Anupama Written Update: 25 November 2022

anupama episode written update
anupama episode written update

Anupamaa is an Indian Hindi-language television drama series that premiered on 13 July 2020 on Star Plus. It streams digitally on Disney+ Hotstar. Produced by Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi under Director’s Kut Productions, it stars Rupali GangulyGaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey. It is based on Star Jalsha‘s Bengali series Sreemoyee.

In this article ( we are going to provide you the latest written update of Anupama of date 25 November, 2022.

Anupama New Episode Written Update: 25 November, 2022

Dimple requests inspector not to spare the culprits. Inspector assures that he will find the culprits and punish them rigorously that they won’t eye at any other girl again. Anuj thanks him says honest officers like him are rare these days. Inspector says there are good and bad people everywhere, police will support Dimple as she bravely is fighting against the atrocity towards her. Samar shows family the news of Dimple’s accident, Anuj and Anupama supporting her and being injured trying to save her. Family tongue lashes culprits for their hienous act and each one vent out their anger. Leela says Anupama and Anuj got into police trap unnecessarily. Toshu asks what if their dear one was wronged, would she not help them. Leela says he is right. Hasmukh says one accident can ruin the whole life. Samar prays god to give strength to Dimpy to fight for justice and protect Anupama and Anuj.

Inspector informs Dimple that the fight would go for long and tough and if they culprits are from a rich family, there would be pressure on her. Dimpy says she will not give up until she wins. Inspector leaves. Dimpy asks Nirmit to go home. Nirmit says family will question him if he goes alone. Dimpy says he will inform them about the accident as they would have found out via news anyways. Nirmit asks how to inform his parents that their DIL lost her dignity. Anupama warns him not to say that as dignity is not a material that anyone can steal it, Dimpy’s dignity increased more with her bravery and goons’ dignity lessened with their heinous act. Anuj asks him not to say to any girl again. Dimpy asks what shall they do next. Nirmit says he doesn’t know. Anupama look at each other’s face hearing his answer.

Shahs discuss about the problems face by the victims of such atrocities. A parcel arrives. Leela says they didn’t order such a big parcel. Kavya says its Pakhi’s parcel. Pakhi walks in and says its her parcel and came here by mistake. Leela asks if she can’t stay without AC even for a day. Pakhi says what can she do when Vanraj had fixed AC in her room, she can’t stay without it. Leela says her husband does a job and is not a smuggler, what will she eat if she spends his 1 month’s salary at once. Pakhi says that is her problem and none of Leela’s business. Kavya and Kinjal say they feel Pakhi purposefully gave Shah house address. Varnaj asks why would Pakhi do that. Pakhi says whatever she does, they consider it wrong. Leela asks Vanraj to explain Pakhi or else Adhik will leave her soon. Toshu asks her not to say that. Leela hopes her fear doesn’t come true.

Samar informs that Anupama messaged they are heading to Adhmedabad. Vanraj says they can’t change whatever happened. Leela says they can’t bring someone’s problem home, its good they are leaving problems behind and returning home. Adhik confronts Pakhi for spending his half salary on an expensive AC. Pakhi says its their basic need. Adhik says its their luxury need and they already have a fan as basic need, they have still so many stuff to buy and can’t survive if she doesn’t spend according to their budget. Pakhi calms him down getting romantic.

Anuj and Anupama take Nirmit and Dimple home and notice Ankush and Barkha still present at home. Barkha and Ankush greet them and say its good they brought Dimpy here. Barkha says Ankush informed her about Anupama and Anuj’s decision, they are searching a house and would shift soon. Anuj says its okay. Dimpy asks Anupama not to worry about them as they will manage. Anuj says life is a journey and one boards and debaords a train, she can leave once she gets well. Barkha says this house is so big. Ankush says she can consider it as her house. Barkha takes Dimpy to guest room. Nirmit says he doesn’t know how to face his family.

Samar informs Leela and Vanraj that Anupama and Anuj took Dimpy to their home. Leela says they shouldn’t take other’s problems home. Vanraj says he can understand Dimpy’s pain, but how can Anupama bring a problem home when she already has so many problems, they should have given some money to the girl instead of bringing her some. Samar says support means not only financial but also emotional. Vanraj says now Anupama and Anuj would be stuck in a court battle. Kavya says what is wrong if they are supporting that girl. Kinjal says more people will criticize them, Kapadia is not a small name and people will defame them. Leela says she is right.

Anuj and Anupama tell Nirmit that he should be proud of Dimpy and should support her. Nirmit says its easy than said, one who stays with the victim knows what they go through. Anuj and Anupama fear seeing his changed behavior. Ankush says its good they supported Dimpy and Nirmit, but they shouldn’t have brought them home as they would be facing legal battles now. Anupama and Anuj justify their act by giving example of people helping each other during natural calamities and road accidents. Ankush says they are not feeding Dimpy and sending her away but keeping her at their house. Anuj says Dimpy’s injury is very deep. Ankush says he agrees, but they are not her parents. Anupama says they don’t want to and would keep Dimpy till her parents come, she is also a woman and understands another woman’s pain.

Vanraj fumes saying Anupama kicked her own daughter out of the house and brought a stranger home. Samar watches news about Dimpy’s accident and anchor discussing about such victims. Next morning, Anupama tells Anuj that they should have a doctor’s checkup once. Anuj says its good little Anu is at a school camp. Anupama says Sweety must be creating troubles for Shahs by shifting as their neighbors. Ankush and Barkha walk to them and asks their next course of action. Anuj says police assures that they will catch the culprits soon and punish them. Ankush asks them not to get into any trouble. Anupama says they don’t care and just wants the culprits punished. Nirmit walks to them with his bag.

Anupma Tv Serial Cast and Real Names

anupama written update
anupama written update
Sr No.Role NameReal Name
1AnupamaRupali Ganguly
2Vanraj ShahSudhanshu Pandey
3Pakhi aka SweetyMuskan Bamne
4SamarParas Kalnawat
5Paritosh aka ToshuAashish Mehrotra
6KavyaMadalsa Sharma
6Hasmukh ShahArvind Vaidya
7Leela ShahAlpana Buch
8Kinjal ShahNidhi Shah
9DevikaJaswir Kaur
10BhaveshMehul Nisar
11Kavya GandhiMadalsa Sharma
12School PrincipalAnnu Kapoor
13AlpaaSarita Joshi
14Varsha (Dolly)Ekta Saraiya
15Sanjay PatelParesh Bhatt
16Mrs. Parul SharmaPayal Kapoor Nair
17JigneshShekhar Shukla
18Kinjal DaveNidhi Shah
19Nandini IyerAnagha Bhosale
20Mrs. Rakhi DaveTassnim Sheikh
21Anirudh GandhiRushad Rana
22JilmilBhakti Chauhan
23Pramod DaveFarukh Saeed
24KaminiTulika Patel
25Siddharth Desaika SidVivaan Singh Rajput
27Yogi Adhvait KhannaApurva Agnihotri
28GeetaNot known
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