Anupama New Episode Written Update: 12 November, 2022

anupama written update
anupama written update

Little Anu teaches dance to Kapadia men and scolds them when they don’t dance well. Anupama feels happy seeing her little teacher teaching dance. Barkha comments choreography should be improved more. Anupama says its just a sangeet ceremony and not dance competition. Samar messages her asking everyone to visit Shah family for the arrangements. Barkha says she will stay back at Kapadia house and take care of all arrangments alone there. At Shah house, Kinjal wakes up hurriedly hearing alarm worried for Pari and finds Toshu comforting Pari. Toshu apologizes her for entering her room without permission and hands over Pari to her.

Pakhi slips and falls. Vanraj shows his concern for her. Pakhi holds his feet and pleads for forgiveness, but Vanraj refuses to forgive her and walks away. Pakhi breaks down. Samar and Toshu comfort her and ask her to give some time to Vanraj. They cheer her up.

Barca saw the drama and grinned. Ankush asks what happened to her. Barkha said she was having fun and the wedding she said she was going shopping. Ankush says he will accompany her. She says she will go it alone and she thinks she will do as she pleases. She visits the Shah and apologizes to Leela for overreacting. Leela stands in amazement. Barca says she used to have problems with them and this wedding, but she doesn’t now. Jignesh jokes. Barkha says he is really very happy that Pakhi has come into his Adhik’s life and completely converted him. Samar comments that Pakhi is a spoiled brat who forgets to reform others. Anupama entered with Anuj, Pakhi and Adik and was surprised to see Barka. Pakhi sees Vanraj and recalls that he disowned her.

Anupama told Barkha that if she had come here, she would have stayed with her. Barka realized her mistake and she came to apologize to Shah, she says
Kinjal is happy to see Anupama and hugs her. Leela asks Baka why she realized her mistake. Barkha says he has made very good wedding plans for Pakhi and Adhik’s wedding. Leela then demands an explanation. Barkha says she chose the best wedding venue in Ahmedabad, her best wedding planner, and her best wedding Lehanga for Paki. Barkha is thrilled to see Lehanga’s design. Barkha says all dreams come true, whether or not someone makes them come true. Paki says it looks very expensive. Barkha says it’s worth Rs 220,000, but her designer friend offers her Rs 200,000 for Pakhi. Leela is shocked and asks if this Lehanga is set with diamonds. Paki says it’s the designer Rehanga. Leela asks if the designer will wash the dishes in her house for the rest of her life and finds out her Lehanga’s flaws. She asks her Barkha if she has paid her Rs 200,000 from her husband or her Anuj account. Barca sees Adik. Leela says get better lehanga from local designer for her Rs 15000
Barka asks what the problem is if it is not his money and Anuj pays for it. Leela says she is burning Anuj’s money. Barka says money will die for money and Leela now she doesn’t value her happiness very much. She asks Leela that if she doesn’t mind the money, she should wear a cotton saree to her wedding and marry the boy of her choice. Samar asks Leela to forget about it because Pakhi is pointless. Paki warns him to shut up. Ankush asks Pakhi to calm down. Pakhi says Leela has a problem with her. Kavya says that Leela has a problem with her lehanga which is expensive not herself. Pakhi asks when did he wear what she wanted at her wedding and why did he stop her. Kavya says she chose what was available at the resort. Kinjar says they cannot afford it. Pakhi asks if the groom’s family can afford it and what problem they have.Kavya says that her groom’s sister just chose it and Anuj paid for it. say you have to pay Paki says Anuj is fine
Samar says that Pakhi should cancel this Lehanga because Anuj’s wife did it. Paki insists on wearing only this lehanga.

Barkha says that they should let Pakhi fulfill their wishes and tells Adhik that they have found his Sherwani, the perfect match for him. Leela asks if Anuj has to sell the house to buy this expensive Sherwani. Adhik says he doesn’t need it and wants an easy marriage. Pakhi asks Anuj to get Lehanga. Anupama stops them. Barca says that for the Kapadia family’s wedding, she chose her pre-wedding location, makeup artists, designers, choreographers, and more. She says she doesn’t need Leela. Barka asks what’s the matter. Barkha asks if Vanraj has a problem. Vanraj says he is not interested in this marriage at all. Barca, your plans are final. Leela says they don’t accept it
Barca asks why.

Devika comes and says Barkha’s plans are too expensive and pointless. she beats everyone Barca asks who she is. Leela says it’s her Chachi in Chantupana. Devika thanks her and kisses her on the cheek.Anuj introduces Devika Barca. Devika tells Barkha that her plans are so stupid why they need a choreographer when Samar and Anuj are in charge of planning all their weddings. I’m here. Devika asks you to google Devika Events. Barkha says they have done everything and set up the wedding for Rs 50,000. Devika has checked it and just she shows almost similar setup at Rs 40,000. Adhik asks her Barkha why she spends her 50 lakh on a 4 lakh setup. Devika is fine with it, she’ll start tomorrow when she’s feeling better. Barka stands with her brows frowning
Anupama hugs and thanks Devika for responding to her request so quickly. Devika says Paki is her niece and if she had been beaten when she was a child she wouldn’t be as spoiled as she is now. She asks her not to worry about her wedding as she will do it within her budget.Anuj goes to them and Devika agrees to hold the event in such a short time. Thank you for agreeing. Devika says she should keep her apology to herself and deal with her scandalous Barka first, throw her out of her house and teach her a lesson. Anuj says he can’t. Anupama asks if he kicks Pakhi out of the house because of his arrogance. Pakhi says he will punish her but not kick her out of her house because she is her family.

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