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Diablo 3 – Helltooth Harness Set

 The Helltooth Harness set is a collection of armor items in the game Diablo 3. It is a set of items for the Witch Doctor class and requires a character level of 70 to wear. When all set pieces are worn, the character will gain bonuses to damage, increased skill damage, and extra damage to enemies affected by Locust Swarm or the Grasp of the Dead skill. The set can be obtained by completing certain objectives in the game’s Adventure Mode or by purchasing it from other players.

Helltooth Harness Set Pieces and Desirable Rolls List

The Helltooth Harness set in Diablo 3 consists of the following items:

  1. Helltooth Mask (Helm): -Socket -Critical Hit Chance -Vitality -Reduced Damage from Elites
  2. Helltooth Tunic (Chest Armor): -Socket -Vitality -Armor -Reduced Damage from Elites -+% to all elemental resistances
  3. Helltooth Leggings (Pants): -Socket -Vitality -Armor -Reduced Damage from Elites -+% to all elemental resistances
  4. Helltooth Mantle (Shoulders): -Socket -Vitality -Armor -Reduced Damage from Elites -+% to all elemental resistances
  5. Helltooth Gauntlets (Gloves): -Socket -Critical Hit Chance -Critical Hit Damage -Vitality
  6. Helltooth Boots (Boots): -Socket -Vitality -Armor -Reduced Damage from Elites -+% to all elemental resistances
  7. Helltooth Amulet (Amulet) -Socket -Critical Hit Chance -Critical Hit Damage -Vitality
  8. Helltooth Ring (Ring) -Socket -Critical Hit Chance -Critical Hit Damage -Vitality
  9. Helltooth Ring (Ring) -Socket -Critical Hit Chance -Critical Hit Damage -Vitality
  10. Helltooth Bracers (Bracers) -Socket -Vitality -Armor -Reduced Damage from Elites -+% to all elemental resistances
  11. Helltooth Belt (Belt) -Socket -Vitality -Armor -Reduced Damage from Elites -+% to all elemental resistances

When looking for a desirable rolls on these items, players generally look for high values of socket, critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and vitality. Additionally, reduced damage from elites, armor and +% to all elemental resistances are also good rolls to have on the chest, pants, shoulders, boots, amulets and belts.

Note: The above desired rolls are not set in stone and may change depending on the current meta and the player’s playstyle.

How to Farm Diablo 3 Helltooth Harness Pieces

Helltooth Harness Set
Helltooth Harness Set

There are a few ways to farm for the Helltooth Harness set pieces in Diablo 3:

  1. Killing Elite packs: Elite packs have a chance to drop set pieces, and killing them repeatedly in Adventure mode will increase the chances of obtaining the Helltooth Harness set.
  2. Rift Keystone: By completing a Greater Rift and obtaining a high enough rank, players can then use a Rift Keystone to enter a specific Greater Rift. This will allow players to farm the same rift over and over again for the set pieces.
  3. Crafting: Certain items can be crafted using recipes and materials obtained from the game. Some of the Helltooth Harness set pieces can be crafted using these recipes, although the materials required can be difficult to obtain.
  4. Trade with other players: Players can also trade with other players for the set pieces.

Note: Farming for set pieces can be time-consuming, and it may take many runs to obtain all the pieces of the set.

How to Use the Helltooth Harness Set

The Helltooth Harness set in Diablo 3 is designed for the Witch Doctor class, and when worn in conjunction with the full set, it provides a variety of bonuses that can increase the Witch Doctor’s damage output and survivability.

  1. Damage Increase: The set bonuses provide a significant increase to the damage dealt by the Witch Doctor’s skills, particularly those of the Poison and Fire skill runes.
  2. Crowd Control: The set also provides bonuses to the Grasp of the Dead and Locust Swarm skills, which can be used to control and damage groups of enemies.
  3. Increased Survivability: The set also provides bonuses to armor and elemental resistances, which can help increase the Witch Doctor’s survival in battle.
  4. Builds: Depending on the build a player wants to achieve, there are different ways of using the set. One of the most popular builds using Helltooth Harness is the Helltooth Gargantuan build that allows the player to summon multiple gargantuan to fight for him.

When using the set, it is important to keep in mind that the bonuses provided by the set are most effective when all pieces are worn. Additionally, it is also important to balance the set bonuses with other items and skills to build a cohesive and effective character.

Note: The above uses and builds are not set in stone, and players should experiment with different item and skill combinations to find what works best for them.


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