00 Nation and 9z reportedly set to trade their AWPers

00 Nation and 9z are allegedly about to swap their AWPers.

The deal between the two CS:GO teams is reportedly done and all but official, according to a report by Dust2 Brasil. It would see Santino “try” Rigal return to his former team in the form of 9z, while 00 Nation would be joined by Lucas “nqz” Soares.

If that were to happen, it would mean that nqz decided to sign with 00 Nation instead of Fluxo, who reportedly also tried to snatch the player, according to Dust2.us.

The move was reportedly negotiated after try voiced his desire to return to 9z, with 00 Nation also interested in acquiring nqz in the process. 00 Nation reportedly began discussing potential roster changes after the team had disappointing results at the IEM CS:GO Rio Major, where they went 0-3 in the Challengers Stage after defeats to FURIA, IHC, and Bad News Eagles.

9z had a slightly better tournament in Brazil, since they managed to grab two wins in their Challengers Stage run, where they defeated Imperial Esports and Evil Geniuses. With the losses against GamerLegion, BIG, and Fnatic, however, they also failed to qualify for the next stage of the event.

00 Nation is scheduled to compete at the ESL Pro League Season 17: South American Conference Stage, which begins on Jan. 18. Should the rumored transfer come to pass, the team will most likely make it official before that deadline.

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