April/May 2014


New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Albert, Susan Wittig. Death Come Quickly (Brk, 25.95) Apr. China Bayles investigates when a filmmaker friend is killed in what appears to be a random mugging, but could it be related to a cold case of murder that was the subject of her film?

Allan, Barbara. Antiques Con (Kens, 24.00) May. Brandi and Vivien go to New York to sell a 1940s-era Superman drawing, but when they discover a murdered man, they realize that the comics aren’t always funny.

Atherton, Nancy. Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well (Png, 25.95) Apr. Lori agrees to help a handsome newcomer to the village, and when they discover a wishing well on the property he’s inherited, they discover that the wishes come true—and it’s not always a good thing.

Atkins, Ace. Robert B. Parker’s Cheap Shot (Put, 26.95) May. When the son of a notoriously tough and possibly violent football player is abducted, Spenser and Hawk are called in to rescue the boy before he comes to harm.

Baldacci, David. The Target (GC, 28.00) Apr. Robie and Reel attempt a dangerous incursion into North Korea to rescue two prisoners from a notorious labor camp in a tense thriller.

Barr, Nevada. Destroyer Angel (STM, 26.99) Apr. On a canoe trip with friends in the Minnesota iron Range, Anna Pigeon arrives back at camp after a brief absence and finds that four armed thugs have taken her friends captive.

Beechey, Alan. This Private Plot (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp ) May. Children’s author Oliver Swithin discovers the body of a well-known children’s radio star while on an evening stroll in the peaceful English village of Synne, and even though his Scotland Yard detective uncle warns him against interfering, he cannot resist investigating what he thinks is murder.

Bell, Ted. Warriors (HC, 27.99) Apr. Counterspy Alex Hawke must rescue a kidnapped American scientist as tensions grow between the U.S. and China.

Berry, Steve. The Lincoln Myth (Ball, 27.00) May. Cotton Malone discovers a secret letter that plunges him into a political intrigue involving an unscrupulous senator’s secession plan and the secrets of Mormonism.

Brady, Eileen. Muzzled (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Apr. A debut mystery featuring a veterinarian who discovers the dead bodies of an elderly couple who bred and showed champion Cavalier King Charles spaniels, and while the police regard it as a murder-suicide, she decides to investigate in the dog-eat-dog world of dog shows.

Brookmyre, Christopher. Bred in the Bone (AtM, 24.00) May. Glasgow DS Catherine MacLeod is investigating the shooting death of a gangster, but the obvious suspect appears to have been set up, leading PI Jasmine Sharp to investigate on her own. An excellent police procedural/private eye crime novel.

Carter, Maureen. Child’s Play (SH, 28.95) Apr. Fifty years after a child is killed by another child, a sixteen-year-old girl goes missing in Birmingham, and DI Sarah Quinn must deal with two key players who withhold crucial information.

Casey, Jane. The Stranger You Know (STM, 25.99) May. London police detective Maeve Kerrigan is investigating a series of murders of women who welcomed their killers into their houses, and the evidence more and more clearly implicates her partner, DI Josh Derwent.

Chang, Henry. Death Money (Soho, 26.95) Apr. NYPD Detective Jack Yu is assigned to the case when an Asian body turns up in the Harlem River with no identification, in a case that takes him on a trail of false identities and triad violence.

Clark, Mary Higgins. I’ve Got You under my Skin (SS, 26.99) Apr. After her husband was murdered in front of her young son, a woman becomes the producer of a television show featuring cold cases, but someone is watching the filming.

Coleman, Reed Farrel. The Hollow Girl (Tyr, 24.99) May. An old friend asks NYC PI Moe Prager to look into the disappearance of her adult daughter, who became infamous in 1999 for creating an Internet hoax in which she appeared to be attempting suicide.

Conte, Louis. The Autism War (Per, 26.95) Apr. A thriller about a deadly conspiracy on the part of the government and Big Pharma to cover up the deadly effects of immunizations on children. I don’t know what possessed me to order this.

Cussler, Clive with Graham Brown. Ghost Ship (Put, 28.95) May. Kurt Austin is injured attempting to rescue passengers from a sinking yacht, and thinks he remembers that an old friend and her children were drowned, but since he can’t be sure, he investigates and discovers a pattern of missing scientists, suspicious accidents, and a web of human trafficking.

Dahl, Julia. Invisible City (STM, 24.99) May. A mystery debut featuring a NYC reporter whose mother left when she was a baby to rejoin her Brooklyn Hasidic community, who investigates the murder of a young woman, despite opposition from the powerful Hasidic community.

Davidson, Hilary. Blood Always Tells (STM, 25.99) Apr. When a woman decides to get even with her two-timing married boyfriend, she finds herself involved in kidnapping and attempted murder, and must call on her ex-military brother to save her.

Deaver, Jeffery. The Skin Collector (GC, 28.00) May. Lincoln Rhyme and NYPD detective Amelia Sachs track a killer who poisons his victims with a tattoo machine, leaving a cryptic tattoo on their bodies in a twisty, well-plotted mystery

Delany, Vicki. Under Cold Stone (PP, 24.95, hc, 14.95 tp) Apr. Constable Molly Stone goes to Banff when her mother’s boyfriend’s son is accused of murder, and meanwhile her colleague remains in Trafalgar, BC coping with a potentially ugly protest against a development group.

Dennison, Hannah. Murder at Honeychurch Hall (STM, 24.99) May. In the first of a witty new cozy series, a woman discovers that she doesn’t know her mother at all when she buys a dilapidated carriage house on a country estate with money she earned writing a series of bestselling steamy bodice-rippers, so when her mother is arrested for murder, she is totally non-plussed.

Dubois, Brendan. Fatal Harbor (Peg, 25.95) May. Former Department of Defense analyst Lewis Cole investigates when a violent anti-nuclear demonstration puts his policeman friend in a near-fatal coma.

Finder, Joseph. Suspicion (Dut, 27.95) May. When a man accepts a loan from the wealthy father of one of his daughter’s friends at her fancy prep school, he finds himself in an impossible situation—be indicted by the DEA or go undercover to investigate his new family friend.

Fletcher, Jessica and Donald Bain. Murder She Wrote: Aloha Betrayed (NAL, 23.95) Apr. Jessica is in Maui to lecture on community involvement in criminal investigations when a colleague is found dead and she must find a killer.

French, Nicci. Waiting for Wednesday (Png, 27.95) Apr. London psychotherapist Frieda Klein is called in when a housewife and mother is found dead, and a chance remark by a patient leads her to suspect a serial killer is at work.

Friedman, Daniel. Don’t Ever Look Back (STM, 24.99) Apr. In a new comic mystery, retired Memphis policeman Buck Schatz is asked by a man from his past for a favor, but things rapidly go downhill.

Go, Justin. The Steady Running of the Hour (SS, 26.00) Apr. When he discovers that he may be the heir to an English estate, and in searching for proof, he pieces together a story that moves from the battlefields of the Somme to the slopes of Mount Everest.

Goldenbaum, Sally. Murder in Merino (NAL, 24.95) May. When a body is found in the backyard of her cottage during a realtor’s open house, Izzy and the Seaside Knitters must find a killer.

Graziano, Renee. Playing with Fire (STM, 24.99) Apr. A Mafia princess falls in love with an assassin in a romantic thriller written by the star of television’s Mob Wives.

Griffin, Laura. Far Gone (SS, 18.00) Apr. A police detective on leave from her job goes to help her brother, the chief suspect in a murder in a dusty Texas border town.

Gross, Andrew. Everything to Lose (HC, 26.99) Apr. When she witnesses a car accident a single mother discovers a satchel filled with money beside the dead driver, but her taking it plunges her into a terrifying scheme involving a decades-old murder and a powerful figure with a dark secret.

Guggenheim, Marc. Overwatch (LB, 26.00) Apr. A debut thriller featuring a low-level CIA attorney investigating a seemingly innocuous case of an operative’s divorce who comes upon a sinister plan to destabilize Iran, and before he quite realizes what’s going on, three people have died and he’s being shot at.

Gunn, Elizabeth. Red Man Down (SH, 27.95) May. Tucson police officer Sarah Burke investigates when the victim of a suicide-by-cop turns out to be a former TPD training officer, one of three suspicious suicides in the same family. Signing.

