Hasan gets irritated when Twitch crash breaks crucial feature: “It’s so stupid”

Twitch has had some connection issues the past few days, and the platform’s foremost political commentator HasanAbi was extremely frustrated while trying to navigate the issues that arose this afternoon.

While he spent some amount of time struggling to know if he was even live or not, he did eventually continue his stream after some technical challenges. One issue in particular remained that was vexing for Hasan on multiple different fronts.

“Every single time Twitch fucking poops, on my dashboard I lose monetization options,” he said. “I lose the ad break and shit, you know what I mean? It’s so stupid. … They want me to stream a certain amount of hours. They want me to serve ads, and then because the website is fucking broken, I can’t even serve the ads, like what do you even want me to do? How am I supposed to fulfill my contractual obligations if you can’t even do your goddamn website correctly.”

Experiencing technical challenges with a website is never fun, but for Hasan, that was compounded by the fact that he’s not exactly a huge fan of needing to run ad breaks in the first place.

Hasan is known for being one of the last holdouts on the platform clinging to only having 60 seconds of ads per hour during his broadcasts. While other streamers renewed contracts requiring much more, Hasan negotiated a lower ad density until the platform refused to budge when he negotiated his contract sometime over the past few months.

So not only was Hasan frustrated by the internet failing him, but the crash was also keeping him from completing a task he doesn’t particularly like to do, leading to a double whammy of annoyance.

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