Anupama Written Update: 27 November 2022

Anupamaa is an Indian Hindi-language television drama series that premiered on 13 July 2020 on Star Plus. It streams digitally on Disney+ Hotstar. Produced by Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi under Director’s Kut Productions, it stars Rupali GangulyGaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey. It is based on Star Jalsha‘s Bengali series Sreemoyee.

In this article ( we are going to provide you the latest written update of Anupama of date 27 November, 2022.

Anupama New Episode Written Update: 27 November, 2022

Kinjal calls Kavya after ending her business meeting and gets into a cab. Someone throws a pamphlet on her. She reads a threat pamphlet and anxiously asks driver to draw all the widows up and lock them. Dimpy continues to confront Nirmit and asks him to never come in front of her again and let her fight her battle alone. Nirmit walks away. Samar enters. Dimpy stumbles. Samar holds her hand. Dimpy thanks her. Anuj introduces Samar to Dimpy. Dimpy says she doesn’t need sympathy. Samar says its a support. Dimpy drinks water and tries to calm herself.

At Shah house, Kavya pampers Pari and chats with her. Leela and Hasmukh return home. She says she wants to talk to Anupama and describes Pakhi’s act. Hasmukh asks her not to trouble Anupama. Leela says Anupama brought trouble on herself by bringing Dimpy home. Kinjal returns home and shows Kavya the pamphlet she received. Kavya shows same pamhlet with a note “do no support, else you will regret.”

Anupama and Anuj try to cheer up Dimpy. Barkha receives a courier and shouts in fear. Anuj and everyone rush to her and notice same pamphlet inside. He runs out to catch the delivery boy and finds him already escaped. Anuj senses someone’s presence behind the bushes. Samar says there is no one there. They return back, Anuj says its a threat because. Dimpy says because of her. Anuj calls inspector and informs him about the threat message. He informs Anupama that the culprit boys haven’t been caught yet and they all should be careful. Anuapam says especially Dimpy should be careful.

Kinjal and Kavya discus its a serious threat. Kavya senses someone spying on them. They discuss that they should inform bout the threat to Anupama and hide it from Leela and make sure they don’t go out of house alone. Leela walks to them and asks if they are badmouthing about her. Kinjal hides pamphlets and says they are talking about office issues.

Anuj comforts anxious Anupama. Anupama says she is worried about little Anu. Anuj says he has sent security at the camp and even sought security from inspector for Dimpy and outside the house. He says this is just a beginning and they will be threatened more. Anupama says they will not back off at any cost. Anuj says they will not let these monsters attack anyone’s daughter. Kinjal video calls Anupama. Anupama asks if everything is alright there, if Sweety did something. Kinjal says everything is fine and asks her to visit them as she is missing her a lot. Anupama says she will once Dimpy’s situation normalizes. She tells Anuj that something has really happened there. Anuj asks her to visit Shahs and not worry about Dimpy as they all will take care of her. Barkha gets a panic attack. Ankush calms her down. Barkha assures Dimpy that she will support her as a woman at any cost.

Pakhi gets ready for a party with her friends and asks Adhik to join them. Adhik says he has a client meeting and hence he can’t come and she can enjoy. Pakhi asks him to order food for him and leaves. Anupama visits Shah house and seeing the pamphlets Kavya and Kinjal received says even they received same pamphlet. Kavya and Kinjal say the culprit boys seem to be rich and politically well connected, so they should be careful. Anupama says she will not back off and will make sure Dimpy gets justice. Leela hears their conversation and insists Anupama to back off from the case and not risk everyone’s lives.

Anupma Tv Serial Cast and Real Names

anupama written update
anupama written update
Sr No.Role NameReal Name
1AnupamaRupali Ganguly
2Vanraj ShahSudhanshu Pandey
3Pakhi aka SweetyMuskan Bamne
4SamarParas Kalnawat
5Paritosh aka ToshuAashish Mehrotra
6KavyaMadalsa Sharma
6Hasmukh ShahArvind Vaidya
7Leela ShahAlpana Buch
8Kinjal ShahNidhi Shah
9DevikaJaswir Kaur
10BhaveshMehul Nisar
11Kavya GandhiMadalsa Sharma
12School PrincipalAnnu Kapoor
13AlpaaSarita Joshi
14Varsha (Dolly)Ekta Saraiya
15Sanjay PatelParesh Bhatt
16Mrs. Parul SharmaPayal Kapoor Nair
17JigneshShekhar Shukla
18Kinjal DaveNidhi Shah
19Nandini IyerAnagha Bhosale
20Mrs. Rakhi DaveTassnim Sheikh
21Anirudh GandhiRushad Rana
22JilmilBhakti Chauhan
23Pramod DaveFarukh Saeed
24KaminiTulika Patel
25Siddharth Desaika SidVivaan Singh Rajput
27Yogi Adhvait KhannaApurva Agnihotri
28GeetaNot known

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