Haines, Carolyn. Booty Bones (STM, 24.99) May. An island vacation turns into a case for Sarah Booth Delaney when a woman asks her to investigate the murder of her treasure-hunter father.

Hayder, Mo. Wolf (AtM, 26.00) May. Jack Caffery investigates when a vagrant finds a dog with a note on its collar saying “help us,” not knowing that a wealthy family is being held hostage nearby.

Haynes, Elizabeth. Under a Silent Moon (HC, 25.99) Apr. In the first of a new series DCI Louisa Smith who investigates a murder and a suicide, convinced that the two are linked.

Harris, Charlaine.  Midnight Crossroad (Brk, 27.95) May. The first in a new series set in the dusty western town of Midnight, Texas, where a psychic investigating a murder at a town picnic discovers that his neighbors are very far from ordinary.

Hart, Carolyn. Death at the Door (Brk, 25.95) May. Mystery bookstore owner Annie Darling has two murders to solve—that of a local doctor and the wife of an artist.

Hayes, Samantha. Until You’re Mine (RH, 24.00) May. A pregnant woman with a perfect family and a wonderful nanny finds herself afraid when her husband goes away for business and she begins to distrust the nanny in a chilling debut novel of psychological suspense.

Hayes, Terry. I Am Pilgrim (SS, 26.99) May. A fast-paced thriller about a plot to commit an atrocious crime against humanity and the one man who can stop it.

Henshaw, Mark. Cold Shot (SS, 24.99) May. A thriller about two CIA analysts who are tracking an Iranian nuclear scientist hell-bent on building a bomb on America’s doorstep.

Hoffman, Cara. Be Safe I Love You (SS, 26.00) Apr. Returning from a tour of duty in Iraq to her small upstate New York town, a woman must deal with the scars she carries with her. This is maybe the best book I’ve read in the last year. Highly recommended.

Hutton, Ewart. Dead People (STM, 25.99) Apr. In the second in this Welsh police procedural series, DS Capaldi investigates on his own when bodies are found in a remote area, and after a local man commits suicide, his superiors assume that the killer has been found.

Iles, Greg. Natchez Burning (HC, 27.99) May. The first of a trilogy finds Penn Cage unearthing long-buried family secrets involving racial conflicts in an effort to save his father accused of murdering an African-American nurse.

Ison, Graham. Reckless Endangerment (SH, 27.95) May. An airline hostess claims that a burglar tied her up and killed her husband and DCI Brock and DS Poole are suspicious given her promiscuous lifestyle, but a second murder forces them to look at other possible motives.

Johnson, Craig. Any Other Name (Png, 26.95) May. Walt Longmire agrees to investigate the suicide of a sheriff of a neighboring county and his investigation  reveals that the man may have suppressed evidence concerning three missing women. Signing.

Jones, Darynda. Sixth Grave on the Edge (STM, 26.99) May. Just when things are going well for PI Charley Davidson and Reyes Farrow, his juvenile file lands in her lap, and all Hell breaks loose—literally.

Kelly, Jill. Fog of Dead Souls (Per, 24.95) Apr. A college professor still recovering from the attack that killed her boyfriend goes to New Mexico and impulsively becomes involved with a rancher not knowing that he has his own dark past.

Kendall, Claire. The Book of You (HC, 25.99) May. A debut novel of suspense about a woman in Bath who wakes up after a book launch party to find the author in her bed, although she has no recollection of inviting him, and she finds that his attentions turn to menacing obsession as she tries to escape from him.

Kerr, Philip. Prayer (Put, 26.95) May. An FBI agent specializing in domestic terrorism finds his faith in his job shaken when he realizes that he was involved in sending an innocent man to death row, but a series of religiously-motivated killings of secular community icons in Houston gives him new reason to have faith in the job.

Klein, Matthew. No Way Back (Peg, 25.95) Apr. When a man accepts the job of CEO at a failing Florida company, he thinks that he will turn it around quickly, but he doesn’t count on the fact that the previous CEO disappeared under mysterious circumstances and nothing is quite as it seems.

Kuhn, Shane. The Intern’s Handbook (SS, 25.00) Apr. A funny look at corporate America through the eyes of an assassin who masquerades as an intern in order to get close to his high-profile targets—knowing that interns are invisible.

Lescroart, John. The Keeper (SS, 26.99) May. When a prison guard’s wife goes missing and is later found murdered, he hires Dismas Hardy to defend him, and Dismas hires former police detective Abe Glitsky to investigate in a case with too many suspects and too many tangled motives.

Lewis, Mitchell Scott. Evil in the First House (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Apr. NYC astrologer and PI David Lowell tackles two cases—a missing woman and her son and an embezzler—using his psychic powers to close in on two devious and deadly scams.

Lowell, Elizabeth. Night Diver (HC, 26.99) Apr. A woman whose family has a Caribbean treasure diving business must join forces with a local policeman when a suspicious accident takes place.

Magson, Adrian. The Watchman (SH, 28.95) May. The first of a new series featuring a freelance operative who is hired to shadow an inexperienced pair of SIS agents to Somalia, where a hostage release goes horribly wrong.

McDermid, Val. Northanger Abbey (Grove, 26.00) Apr. An updating of Jane Austen’s classic of gothic novels featuring an innocent young minister’s daughter who visits Edinburgh and falls for young lawyer Henry Tilney and then goes to visit his family home, where she begins to wonder if all is as it should be. This is fun for adults and perfect for YA readers.

McKevett, G. A. Killer Physique (Kens, 24.00) Apr. PI Savannah Reid investigates the death of a sexy body builder-turned Hollywood-action-hero who was killed by a steroid cocktail after the premiere of his new movie.

Milchman, Jenny. Ruin Falls (Ball, 26.00) Apr. When a mother awakens to find that her husband has taken her children, she discovers during her search a disturbing incident from her husband’s past. Signing.

Moose, Ruth. Doing it at the Dixie Dew (STM, 24.99) May. A delightful, prizewinning  cozy debut mystery, featuring a woman who opens a B-and-B in a small southern town, only to discover her first guest murdered in bed.

Myers, Amy. Classic in the Pits (SH, 28.95) Apr. Car detective Jack Colby is called in when a classic Porsche is stolen, but the murder of a member of a classic car enthusiast ups the stakes.

Oates, Joyce Carol. High Crime Area (Mys, 23.00) Apr. A collection of short stories about crime, degradation, and exploitation.

O’Sullivan, Kathryn. Murder on the Hoof (STM, 24.99) May. Fire Chief Colleen McCabe must work the local sheriff undercover when two members of the community theater group are murdered.

Page, Katherine Hall. Small Plates (HC, 24.99) May. A collection of short stories featuring caterer Faith Fairchild, a New England minister’s wife and occasional sleuth.

Palmer, Daniel. Desperate (Kens, 25.00) May. A couple unable to have children decide to adopt a child, but when they arrange to adopt the baby of a pregnant young woman, things begin to go horribly wrong.

Palmer, Michael. Resistant (STM, 27.99) May. While visiting the CDC in Atlanta for a conference, Dr. Welcome becomes enmeshed in a conspiracy when a top scientist is kidnapped.

Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro. Unlucky 13 (LB, 29.00) May. Lindsay Boxer and the Women’s Murder Club are stalked by a killer from the past, a killer with nothing to lose.

Quirk, Matthew. The Directive (LB, 26.00) May. When mysterious bad guys threaten to kill his fiancée if he doesn’t help pull off a risky high-tech heist, Mike Ford must join with his conman brother to save her.

Rodriguez, Linda. Every Hidden Fear (STM, 26.99) May. A wealthy developer returns to the small town where Skeet Bannion works as a campus police officer and brings trouble not only to the town when he wants to build a shopping mall, but also to her own family when he announces that he is the father of her adopted son. Can his murder be far behind?

Rollins, James and Grant Blackwood. Kill Switch (HC, 27.99) May. The first in a new series featuring a former Army Ranger and his tracking dog.

Rose, M.J. The Collector of Dying Breaths (SS, 25.00) Apr. A scholar researching a sixteenth-century perfumer discovers that he was searching for an elixir of life, so she joins with another scholar and a wealthy eccentric woman to find the manuscript in a gothic novel that moves between sixteenth- and twentieth-century Paris.

Salvalaggio, Karin. Bone Dust White (STM, 24.99) May. A debut thriller about a missing woman who disappeared from her Montana home only to be murdered years later, and the local sheriff wants answers to a case that’s been open far too long.

