Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 New Episode Written Update: 11 November 2022

The episode begins with Krish telling Priya that he will tell everything. Priya is sitting in her car. he drives off. Ram asks the driver to drive fast and asks Nandini if ​​she is sure that Vedika has gone to the hospital. Nandini calls me and says he cried. does he ask why? Nandini says she felt like Vedika didn’t love her. She said Shashi was hurting her and she didn’t want to live that kind of life. Ask if it hurts, Nandini says yes. Vedika wanted to convey that she was unhappy with Shashi and asked him to get out of this matter. Ram tells Nandini not to worry and says he will look for her. He calls her Vikrant and asks the driver to follow the car. Priya asks Krish to say otherwise he will call Ram and ask. She asks him to give her the phone. Krish says Ram doesn’t want to talk
Priya says she loves me. Krish that she doesn’t remember.

She asks if Priya is playing a prank on Ram. Krish wishes it was a prank and says that’s why Pihu wasn’t in the hospital. Priya asks him to take her to Ramu. She sees Ram stop the car and go to see Vedika. He asks Vedika what’s wrong with you. Vedika says nobody cares about me. Ram says I’ll take care of you, Vedu, and that’s why he came. Vedika says you don’t love me now. What does Priya think she’s saying? Ram said you chose Shashi over me, I can’t love you. He asks her to go home. Priya thinks when Mr. Kapoor doesn’t remember me. Vedika hugs him and she says don’t leave me
she smiles. Ram says I’m with you and takes her to his car. Nandini comes and she smiles at Priya’s helplessness. She says whatever you see is just part of Ramu’s fairy tale.Priya asks what you did to him. Nandini says I don’t have to do anything and that he has driven you out of his mind, eyes and memory.She laughed and said he forgot you and Pihu’s world. She asked Priya to understand that they weren’t meant to be together and laughed.She brought Priya’s and threw and kicked the bag and said this was the end of Ram and your story. She laughs again and says she feels good and light to get rid of her bad reflexes. Do you like games of fate like that? Krish asks Priya to come with him.

Priya starts laughing and says she thinks she won. Of course Nandini says she won. she asks them not to drama
Priya says you are creating the drama, not me, forgetting the truth. Nandini says he forgot you. Priya she says she loves Priya Sood. He lost her memory because of your betrayal, but she is the one who wins in the end. Nandini laughs and tells Krish that Priya has lost her mental balance and is depressed. She says she will pay for her medical expenses. Priya says you need it and you stole his money but is afraid I will go back to Mr. Kapoor. I will let you, and now I will fight fate to bring you to your knees. She asks Krish to come. you go. Nandini burns with anger. She thinks I’m going to close all the doors on Priya.

When Meera asks her Phew for noodles, she says it’s made with cheese. Sandy tries to make pasta. Pihu remembers Ram didn’t identify her
Priya comes there disguised as a fairy. She says you might think you lost your daddy. Pihu asks, Who are you?Priya says she’s the Tooth Fairy and she says Daddy is coming to see her soon. Do pihu really ask?

Nandini gives Ram his new phone number and says he saved important contacts. Ram thanked her and said she forgot something about her. Nandini says to remind you of the good things so that you don’t feel bad.He asks who makes me sick. Nandini thinks to do something to stop Priya. Pihu says he forgot to pray for his father and that’s why he’s sick. Priya asks her to go on her adventures and believe in her daddy’s love for her. She says he remembers everything. Piff was delighted and said he would draw a happy family and keep it under her pillow. she goes Priya tells Meera that she is doing this to boost Pihu’s confidence. She says everything will be fine, I want to tell her

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