Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode Written Update: 16 November

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2
Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2

The episode begins with Sandy telling Priya that Vedika gave her a job as if she were Ram’s wife. Priya asks me to ignore her Vedika because she knew I was in her bathroom. Sandy reveals that Priya wants to keep you from getting ahead of him by placing her undercover spy as her personal assistant in her own office. Priya reveals to Sandy that she was once his personal assistant. Sandy says we didn’t know it was you when you pretended to be the tooth fairy. She asks if you think like me. As Priya says. Sandy asks if he is ready to be Mr. Ram Kapoor’s assistant. Ram wakes up in the night and thinks he hears Priya crying. He thinks about who was there and who I was talking to. He said she wanted to hear me, just as I had listened to her. He finds a white orchid in a vase and wonders if Vedika sent it. Vedika calls him. Ram thanks her for sending her lilies.
Vedika thinks Priya sent it. Ram asks Tarun. Tarun says he has a note too. He intends to return 500 rupees to her wife.

Sandy asks Priya to choose her persona so no one can identify her. She says there is no pressure and asks her to think and speak. Priya wonders if this is right and she thinks about Ram’s words. She asks God for an idea. She picks up the phone. Ram asks why she didn’t answer the phone right away and why didn’t she wait until she paid the pharmacist? Priya also gets into an argument with him and asks him to keep the cash in his pocket next time. He asks how to send you money. She says netbanking and calls him Mr. Call it Kapoor. He said we would meet at a cafe after lunch.
Priya says it’s fine. Nandini comes there and thinks Ram is happy after meeting Vedika. Ram says Vedika is looking for him in Pennsylvania. Nandini thinks Vedika sent these flowers. She asks him to take Vedika to dinner. He says he has to go to a meeting. Nandini said he would invite her to her dinner. Shubham asks Sandy not to say anything about him to Ram. Otherwise he will lose his job. Sandy says it’s okay. She informs Priya that her interview is scheduled for 5pm. Vedika comes there and reads the message. Together with Nandini, she hatches a plan to evict Sandy.

Priya approaches Krish and smiles. She asks him to take care of Pihu. he says he will
Sandy is giving a presentation. Ram asks what the problem is. Vedika said the fisherman couldn’t go, but we will reward them for our project. Ram asks Sandy how long he has been here. Shubham says he hired her. Sandy said these fishermen are protesting that they will not let us start work. In between presentations, a picture of Shivi appears, planted by Vedika to fire Sandy. Ram asks where Shivi is. He wants to talk to her. He asks them to speak. Vedika calls Nandini and asks her to calm down. She says Shivi is studying jewelry design in the US. Ram ends the conversation and says he is sleeping. Time zones are different. Vedika takes Sandy by her side.

Priya comes to the restaurant. Sarah asks what she needs. Priya takes off her glasses. Sarah laughs and says he is beautiful.
Ram hears her and calls her beautiful. Priya looks at him. Ram asks if you paid my bill, Ms. Lovely. Sarah asks what to bring. Ram remembers Shivi and reveals that she knows her cafe and that she is currently taking her jewelry design course. How dare Vedika asks. Nandini comes and says that he put Shivi’s picture in the slide. Sandy says no. Nandini says she wants Ram to remember her Priya and sends her a letter of resignation.

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