Sandford, John. Field of Prey (Put, 28.95) May. When a number of bodies are found in a cistern on an abandoned farm, Lucas Davenport realizes that a serial killer has been killing someone every summer for 15 years.

Scottoline, Lisa. Keep Quiet (STM, 27.99) Apr. A father covers for his son when they are involved in a fatal car accident, but then someone begins threatening to tell the truth.

Simon, Clea. Panthers Play for Keeps (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Apr. Animal behaviorist Pru Marlowe discovers the badly mauled body of a woman, who looks to have been attacked by a large cat, and while Pru’s detective friend thinks she was murdered, Pru’s psychic powers indicate otherwise.

Simpson, Mona. Casebook (Knopf, 25.95) Apr. When a young boy discovers that his parents are separating, he and a friend begins investigating his mother—reading her mail, bugging her phones, snooping in her computer—and discover a mysterious stranger in Washington, D.C. in a funny and powerful novel of family.

Tafoya, Daniel. The Poor Boy’s Game (STM, 25.99) Apr. A U.S. Marshall faces her most dangerous adversary when her father, a vicious enforcer for a Philadelphia union, escapes from prison and leaves a trail of bodies in his wake.

Talty, Stephan. Hangman (BDD, 26.00) May. A Buffalo policewoman is tasked with finding a serial killer who has escaped, but when he claims another victim while eluding capture, she begins to think that he is being helped by someone in town.

Ufelder, Steve. Wolverine Bros. Freight and Storage (STM, 26.99) May. Conway Sax agrees to help a friend by bringing her kidnapped son back to Massachusetts, much to the distaste of his half-brother, but when she is killed by a sniper, he must find a killer in a tangle of family secrets and hatreds.

Viets, Elaine. Catnapped (NAL, 24.95) May. Helen and Phil go undercover in the hissing and spitting world of cat shows when a celebrity’s divorced husband is found dead and their prize-winning cat goes missing.

Waldman, Ayelet. Love and Treasure (Knopf, 26.95) Apr. When a young woman in New York is given a necklace by her grandfather who found it as part of a trainload of jewelry and artifacts stolen by the Nazis during the Holocaust, he charges her with finding the woman to whom it had belonged, in a powerful novel of guilt and redemption.

Watson, Jan Elizabeth. What Has Become of You? (Dut, 26.95) May. A novel of psychological suspense about an aspiring crime writer who becomes an English teacher at a toney girl’s school, where the murder of a student has the whole school on edge.

Weissbourd, Burt. In Velvet (Per, 24.95) May. An eco-thriller set in Yellowstone  where a wildlife biologist notices strange behavior among the bears in a closed section of the park and joins forces with two lawmen to thwart a poacher in league with a black ops agent.

Woods, Stuart. Carnal Curiosity (26.95) Apr. Stone Barrington is a material witness in a case of high-end security and fraud, so he and his former partner decide to investigate a system where the very wealthy are preyed upon by those they hire to keep them safe.


New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Adler, Elizabeth. Please Don’t Tell (STM, 7.99) May.

Allan, Barbara. Antiques Chop (Kens, 7.99) Apr.

Atkins, Ace. Robert B. Parker’s Wonderland (Brk, 9.99) Apr.

Brown, Sandra. Best Kept Secrets (GC, 8.00) Apr.

Cain, Chelsea. Let Me Go (STM, 7.99) May.

Clark, Marcia. Killer Ambition (GC, 8.00) Apr.

Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur. The Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (Sig, 6.95) Apr. Reissue.

Conrad, Hy. Mr. Monk Gets on Board (NAL, 7.99) May.

Daheim, Mary. Gone with the Win (HC, 7.99) Apr.

Deaver, Jeffery. The Bone Collector (NAL, 9.99) May. Reissue.

DeMille, Nelson. The Panther (GC, 10.00) Apr.

Dietrich, William. The Barbed Crown (HC, 9.99) May.

Fairstein, Linda. Death Angel (NAL, 9.99) May.

Gerritsen, Tess. Girl Missing (BDD, 9.99) Apr. Reissue.

Graves, Sarah. A Bat in the Belfry (BDD, 7.99) Apr.

Gross, Andrew. No Way Back (HC, 9.99) Apr.

Haines, Carolyn. Smarty Bones (STM, 7.99) May.

Hamrick, Janice. Death Rides Again (STM, 7.99) Apr.

Harris, Charlaine. Dead Ever After (Brk, 7.99) Apr.

Hart, Carolyn. Dead, White, and Blue (Brk, 7.99) May.

Jance, J.A. Second Watch (HC, 9.99) May.

Kava, Alex. Stranded (RH, 7.99) Apr.

Kellerman, Faye. The Beast (HC, 9.99) Apr.

Matthews, Jason. Red Sparrow (Pkt, 9.99) Apr.

Maxwell, Edith. A Tine to Live, a Tine to Die (Kens, 7.99) May.

McGoran, Jon. Drift (STM, 7.99) May.

Meier, Leslie. Mother’s Day Murder (Kens, 7.99) Apr. Reissue.

Palmer, Daniel. Stolen (Kens, 9.99) Apr.

Palmer, Michael. Political Suicide (STM, 9.99) Apr.

Quirk, Matthew. The 500 (GC, 8.00) Apr.

Sandford, John. Silken Prey (Brk, 9.99) May.

Smith, Mark Allen. The Inquisitor (STM, 9.99) May.

Stevens, Chevy. Still Missing (STM, 7.99) Apr.

Viets, Elaine. Board Stiff (NAL, 7.99) May.

Wellington, David. Chimera (HC, 9.99) May.

Woods, Stuart. Doing Hard Time (NAL, 9.99) Apr.


New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Archer, Connie. A Roux of Revenge (Brk, 7.99) Apr. When an unidentified man is murdered, simmering suspicious come to a boil at Lucky’s soup shop.

Blake, Heather. The Goodbye Witch (NAL, 7.99) May. Darcy has the power to make other people’s wishes come true, but unfortunately she can’t wish away the invisible man who’s stalking her best friend in the fourth in this paranormal series.

Bourbon, Melissa. A Killing Notion (NAL, 7.99) Apr. When dressmaker Harlow is asked to work her magic making homecoming dresses for several high school girls, she doesn’t realize that she’ll have to solve a murder as well.

Carlisle, Kate. A Cookbook Conspiracy (NAL, 7.99) Apr. Brooklyn is invited to a gala restaurant opening hosted by a friend of her sister who also wants her to restore an antique cookbook as a gift, but when he is found dead and the cookbook missing, Brooklyn’s sister is the suspect du jour.

Donally, Claire. Last Licks (Brk, 7.99) May. Shadow and Sunny must discover why her boss’ flirtatious roommate dies in rehab after breaking his leg.

Fluke, Joanne. Dead Giveaway (Kens, 7.99) May. A stand-alone novel of suspense about an heiress who finds herself trapped in a luxury condo outside of Las Vegas with a killer who’s picking off the residents one by one.

Hirahara, Naomi. Murder on Bamboo Lane (Brk, 7.99) Apr. The first of a new series featuring an LAPD bicycle cop, who finds herself trouble during Chinese New Year. Hirahara is great!

Hughes, Mary Ellen. The Pickled Piper (Brk, 7.99) May. First in a charming new cozy series, featuring a woman who opens a pickle and preserve shop in a small town, only to discover a dead bagpipe player in her barrel of brine.

Jafarian, Sue Ann. Ghost of a Gamble (Brk, 7.99) Apr. Spirit medium Emma Whitecastle and her ancestor go to Sin City to help a showgirl haunted by the ghost of a dead Vegas hoodlum. The early ones in this funny, paranormal series are available from Midnight Ink.

McKinlay, Jenn. Death of a Mad Hatter (Brk, 7.99) May. London hat shop owners Scarlett and Viv are preparing an Alice in Wonderland-themed afternoon tea fundraiser, but when the heir to the family hosting the event is poisoned, things get curiouser and curiouser.

_____. Sugar and Iced (Brk, 7.99) Apr. When a judge for a beauty contest turns up dead, Mel and Angie’s young friend, one of the competitors, becomes the main suspect, and they must act before her pageant walk turns to a perp walk.

Morrigan, Laura. A Tiger’s Tale (Brk, 7.99) May. In the second in the series featuring an animal behaviorist with psychic abilities, she must discover why a tiger corners a terrified vet.

