12 Ways to Improve Your Blogging Journey By Social Connecting

12 Ways to Improve Your Blogging Journey

Blogging can seem like a lonely job, but it’s not. In fact, if you go it alone, you won’t be able to experience the success, excitement, and momentum that comes with networking with other bloggers. brought

Many bloggers are (a bit) introverted. It’s hard to break out of your comfort zone and meet other bloggers. Especially when you don’t even know where to start.

Blogging at home or working on a computer all day in pajamas. Sounds like a dream. Ok, I won’t lie. Your blog is great. I love it! But after a few weeks of working from home, I have to admit that I crave more social interaction.

This introvert is really bad at networking and has procrastinated more than necessary. Big mistake! This article is spot on and explains exactly why you need to connect with other bloggers to grow your blog and how to connect even if it’s a struggle.
When I first started blogging, I wasn’t sure how to network with other bloggers. I joined several Facebook groups and reached out to other bloggers I enjoy working with. Through the blog, I spoke with people I would meet, local friends and family. I tried my best to network myself.

Networking with other bloggers is very important. Especially if you are a beginner. Don’t believe me

Here are 12 reasons (and ways) to connect with other bloggers.

You can solve problems

Network with other bloggers who have the same problems as you. If you’re wondering why your Pinterest traffic suddenly dropped or why you lost your Amazon affiliate status, we can help you figure out what’s going on. The world of blogging is new, ever-changing, and full of uncharted territory. Problems come out of nowhere and it’s hard to know how to solve them or how to proceed. Let fellow bloggers guide you.

Able to hold each other accountable

He has difficulty staying motivated when working alone. You need a cheerleader to share your successes and persuade you when you’re ready to give up. When you connect with other bloggers, they know exactly what you’re going through. they take you further.

Plus, when I meet other bloggers, I feel like I have someone to reply to. They will notice if you suddenly stop posting or feel overwhelmed. Success requires responsibility

Share Guest Posts

As you start networking with other bloggers, you can find friends with blog topics similar to or related to yours. This is great because you can offer guest posts and ask them to return the favor.Your audience may be a little different than yours, but crossposting will allow your blog You can reach new readers who might want to follow you.

Guest posting on blog networks is a fun and interesting way to develop your writing skills. Writing for another avatar or audience is a creative project to get the wheels spinning. You know how to text your people, but can you connect with someone else?

Blogging can be lonely

Let’s be serious. you are busy I’m busy. I have children, husband, family and friends. A lot is happening. But blogging can be lonely at times. Blogging is a lonely business. Do it alone at first, even if you later form a team or run a small business
Other bloggers are like buddies without drama and stress. Each runs their own blog and works independently, but it’s comforting to know that we’ve been through the same struggles, frustrations, and breakthroughs. Find other bloggers who understand. Find bloggers at your level and start collaborating.

They Help Each Other When

Busy Budgeter needed to hire someone, I quickly turned to my blog network. why? Because I knew they would help me. Your network can help you with all kinds of problems.

Other bloggers give you someone to share your ideas with. Confirm your opt-in before it expires. They are giving their opinion on the new logo and looking for your website. They will put you in touch with a good photographer, graphic designer or technician. Fellow bloggers are a great resource!

You can brainstorm together

Feeling stuck? Blogging brain blocks happen to everyone. Seriously, sometimes coming up with new ideas and overcoming hurdles is impossible
If you’re building a network of other bloggers, reach out to them, ask for feedback, and hear what they’re doing.

Reading other blogs may also be helpful. I often take inspiration from other bloggers’ posts and think of ways to share similar ideas and concepts with my avatar (remember, we are all directed to our own audience. writing, and there are many readers there). 7. Can access groups These groups are so precious! Share and discuss insights, industry trends, challenges and more.

My group of masterminds has been amazing and motivating and helped me grow my blog from hobby to work to small business. I owe a lot of my growth as a blogger and business woman to them. Imagine being surrounded by people who regularly guide you, hold you accountable, grow and keep you moving forward. yes. It’s really amazing.

So many successes!

The Internet is huge. So much to do! You may be afraid to share ideas or network with other bloggers for fear of “stealing” readers. The amazing concept of blogging is that readers can enjoy more than just blogging.
Crazy I know

Instead of feeling like you’re competing with each other for readers and viewers, let’s realize there are a lot of people who enjoy blogging of all kinds. If you really write to your audience, your people, your message will get to them, and it doesn’t matter if you get hits from his other 10 blogs as well. It’s about knowing who you’re writing to.

See the date on your listing for details on how to find and contact your employee. We’ll literally walk you through all the steps to get your posts in front of an audience that loves you.

And How:
So you’re interested in networking with other bloggers? Of course the next question is, how the hell do you find these awesome fellow bloggers?

Take Blogging Course

As I mentioned earlier, Elite Blogging Academy (EBA) was a big turning point for me. When I came to his EBA, I met a lot of great, successful, driven, hilarious and amazing bloggers. you are just amazing

Remember high school and college? People in your class, or people who shared your major, became your crew, right? EBA is similar, but on a completely different level. Not only was the course great in terms of professional development, but it helped me feel like I was part of a great network of fellow bloggers. We all went through the same process, the same struggle. we studied together
you became my crew

Join the Facebook Group

If you’re not ready to join the blogging class, join the Facebook affinity group. Pick your niche. There are groups for cracking organic bloggers. We have a group for budget bloggers. There is a group for single parent bloggers. We have a group for retired bloggers. serious. We have a group for you and your blog!

Actually, I think there are some blog groups you can join. Many of these groups offer to share each other’s posts. Some groups are a bit “spamsy”, but there are many groups where everyone is cheering and helping each other. Start by checking out our Facebook group

Contact Bloggers

You Respect If there is a blog she likes or respects, contact her (or him). Most bloggers are a little shocked by the constant spam, so they comment on their blogs and say, “Great blog! Would you like to support my products/blogs/essential oils/candles/etc. would you like to promote?” ?
‘ in most cases this causes it to be ignored.

Please send an email instead. Let them know that you appreciate their blog and why. Tell them you’d like to connect with other bloggers and ask if they belong to networks or groups they recommend. Once you start building relationships, networks will come naturally.

Attend a Conference or Event

I recently spoke at the Activate EBA Live conference and was amazed to connect with so many great bloggers. It was a first for many of the participants and it was fun to hear everyone share their ideas with each other. Conferences are often exciting and motivating (and this was great people).

If you can’t attend the blog conference, you can still attend Facebook Live presentations, seminars, and Q&As. These aren’t as exciting as big conferences, but there are plenty of smart, professional bloggers out there who can provide great answers and help you along the way.Network with other attendees and presenters. I don’t know where you can find the connection.

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