February/March 2015

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Anderson, James. The Never-Open Desert Diner (Pleasure Boat, 25.00) Feb. A debut mystery set in Utah where the owner of a delivery service in a deserted part of the state comes across criminal activity among the eccentric desert dwellers.

Anolik, Lili. Dark Rooms (HC, 25.99) Mar. When a sixteen-year-old girl dies at an exclusive prep school, the crime is quickly solved when a classmate confesses and commits suicide, but the victim’s sister isn’t satisfied and goes to work at the school obsessed with finding the truth.

Atkins, Lucy. The Missing One (Quer, 24.99) Feb. After her mother dies, a woman discovers a cache of letters from a woman she doesn’t know, so impulsively she goes to visit the woman’s gallery on a remote island in British Columbia with her young son, only to find out secrets about her mother and a growing sense that she and her son are in danger.

Bailey, Frankie Y. What the Fly Saw (STM, 25.99) Mar. When a funeral director with ties to a megachurch is found dead with an arrow in his chest, Albany detective Hannah McCabe and her partner must sift through lies and evasions to find a killer.

Barbieri, Maggie. Lies that Bind (STM, 25.99) Feb. Suburban bakery owner Maeve Conlon is shocked to discover after her father’s death that she has a sister, a developmentally disabled girl who disappeared after the institution in which she was placed was closed for abusive practices, but when a member of her support group is killed, she realizes that someone is willing to kill to keep the past from coming to light.

Beaton, M.C. Death of a Liar (GC, 25.00) Feb. Hamish McBeth investigates the murder of a woman known for crying wolf, an investigation that becomes more serious when a couple new to the area are found tortured and murdered.

Beauvoir, Jeannette de. Asylum (STM, 25.99) Mar. The head of PR for the mayor of Montreal teams up with a police detective when a series of murders of women threatens the tourist industry, and the two discover a connection to a horrific secret in the city’s past.

Berenson, Alex. Twelve Days (Put, 27.95) Feb. John Wells is convinced that the discovery of weapons-grade uranium in Istanbul is related to a billionaire casino owner who is trying to trick the U.S. into going to war with Iran.

Blake, James Carlos. The House of Wolfe (Per, 24.00) Mar. When a female member of the Wolfe clan is kidnapped during a society wedding in Mexico City, two of her cousins slip into Mexico to rescue her with the help of the Mexican branch of the family. Highly recommended. Signed copies.

Bowen, Gail. 12 Rose Street (M&S, 27.95) Mar. When her husband’s mayoral campaign is rocked by violent incidents, Joanne Kilbourn investigates and finds that all the clues lead back to one property in Regina.

Box, C.J. Endangered (Put, 26.95) Mar. Joe Pickett is investigating the slaughter of a flock of endangered sage grouse when he discovers that his foster daughter has been beaten and left for dead, and his suspicions fall on her no-good rodeo champion boyfriend. Signing.

Brandt, Harry. The Whites (HH, 28.00) Feb. A disgraced NYPD detective works for the Manhattan Night Watch, charged with investigating any felonies that occur after hours, but when he is called in to investigate a fatal slashing at Penn Station, he discovers that the victim was a suspect in the unsolved, brutal killing of a young boy years before.

Brett, Simon. The Tomb in Turkey (SH, 28.95) Mar. Jude persuades Carole to accompany her on a trip to Turkey where an old flame has offered her the use of his villa, but the discovery of a modern body beside an ancient tomb sends them sleuthing.

Caldwell, Ian. The Fifth Gospel (SS, 25.99) Mar. Two Greek brothers working at the Vatican are involved with a controversial museum devoted to the Shroud of Turin, and when the curator is found murdered, they discover a conspiracy to resurrect a “poisonous ancient hatred,” in a thoughtful religious thriller.

Cameron, Graeme. Normal (Mira, 24.95) Mar. A British serial killer who is as bumbling as he is effective is the narrator of this unusual mystery, which presents a strangely human predator, who even falls in love.