Mugavero, Liz. A Biscuit, a Casket (Kens, 7.99) Apr. Gourmet pet food chef Stan is asked to cater a doggy costume party at a local organic dairy farm, but when the owner is found dead in the middle of a corn maze, she and her Maine Coon cat must chomp down on a killer.

O’Brien, Kevin. Tell Me You’re Sorry (Kens, 9.99) May. When a number of families are the victims of tragic violence, the only common thread is the death of a woman years before, but when the sister of a victim tries to convince the police, they refuse to believe her.

Parra, Nancy J. Murder Gone A-Rye (Brk, 7.99) May. Toni must turn her attention from baking gluten-free goodies to helping free her grandmother from being a murder suspect.

Price, Cate. A Dollhouse to Die For (Brk, 7.99) May. Daisy must find a killer when she gets a vintage dollhouse to kill for in the shop.

Purser, Ann. The Blackwoods Farm Enquiry (Brk, 7.99) Apr. Ivy Beasley and her associates are hired to investigate recent ghostly visitations, but the ghost turns out to be flesh and blood and their widowed client could be in serious trouble.

Ross, Barbara. Boiled Over (Kens, 7.99) May. The Snowden family’s restaurant’s plans to provide authentic Maine clambakes for the town’s festival runs into a problem when they discover the body of the local RV park owner, and the chief suspect is one of the restaurant’s newest employees.

Ryan, Sofie. The Whole Cat and Caboodle (NAL, 7.99) Apr. The proprietor of a shop in a small Maine beach town and her adopted stray cat Elvis must turn to sleuthing when an elderly friend becomes the prime suspect in a murder.

Wenger, Christine. A Second Helping of Murder (NAL, 7.99) Apr. When one of the cottage residents is found dead, Trixie thinks the killing may be linked to an unsolved disappearance in the town’s past in the second in this series set in a small-town diner.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Ahmad, A.X. The Caretaker (STM, 14.99) May. A debut thriller featuring a former Indian Army officer now living in Martha’s Vineyard where he takes care of houses left vacant by the owners during the off-season, and who becomes involved in a mystery when one of the houses is broken into by masked thugs.

Andrews, Mary Kay. Ladies’ Night (STM, 15.99) Apr. After crashing her cheating husband’s Porsche into the swimming pool, a woman is required to attend anger management therapy, but as the group gets to know one another, their thoughts turn to revenge—or should we say justice?—on their former spouses. Very funny.

Beaumont, Maegan. Sacrificial Muse (MidInk, 14.95) May. After escaping from one serial killer, San Francisco homicide detective Sabrina Vaughn begins receiving notes from a different killer, one who considers her his muse.

Block, Lawrence. Borderline (Hard Case, 9.95) May. The reissue of a pulp classic set in a Mexican border town.

Brons, Janet. A Quiet Kill (Per, 14.95) Apr. When a Canadian trade commissioner is found murdered in London, Mountie officer is sent from Ottawa to help Scotland Yard find the killer among a large group of suspects, both within and without the diplomatic community in the first of a new series.

Brookmyre, Christopher.  When the Devil Drives (AtM, 15.00) May. When a prominent member of the Glasgow arts establishment is shot dead during a theatrical performance at a Highlands castle, DS MacLeod investigates, while Jasmine Sharp’s missing persons case leads to a years-ago drug-filled summer at a Highland estate as the cases enter-twine. Highly recommended.

Burke, Alafair. If You Were Here (HC, 15.99) Apr. Chasing down a hot story, a NYC journalist is led back to the disappearance of a West Point classmate of her husband years ago. Highly recommended.

Burke, James Lee. To the Bright and Shining Sun (SS, 16.00) May. A reissue of an early novel set in Appalachia.

Campbell, Colin. Montecito Heights (MidInk, 14.99) Apr. Former Yorkshire policeman Jim Grant is hired by a California politician to get his daughter out of the porn trade in a discreet manner, but Grant doesn’t do anything discreetly and soon he’s appearing on television with a drug cartel and a ring of dirty cops on his trail.

Casey, Jane. The Last Girl (STM, 16.99) May. London police detective Maeve Kerrigan investigates a case of murder at the home of a wealthy barrister, but the man and his remaining daughter are stonewalling the investigation.

Chandler, Jessie. Chip off the Ice Block Murder (MidInk, 14.99) May. Shay receives a phone call that her father has gone missing, and, worse, that his gun was used to kill a man whose body is found in a giant block of ice at the local winter carnival.

Chesterton, R. B. The Darkling (Peg, 14.95) Apr. A gothic tale set in a small Alabama town where a young woman working at a local historic home realizes that she is dealing with malevolent forces that she cannot understand.

Clarke, Lucy. A Single Breath (SS, 15.99) Apr. After her husband dies in a fishing accident, a grieving widow goes to visit his estranged family, but she discovers that she didn’t know him at all.

Connelly, Michael. The Gods of Guilt (GC, 15.00) May. Mickey Haller defends the man accused of murdering a prostitute only to discover that he had known her and tried to rescue her from the life. Excellent.

Craven, Michael. The Detective and the Pipe Girl (HC, 14.99) May. A Los Angeles detective is hired by a high-powered Hollywood mogul to find a missing woman in a case that leads him into the hidden world of Hollywood’s elite, police corruption, and a cold-blooded killer.

Culver, Chris. By Any Means (GC, 15.00) May. Indianapolis detective Ash Rashid investigates when the driver and passenger in a car are murdered and the Good Samaritan who came to help is kidnapped in a case with ties to a local drug lord.

Deaver, Jeffery. The Kill Room (GC, 15.00) Apr. Lincoln Rhyme investigates when an American citizen is killed in the Bahamas by a sniper.

Doudera, Vicki. Deal Killer (MidInk, 14.99) Apr. Realtor Darby Farr arrives in NYC on a trip combining business—finding a dream property for a client—and pleasure—visiting her friend Miles, but when Miles becomes a suspect in the murder of a Russian businessman, she must turn sleuth.

Gibson, Gregory. The Old Turk’s Load (Mys,15.00) May. A funny and violent crime novel set in 1967, with a disparate group of would-be criminals going after a $5 million shipment of pure Turkish heroin that disappears during the Newark riots. Highly recommended.

Goldenbaum, Sally. Angora Alibi (NAL, 15.00) May. Izzy and the Seaside Knitters are knitting together some clues when an abandoned baby seat is found on the beach and a man dies in a suspicious diving accident.

Gran, Sara. Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway (HMH, 14.95) May.  When a former boyfriend is found dead in San Francisco’s Mission District, PI Claire hunts for his killer in a case involving vintage guitars, a missing girl, and miniature horses.

Grossman, Austin. You (Mull, 15.00) Apr. A young game designer joins a new video game company to find out what happened to a friend who died under mysterious circumstances, but soon he is distracted by a software glitch in the latest game and discovers that the stakes are enormous.

Hamilton, Steve. A Stolen Season (STM, 15.99) May. PI Alex McKnight become involved in gun smuggling, drug dealing, and a secret from Alex’s past when a boat runs aground on Lake Superior.

Harvey, Michael. The Innocence Game (Vin, 14.95) Apr. Three classmates in Northwestern’s  journalism school investigate a cold case of murder after new evidence suggests that the man who was convicted may have been innocent—and the real killer is still at large.

Hayder, Mo. Poppet (AtM, 15.00) Apr. When the patients at a nearby high-security psychiatric facility claim to have seen a ghostly figure, leading to the suicide of one of the patients, Jack Caffery is called in by one of the nurses to investigate. Highly recommended.

Herron, Mick. Dead Lions (Soho, 14.95) Apr. The second in the witty British espionage series that reads like a cross between Christopher Fowler’s Peculiar Crimes unit and John LeCarré. The first, Slow Horses (Soho, 9.99), is coming in May. Highly recommended.

Holt, Elliott. You Are One of Them (Png, 16.00) May. Ten years after her friend dies in a plane crash in the USSR during a much-publicized “peace visit,” a woman receives a mysterious letter claiming that the crash was a hoax and her friend is still alive, so she goes to Russia to find the truth.

Hornsby, Wendy. The Color of Light (Pers, 15.95) Apr. Film shot by her late father may provide clues to the unsolved murder of a Vietnamese woman, the mother of a close friend, as filmmaker Maggie MacGowen investigates the woman’s activities in Berkeley.

