Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode Written Update: 15 November

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2
Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2

The episode begins with Priya seeing Ram at a medical shop. He tries to pay the bill in cash, but the clerk demands cash because the machine is not working. Ram asks for two minutes so he can give him the cash. Priya thinks of the doctor’s words and she stands in front of him and thinks she doesn’t want to bother him but she can’t stay without seeing him. She goes to her cashier and pays Ram’s bill with her.

She goes out and thinks. Where is he? Ram comes in and gives you cash. The man says someone paid your bills. Ram asks who it is. The man says Miss Court and gives her her number. Ram calls her over and over again. Priya answers his call for the second time. Ram says he wants his money back. Priya is worried as she listens to him. Ram tells Adi that she seems anxious about the woman. Priya comes to Sethia’s office but Mrs.

Kapoor doesn’t want it. she leaves Nandini comes there and says I lost your chance. Priya says her God will give her many opportunities. Nandini asks Adi if he wants Ram’s fortune. Adi refers to Priya. Priya says she clearly sees her own defeat.

Pooja comes to Ram and Vikrant and tells them he is waiting. Vikrant asks her to tell her if she needs anything. Pooja said doctors told her to take a break as her pregnancy worsened. Ram offers maternity leave and nine months of paid leave. Vikrant says he doesn’t have a PA right now. Ram said we would hire someone. Priya says she will find a way anyway. Nandini asks Adi not to show himself again.
Adi asks Priya, how can you get such courage? Priya says it is her turn to protect Ram. Adi asks if I shall help. Priya says no. Ram tells his PA shall be presentable and nice face. He closes his eyes and sees Priya’s flash.

He says she needs to be mature and understanding. Vikrant mumbles bluntly. You need Priya. What did Ram say? Vikrant says no. Vedika says he will be assigned a personal assistant. She invites him to go to dinner with her. Nandini comes there and asks him to sign a check for Shivi’s payment. Ram says she doesn’t remember when she went out. Nandini asks to go to lunch with Bedica.

Sandy asks Priya to go to dinner with her. Priya is good, she says
Later, Sandy brings flowers for Priya and says it costs $600. The man asks Ram to buy him flowers. Ram says he likes lilies. The man asks to buy it. Ram buys it and goes inside. He recalls Nandini informing him about Vedika’s divorce with Shashi. vedika asks if he got this romantic arrangement done. Ram says I thought you have done. Vedika says may be Aunty.

Sandy asks Priya if she is giving her gift to someone. Priya tells him that she is sending lilies to him (Rama) with the message “Be well soon”. She says that Pihu comes to visit and hugs her flowers, and she gives her love to Uncle. Hadus.

Ram asks Vedika about champagne. She’s not very happy, but she wants to celebrate her divorce, she says.
He says he is always happy with her happiness when she chooses Shashi. Vedika says that I hurt you and this is our second chance so we will start everything right.

Priya and Sandy say that one day they will become one. Sandya asks if you are afraid. She said if he loved Vedika before and he loves Vedika again. Priya says she knows the truth. Sandy says she forgot everything. Priya says this time their story will begin with friendship. Ram said I was mad at you last time, we’ll start with friendship.

Vedika asks her to dance with her for the sake of her friendship. Priya and Sandy go there and watch them dance. He dances with Priya. Priya weeps and leaves. Sandy shoots a video. Ram suddenly leaves Vedika’s hand and collapses.

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