Anupama New Episode Written Update: 11th November 2022

Paki tries to blackmail Kapadias emotionally. She tells Anuj that Anupama does not understand how important wedding outfits are for girls and she asks Adik and Ankush if they will wear simple kurtas at the wedding. She asks if her father’s anger at her means that she cannot get her wish granted. Take advantage or say you can do your best to blackmail and emotionally blackmail her. Anupama then asks what he is doing. I’ll let you know if I remember. She may wear a lehanga at her wedding, but she says she should wear her gifted panitar for the ceremony. Ankush assures her that Pakhi will wear it.Anuj tells Little Anu that they are leaving now and will return soon. Anupama visits temples on the way to pray for Adik and Pakhi, she says.

Barka grinned at the drama. Ankush asks what happened to her. Barkha said she was having fun and the wedding she said she was going shopping. Ankush says he will accompany her. She says she’ll go it alone, and she thinks she’ll do as she pleases

Kavya informs Vanraj that, as per Leela’s orders, Pakhi will stay at Shah’s house before the marriage.A surprised Vanraj asks if the wedding will take place at Shah’s house. Kavya says his princess Dolly/Parangin is leaving home. Vanraj nervously says he will go somewhere and come back after the wedding.Kavya says this is his daughter’s marriage. Vanraj says Pakhi is no longer his daughter.

Kavya asks him to stop walking around because she may have to face her daughter one day. Vanraj goes. Kavya is worried that Vanraj will not really be able to attend the wedding.

Anuj excitedly informs Anupama that all the preparations for her pre-marriage events are complete. Anupama says that he sees Pakhi as his daughter and knows that Hasmukh holds him responsible. Therefore, he sincerely wants to take responsibility. Anuj nods. Anupama says whatever he does for Sweetie is fair enough and Sweetie should understand that she has no right to this house.

If you have the right and this house belongs to your mother, you say that this house belongs to Paki too. Anupama asks which girl will stay in her mother’s house after marriage and if it is her in-law’s house, which girl will stick around immediately after entering. A stubborn child will never grow up, not even Sweety will grow up, and if they get all their wishes granted, he won’t grow up at all.

A frustrated Pakhi packs her clothes to move into Shah’s house. Adik tries to calm her down. Pakhi says she moved into Shah’s house on the morning of her wedding, but Leela and Anupama cannot see their happiness. Adik says he enjoys a short period of separation before the wedding. Barca enters and offers Paki’s jewelry. Acting emotionally, she says she cannot ignore the fact that her brother, whom she considers to be her son, is getting married, and cannot miss his happiest moment. Adik gives her an emotional hug and apologizes. Barkha says he bought all these jewelery sets for Adhik’s wife. Paki widens her eyes greedily.

Anupama says that when her own purse is small, she admires the luxurious lives of others. Anuj says that Pakhi and Adhik have made a mistake and agree to be children. Anupama says that if he really wants to do something for her, he should kick her out of the house and let her face the realities of life and become independent. His wedding will take place at the Shah’s house.

She is pleased that Pakhi Adhik provided her list before the wedding, so at least they can enjoy it. They say they have already spent a lot and see no reason to spend more. Barca says if Anuj isn’t in trouble why is he in trouble
Adhik says that he should not be overly dependent on Anuj as he has already made her live in his house, gave her a job and married her.

He tells Paki that he should always remember that he is in Kapadia’s house but not Kapadia. He is a middle class boy who works for Anuj’s company. Baha says he is not Kapadia but Anupama and Pakhi is Anupama’s daughter and if Anupama can lavish Little Anu’s wedding in the future why does she lavish Pakhi’s wedding Anupama could invest this money in their name or set it aside for Pakhi’s higher studies as a degree only, instead of spending it generously on Pakhi and Adik’s wedding. , says designer Rehanga will not work in the future. Anupama says she is reluctant to watch all the recent events. Paki overhears their conversation.

Samar and Tosh return home. Leela asks if Pakhi didn’t come. Samar says he will come with Anupama. Leela asks about the wedding preparations at Kapadia House. Samar says they are on fire. Now it’s your turn. They are all joking. Kavya worries that Vanraj has already left home.

Vanraj goes to Dongshu and gives him the phone Anupama tells Anuj he is a good man, but Pakhi should understand that his father didn’t plan the extravagant wedding but should spend the money for their children’s happiness instead of their whim. is. He consults his investment adviser and plans something for Adhik and Pakhi and says he will have the wedding in a simple way like ours. GK he calls Anuj and walks away. Pakhi hears this and becomes enraged and goes to Anupama.

Vanraj informs his family that Toshu has received a work call. Toshu declines the offer, saying that he cannot go to work tomorrow because he will give up on Paki’s wedding. Vanraj says he should have told them he was joining after the wedding, Toshu says she doesn’t want to work. Hasmukh does not seek mood or courage.

Toshu why is everyone behind him if Vanraj isn’t working either? Vanraj struggles to find a job every day, but says he has been working for 35 years and has saved enough to support his family without having to work. He had achieved a lot and was going to do so in the future, but he lost his job and had no determination. Tosh says he has lost his resolve and is even more afraid of how he will face the world if he encounters problems. I say yes. So he should not be discouraged, just pray Kanhaji and continue his efforts.

Leela says he has the double responsibility of Kinjal and Pari. Kinjal says that she and her Pari are not objects and that Toshu takes responsibility for herself, letting Toshu work for herself and take responsibility for herself and her daughter.
She says she is staying with her mother because she has to take over her mother’s business in the future.Vanraj asks what exactly she will do.

Kinjal has said he will be responsible for 50% of his courses coaching Dave and handle businesses outside of Ahmedabad. Leela asks who will take care of Paris. Do you want Paris to look up to her mother like she did when she was a child? Kinjal says she works from home and occasionally visits her office. Kavya applauds her decision. Kinjar says she has to work to endure all the hardships.

Pakhi starts her misbehavior while shouting why Anupama has a problem with herself when Anuj has no problem spending money. She may be an unnecessary expense for Anupama, but she is her dream come true for her. Anupama gave lectures and struggled to spend money during Little Anu’s wedding.

Anupama warned her to keep her mouth shut, that she would not add unnecessary expenses to any wedding, not to drag her little Anu into her affairs again and again, and that she warns her to stop misbehaving with her mother. She says she’s smart, but she needs to realize that spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on social media posts is ridiculous. Pakhi says that after marriage, Pakhi moved to Kapadia’s house and Anupama cannot tolerate it after becoming Kapadia Bahu.

Anupama asks for her husband’s name. Pakhi says she is Adhik Mehta. Paki asks how Kapadia she became a buff. Pakhi says that whatever it is, whether Anupama considers it or not, she herself considers it a Kapadia Buff and that buff marriages in wealthy families do not happen easily. she says.

Your argument continues. Pakhi says that Anupama is jealous of his own daughter. Anupama warns them to stop. Paki says she won’t and walks away. Barkha likes to watch her own drama from afar. Anupama becomes sad when he remembers Pahi’s words. Little Anu goes to her and recommends tamarind toffee. She Anupama is feeling relaxed. After a while, Paki comes out with a bag. Anupama presents panitar/sari and bangles. Paki rudely asks if he intends to give a cheap gift. Anuj says it’s a tradition. Paki says that while they are way ahead now, tradition shouldn’t be imposed. She complained that her friends would laugh at her because Anupama brought her cheap sarees and bracelets. Little Anu says she liked it

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