Hunt, Arlene. The Outsider (Duf, 16.95) May. When his autistic sister, who has become a respected horse trainer is targeted by someone who means her harm, a man must figure out why in a horsy mystery set in Ireland.

Hunter, Maddy. Fleur de Lies (MidInk, 14.99) May. Leading a tour of octogenarians on a river cruise down the Seine, Emily hopes for a fatality-free trip, but the discovery of a murdered tour member means she has another mystery to solve.

Huston, Charlie. Skinner (Mull, 15.00) Apr. A thriller featuring a brutal and emotionless “asset protection” operative who is called in to protect a roboticist with the ability to see the underlying systems violently shaping global guerilla warfare.

Israel, Susan. Over my Live Body (Per, 13.95) Apr. A debut thriller about an artist’s model who attracts a secret admirer who just wants to love her to death.

Johnson, Craig. A Serpent’s Tooth (Png, 15.00) May. Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire is looking for the mother of a Mormon “lost” boy, a search that leads to a polygamist compound with ties to Big Oil.

Jakubowski, Maxim. The Mammoth Book of Pulp Fiction (Per, 13.95) Apr. A collection of the best short stories of the great pulp writers including Hammett and Chandler.

Kalteis, Dietrich. Ride the Lightning (Per, 14.95) Apr. A bounty hunter whose license was revoked moves to Vancouver to work as a process server, but a dope dealer he had put away decides to come after him.

Kernick, Simon. Relentless (SS, 15.00) May. When a happily married man receives a call from a friend, screaming for his life, the last words he hears are his address, so he leaves with his children, trying to reach his wife, but she has gone missing and now the police are after him.

Knox, Tom. The Babylon Rite (Plume, 16.00) May. Journalist Adam Blackwood is investigating the mysterious suicide of a historian specializing in the Knights Templar while anthropologist Jess Silverton is in Peru studying the Moche civilization, but their paths cross when an ancient secret threatens to reemerge.

Lange, Richard. Angel Baby (LB, 15.00) May. When the wife of a Tijuana narcotraficante decides to leave her husband and reunite with her daughter in L.A. she must elude a cold-blooded enforcer and a corrupt cop. Highly recommended.

LeCarré, John. A Delicate Truth (Png, 16.00) May. A high-profile Anglo-American counter-terrorist operation that has been touted as a brilliant success may have been a horrible tragedy as the secretary of an ambitious Foreign Office minister discovers when he is summoned to the Cornish home of a retired diplomat.

Lee, Ashton. The Reading Circle (Kens, 15.00) Apr. In the second in a delightful Southern cozy series, the librarian of an underfunded small-town library and the members of the library book club must decide what to do when they come across some incriminating political evidence against the Councilman most determined to cut the library’s budget. This sounds like Arizona!

Legault, Stephen. The Glacier Gallows (Per,14.95) Apr. Environmentalist Cole Blackwater discovers the body of a former partner, shot through the head, while on an expedition through Waterton-Glacier National Peace Park on the border between the U.S. and Canada, and must find a killer before he is charged with the crime.

Lewis, Robert K. Critical Damage (MidInk, 14.99) Apr. Former San Francisco cop Mark Mallen is asked to find the missing sister of the mayor’s wife, but his investigation leads him not only to a pimp in hiding, but also to the city’s most powerful, corrupt politicians.

Lilliefors, James. The Leviathan Effect (Soho, 15.95) Apr. When investigative journalist Jon Mallory stumbles on a list of seven prominent scientists murdered over the past dozen years, he must call on his intelligence contractor brother to uncover who controls a new kind of terrorism—weather technology. Highly recommended.

Lipperman, Lizbeth. Jailhouse Glock (MidInk, 14.99) May. When rookie cop Maddy Castillo is framed for the murder of an obnoxious drunk, her four sisters—three living and one dead—are on the scene to help in the second of a paranormal series.

Loehfelm, Bill. The Devil in her Way (Pic, 16.00) May. A rookie NOPD cop and former cocktail waitress at the end of her training period is punched by a suspect, and after seeing something on the street decides to investigate on her own.

Lovesey, Peter. The Tooth Tattoo (Soho, 15.95) May. Peter Diamond of the Bath CID investigates when the body of an unidentified young woman is found in the canal in a case involving classical music.

MacInerney, Karen. Death Runs Adrift (MidInk, 14.99) May. Innkeeper Natalie Barnes finds a dead man in a skiff, and must rush to bail out her friends before they are on the hook for murder.

Macinnes, Helen. Prelude to Terror (RH, 9.95) Apr. A reissue of a thriller set in Vienna. In May, The Hidden Target (RH, 9.95) will be released, another classic of espionage.

Maitland, Barry. The Marx Sisters (Arcade, 14.95) Apr. A reissue of the first in the British police procedural series featuring DCI Brock and his sergeant Kathy Kolla. The Chalon Heads (Arcade, 14.95) is also being reissued.

Maynard, Joyce. After Her (HC, 14.99) Apr. A young girl in Marin County decides to help her father find the serial killer preying on women of the area, but her actions jeopardize his career, and years later she tries to find the killer to vindicate her father.

McFetridge, John. Black Rock (Per, 14.95) Apr. During an unsettled period in Montreal in 1970, the police are dealing with riots and terrorism, while a serial killer is stalking the streets, but a police constable works to stop the killer in the first of a new series.

McMillen, R.J. Dark Moon Walking (Per, 14.95) Apr. In the first in a series a cop who has retired to the Pacific Northwest must join forces with a criminal he put behind bars to stop a terrorist plot.

McPherson, Catriona. The Day She Died (MidInk, 14.99) May. A phobic Scottish woman moves in with a father and his two children after his wife dies, but things are not what they seem.

Moggach, Lottie. Kiss me First (RH, 15.95) Apr. When a sheltered young woman becomes involved in an Internet group, she doesn’t realize that its charismatic leader has very dark secrets in a debut novel of psychological suspense.

Patterson, James. Cross my Heart (GC, 16.00) Apr. Alex Cross is on the horns of a dilemma when a criminal targets his family, who will die if he tries to help them.

Penzler, Otto. The Best of the Best American Mystery Stories (HMH, 9.99) Apr.  A collection from 1997-2006, including stories by James Lee Burke, Joyce Carol Oates, and others.

Pochoda, Ivy. Visitation Street (HC, 15.99) Apr. A lyrical coming of age mystery set in Brooklyn about two teenaged girls.

Prouty, Royce. Stoker’s Manuscript (Brk, 15.00) Apr. An expert in rare books is hired by a mysterious Transylvanian collector to authenticate a Dracula manuscript, but soon finds himself the prisoner of a descendent of Vlad Dracula in a gothic novel of terror.

Raimondo, Lynne. Dante’s Poison (RH, 15.95) May. Blind psychiatrist Mark Angelotti is called in when an attorney is accused of murdering her journalist boyfriend with a powerful antipsychotic drug.

Richell, Hannah. The Shadow Year (GC, 15.00) May. A grieving mother renovating an English country house that she has inherited comes across the story of a group of university students who lived there thirty years before and whose desire to live off the grid led to unexpected peril as she uncovers the shocking fate of the group members.

Robotham, Michael. The Suspect (LB, 15.00) Apr. A reissue of the first in the series featuring psychologist Joseph O’Loughlin, who is called in to work with the London police. The second in the series, Lost (LB, 15.00) May, introduces DI Vincent Ruiz, who works with O’Laughlin on his cases.

Rowling, J.K. The Cuckoo’s Calling (LB, 18.00) Apr. An army veteran who lost a leg in Afghanistan returns to work as a PI in London and is hired to investigate the death of a model. Interesting characters and twisty plotting make this a stand-out.

Shaw, Johnny. Plaster City (T&M, 14.95) Apr. A violent and very funny crime novel set in the Southern California desert, about a man who agrees a friend’s missing teenaged daughter, who doesn’t really want to come home.

Silva, Daniel. The English Girl (HC, 15.99) May. When the mistress of the Prime Minsiter of England is kidnapped, Gabriel Allon goes to Corsica to rescue her.

Stenson, Peter. Fiend (RH, 14.00) Apr. The zombie apocalypse has arrived and the savior of mankind just may be a meth addict in a darkly comic novel of horror.

