Grid Studio release 100 GRID 1 frames featuring deconstructed original iPhone models

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Grid Studio, the artists who create must-have artwork for technology fans by carefully disassembling old devices and turning them into incredible pieces of art have released 100 special GRID® 1 frames of the original iPhone, showing the individual components of the original device, each perfectly laid out and framed.

With over 15 years passing since the original device was released, genuine components for the first-generation iPhone are becoming hard to come by, therefor, GRID® 1 frames are available only whilst stocks last, meaning that now is your time to place an order before the limited number of frames sell out.

Like all deconstructed iPhone frames from Grid Studio, the GRID® 1 frame features the original iPhone’s genuine casing, mainboard, camera, Home button, circuit board, and more all mapped out with labels, creating truly fascinating decorations for any Apple enthusiast’s home or office.

GRID® 1 Frame Side The Apple Post


With only 100 of these special disassembled original iPhone frames available, don’t miss your opportunity to buy yourself a nostalgic piece of Apple history. See the GRID® 1 frame here

GRID® 1 Frame Front The Apple Post


Grid Studio offers a wide range of dissected technology frames beyond Apple’s product lineup, including grids for the super-retro Game Boy, Sony PSP, Google Pixel, and more. The studio also creates resin chip frames and collectable pin badge sets. You can find the full range online here

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