Clarkson, John. Among Thieves (STM, 25.99) Feb. An ex-con who started a Brooklyn halfway house for his fellow ex-cons runs into serious problems with a Russian arms dealer when he tries to help the beautiful cousin of a friend who was blackballed at a high-powered hedge fund after trying to rein in a rogue trader.

Clement, Blaize and John. The Cat Sitter’s Whiskers (STM, 25.99) Mar.  Dixie Hemingway is knocked out by an intruder when she goes to feed a Maine Coon cat she’s pet-sitting, but it appears that nothing is missing from the art-filled house.

Coben, Harlan. The Stranger (Dut, 27.95) Mar. A man with a seemingly perfect life and perfect marriage is stunned when a stranger reveals a dark secret about his wife that destroys his marriage, but he also realizes that he has stumbled into a conspiracy that could end his life as well.

Conrad, Hy. Toured to Death (Ken, 25.00) Feb. The first of a funny new series featuring a mother-daughter team of travel agents who set up a road-rally mystery tour outside of Monte Carlo, which goes without a hitch until the writer who is providing the clues is murdered in New York City.

Cook, Robin. Host (Put, 26.95) Mar. When her friend dies after routine surgery, a medical student investigates only to discover a high rate of deaths from routine procedures at the hospital—and then she begins to receive death threats.

Cooper, Susan Rogers. Dead to the World (SH, 28.95) Mar. E.J. Pugh and her husband help the owner of a quaint B&B in the Texas hill country when she swears she has seen the ghost of her father.

Crawford, Susan. The Pocket Wife (HC, 25.99) Mar. When her neighbor is found murdered, a woman realizes that she was the last to see her alive, but because of her bipolar disorder her memory of the event has been lost. Now she wonders if she killed her neighbor.

Cross, Mason. The Killing Season (Peg, 25.95) Feb. In the first of a new series, a man who specializes in finding people who don’t want to be found is hired by the FBI to find a serial killer who escaped from a prisoner-transport van.

Ephron, Hallie. Night Night, Sleep Tight (HC, 26.99) Mar. When she returns to find her father dead in his dilapidated Beverly Hills home and the arrival of her friend from years ago who confessed to killing her movie star mother’s boyfriend, a woman knows that his death is linked to that night years before.

Ferris, Monica. Darned if You Do (Brk, 24.95) Feb. Betsy must sharpen her sleuthing skills when an elderly hoarder is found dead, and the clue to the killer is hidden in the clutter of her house.

Fielding, Joy. Someone is Watching (Ball, 27.00) Mar. After a brutal attack a woman is unable to leave her apartment, so to amuse herself she begins watching her neighbors, but when one of the neighbors begins watching back, she fears that he was her attacker.

Fields, Tricia. Firebreak (STM, 25.99) Mar. In the latest in this series set in West Texas, Sheriff Josie Gray finds a body after a wildfire sweeps through the town, and while it appears that the victim died of a drug overdose, Josie begins to suspect murder.

Flanders, Judith. A Murder of Magpies (STM, 24.99) Feb. In an amusing debut mystery set in the world of British book publishing, a snarky editor must investigate when the gossipy journalist who delivers a potentially libelous manuscript dealing with the death of a fashion icon disappears. Highly recommended.

Fluke, Joanne. Double Fudge Brownie Murder (Ken, 26.00) Mar. Hannah Swenson is facing a trial after a tragic accident, but when the judge is murdered before it begins, she becomes the prime suspect, and must find a killer to clear her name in the court of public opinion.

Freeman, Brian. Season of Fear (Quer, 26.99) Mar. In the first of a new series, a PI is called in to investigate the murder of a third-party candidate’s husband years before when the candidate begins receiving assassination threats.

Gardner, Lisa. Crash & Burn (Dut, 27.95) Feb. PI Tessa Leoni and DS Wyatt Foster investigate when a luxury car is found at the bottom of a New Hampshire ravine with a confused and injured driver in a case that begins with an ordinary car accident and uncovers a whole history of sickening crimes.

