Can Samsung Galaxies get satellite connectivity too?

Can Samsung Galaxies get satellite connectivity too

Not to be outdone by Apple and Huawei, Samsung plans to incorporate satellite connectivity capabilities into its Galaxy phones as well, leaker Ricciolo suggests. It’s not hard to see why, as Apple has made a big fuss about something that won’t be available until November and will only work in a limited way in the US and Canada for now.

By limited, we mean it will take 15 seconds to send a simple SOS message under clear skies, or several minutes under cloudy skies, but Apple will be investing millions in new Globalstar satellites to maintain and expand the service, so hopefully more will come. full on the road.

Still, having a satellite connection on your phone will become standard in the future, and Samsung wouldn’t want to be left behind. As for whose service, that remains a mystery.

With Apple using the vast majority of Globalstar’s network for its Emergency SOS feature on the iPhone 14 and future iPhones, Samsung may have to turn to another satellite provider. In its recent SEC filing, Globalstar said it will “provide 85% of its current and future network capacity” to Apple and post record revenue as a result, so we doubt Samsung’s Galaxy birds will have a place there. Specific perch more.

Rather than chasing a satellite provider from Apple, Samsung may turn to the capable and willing Elon Musk, whose satellite service Starlink was already in talks with Apple, though the Cupertino team ultimately went with Globalstar.

Starlink, on the other hand, is at odds with ambitious 5G network operator DISH, which is taking up a lot of 12GHz spectrum and wants to use it to deploy terrestrial 5G networks as well.

According to SpaceX, Starlink’s parent company, the disruption caused by the move could render its satellite services virtually inoperable, so it remains to be seen how Samsung would go about it. As for what the satellite connectivity inside the iPhone 14 Pro Max looks like, look no further than the PBK teardown video above, a fairly large chip on the phone’s dual-layer motherboard.

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