Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2
Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2

The episode begins with Priya insisting on meeting Ram. She should stay by his side, she says. Meera asks them to meet tomorrow and Ramu says she is fine.Priya believes that her own injuries will heal but her internal wounds will not. Ram asks Vedika to see a critically ill patient. Vedika thinks he has lost his memory, but his mind has not. She tells Ram that she misses him and that she made her mistake by marrying Shashi and asks if she will give him a chance. Ram says you say it again. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Vedika asks him to pay attention. Ram says he cannot see her worried.

Priya looks at Vrinda and asks her what is she doing here? Vrinda says you should rest. Ram asks Vedika who came. Vedika checks and says her nurse. Vrinda calls the doctor to ask what kind of hospital this is and complains to the doctor that the nurse asked Priya to pick up the medical equipment from the floor.Ram hears Vikrant’s voice and comes out.
He asks Vikrant what happened, Vikrant tells Ram that the girl’s mother is unwell and the hospital is not taking care of her. Lam asked if he should speak to hospital authorities. Vikrant says no. Vedika is stunned.

Vrinda takes Priya to the station. Ram prays for the girl Pihu. Priya asks Meera to tell what happened to Ram. Vrinda informs that Mrs. Kapoor has come to see Ram. Priya asks if she is sad and thinks some people can change.Vrinda says Nandini is always wrong. Priya tells Meera that her feelings are genuine. Mira smiles. Nandini tries to convince Ram to give Vedika a chance.

Ram says Vedika chose Shashi over me Nandini says Vedika is not happy with him. Priya plans to surprise Ram and recalls her first encounter. Nandini asks Ram to start over from Vedika as he loved Vedika and was broken when she left him. Ram watches. Priya wants to meet Ram.

Piff dreams that Ram shows her paintings. She is shocked and yells no. she wakes up Priya’s sister calms her down. Pihu insists on seeing her parents. Priya insists on meeting Ram while Nurse tries to stop her, saying that her boyfriend Krish will pick her up. She Priya leaves. Krish arrives at her station, thinking Priya should know nothing about Ram.

Priya arrives at Ram’s station and is told that he has left and is completing her formalities at her billing counter, Priya thinks why Ram didn’t see her Ramu tells Vikrant that he is worried about the girl and her mother. He asks Vikrant to pay her bills as the girl’s grandmother seems stressed, Vikrant says don’t do it. you don’t know him Ram can’t forget the crying of the girl Nani, and he asks for help. Vikrant thinks I know you will remember one day and leaves to pay Priya’s bill.

Vedika thinks that if Ram bonds with Priya, he will soon remember everything. Priya comes to the reception and drops her dupatta on Ram’s face for her fan. Nandini calls Ram and says that Vedika is missing and her phone is not connected. Ram says I’ll see. Priya calls Ram but he doesn’t listen and gets in the car. Krish tells Vikrant that he will speak to Priya. Priya comes out and sees Ram leave. She asks Krish what’s going on and asks him to tell. She said she knew you were hiding something from me and she asked him to follow his car.

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