National Scrapple Day: Theme, History, Significance

National Scrapple Day
National Scrapple Day

National Scrapple Day on November 9 is a celebration of the comfort food that has been swirling around our bellies for hundreds of years. Born from humble beginnings as the first pork dish invented in America, it is a dish that has become a traditional staple of the Mid-Atlantic states. Scrapple combines pork scraps with buckwheat flour, cornmeal and spices, a great example of taking food that would otherwise go to waste and turning it into something tasty and delicious. It’s a breakfast side dish that goes great with ketchup. If you’ve never tried it, today is the day.


Scrapple, also known by its Pennsylvania Dutch name, pon haus (literally meaning “pan hare” or rabbit), is said to have been invented by German colonists who settled near Philadelphia and Chester County, Pennsylvania. As a result, you’ll find scrap as a regional favorite in the Mid-Atlantic region.

When the recipe made its way to America, buckwheat was often replaced or supplemented with cornmeal. For the colonizers, the use of local ingredients such as corn was no problem as long as the food was simple and modest and everything was used.

Created so that hungry, hard-working, and resourceful rural immigrants could use all kinds of food, scraps originally consisted of a mixture of pork offal, giblets, and other off-cuts, cooked with the bones associated with the stock preparation and then stewed with cornmeal. , wheat flour or sometimes buckwheat flour, onions and spices such as sage and thyme. Any loaf is then sliced ​​and fried in a pan as if it were a patty.

It was a dish that was born from the point of view that now we want to see everything go to waste. While today’s giblets—available primarily in Mid-Atlantic grocery stores—follow different standards using FDA-approved animal anatomy, it’s still a tasty tradition that’s popular with eggs and toast or in sandwiches. With the current trend of lighter and healthier eating, scrapple is also known to be made with turkey instead of the original pork or beef for a completely different flavor. Scrapple is also increasingly appearing on the menus of heritage-based restaurants in Brooklyn, NY and beyond the Mid-Atlantic area.


  1. The Apple Scrapple Festival in Bridgeville, Delaware attracts more than 25,000 visitors yearly.
  2. Goetta is made with ground meat and oats and it’s popular in Cincinnati, while Livermush is eaten a lot in the South.
  3. Scrapple is fully cooked before pan-frying, according to most recipes.
  4. It’s made usually with buckwheat flour, which gives it a grey color and a hearty texture
  5. Its original name stems from the words panhaas (“pan rabbit”) and skröppel (”a slice of”).


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