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7 Best Ways to Make Money Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a powerful tool for gaining new customers, building your brand and reaching more people. However, making money on Pinterest isn’t as easy as it may seem. 

There are many ways to use Pinterest and different things that can help you make money with this social network. In this article I will outline 7 Powerful Ways to Make Money.

7 Best Ways to Make Money Using Pinterest

Affiliate Commission

In affiliate marketing, you connect with businesses to promote their products and services. You insert the unique link (affiliate link) provided by the business into your posts or pins. You receive a commission if someone uses that link to buy something.

Many businesses are looking for affiliates to market their products or services or both in exchange for a commission of the sales. Look for businesses that offer products or services you may promote, then register as an affiliate. Then use your affiliate links to promote the products on your Pinterest account.

The functionality of Pinterest as a search engine is one of its strengths. Your content is more likely to attract clicks and interaction when it contains phrases that users are searching for, which could result in higher sales.

Create a blog and drive traffic to it

Bloggers may now reach millions of internet users every year thanks to Pinterest, which has grown into a sizable platform. The idea that Pinterest is just another social media network like Instagram, TikTok, and the rest is popular, but it’s just not true. It is far more effective at assisting bloggers in generating income from their content.

From food bloggers to personal finance bloggers and more, bloggers in a wide range of areas have found great success with Pinterest marketing.

Following pointers will help you use Pinterest to increase your blog traffic:

  • Save your pins to boards that have names and descriptions that are optimised for the search phrases that people use to locate them.
  • Create article Rich Pins from your website so that you may incorporate the title, synopsis, and author information from your blog entries in your pins.
  • Create article Rich Pins from your website so that your pins have the title, description, and author information from your blog entries.

When someone searches on Pinterest for something related to your blog post, they will be able to discover your Pin, click on it, and then view your website’s ads or make purchases from you.

Create an audience, then market to them

Assume you’re a fitness fanatic and you enjoy working out & being in shape. You decide on a target demographic: women in their twenties who want to be fit and attractive. Create a Pinterest account and boards that will appeal to this demographic.

Get people of Pinterest to follow your boards. Some dedicated Pinterest users have one million or more followers. To sell to your audience, you don’t really need that many followers on your Pinterest account. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to sell. When you reach a certain number of followers, marketers will start to approach you with offers.

Drive traffic to your online store

Pinning your product pages directly to Pinterest is one of the simplest strategies to increase sales if you sell products and services online. When combined with the keywords your prospective buyers are using to search, creating pins that are directly linked to your online store can produce significant traffic.

Make sure you’ve enabled Rich Pins, which sync the most recent information from your website into any pins made from it, before you start posting your products on Pinterest. Product Rich Pins can retrieve the most recent pricing, inventory, and product description from your website, so you won’t have to worry about manually updating outdated pins.

Pick a business to promote, then ask for brand deal

Target a group and increase your Pinterest following. next decide which businesses are selling products or services that will interest your target market. In keeping with our “fitness” audience, you might contact businesses of exercise equipment or sports products.

Share the statistics of your Pinterest account with the businesses you approach, and ask for brand deals. Make a deal with them: they can use your account for marketing and branding their products or services for a year or whatever time is decided between company and you.

Teach your Pinterest success secretes 

The next step is to use your Pinterest expertise to earn money once you’ve mastered any of the above options. Other pinners will be interested to know how you were able to work with several brands. Create some profitable Pinterest campaigns for various clients and share that information with others.

You can earn money off of your Pinterest expertise by selling coaching, e-books, or courses. You can share your story and connect with others who want to do the same by starting a blog.

Freelance your services to grow Pinterest account of other businesses

Consider offering your services to other companies if you are skilled in managing and growing a Pinterest account. Despite the advantages of maintaining an active presence on the Pinterest, many busy entrepreneurs lack the time to manage their Pinterest profiles.

You may create and upload pins to your client’s account, conduct keyword research to find out what their audience is searching for, and develop a Pinterest plan for their main business goals (such increasing web traffic or improving conversions of shoppable pins).

It is helpful to have prior expertise in this field. To show prospective customers what you’ve accomplished by growing your own or other companies’ Pinterest accounts, consider making a portfolio.


Pinterest is a powerful platform and it’s the perfect place to grow your online business. It has an awesome social media following, it’s easy to find new people and make money and it’s full of millions of users who are pinning all types of content. The above listed ways of making money on Pinterest are some of the easy ways you can make money on Pinterest.


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