Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th November 2022 Written Episode written update at

The episode starts with Ram regaining consciousness and saying that he needs to be with her. Doctor says Priya will regain consciousness sometime. Pihu asks Priya to wake up and says that they have to create a happy family. Everyone tries to stop Ram and say that his accident happened just now. Ram says I met with an accident as I was emotionally disturbed, let me meet her once. Nandini asks the doctor to let him meet her. Doctor says bring wheelchair. Pihu tells an unconscious Priya that papa is strong and he got well first, now he will tease you. Everyone bring Ram to Priya. Ram asks why did you bring me here. Adi asks where did you bring me? He asks who is she? He asks Krish, Sara and others who are you? He says I said I have to meet. Adi asks who do you want to meet? Ram says Vedika. Everyone is shocked. Ram asks Adi to take him to Vedika and asks Nandini if ​​Shashi did anything, she says you always tell me the truth. He asks how is she? Nandini says she is fine and says maybe we came to wrong room. He asks Adi to take him. Pihu asks why he didn’t talk to me. Krish tells Pih that Priya will be fine. Meera asks why Ram asked about Vedika. Ram asks everyone if everything is fine. Nandini asks Shubham to go there to call vedika. He asks Ram to get the doctor to check him and says he will bring Vedika there. She is going. Adi says I know you don’t like Vedika. Doctor asks Vikrant to come with him.

Ram tells Adi that even though Vedika left me and married Shashi, I don’t see her sad. they ask the doctor why he is asking for Vedika whom he hates so much. Doctor says that Ram forgot some part of his memory, something shook him, his brain keeps him away from things that hurt him mentally, it’s emotional trauma. Vikrant says Ram hates Vedika. Doctor says he wants to meet her and asks them to call vedika and asks them not to pressurize him as he has reached a stage where he has not met his wife. Adi says Ram thinks he met Vedika for the last time. Nandini asks Shubham to call Vedik. She is happy and smiling. Doctor asks them to do as Ram says.

Shubham brings Vedika back from jail. Vedika says she will regret sending her to jail. Nandini calls Vedik and says Ram forgot Priya and Piha and loves you and worships me. He asks her to come there so they can take advantage of the situation. Meera, Sara and Krish take care of Priya and Piha. Meera says what will we answer when Priya insists on meeting Ram. Krish says no one understands what to do until I know the love of Ram and Priya, no one can change and defeat their love. He says Ram has lost his memory but not his feeling.

Ram tells Vedica that he will talk to Shashi and asks where is she? Vedika says he is not here and says it is better not to talk to him and not get offended. he says that Shashi feels that she loves him. She says she made a mistake and shouldn’t have married him, she should have chosen him (Rama) instead and says she is divorcing Shashi. He asks her to consummate the marriage and says divorce is out of the question. She says Shashi will understand and says they can’t bring their egos into their relationship and says if divorce is out of the question then the marriage is complete. He tries to make Vedika change her decision. Priya hears his voice while talking to Vedika. Vedika thinks what will she do now as she wants to send her back to Shashi. she thinks she will tell him that Shashi physically abused her. Ram sees Priya’s condition deteriorating on the bed and calls the doctor. The doctor walks in and injects Priya. He says and fully recovered.

In Short: Vedika embraces Ram. Priya sees them hugging each other. Nandini says Ram forgot you and also deleted you from his destiny. Priya says I will make you on your knees and beat you.

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