Glinski, Robert. The Friendship of Criminals (STM, 25.99) Mar. A gritty debut set in Philadelphia where a Polish mob boss is beset by enemies on all sides, including the FBI monitoring his activities.

Gregson, J.M. A Necessary End (SH, 29.95) Feb. When a member of a book discussion group is found shot dead, DCI Percy Peach of the Manchester CID must find a killer as he uncovers connections among the book group members.

Hamilton, Glen Erik. Past Crimes (HC, 26.99) Mar. An Army ranger is called back home to Seattle by his grandfather, a thief, but he arrives to find his grandfather dying and must join forces with his criminal associates to discover who killed him and why in a debut mystery.

Handler, David. Phantom Angel (STM, 24.99) Feb. Show-biz PI Benji Golden is hired by a Broadway producer to find his millionaire backer, and the only clue he has is the identity of the man’s girlfriend in the second in this very funny series.

Harrison, Jim. The Big Seven (Per, 26.00) Feb. Retired detective Simon Sunderson investigates a series of homicides in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, beginning with the death of his housekeeper and later other members of her nefarious clan. Vintage Harrison.

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia. Star Fall (Sh, 29.95) Mar. London homicide detective Bill Slider investigates the stabbing death of the celebrity host of a television show, a man whose slimy dealings mean that most everyone has a motive.

Heley, Veronica. False Impression (SH, 29.95) Mar. Bea Abbott, who runs a domestic agency in an upmarket London suburb, has her hands full when her friend is targeted by a killer and then discovers two bodies in a carpark.

Herron, Mick. Nobody Walks (Soho, 25.95) Feb. An excellent thriller featuring a former undercover specialist in British intelligence who returns to London after his son is found dead, and whose investigation leads him to a shadowy software designer and the bizarre head of the Intelligence Service. Highly recommended.

Hruska, Alan. Pardon the Ravens (Con, 26.95) Feb. A young corporate lawyer working on defending a major corporation against fraud charges falls in love with the wife of the mobster who is behind the fraud.

Jance, J.A. Cold Betrayal (SS, 25.99) Mar. In Jance’s fiftieth mystery, Ali Reynolds investigates a polygamous cult after a young, pregnant woman fleeing it is badly injured when she is hit by a car.

Janeway, Judith. The Magician’s Daughter (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Feb. A young San Francisco magician is approached by someone with information about her con-woman mother whom she hasn’t seen in years in a debut filled with plot twists.

Jones, Merry. In the Woods (SH, 28.95) Feb. Harper Jennings and her husband on a camping trip run afoul of a group of survivalists who may be implicated in the shooting deaths of a hunter and an oil pipeline worker.

Joy, David. Where all the Light Tends to Go (Put, 26.95) Mar. A young Appalachian boy yearns to leave his family—a meth-addicted mother and a drug-running father—but threats to his father’s business ensnare him in murder and violence as he is planning his escape.

Keegan, Stephanie. Golden State (SS, 25.00) Feb. A woman from a prominent California political family is shocked to learn that the notorious “Cal Bomber” could be her estranged younger brother in a story of lies and betrayals.

Kardos, Michael. Before He Finds Her (Per, 25.00) Feb. A young woman whose father murdered her mother when she was a baby has been in a witness protection program in case he comes to kill her, but when she becomes pregnant, she decides it is time to come out of the shadows. An excellent mystery, intricately plotted, with strong characterizations. Highly recommended.

Kellerman, Jonathan. Motive (Ball, 28.00) Feb. When an L.A. accountant is found dead in her home, her violent boyfriend has an alibi, later when a businesswoman is found dead, her husband has an alibi, leaving Alex Delaware and homicide detective Milo Sturgis with only one clue—both women have left meals for two in their homes.

Kelly, Jim. At Death’s Window (SH, 28.95) Feb. In the latest in this British police-procedural series, Shaw and Valentine investigate when a man is killed by an organized gang that has taken over the picking of samphire, a wildly popular edible plant grown on the Norfolk coast.

