Anupama 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update

anupama written update
anupama written update

Anupama and Anuj visit Shahy. He tells them that Sweety’s wedding is in just 4 days. Anuj says everyone will manage the arrangements. Jignesh jokes that they need to prepare an envelope with shagun. Anuj jokes that she can write her own name on the envelope and keep it since both are from the bride and groom’s side. He says there is no exchange of gifts, so it is enough for the bride to arrive at the groom’s house with 2 sets of clothes. Kavya says all pre-wedding rituals should be. Anupama says it should be. Anuj says everyone will get a chance to party and recites a poem describing how to accept happiness as it comes and forget all differences, indirectly pointing at Vanraj. Vanjra listens quietly.

Pakhi introduces herself to Barkh’s friends. Barkha says Pakhi is Anupam’s daughter. Pakhi says Aunt Barkha didn’t introduce her properly, she is also Barkha’s brother’s wife Mrs. Pakhi Adhik Mehta. Anuj suggests the pre-wedding rituals at the Kapadia house and the wedding at the Shah house. Vanraj offers Anupam a cash check and says that he has been saving money for Pakhi’s higher studies and other expenses, he can give it to Pakhi or spend it on Pakhi’s wedding. Anuj says no need. Vanraj says it is not a matter of necessity; a daughter may leave her father, but the father cannot abdicate his responsibility; he has fulfilled his responsibility, Anuj should decide how to handle his responsibility. Hasmukh says at least he is participating.

Leela asks Anupama if Barkha has agreed to the marriage. Anupama says Barkha will. Leela says according to Anupama GK, Adhik, Ankush are in office and Little Anu is in school so Pakhi and Barkha are alone at home. She hopes they aren’t pulling each other’s hair. Anupama hopes that won’t happen. Barkha’s friends ask Barkha why she didn’t invite them to Adhik’s wedding and hide because of it. Pakhi says the wedding was done in a hurry, after few days they will organize a grand reception and invite all of them. Barkha gets angry and says it won’t happen as Pakhi is not suitable for her brother and she is a gold digger who imprisoned her brother for money. Pakhi warns him to watch her tongue or she will reveal her secrets. Barkha shouts that she is shameless.

Pakhi says she is shameless and that’s why she flaunts Anuja’s house as her house. She further reveals that Barkha’s business went bankrupt in the US and hence her family moved to India in Anuja’s house and lives off Anuja’s favor, Barkha tried to illegally acquire Anuja’s business but failed. She asks the ladies’ numbers to further discuss Barkh’s long list of secrets. Barkha shouts. Pakhi leaves smiling at her, goes to her room and thinks that he is not Adhik to bear Barkha’s taunts, this house belongs to her anyway and she will check on Barkha at regular intervals.

Anupama and Anuj return home. Barkha welcomes Anupama as the goddess of knowledge and queen of lectures. Anuj says devi of pilon and queen of freebies is inviting Anupama, asks Barkha how she would feel if he talks to her like that and warns her not to dare talk to Anupama like that and come to the point. Anupama asks what Sweety did. Barkha says Pakhi is ill-mannered and taunts Anupam that she should have taught her daughter some manners. Pakhi misbehaves with Barkha and describes what Barkha did, she continues to misbehave with Barkha and says that Barkha gets what she gives. Anupama warns her to behave with Barkha as he is her elder.

Pakhi says nothing has changed for her, she listens to her mother’s lecture even in Shah’s house and here. Anupama says there is a difference, she is her mother in Shah’s house and from her in-laws’ side in Kapadia’s house. Pakhi says they should misbehave doubly with the one who misbehaves with them. Anupama says if she misbehaves with Pakhi twice for her misbehaviour, then Pakhi would have to endure slapping 3 times a day; Pakhi should learn to talk instead of misbehaving with elders. Anuj says Pakhi should remember that elders are always elders. Adhik says Barkha is also wrong. Anupama says he misbehaved with his sister who brought him up from the day he got married and blindly supports his wife instead of becoming a bride between them. He asks Barkha to stop reacting to Pakhi’s behavior and maintain peace. Anuj says she doesn’t want this issue to drag on further and asks all three to apologize to each other. Pakhhi refuses to apologize but does so on Anupam’s insistence.

Leela tells the family that they should make Pakhi’s wedding simple and not give all the jewelery to Pakhi as she is Kapadia bahu now and she would wear diamonds, instead they should keep it for Pari. Toshu and Samar ask her to give whatever Pakhi is entitled to. Hasmukh supports them. Kinjal walks in with Pari. Everyone is happy to see him. Leela performs her and Pari’s nazar. Vanraj happily chooses Pari and pampers her. Toshu asks Kinjal how he is. He says he is fine. Anupama goes to the kitchen and notices Adhika making coffee for Pakhi. She advises him not to be blind in love and correct his wife when she makes mistakes and teach her to filter her speech. Adhik nods yes. Anupama feels anxious.

Adhik offers Pakhhi cold coffee to cheer her up. Pakhi says she is in bad mood. She says she doesn’t want any negativity during their wedding so she should be smiling. Pakhi says she apologized outside because of him. It tickles her funny bone and makes her laugh. Both are romantic.

In short: Barkha gives diamond jewelery to Pakhi and says she bought it for Adhik’s wife but Adhik’s marriage is in Shah’s house. Pakhi shouts at Anupam and says that she is greedy for money and says that she considers herself the bahu of the Kapadia family and wants a destination wedding. Barkha grins as she sees her plan working.

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