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How to Install to Windows 11

Looking for the best guide on how to install windows 11? well you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will be walking you through the steps of installing Windows 11 on your computer or laptop, so that you can enjoy all its features. Before we begin, know that there are different ways of installing Windows 11 and each one may require some customisation before it.

What’s new in windows 11?

Some of the top new features windows 11 offers are as follows:

  • Drag & Drop in the taskbar

The ability to drag and drop files, photos, and other items onto taskbar icons has been greatly missed. This was a significant feature that many Windows users cherished in Windows 10 and earlier releases of Windows.

Now that it’s back, it largely performs as expected. Although you can’t drag and drop, you will still see a circle with a line through it when you drag something to a taskbar icon. But if you drag to the application icon, Windows 11 will open the appropriate window, where you may drag and drop items as usual.

  • Upgrades to the Start Menu

In the 2022 Update, folders for application shortcuts are coming back to the Start menu. It performs precisely the same on mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Just drag and drop the icons for two applications onto the start menu’s “Pinned” area. Both icons will be contained in a folder that you’ll get. The folder may be enlarged by dragging other icons onto it and accessed by clicking it. It can also be given whatever name you choose.

From Settings > Personalization > Start, you can now select alternative layouts for your Start menu, including whether to display more pinned apps or more automatically recommended things.

  • Snap Upgraded

One of the finest upgrades in Windows 11 is Snap Layouts and Snap Groups. The 2022 Update for Windows 11 adds several new features that make Snap even better.

Moving any window on your desktop now displays a handle at the top of the screen. You can select a place for the window in the Snap Layouts grid by dragging it to the handle. It ought to increase Windows 11 users’ access to Snap.

  • Upgraded New Task Manager

A redesigned Task Manager with some additional capabilities is now available in Windows 11. As always, you may launch “Task Manager” from the Start menu, right-click the Start button and choose “Task Manager,” press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open it, or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete before clicking “Task Manager.”

The interface of the Task Manager now appears much more at home on Windows 11. All of the usual functionality is still present, much like how Microsoft handled the Notepad update. The UI, on the other hand, has been updated; it now even supports dark mode, and the Processes tab’s resource usage columns are shaded using your chosen accent color.

There is also a “Efficiency Mode” selection under the Processes tab. Certain processes can have this manually enabled to use less power. A leaf icon will appear in the Status column for some processes that automatically employ similar methods, such as some Microsoft Edge processes.

2 Proven ways on How to install windows 11

There are many ways to install window 11, some are as follows:

How to install from Windows Update?

Windows Update is the simplest method for installing Windows 11. When Windows Update starts to display messages about it, you’ll know it’s ready for your computer. To carry out the installation, adhere to these guidelines. With this option, no data or files on your PC will be lost. Follow the steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Update & security in step 1. Click Check for updates after that.
  2. You should get a prompt saying it’s free to upgrade to Windows 11 when it’s ready. To accept the terms, click the Accept and install button after clicking the blue Download and install icon.
  3. A percentage and the status of the download for the Upgrade to Windows 11 should now appear under Windows Update. Watch for it to finish.
  4. A prompt to restart your computer will appear after you’re done. It will manifest as a blue box. select Restart now from the menu. Your computer will continue installing Windows 11 and restart several times. You’ll be brought to the Windows 11 desktop once you’re done!

How to install through the Installation Assistant?

If Windows Update does not provide you with a list of Windows 11, use the Windows 11 Installation Assistant. You can manually update from Windows 10 to the new OS by doing this. Once more, if you choose this option, you must make sure your computer satisfies Microsoft’s minimum requirements. No files will be lost, either. How? Read on.

  1. Go to Microsoft’s website to download Windows 11. When the Windows 11 Installation Assistant option appears at the top, select it by clicking the blue “Download now” button.
  2. Hold off till the tool downloads. When finished, let it go. When prompted, select Yes.
  3. Select Accept and Install from the pop-up box. There will be three steps moving forward. Before continuing, let Windows 11 finish downloading. It can take some time depending on how quickly your connection is. The Microsoft terms and conditions could be requested of you.
  4. The second step of the process involves Windows 11 checking the authenticity of your download. It shouldn’t take long at all.
  5. You will see a prompt about Windows 11 installing in the background in the third step. Allow it to install and be patient. It might take a while, usually no more than 30 minutes depending on how fast your PC is.
  6. Click the Restart now button when the third phase is complete. You will receive a warning before signing out. Wait while Windows 11 is installed and your computer restarts. Depending on the speed, age, and CPU power of your computer, it can take up to 30 minutes or an hour.
  7. Working on updates will be displayed on your screen while Windows 11 is being installed. The progress will be shown as a percentage. Be patient; your computer will restart a few times. Once finished, Windows 11’s desktop will be displayed before you are sent to the sign-in page.


Windows 11 is the latest operating system offered by Microsoft. It’s built on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 so if you are already familiar with those then you will find things easy with Windows 11. Now you know the ways to install windows 11.


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