Avatar Movie Quiz: 50 Best MCQ Questions for A Fan Test

  Avatar is a 2009 science fiction film directed by James Cameron. The movie is set in the mid-22nd century, in which humans are colonizing a lush habitable moon called Pandora in the Alpha Centauri star system to mine the mineral unobtanium. The Na'vi, a humanoid species indigenous to Pandora, are resisting the human invasion of their homeland. The story follows a disabled former Marine named Jake Sully who is recruited to replace his twin brother in the Avatar Program, which enables humans to control genetically engineered Na'vi bodies through a mental link. As part of the program, Jake inhabits a Na'vi body, falls in love with a Na'vi woman named Neytiri, and becomes caught up in the conflict between the Na'vi and the humans. Avatar broke multiple box office records and became the highest-grossing film of all time upon its release. It was praised for its groundbreaking visual effects, immersive storytelling, and themes of environmentalism, indigenous rights, and
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