How to Refund Games on Steam

Steam 8 Steps to Get Refund For a Game Purchased
Steam 8 Steps to Get Refund For a Game Purchased

If you are a gamer and love to play games on steam with your friends, then you realise that some games really suck. They are very frustrating, boring or just crappy. Now what do you do when the game sucks so bad that it makes you rage quit? That’s right…Refund it! In this article I’ll go over 8 steps on how to refund a game on Steam.

A solid return policy is provided by Steam. Any game you buy through Steam is returnable for any reason, including if it doesn’t run smoothly on your PC or you don’t enjoy it.

8 Easy Steps to Refund a Game Purchased on Steam

1. Go to Steam and log in

The first step is to log in as usual to your Steam account because that is how you will start the process of return a game.

2. Click “Help” from the top menu bar

You should be able to select “Help” from the menu in the upper-left corner of the Steam page. press it. You’ll find the choice for “Steam Support” right at the top of the dropdown. Click it.

3. Click “Purchases”

Click “Purchases” after a quick scroll down the page. It is given between “Games, software, etc.” and “My Account.”

4. Choose the game

The title of the game you want to return must appear under “Last Six Months of Purchases.” If you can’t see the game you want, you probably bought it too long ago for a return to be possible. Choose the game that you want to refund.

5. Choose “I would like a refund”

You will notice the option “I would like a refund” near the top of the new page, below the title “What issue are you having with this purchase?” Select it.

6. Simply click “I’d like to request a refund.”

Then, rather than offering you a refund, Steam will attempt to assist you in resolving a gameplay or technical problem. It might be worthwhile analysing if this is the reason you want to return the game. To request a refund, click “I’d like to request a refund” if you’re adamant you want to return the game.

7. Select a refund method.

Then, Steam will present you with two options for a refund. You have two options for receiving store credit: either have it transferred to your Steam Wallet or have the money returned to the card you used to pay for the game.

8. Choose “Submit Request”

The option to explain to Steam why you want a refund for the game is available on the next page after you reach there. The option to “Submit Request” is given below. click it.

After that, Steam will confirm that your request was successfully submitted. It ought to be accepted as long as you go by its refund policy. According to Steam, you will receive a complete refund of your purchase within a week after acceptance.

Refund policy of Steam

You must meet two basic eligibility requirements then only you are eligible for a refund: 


  • The game must have been purchased within the last 14 days
  • And played for not more than two hours.

Valve commits to refund you for any reason if you meet these standards. Even if you don’t fit these criteria, you can still request a refund for a game. Valve will review your request, but it won’t promise a return.

Games that you bought outside of Steam and added to Steam using a product key cannot be refunded (at least not through Steam; you would need to make a refund request with the original seller). 

This feature encourages you to buy games through Steam if you believe you might want to return them, while if you can occasionally save money on Steam games by obtaining Steam keys from independent game retailers.

If you frequently issue refunds for games, Valve might view this as “abuse” and discontinue issuing refunds to you. According to Valve’s policy, refunds “are designed to remove the risk from purchasing titles on Steam—not as a way to receive free games.” 

Although Valve doesn’t specifically define what constitutes “abuse,” as long as you don’t consistently purchase a sizable number of games then return the majority of them, you should be good.

According to Valve, it is not abuse to return a game that was bought in advance of a sale and then purchase it at the lower discount price. Therefore, if you buy a $80 game and it subsequently goes on sale for $45, you may return it and buy it at the lower price—as long as you have not played it for more than 2 hours.

Your refund will be credited to the same payment method you used to purchase the game, or to Steam Wallet credit that you can use on Steam.

Is it possible to cancel a Steam refund request?

You can also choose to cancel your request for a refund from Steam. To accomplish this, simply return to the assistance page described above and cancel your request. 

The game won’t be removed from your account and won’t receive a refund. The refund must not yet have been processed by Steam in order for this to be possible. You’ll simply have to purchase the game again if that happens.


Refunding a game on Steam is a bit complicated. Your chances of getting a refund from Steam are excellent as long as you fulfil all the requirements within the allotted time frame and haven’t played the game for more than two hours. 

This makes sure that any unintentional double- or incorrect-purchase transactions may be reversed. However, there is typically no opportunity for a refund if you have played a game for more than two hours.

We really hope you liked this article and got your answer about how to refund a game on steam and understood the refund policies of steam.

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