experiencing the horrors of WWII, losing his best friend, and carrying a secret guilt, he finds that he wants a different sort of life, a call that shocks his friends and family.

Shaber, Sarah R. Louise’s Crossing (SH, 28.99) May. OSS employee Louise Pearlie is assigned to London in 1944 and  crosses the ocean on a transatlantic liner, but U-boats aren’t the only danger when one of the passengers dies mysteriously three months after another mysterious death.

Spann, Susan. The Claws of the Cat (Prom, 15.95) Apr. and The Blade of the Samurai (Prom, 15.95) May. The first two in the series featuring a ninja detective and a Portuguese priest in medieval Kyoto.

Stewart, Amy. Miss Kopp Just Won’t Quit (HMH, 14.95) May. In 1916, Deputy Constance Kopp comes under scrutiny when her boss runs for Congress, and could end up losing him the election as a woman audacious enough to work in a male-dominated field.

Struzan, Dylan. A Bloody Business (Hard Case, 25.99) Apr. The eyewitness account of Prohibition and the organized crime it created in the 1920s and 1930s as recounted by a man who was the witness to the major events of the era including the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, released to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of perhaps the stupidest law in the history of the United States.

Tallis, Frank. Mephisto Waltz (Peg, 15.95) Apr. When the body of a man with his face horribly disfigured is found outside of Vienna in 1904, Dr. Max Leibermann is called in to help the police in a case involving fringe political activism and the threat of a terrorist attack.

Tapper, Jake. The Hellfire Club (Hach, 16.99) May. An idealistic young congressman in 1950s Washington is thrust into a world of shady deals, secret societies, and conspiracies after a mysterious fatal car crash, putting himself and his wife in mortal danger.

Thompson, Victoria. Murder on Trinity Place (Brk, 26.00) Apr. When one of the guests celebrating the New Year at New York’s Trinity Church is found dead the next morning, his family asks Frank and Sarah Malloy to investigate to protect his reputation from scandal.

_____. Murder on Union Square (Brk, 7.99) May. Frank Malloy finds himself the main suspect in the murder of his adopted daughter’s father when the man is found beaten to death after demanding money for relinquishing his daughter.

Trent, Christine. A Murderous Malady (Per, 26.99) May. During a cholera epidemic in London in 1854, Florence Nightingale investigates an attack on the wife of the Secretary of War, an attack with a plethora of suspects in the second in this Victorian series.

Underdown, Beth. The Witchfinder’s Sister (Ball, 28.00) Apr. A debut historical novel set in 1645, where the sister of the Witchfinder General of England returns home penniless, husbandless, and pregnant to find that her brother is targeting woman like her.

Waldherr, Kris. The Lost History of Dreams (SS, 27.00) Apr. A Victorian post-mortem photographer must transport the body of his cousin, a Byronesque poet to the chapel where the body of his late wife was laid to rest years before, but the caretaker refuses to let him inter his cousin until he listens to her story of the marriage between the poet and his wife in a debut gothic tale filled with authentic details of Victorian mourning customs.

Whishaw, Iona. A Deceptive Devotion (Per, 14.95) Apr. Former British spy Lane Winslow is contacted by an agent to be on the lookout for a defecting Soviet spy in the King’s Cove area, but the appearance of a Russian countess looking for her missing brother and the discovery of the body of a hunter put her in the difficult position of having knowledge that might help her fiancé investigate the murder, but not being able to tell him. I love this Canadian series that gives Three Points a run for its money as the best fictional place to relocate.

Winthrop, Elizabeth. The Mercy Seat (Per, 16.00) Apr. A powerful novel set during the hours before the execution of a young black man convicted of raping a white woman in a small Louisiana town in 1943.

Of Special Interest

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