Kelly, Mary Louise. The Bullet (SS, 26.00) Mar. When a French literature professor discovers from an MRI that she has a bullet lodged in her neck, she remembers her childhood and an unsolved double homicide, realizing that the bullet may be a clue that the killer must retrieve.

Klavan, Andrew. Werewolf Cop (Peg, 25.95) Feb. An NYPD police officer is sent to Germany during an investigation of a European crime boss where he is bitten by a supernatural beast and transformed into a killer.

Kornegay, Jamie. Soil (SS, 26.00) Mar. An environmental scientist who takes his family to a farm in Mississippi becomes increasingly paranoid as his dream begins to fail, so much so that when he discovers a corpse on his property, he decides to hide it rather than calling the police—obviously not the action of a man in his right mind--in a darkly comic Southern noir.

Lake, Deryn. The Moonlit Door (SH, 28,95) Mar. Nick Lawrence, the vicar of a small Sussex village, investigates when the body of a young boy is found during preparations for a medieval fair.

Lange, Richard. Sweet Nothing (Mull, 26.00) Feb. A collection of noir short stories about L.A.-area grifters, ex-cons, and gamblers.

Laukkanen, Owen. The Stolen Ones (Put, 26.95) Mar. When a hysterical young woman who speaks no English is found by the body of a Minnesota deputy, BCA agent Kirk Stevens and FBI agent Carla Windermere discover a massive international human trafficking ring that sends them from Montana to New York.

Levien, David. Signature Kill (BDD, 24.95) Mar. Indianapolis PI Frank Behr is hired to look for a missing young woman, but when a body is found horrifyingly arranged, he begins to believe that the cases are connected, and as the body count mounts, it becomes clear that a serial killer is at work.

Levy, Robert. The Glittering World (SS, 26.00) Feb. A supernatural thriller set in the remote Canadian wilderness where a New York chef returns for a vacation getaway only to begin to remember a repressed incident from his childhood when he and another child went missing for weeks.

Lippman, Laura. Hush Hush (HC, 26.99) Feb. Baltimore PI Tess Monaghan, now the mother of a young girl, is hired to assess the security risks to a woman accused of killing her infant 12 years before who has returned along with a documentary filmmaker to reunite with her daughters.

Marche, Stephen. The Hunger of the Wolf (SS, 25.00) Feb. A young man who grew up in Alberta where his parents work for a wealthy, enigmatic family begins to investigate when one of the family is found dead in the snow in a mystery with supernatural elements.

Marr, Andrew. Head of State (Over, 27.95) Feb. A terrific satirical political thriller by the former political editor of the BBC about a referendum for the UK to leave the European Union, but two dead bodies in the morgue are the key to a conspiracy that would dramatically influence the outcome of the vote.

Mason, Jamie. Monday’s Lie (SS, 24.99) Feb. The daughter of a covert ops agent discovers that the tricks of observation that her mother had taught her serve her in good stead when her husband’s behavior leads her to believe that he desires a separation more permanent than divorce. Highly recommended.

May, Peter. The Chessmen (Quer, 26.99) Feb. The third in the trilogy set in the Isle of Lewis finds former police detective Fin Macleod working as the head of security on a large estate, where the discovery of an airplane and the Celtic rock-star pilot in a loch lead to a murder investigation.

McBeth, Colette. The Life I Left Behind (STM, 24.99) Feb. A London woman who survived an attack by a friend and neighbor is horrified when another woman is killed shortly after her attacker is paroled from prison, while the DI investigating the cases is beginning to doubt the man’s guilt.

McLean, Russel D. Cry Uncle (SH, 28.95) Mar. In this hard-boiled Scottish mystery, PI McNee considers exacting justice himself when he tracks down a vicious drug lord.

Miller, Susan Cummins. Chasm (TTP, 29.95) Mar. Tucson geologist Frankie Macfarlane is leading a group of college students on a Grand Canyon rafting trip, but she doesn’t realize that one of the women is fleeing a polygamous cult, and her older husband and father are stalking the group.

