Ahri’s art update in League appears to draw closer with assets leak from PBE

League of Legends fans who have been anticipating the launch of an art and sustainability update (ASU) for one of the game’s most popular champions—which was delayed slightly past the end of last year—may not need to wait much longer.

Various updated splash arts, ability icons, and video teasers for the previously-announced Ahri ASU have been patched into League’s PBE, though neither they nor the new model for the champion has yet been made publicly available for testing. According to SkinSpotlights on Twitter, only a handful of splash arts for Ahri’s plethora of skins have been majorly changed, while the others featured subtle adjustments based on the new look of the champion.

The splash arts for Midnight Ahri, Foxfire Ahri, Challenger Ahri, and Pop Star Ahri, all skins that have been released up to a decade ago, have been completely redesigned and modernized. Each depicts the new visuals of Ahri, most notably emphasizing her face and her nine tails, while bringing them up to par with the splashes of the more recent Ahri skins.

Ahri’s ability icons have also been slightly tweaked to better acknowledge how they appear in-game now. Not many champions that have received ASUs have had their ability icons updated due to their effects not being massively changed, though Caitlyn most recently had her icon art updated—over a year following the release of her ASU.

SkinSpotlights also posted a video of the abilities in action with Ahri’s updated base skin. While all of Ahri’s abilities remain the same, they have been given more magical effects with eerie glows and wispy trails upon casting. Ahri now also floats when using her ultimate, Spirit Rush, rather than dashes around.

It is unclear as to when Ahri’s ASU will go live on League’s servers, or when it will be pushed for testing on the PBE outside of existing solely within the files. But the appearance of these assets indicates that the ASU will be making its way into players’ hands in the near future.

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