Stevens, Chevy. Always Watching (STM, 14.99) May. A psychiatrist with an unpleasant past is assigned a suicidal patient whose story of living in a commune with a charismatic leader has parallels to her own life.

Stone, Jonathan. Moving Day (T&M, 14.95) May. When a grifter who preys on the elderly steals a moving van of possessions from an elderly man, he underestimates his victim, who goes after him to retrieve his property.

Stroud, Carsten. The Homecoming (Vin, 15.95) Apr. A blend of crime fiction and gothic horror set in Niceville, a small Southern town where evil lurks and people are disappearing.

Taylor, Abbie. The Stranger on the Train (SS, 15.00) May. When she loses her 13-month-old son on the London Underground, a struggling single mother finds that the police are less than helpful, so she searches for him with the help of a stranger in a twisty debut novel of psychological suspense.

Trenow, Liz. The Forgotten Seamstress (Source, 14.99) May. When a young woman becomes curious about a quilt she inherited from her grandmother, she traces its provenance to a woman who worked for the royal family one hundred years before until a dalliance with the Prince of Wales destroys her life and discovers that their connection is deeper than the quilt.

Williams, Charles. Confidentially Yours (Over, 13.95) Apr. When a duck hunter hears shots and then finds the body of a man who supposedly committed suicide, things become much more difficult when he discovers that his wife was sleeping with the dead man.

Williams, Reba White. Restrike (Per, 13.95) Apr. Two cousins go to Manhattan to work in the art world and become involved with a shady investment advisor, leading to the murder of a print dealer.  Fatal Impressions (Per, 13.95) Apr. The second in the series they are hired to work for an investment firm, but uncover a series of art thefts leading to murder.

Yates, Christopher J. Black Chalk (IPG, 17.95) Apr. A twisted psychological thriller about six Oxford students get together to play a game that provides challenges to see how much embarrassment and humiliation the players can stand, and naturally things end very badly indeed.

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Addison, Corban. The Garden of Burning Sand (RH, 26.99) May. A young civil rights lawyer living in Zambia joins with a policeman to demand justice when a poor, Down Syndrome girl is raped, and the wealthy family of the rapist will do anything to see that she doesn’t receive justice.

_____.A Walk across the Sun (RH, 15.99) Apr. An American attorney working in Bombay for an anti-trafficking group must rescue two young sisters, orphaned by a tsunami, and taken by human traffickers.

Aspe, Pieter. The Square of Revenge (Peg, 14.95) May. When a Bruges jewelry story is broken into and all the jewels are dissolved in jars of acid, Inspector Pieter Van In investigates a complex web of intrigue.

Brooks, Adam. Night Heron (Hach, 26.00) May. In a debut thriller set in China, a man who escaped from a Chinese prison for selling military secrets approaches a British journalist about selling a software key that would give the West access to China’s national security secrets.

Camilleri, Andrea. Hunting Season (Png, 15.00) Apr. A quirky murder mystery set in 1880s Sicily with a pharmacist who returns home to Vigata, only to find himself involved with a philandering bigwig and a string of suspicious deaths.

Cotterill, Colin. The Axe Factor (STM, 24.99) Apr. Jimm Juree is sent to interview an English crime writer living in her rural Thai village, but his wife has recently disappeared, as have other women in the area, and she finds herself investigating a serial killer with the help of her grandfather.

Crompton, Richard. Hour of the Red God (Pic, 16.00) Apr. When a Masai policeman discovers the body of a Masai woman in Nairobi, he vows to find her killer amidst the backdrop of political unrest.

Dahl, Arne. Bad Blood (Vin, 15.95) May. The Intercrime team must hunt an American serial killer who killed a Swedish literary critic in New York and used his plane ticket to come to Stockholm to continue his killing spree.

Deck, Julia. Viviane (Per, 19.95) Apr. A prize-winning  French debut novel of madness and murder about the mother of a newborn infant abandoned by her husband in wintertime Paris who dreams of getting away with murder.

Divani, Lena. Seven Lives and One Great Love (Europa, 15.00) May. Not a mystery, but a love story, told by Sugar Jacques, a cat of keen wit and a reflective nature, about his human and his struggle to domesticate her.

Eriksson, Kjell. Black Lies, Red Blood (STM, 25.99) May. When her journalist boyfriend disappears and a homeless man is found with his phone number, a police officer must work to save him from becoming the chief suspect in the murder.

Gay, Roxane. An Untamed State (Grove, 16.00) May. The powerful story of a Haitian woman, kidnapped while visiting her father’s estate outside of Port-au-Prince, who struggles to recover from the abuse she was forced to undergo.

Hamilton, Ian. The Water Rat of Wanchai (Pic, 16.00) May. Forensic accountant Ava Lee is asked to recover her Uncle’s missing $5 million dollars in her first case that takes her around the globe, until she meets her match in Guyana.

Hill, Antonio. The Summer of Dead Toys (RH, 15.00) May. A Barcelona policeman investigating the death of a teenaged boy from a ritzy neighborhood finds a squalid mix of drugs, human trafficking, and voodoo among high society.

Holt, Jonathan. The Abomination (HC, 14.99) Apr. When the body of a woman, shot twice and dressed in a priest’s robes is dragged from a Venetian canal, the Caribinieri captain in charge finds herself dealing with an eerie virtual Venice that is both familiar and terribly alien.

Hubbard. Janet. Bordeaux: The Bitter Finish (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Apr. NYPD detective Max Maguire is asked by a wine critic friend to guard four magnums of expensive wine that she thinks might be counterfeit, but before they can be tested, the critic is found murdered and the wine goes missing.

Jeffries, Roderic. In Search of Murder (SH, 28.95) Apr. Mallorcan policeman Inspector Alvarez must determine whether the death of a rich womanizing Englishman was accident or murder.

Läckberg, Camilla. The Hidden Child (Peg, 25.95) May. When crime writer Erica Falck discovers a Nazi medal among her late mother’s possessions, she learns about Sweden’s dark past during WWII, but someone will kill to keep the secrets of the past from being revealed.

_____. The Stranger (Peg, 15.95) May. Detective Patrik Hedström investigates when an unpopular contestant on a reality television show is murdered during a film shoot in Fjällbacka, but the ensuing publicity turns the investigation into a media circus.

Lakhous, Amara. Dispute over a Very Italian Piglet (Europa, 15.00) Apr. The city of Turin has been rocked by a series of violent crimes involving Romanians and Albanians, so a journalist investigates to see if it is due to multigenerational clan feuds or crime syndicates, but first he has to resolve the mystery of who took his neighbor’s pig Gino to the local mosque.

Lapidus, Jens. Never Fuck Up (Vin, 16.95) Apr. A riveting thriller set in Stockholm’s criminal underworld where the paths of a drug dealer, a weapons expert, and the detective on a murder case come together.

Larsson, Asa. Until Thy Wrath Be Past (RH, 14.99) May. When a woman’s body washes up on shore, Swedish prosecutor Rebecka Martensson joins forces with Police inspector Anna-Maria Mella, and they are drawn into a case that has its roots in the disappearance of a German supply plane in 1943.

Leon, Donna. By Its Cover (Per, 26.00) April 1. Comissario Brunetti investigates the theft of a rare book from a prestigious Venetian library, and when a theologian who has read at the library for years is murdered, he must questions his ideas of guilt and innocence.

_____. Gondola (Per, 26.00) May. A beautifully illustrated collection of essays on Venice’s famed gondolas that includes a CD of traditional music by the gondoliers.

Link, Charlotte. The Other Child (Peg, 15.95) May. When a student is murdered in a northern English town, investigators have no clues and no link to a second murder until detective Valerie Almond realizes that there is a link to the evacuation of children to Scarborough during WWII.

____. The Watcher (Peg, 25.95) May. In a novel of psychological suspense, an unemployed man who has been spying on his neighbors becomes the chief suspect in two murders, but the detective in charge, who has been in an affair with the wife of one of the victims believes that he is innocent.

Mallock. The Cemetery of Swallows (Europa, 17.00) Apr. When an ordinary man leaves Paris and goes to the Dominican Republic to commit an inexplicable murder, Police Commissioner Amédéé Mallock decides to investigate.

Malvaldi, Marco. Game for Five (Europa, 15.00) Apr. Four pensioners and the barman at a small coastal village near Livorno turn amateur sleuths when the body of a young woman is found on the edge of town in a comic mystery.

