CS:GO caster Anders reveals his main goal in 2023

One of the most renowned CS:GO casters, Anders Blume, shed some details about his primary goals heading into 2023.

The Dane created a thread on Twitter yesterday, explaining how 2022 looked in his eyes, and what his focus will be in the new year. Anders admitted that his main objective will be to find stability, which he had been already trying to do in the past few years.

“2023 has to be a year where I try to make good on that promise of finding some stability, for me and for my family. I feel like I owe them and myself that,” Anders wrote.

The stability that he mentions is a tough nut to crack for CS:GO casters, since they can never be certain of how many events they will be invited to in a year. With more new faces surging into the top-tier talent scene, assignments became even less predictable.

For Anders, who has two kids and a wife, this would be required for a healthy balance. “That stability and predictability, which is the foundation of staying somewhat sane in this space, is nowhere to be found, or if it is, I lack the skills to find it,” he added.

This year will be Anders’ 10th year as a professional CS:GO caster. In his career, the Dane has been present at many of the most important tournaments in the scene, including 16 Majors. With such a huge portfolio, Anders’ voice in Counter-Strike became iconic.

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