These are the 3 best-performing bottom lane champion duos through League Patch 12.23

After a busy League of Legends preseason period, Riot Games is ramping up for yet another successful year on the Summoner’s Rift. The meta is still evolving in these early days, and with the game’s next patch coming next year, players are already preparing their perfect picks for solo queue.

In the bottom lane, for example, there have been a few champion combinations that players have frequented through the end of the year, and have helped them dominate their games and grab some precious LP in the process. With the right amount of synergy, any combo can be deadly in the hands of the right summoners, but these three duos have skyrocketed up as the best-performing combos in the game.

Sitting in the number one spot is Samira and Rell, who currently have a whopping 56.26 percent win rate as a duo at Platinum ranks and higher, according to League stats aggregate U.GG. The two champions feature all-in playstyles that work really well alongside each other since Samira requires plenty of crowd control to utilize her skills at the highest effectiveness.

Runeterra’s favorite Desert Rose deals the most punishment when her enemies are forced to fight around her, and Rell’s ultimate ability pulls in enemies towards her. As a result, Samira can blast her opponents away freely with her Inferno Trigger for easy multikills. Samira can also extend Rell’s knockup crowd control with her Daredevil Impulse passive, which can help set up wombo combos.

In a similar vein, the duo with the second-highest win rate in the game is Samira and Amumu since Amumu has good crowd control and an ultimate ability that stuns enemies in a large area. He, too, is a great way to hold opponents in place while Samira racks up her combo to activate her Inferno Trigger.

The third-highest win rate comes from a bit of an unorthodox source: Jhin and Heimerdinger. Although these two champions are usually found in different lanes, their abilities can be deadly in used in tandem. If either champion lands their CC abilities, they can layer on more lock-down abilities and a ton of damage that can take down any squishy target in a matter of moments.

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