Mankell, Henning. A Treacherous Paradise (Vin, 15.95) May. A Swedish woman becomes the owner of a bordello in Portuguese East Africa in 1904, where she finds herself isolated by her profession from the white colonists and isolated from the prostitutes by her color.

Marklund, Liza. The Long Shadow (SS, 15.00) Apr. Swedish reporter Annika Bengtzon flies to Spain when a Swedish family is murdered by intruders, but she discovers that one of the family, a young girl, is missing, so she hunts for her amidst a culture of drug smugglers and money launderers.

Mayle, Peter. The Corsican Caper (Knopf, 23.95) May. Sam Leavitt and Elena Morales are vacationing at a friend’s Côte d’Azur villa, when a Russian oligarch decides that he must have the villa—by fair means or foul—in another gastronomic romp.

McCarry, Charles. The Shanghai Factor (Grove, 15.00) Apr. A young American spy in Shanghai falls in love with an enigmatic woman, and finds that he is involved in a cat-and-mouse game with the Chinese Intelligence Agency.

Miller, Derek. Norwegian by Night (HMH, 14.95) May. An elderly marine witnesses a murder in Oslo and finds himself escaping into the countryside with the victim’s young son.

Nesbø, Jo. The Son (RH, 25.95) May. A man imprisoned in an Oslo prison for two murders he didn’t commit escapes when his father commits suicide after confessing to being a corrupt cop, and goes after those he considers responsible for his father’s death in an excellent standalone.

Phillips, Scott. Rake (Per, 15.95) May. A washed-up American actor becomes a  celebrity in Paris, but he becomes involved with an arms dealer and his beautiful wife, and finds himself on the run in a noir crime novel with a psychopathic hero who embodies the word “rake.” Highly recommended.

Roslund, Anders and Borge Hellstrom. Cell 8 (RH, 9.99) May. A lounge singer on a Baltic cruise line beats a man almost to death, and when the police investigate they discover that he is a man who died on death-row in Ohio the year before.

Rosnay, Tatiana de. The Other Story (STM, 26.99) Apr. A best-selling novelist vacationing at a Tuscan island resort discovers that the secrets of his family’s past—secrets that he thought he had buried—have arisen to haunt him.

Silberstein, Avi. Human Solutions (Per, 24.95) May. A literary thriller about a Chilean PI who investigates a former Nazi who has created a cult in Pinochet’s Chile, centered at a private boy’s school.

Thilliez, Franck. Syndrome E (Png, 16.00) May. A bestselling French thriller about a detective who agrees to help an old friend suffering from hysterical blindness after watching a mysterious film from the 1950s, a film embedded with subliminal images, but she must join forces with a detective profiler when everyone associated with the movies turns up dead.

Walker, Martin. The Devil’s Cave (Vin, 15.95) Apr. When a dead woman is found floating in a boat near St. Denis, Bruno must investigate a murder with overtones of the occult.

Weiss, Jan Merete. A Few Drops of Blood (Soho, 26.95) Apr. When two men are found murdered in the garden of an elderly Neapolitan countess, Captain Natalia Monte of the Carabiniere is plunged into a world of decadent art galleries and the shadowy Camorrora.

Zeh, Juli. Decompression (BDD, 25.95) May. When an actress and her husband arrive at a resort in the Canary Islands, a self-centered diving instructor finds himself caught up in an affair with the actress, leaving him vulnerable to destruction that he doesn’t see coming.


New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Bates, Stephen. The Poisoner (Over, 27.95) May. A reexamination of the evidence against the notorious Victorian criminal William Palmer, a medical doctor who used strychnine to dispatch his many victims, and who represented a new kind of criminal—a respectable middle-class killer.

Black, Benjamin. Holy Orders (Pic, 16.00) May. Quirke investigates when a friend of his daughter is murdered and the Irish Church goes to great lengths to hush it up.

Bohjalian, Chris. The Light in the Ruins (Vin, 15.95) Apr. Ten years after WWII, a series of murders occurs among a noble family with a villa in the Tuscan hills, and it’s up to investigator Serafina Bettini to discover the link with a visit by two soldiers asking to see an ancient Etruscan burial site during the war.

Brightwell, Emily. Mrs. Jeffries Pleads the Fifth (Brk, 17.00) Apr. Three Victorian mysteries featuring the redoubtable sleuth, housekeeper to Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard.

Calkins, Susanna. From the Charred Remains (STM, 25.99) Apr. When a man’s body is found in the rubble of the Great Fire of London in 1666, former lady’s maid Lucy Campion joins forces with a local constable to find the murderer.

Cannell, Dorothy. Murder at Mullings (SH, 28.95) May. The first in a new series set in an English country house immediately following WWI, where the housekeeper investigates when the unpleasant chatelaine is stabbed to death.

Carmack, Amanda. Murder at Westminster Abbey (NAL, 7.99) Apr. Court musician Kate Haywood befriends a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Queen Elizabeth, a fact made more chilling when her new friend is found murdered.

Chevallier, Gabriel. Fear (NYRB, 16.95) May. First published in 1930 and based on the author’s experiences on the front lines during WWI, this is a lucidly written and sometimes poetical look at the horror of the “war to end all wars.”

Clare, Alys. The Winter King (SH, 28.95) Apr. When an unpleasant nobleman dies suddenly in the midst of a gluttonous feat, healers Sabin de Gifford and Meggie d’Acquin have evidence of murder.

Corby, Gary. Sacred Games (Soho, 15.95) Apr. Nicolaos and Diotima have only four days to find the killer of a Spartan Olympic hopeful before the Athenian suspect is executed in a case with serious political implications for both Athens and Sparta.

_____. The Marathon Conspiracy (Soho, 26.95) May. Nicolaos is asked to look into the discovery of a skeleton at the Sanctuary of Athena outside of Athens after the young woman who found the body is murdered in the latest in this series set in classical Greece.

Daniels, Bartholomew. Rotten at the Heart (RH, 14.99) Apr. When their patron dies mysteriously, William Shakespeare’s acting troupe is in danger of eviction, but when his patron’s son asks him to investigate his father’s death, Shakespeare finds that sleuthing can be very dangerous indeed.

Dietrich, William. The Three  Emperors (HC, 27.99) May. Having survived the Battle of Trafalgar, Ethan Gage must help an Egyptian priestess and her son escape the clutches of a ruthless mystic.

Doerr, Anthony. All the Light We Cannot See (SS, 27.00) May. The story of a blind French girl and a German boy whose lives collide in France during World War II. Highly recommended.

Donoghue, Emma. Frog Music (LB, 27.00) Apr. When her friend is shot dead in San Francisco in 1876, a burlesque dancer will do anything to find the killer amidst bohemians and millionaires, a world that she herself inhabits.

Downing, David.  Jack of Spies (Soho, 27.95) May. The first of a new series set in 1913, featuring Scottish automobile salesman Jack McColl who moonlights as a spy for the British when his sales calls take him from China to the U.S. to Mexico as he discovers that not only are the Germans threatening British stability, but the Irish Republican movement as well. Highly recommended.

_____. Masaryk Station (Soho, 15.95) Apr. In the final installment of the John Russell series, he is working as a double agent in Berlin in 1948 as the post-war period segues into the Cold War between America and the USSR.

Dunmore, Helen. The Lie (AtM, 24.00) Apr. A WWI veteran who returns to Cornwall, haunted by the specter of a close friend who was lost, moves into the cottage of his elderly protector after her death, but his lie about her death leads to a tragic dénoument. Highly recommended.

Eco, Umberto. The Name of the Rose (HMH, 15.95) Apr. A reissue of my favorite medieval mystery set in an Italian Franciscan abbey, where William of Baskerville arrives to investigate accusations of heresy only to find himself having to solve seven bizarre deaths using what he has learned from Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. Highly recommended.

Edelman, Gwen. Train to Warsaw (Grove, 24.00) Apr. When a writer who escaped from the Warsaw ghetto in 1942 and his wife who also escaped are invited back to Warsaw forty years after the end of the war, they discover that their return reveals the secrets that they have kept from one another.

Ellory, R.J. Candlemoth (Over, 16.95) May. A dramatic tale of murder and retribution set during the time of the Vietnam War, where a man convicted of killing his best friend and set for execution tells a sympathetic priest his story that culminates with the brutal murder of his friend.

