Naruto Jump Festa 2023 Announcement

On the first day of jump fest 2023, Naruto and Boruto were the main characters, and it was One longboard Full of announcements. The news was not what the fans were expecting but There are still many exciting initiatives waiting for Naruto and Boruto In 2023.
Three famous Japanese voice actors from “Boruto” took the stage to share the hottest newsAbout this Franchise popular with the world. First, Naruto will host a new popularity contest called “Narutop99” In early 2023,allowed by the fans around the world to vote for them Favorite from A roster of above 400 Unforgettable in “The Live” alsoWent announced,And many groups and artists will perform Anime Songs. Finally, two big announcements were made About Boruto Anime. From January 2023, the popular light novels and manga sasuke monogatari will be adapted in an anime, and in February 2023, present work boruto will attack will be released anime Adaptation of the Code” has been fixed.

Jump Festa is an annual manga and anime convention.Host by Shueisha (Publisher different jumps magazines) for the purpose of presenting important newsAbout this Most popular franchise. Naruto and boruto Naturally took a prominent place in the 2023 edition,appearing on the first day (December 17th) Right before My Hero Academia. Human voice actors serve as moderators Junko Takeuchi (Naruto), Noriaki Sugiyama (Sasuke), and Yuko Sanpei (Boruto). Chie Nakamura, who voices Sakura, had to pull out of the convention but wrote a letter to the fans.

The Naruto Anime Remake Is Not Coming After All – But Sasuke’s Story Is

Naruto has its anime’s 20th anniversary in 2022 so there are high hopes for this panel to be submitted. Some fans believe in animeReconstruction about to happen after studio pierrot created a beautiful memorial video of some of the series’ most iconic scenes with the latest Equipment and technology., announcement MakeWas In fact to some extent gloomy. Popularityvote will be heldBut naruto officerWebsite By January 31,2023.
fans can vote daily And it’s open to the first popularity contest in the world.Top most, A manga drawn by Masashi Kishimotomain character roles Will happen to be drawn to Onelimited time only.

The last announcement was Reserved for Boruto Anime news OfOne Sasuke’s adaptationThe story will be announced at Jump Festa. Although it leaked a few daysFirst, code attack declaration arch is real news. It is the latest story arc in the Boruto manga, which has introduced new, controversial characters such as Ida and Daemon. After a long string of filler episodes, fans have been waiting for the Boruto anime to catch up with the manga, and they finally have a date: February 2023. While Jump Festa didn’t make the announcement that fans were hoping for, there are still many new and exciting projects coming for Naruto and Boruto in 2023.

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