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7 Best Vegan Diet Protein Sources

 Vegan diets are becoming popular nowadays as more people are health conscious and want to eat plant-based foods. One more reason for adopting veganism is for those who do not want to harm animals directly like eating meat and indirectly eating animal products like honey and other products.

Another fundamental reason for rising veganism is the vegan food industry creating awareness about the consequences of meat and dairy products and the environmental impacts of all these animal products.

The vegan diet is ethically right, good for health and environment friendly.

What is a vegan diet?

A vegan diet also can be called a plant-based diet that comprises foods that comes from mother nature. Those who follow a vegan diet don’t eat any products coming from animals, including all dairy products, eggs, honey, etc.

Besides the vegan diet, many people live their life as veganism. They don’t wear or use any products which come from animals like leather, and animal fur.

Best vegan protein sources

A common concern for vegans is to get the proper protein for their bodies. There are lots of vegan protein sources in the market, some of them are really affordable also. 

We need to find out and choose varied diets wisely to get all the nutrients and amino acids that the human body need.

Here are some examples of high protein vegan foods that you need to consider on your plate

1. Tofu

Tofu is also known as soy paneer. It is made from soybeans. Soybeans have all proteins and amino acids that a body need. It is an example of complete vegan protein sources.

The preparation method for tofu is similar to the normal cheese-making process. Tofu is the best substitute for all dairy products. It contains iron, calcium which is a good option to choose for.

2. Lentils

It has the ability to reduce the risk of various types of diseases. Because these are protein-rich and contains a good amount of nutrients. 

It helps to reduce the risks of various types of chronic diseases like excess body weight, diabetes, heart diseases and some types of cancer.

Lentils are great sources of protein. In India rice is a great combination with lentils. It gives extra protein to the body.

Rice and lentils are the best combinations because lentils contain amino acids and rice has sulphur-based amino acids. Both acids are required by the body for protein synthesis. It helps to build muscles.

3. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a great source of protein and fibre. It is a type of filling food and helps to control appetite. 

Another benefit of chickpea is it helps in digestion as it has fibre. The benefit of fibre is it increase healthy bacteria in the stomach.

4. Almonds

Almond is best for everyone from ketos to vegans. It is best when soaked in water for 6-7 hours. 

Almost contains all the vitamins which are required to strengthen your bone health. For example, it contains calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc.

Almond is best for keto because it is low in carbs and high proteins which helps to control weight.

5. Oats 

Oats are very delicious and easy to make food. You can make lots of recipes using oats such as oat milk, its flour can be baked, oatmeal. 

Oat contains a good amount of zinc, phosphorus and magnesium.

6. Chia seeds

These small seeds are high in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and other plant compounds. This is best suited with smoothies and puddings.

7. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the types of foods that no one can ignore though it contains a small portion of proteins. It is best when combined with other protein-rich foods.

So, these are some of the examples of vegan protein sources. The list is very long like peanuts, brown rice, soy milk, sprouted grains, hemp seeds,  and so on.

Importance of Vegan Diet

The vegan diet is popular for its health benefits. A vegan diet can provide all the nutrients which a healthy body is required.

Don’t worry about vegan protein sources. Some people thinking that vegan foods are very expensive but this is not true. A very good example of a vegan protein source is soy. Soya is a great example which is very affordable also.

Research says the vegan diet has lots of health benefits that we will discuss below

1. Increases heart health

A study byLarge Scale 2019 says lowering the consumption of animal products and adopting plant-based foods can reduce the risk of heart diseases in adults. 

A high level of cholesterol increases the chances of stroke and heart disease. It happens when we intake saturated fats as food. Mostly, all the animal products meat, butter and cheese contains saturated foods.

2. Reduces risk of cancer

A vegan diet can reduce the risks of cancer by 15 per cent. This is because plant-based foods are high in fibre, vitamins that help to protect from cancer. 

3. Weight Loss

The vegan diet is very effective in reducing waste because it naturally reduces the calories that you eat. 

Most people turning to vegan because they want to lose weight. Basically, animal products are high in fat and calories and it is obvious that cutting this lowers the fat and results in weight loss. 

Are vegan diets expensive?

If you are vegan or planning to become vegan, then this is a common question that comes to or mind. 

The answer to this question is yes when you go for readymade foods like almond milk, protein supplements, etc. may be expensive for you but they are the not only option. Prepared foods are always expensive.

It is not expensive at all if you make everything at home. You can go for soy milk, tofu, fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, nuts, rice. These can be affordable for everyone.

One thing we all need to understand is there are no expensive things in the universe than our own health and the environment. Nothing is important than health and the environment, both are equally important. 

If you still have any concerns you can consult with your doctor.


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