Godberson, Anna. The Blonde (Per, 26.00) May. In a surprisingly suspenseful novel, Marilyn Monroe is a KGB spy who falls in love with JFK in spite of herself.

Grant, Theresa. The Berkeley Square Affair (Kens, 15.00) Apr. When a friend is attacked in their Mayfair neighborhood, on the way to show them a manuscript purported to be a lost manuscript of Hamlet, Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch are plunged into a mystery involving Bonapartist spies, Irish rebels, and a sixteenth-century love affair.

Grecian, Alex. The Black Country (Brk, 16.00) May. Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad is sent to the British Midlands when three members of a prominent family disappear mysteriously.

_____. The Devil’s Workshop (Put, 26.95) May. The Murder Squad at Scotland Yard must track down four convicted murderers who have escaped from his Majesty’s Prisons, one of whom is bent on vengeance against a member of the squad, and who enlists the help of Jack the Ripper.

Greenwood, Kerry. Murder and Mendelssohn (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) May. When the conductor of the Melbourne Harmony Choir is murdered in 1929, PI Phryne Fisher agrees to investigate when the police are baffled.

Gregory, Philippa. The White Princess (SS, 16.00) Apr. The story of Elizabeth, the Princess of York.

Gruda, Joanna. Revolution Baby (Europa, 16.00) May. Told from the point of view of a fourteen-year-old Polish boy who is a secret agent for the Resistance, this novel begins in Warsaw on the eve of World War II and ends at the liberation of Paris.

Harwood, John. The Asylum (HMH, 14.95) May. A Victorian gothic tale set at a psychiatric hospital where a woman awakens with no memory of the last few weeks and an uncle who disavows her. Very creepy.

Janes, J.Robert. Carnival (Mys, 14.99) May. Set in 1943 in Alsace, French policeman St-Cyr and Gestapo agent Kohler investigate the suspicious suicides of two workers at a rayon factory, the manager of which was Kohler’s superior during WWI. An excellent series.

Keneally, Thomas. The Daughters of Mars (SS, 16.00) May. In 1915, two Australian sisters join the nursing corps for the ANZAC forces, experiencing a horror in the midst of war that they never expected. Highly recommended.

Kent, Hannah. Burial Rites (LB, 15.00) May. When a convicted murderess is sent to an isolated farm in northern Iceland to await her execution in 1839, her story melts the hearts of the farmer and his family, but can they save her? Excellent.

Kriss, Gary. The Zodiac Deception (STM, 26.99) May. An American conman is convinced to go undercover in Nazi Germany in 1942 impersonating an astrologer in hopes that by using illusion, sleight of hand, and deception he can gain the trust of Himmler.

Lake, Deryn. Death on the Rocks (SH, 28.95) Apr. Apothcary John Rawlings is asked by a merchant to check out a man claiming to be his stepson, who disappeared at age 14, and reappeared after hearing of his mother’s death and his inheritance in the latest in this series set in eighteenth-century England.

Laerhoven, Bob van. Baudelaire’s Revenge (Peg, 25.95) Apr. A series of murders in Paris in 1870 during the Franco-Prussian War leaves Commissioner Lefèvre looking for a killer who loves the poetry of Charles Baudelaire so much that he leaves lines from Les Fleurs du Mal on each body.

LeFebure, Molly. Murder on the Home Front (GC, 14.00) Apr. A true story of murders, morgues and mysteries during the London Blitz in 1941, written by the secretary of London’s forensic pathologist. Both fascinating and charming.

Maxwell, Alyssa. Murder at the Breakers (Kens, 15.00) Apr. In a debut mystery set in Newport during the Gilded Age, a woman, who is half-Vanderbilt and half ordinary Newporter, investigates a murder at the Vanderbilt mansion when her brother becomes the chief suspect.

McGarrity, Michael. Backlands (Dut, 28.95) May. Taking up after the WWI death of his older brother, the second in the Kerney family saga follows young Matthew, forced to grow up too fast as he deals with his stern father, his sickly mother, and the havoc wrought by the Great Depression on life in the Tularosa Basin. Signing.

Moore, Christopher. The Serpent of Venice (HC, 26.99) Apr. Pocket the Fool, Drool, and Jeff the monkey have been lured with promises of wine and women to a Venetian palazzo by a trio of cunning plotters who plan to do them in, but the Fool is nobody’s fool.

Morris, R.N. The Dark Palace (SH, 28.95) May. In a mystery set in pre-WWI London, Silas Quinn of Scotland Yard’s Special Crimes Department is faced the bizarre case of someone breaking into the morgue to remove the eyes of the victim of an earlier case, but then a senior Admiralty official receives a cue ball painted to look like an eye and the case becomes political.

Parot, Jean-François. The Man with the Lead Stomach (Con, 15.95) May. In 1761, the commissioner of the Paris police looks into what appears to be a locked room murder related to skullduggery at the court of Louis XV.

Perry, Anne. Midnight at Marble Arch (Ball, 16.00) Apr. Thomas and Charlotte investigate when an innocent man is accused of raping two highly-placed ladies.

Phillips, Scott. Hop Alley (Per, 25.00) May. A noir Western that follows Bill Ogden, who leaves Cottonwood, KS with his best friend’s wife and turns up running a photographic studio in Denver on the edge of Chinatown, where the murder of  his housekeeper’s brother-in-law is the first of a string of violence that has him wishing he’d stayed in Kansas.

Potzsch, Oliver. The Ludwig Conspiracy (HMH, 14.95) May. When the encrypted diary of a confidant of Ludwig of Bavaria falls into the hands of a contemporary book dealer, he teams up with an art detective to discover the secret of the mad king.

Scarrow, Simon. The Gladiator (Over, 16.95) May. Returning from the campaign against the Parthians, Cato and Macro are shipwrecked on Crete, devastated by an earthquake and under threat of a slave rebellion.

_____. The Zealot (Over, 25.95) May. Macro and Cato are sent to the Eastern frontier, where uprisings related to the crucifixion of a prophet named Jehoshua seventeen years before are creating instability, made more serious by the Parthians waiting on the frontier to attack.

Schwarz, Christina. The Edge of the Earth (SS, 15.00) Apr. In 1898 a well-bred Wisconsin woman impetuously marries a stranger and goes to California with him where they live in an isolated lighthouse in Big Sur, where she discovers secrets she never expected.

Shreve, Anita. Stella Bain (LB, 16.00) May. An American working as a nurse in France during WWI awakens after an explosion with amnesia and leaves for London, and with the help of a neurologist seeks to discover her past. I really liked this.

Smith, Denis O. The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Per, 13.95) Apr. A collection of more than two dozen stories written by one of the masters of the Holmes pastiche.

St. James, Simone. Silence for the Dead (NAL, 14.00) Apr. In 1919 a nurse at a remote manor house that has become a hospital for those suffering from shell-shock begins to believe that something evil is happening in the house and joins forces with an inmate to discover what is haunting them all.

Tallis, F. R. The Forbidden (Peg, 25.95) May. In 1873, an ambitious young doctor explores the dangerous border between neuroscience and the supernatural in a novel of psychological suspense.

Thomas, Will. Fatal Enquiry (STM, 25.99) May. Private enquiry agent Cyrus Barker returns to Victorian London to investigate when the government releases a psychopathic aristocrat with diabolical plans.

Thompson, Victoria. Murder in Chelsea (Brk, 7.99) May. When a mysterious woman claiming to represent the mother of Sarah Brandt’s adopted daughter is murdered, Sarah and Frank uncover revelations that affect their futures.

_____. Murder in Murray Hill (Brk, 25.95) May. In the latest in this series set in the gaslit world of New York, Sarah and Frank discover a twisted plot targeting the city’s single woman when a young woman disappears.

Trent, Christine. Stolen Remains (Kens, 15.00) May. Victorian funeral director Violet Harper is honored to be asked to handle the funeral of an aristocrat close to the Queen, but when the body vanishes, she and Scotland Yard must undertake a delicate investigation.

Weinberg, Felix. Boy 30529 (RH, 16.95) Apr. A memoir by a man who spent his teenaged years in a series of German concentration camps and survived to be reunited with his father in Britain in 1945. Powerful.

Winspear, Jacqueline. Leaving Everything Most Loved (HC, 15.99) Apr. Maisie is asked to investigate the death of an Indian woman in 1933, while at the same time coming to grips with her own life and future.

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