Anupama 20th November 2022 Written Update: Goons attack Anuj, Anupama

In today’s episode, Anuj, Anupama escapes the accident. Anuj decide to check upon. Anupama stops Anuj from going out from the car. Goons from the jeep point gun at Anupama, Anuj. Anupama, Anuj gets scared.

Adhik complaint to Pakhi about taking house near Shahs. Pakhi says to Adhik that being near to Shahs is good for her as she can meet Vanraj and play with Pari. Adhik says to Pakhi that they share complicated relationship with Shahs. He decides to find new location and new house. Pakhi says to Adhik that they can’t waste their honeymoon period in finding house. Adhik alerts Pakhi. He says if she shifted near Shahs to be close with them than fine else he will not bear any non-sense. Pakhi stands stunned.

Boys in the jeep tell about the prank they played on Anuj, Anupama. They say they are live and will get viral soon. Anuj, Anupama gets angry on them for scaring to earn followers on social media. Anuj realises they should not have taken the short cut. Anupama feels glad Anuj realised. She worries.

Leela vent on Pakhi. Vanraj side Pakhi and says none will stop Pakhi from coming to the house. He asks Leela to stop speaking against Pakhi always. Hasmuk side Pakhi and says she might need them to start her life. Vanraj leave the house when Leela speak against Pakhi. Adhik calls Leela and assure her that he won’t let Pakhi cause any trouble to them. Leela praise Adhik for being mature than Pakhi. She worry Pakhi will start her drama soon.

Dimple and Nirmit ask lift from Anuj, Anupama. Anupama, Anuj decide whether to help the couple or not. Paritosh play with Pari. Kavya suggest Kinjal to talk with Paritosh. Kinjal feels Paritosh should earn and take up his responsibility. Kavya asks Kinjal to talk with Paritosh as a family member about the same.

Dimple and Nirmit urge Anuj, Anupama to give them lift. They ask them to trust them. Anuj, Anupama asks why they didn’t asked lift from the jeep that was before them. Dimpla, Nirmit says no jeep passed by. Anuj, Anupama gets confused.

Kinjal talk with Paritosh to work and run the house. Paritosh says he is not mentally stable to work outside. Kinjal suggest Paritosh to work under her. Paritosh agree to work with Kinjal. He talks with Pari and says he will win Kinjal’s trust again soon.

Anuj, Anupama gives Dimple and Nirmit. They share a talk with each other. Dimple and Nirmit share about their runaway wedding. Anupama remembers Pakhi and Adhik’s runaway wedding. She gets angry on Dimple and Nirmit for not convincing their parents. Dimple share she is guilty about the same.

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