How to use Apple Music Sing karaoke feature

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Apple has brought karaoke features to Apple Music with Apple Music Sing — bringing features that allows user to sing along to their favorite songs with adjustable vocals and real-time lyrics within theMusic app on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4K.

Apple Music Sing offers multiple lyric views to allow users to take the lead, perform duets, sing backup, and more in true karaoke style, with Apple Music releasing 50 dedicated companion playlists “featuring all of the epic songs, duets, choruses, and anthems that have been compelling people all around the world to sing” — fully optimized for the Apple Music Sing experience.

As the name suggests, real-time lyrics makes it easy for listeners to sing along to their favorite songs with animated lyrics that “dance to the rhythm of the vocals.” For those wanting to sing the background vocals, vocal lines sung simultaneously can animate independently from the main vocals to make it easier for users to follow.

How to use Apple Music Sing karaoke feature on iPhone

  • Open the Music app and start playing the song you wish to sing to
  • Tap the Lyrics button in the fullscreen playback view
  • Press the Sing button on the right, above the scrub bar

If you don’t see the Sing button (the mic and stars) in the Lyrics view, then Apple Music Sing isn’t available on that particular song.

Apple Music Sing is available on the iPhone 11 upwards, iPad models with the A13 chip, and the 2022 Apple TV 4K and upwards.

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