LEC shoutcasters declare return to broadcast with obscure copypasta

Long-tenured League of Legends shoutcasters Marc “Caedrel” Lamont and Trevor “Quickshot” Henry will return to the LEC stage for the 2023 season, the two announced on their personal Twitter pages today, complete with a wholesome “copypasta” that’s making its way around the Twittersphere. 

Quickshot has been with the LEC since its inception as the EU LCS in 2013, while Caedrel has been a caster and analyst on the league’s broadcast since his retirement as a player in 2020. Last season, Caedrel cast his first Worlds finals, marking an extreme step in terms of his development as an on-camera broadcaster. 

Funnily enough, the two casters shared their announcements on Twitter with extremely similar wording, jumping on a “copypasta” trend that showcases how many years they’ve cast and how they “will be working even harder this year on the product and on myself.” Faces from around the LEC community have been “announcing” their return to the league in 2023 on Twitter, with Quickshot retweeting many of them on his own page. The LEC itself even picked up on the copypasta, posting a variation of it on the league’s official Twitter page. 

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The LEC, which will undergo a complete format overhaul in 2023, has not yet announced its full lineup of casters and analysts heading into the season. Many of the familiar faces from the league are expected to come back for the upcoming season, especially with Quickshot and Caedrel’s announced returns. In 2022, the LEC continuously experimented with new on-air casters, analysts, and interviewers, bringing in names from minor regions, Eastern leagues, and European regional leagues (ERLs) to make guest appearances on the broadcast. 

The LEC Winter Split will begin on Jan. 21. A season kickoff event featuring a showmatch between 10 of the league’s players—both new and returning—will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 11. 

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