Latest Pokémon News: Fans demand Eevee rival as bizarre Pokémon Go glitch turns Mewtwo into a berry

It’s been yet another eventful day in the world of Pokémon. We’ve got three more exciting things in store for you—an awesome idea, a glitch, and a mindblowing achievement.

The awesome idea is one grounded in logic. After realizing Eevee and its Eeveelutions make up half of all existing Pokémon-types, fans think it’s the perfect time to create a rival Pokémon that works in a similar way to make up the rest.

In their view, it would be a better approach than seeing more Eeveelutions in future generations. There was also a lot of discussion about what it’ll look like and what it could be named.

In other news, a Pokémon Go trainer stumbled across a bizarre visual glitch in the handheld title that essentially turned Mewtwo into a Golden Razz Berry that could be eaten by other Pokémon. How the mighty have fallen!

And last but not least, popular Pokémon Go streamer FleeceKing hit yet another massive milestone. It’s his biggest yet, and one that has taken countless hours of grinding to achieve.

PokC mon Let s Go Pikachu and Let s Go Eevee screenshot 2.0
Image via Nintendo

Pokémon fans want a rival to Eevee, and their logic checks out

Game Freak and Nintendo have done an excellent job creating new Pokémon throughout the years, but while we’ve seen more Eeveelutions pop up, there’s never been another Pokémon like it.

Fans want that to change. The conversation ignited after one fan pointed out that, since Eevee and its Eeveelutions cover half of all existing Pokémon-types, it’s the perfect time to make a rival that covers the other half. As for what they want it to look like, the fan said it should be as cute and loveable as Eevee, but perhaps something different from a fox-like mammal, such as a reptile or a bird.

The post drew almost 20,000 likes. It also kicked off a discussion spanning hundreds of comments. Most fans agreed, and there was no shortage of creative and interesting suggestions.

This is Mewtwo’s final form

Just when you thought Mewtwo couldn’t possibly get any stronger, a bizarre Pokémon Go glitch was spotted turning the almighty Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon into a Golden Razz Berry.

A trainer was searching through their backpack to feed Zigazoon a berry when they noticed their Golden Razz Berries had taken on the form of a bite-sized Mewtwo waiting to be eaten. It’s unclear what caused the Pokemon Go glitch, but it’s clearly just a visual one, so no Mewtwos were harmed in the process.

Pokémon Go streamer FleeceKing hits two billion XP milestone

FleeceKing is one of the most popular Pokémon Go streamers. He set the world on fire in 2022 when he became the first player in the world to reach level 50, the maximum level in the game. He’s also caught more than two million Pokémon.

But like the dedicated trainer he is, he never stopped playing and reached an even more impressive milestone—hitting two billion XP—a staggering number that almost seems impossible.

It’s been a wild ride for him and his fans in the six years he’s been playing the beloved mobile title, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down, even after taking a break for his mental health.

That brings us to the end of another exciting news day. Nothing pressing happened on the Scarlet and Violet front, but there was plenty of other news to keep things plodding along. Besides, the Generation IX games have been hogging the spotlight lately. So, it was nice to see other areas of the franchise shine a little brighter.

And with two more work days left in the week, there’s plenty of time for other bits and pieces to pop up yet!

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