Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode Written Update: 14 November

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2
Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2

The episode begins with Priya seeing Ram at a drug store. He tried to pay the bill in cash, but Biller said the machine was not working and asked for cash. Ram asks him to give him two minutes to hand over the cash. Priya thinks about the doctor’s words, she doesn’t want to bother him by stepping her foot in front of him, but she thinks she can’t stay without seeing him. Come to the billing counter and pay your rum bill with her.

She comes out and where do you think he is? Ram enters and hands over the cash. The man says someone paid your bill. Who does Ram ask? The man said Mr. Sud and gave me her number. Ram calls her repeatedly. Priya answers her second call. Ram says he wants the money back. When Priya listens to him she becomes emotional. Ram tells Addie that she seems to be disturbed by women. Priya Came To Cecia’s Office And Was Denied A Job Because Of Mrs.
Kapoor doesn’t want to do that. she leaves Nandini comes and says you missed your chance. Priya says God will give her many chances. Nandini asks Adi if she wants to know Ramu’s condition. Adi says Priya. Priya says she can clearly see her defeat.

Pooja comes to Ram and Vikrant and tells them that she is pregnant. Vikrant asks her to tell her if she needs anything. Pooja says her doctor asked her to rest because there were complications with her pregnancy. Ram is on maternity leave and nine months of paid leave. Vikrant says you don’t currently have a PA. Ram says he will hire someone. Priya says she will find a way anyway.

Nandini asks Adi not to show his face anymore
Adi asks Priya how can she be so brave? I ask. She says it’s Priya’s turn to protect Ram. Addie asks if I should help. Priya says no. Ram says his PA should look good and have a nice face. He closes his eyes and gets a flash from Priya. He tells her to be mature and understanding. Vikrant tweets bluntly that he needs Priya. Ram asks what you said? Vikrant says no. Vedika says she will appoint a PA for him. She asks him to come to dinner with her. Nandini comes there and asks to sign Sivi’s check. Ram says he can’t remember when she went outside. Nandini asks him to have dinner with Vedika.

Sandy asks Priya to take her to a restaurant for dinner. priya says ok
Sandy then brings Priya flowers, saying they are worth 600. The man asks Ram to buy flowers. Ram says he likes Yuri. A man asks him to buy it. Ram buys it and comes in. He remembers that Nandini informed him about Vedika’s divorce with Shashi. Vedika asks if he managed this romantic arrangement.Ram says he thought you did. Vedika says it could be her aunt.

Sandy asks Priya if she wants to give someone a present. Priya says I will send him (Ram) a lily with the message ‘get well soon’.Thereupon Pihu came and hugged the flower and said he would give his love to mr. cadus.

Ram asks Vedika for champagne. She says she wants to celebrate her divorce, but she’s not very happy.
When she chooses Shashi he says he is always happy for her happiness.Vedika says if I hurt you this is our second chance and start everything right. I was.

Priya and Sandy say they will meet again someday. Sandia asks, aren’t you scared? She says he loved Vedika. Priya says she knows the truth. Sandy says he forgot everything. Priya says that this time her story begins with friendship. Ram said i was mad at you last time, let us start with friendship.Vedika asks him to dance with her for her friendship. Priya and Sandy get there and see them dancing. He dances with Priya and gets a flash. Priya cries and leaves. Sandy records a video. Ram suddenly leaves Vedika’s hand and she collapses.

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