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau and Pat J.J. Murphy. The Cat, the Devil, the Last Escape (HC, 24.99) Feb. The daughter of a man unjustly imprisoned for a robbery finds comfort from the ghost cat Misto, while her father gets help from criminal Lee Fontana in a magical tale of defeating the Devil.

Nordhaus, Hannah. American Ghost (HC, 25.99) Mar. A journalist looks into the past of her great-great-grandmother, a German immigrant who settled in New Mexico years before and who since the 1970s has been the resident ghost at the La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, where her spirit moves objects, rips off blankets, and occasionally reveals herself.

Patterson, James and Marshall Karp. NYPD Red 3 (LB, 28.00) Mar. When a billionaire businessman discovers his chauffeur’s head in a bag marked with the initials of his missing teenaged son, he turns to NYPD Red to discover the truth.

Phelan, Tom. Lies the Mushroom Pickers Told (Per, 24.95) Feb. A reporter returns to his Irish hometown to investigate two suspicious deaths that occurred there over fifty years before in an entertaining and funny murder mystery with wonderful details of life in an agricultural village. Highly recommended.

Pyper, Andrew. The Damned (SS, 25.00) Feb. A young man survives the fire that kills his twin sister, who continues to torment him from beyond the grave, especially after he falls in love in a very creepy supernatural thriller.

Reardon, Bryan. Finding Jake (HC, 26.99) Feb. When there is a shooting at a suburban Delaware high school, a man discovers to his horror that his teenaged son is suspected of being one of the gunmen.

Renehan, John. The Valley (Dut, 26.95) Mar. A junior officer is sent to investigate suspicious goings-on at a remote American military outpost in Afghanistan, but the personnel at the base refuse to help him with the investigation.

Rhodes, Kate. The Winter Foundlings (STM, 26.99) Feb. A London forensic psychologist is asked to help when a series of child murders occurs with the same MO as that of a notorious child murderer, a murderer who is incarcerated in the psychiatric facility where she is doing research.

Robb, J.D. Obsession in Death (Put, 27.95) Feb. Eve Dallas has a homicidal admirer who is out to remove those who disrespect her, and she must dig for clues to his identity in her past cases.

Robotham, Michael. Life or Death (Mull, 26.00) Mar. A standalone thriller about a man convicted of being an accomplice in a high-profile robbery of an armored truck that left four people dead and $7 million unaccounted for who escapes from a Texas prison, and it becomes clear that he isn’t wholly guilty and that a dangerous conspiracy is at work.

Rollins, James and Rebecca Cantrell. Blood Infernal (HC, 27.99) Feb. The final volume in the trilogy finds archaeologist Erin Granger, Army Sergeant Jordon Stone, and Priest Rhun Korza fighting to save the world from the Apocalypse by confronting Lucifer himself.

Sears, Michael. Long Way Down (Put, 26.95) Feb. Disgraced trader Jason Stafford is asked to look into possible illegal trading by the CEO of a hot new biotech company, but when the man’s wife is murdered, he becomes the chief suspect.

Seymour, Gerald. The Outsiders (STM, 25.99) Feb. The leader of a group of MI5 operatives investigating organized crime vows to take down the Russian crime boss responsible for the death of one of her operatives, but complications abound.

Simon, Clea. Kittens Can Kill (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Mar. When pet trainer Pru goes to visit an attorney, she finds him dead with a kitten playing by his side, and investigates when it is suggested that a fatal allergic reaction to the kitten was the cause of death.

Spindler, Erica. The First Wife (STM, 25.99) Feb. When a woman marries a man she knows nothing about and returns to his home, she hears stories about the disappearance of his first wife, as well as other women in the area, and finds herself not knowing whom to trust.

Steinhauer, Olen. All the Old Knives (STM, 23.99) Mar. In a novel told in two alternating points of view, two CIA operatives meet to discuss a hostage situation gone horribly wrong in Vienna six years before, and uncover a pattern of dark secrets and betrayals—both personal and professional. I loved this.

Swanson, Peter. The Kind Worth Killing (HC, 25.99) Feb. A woman who specializes in dispassionate homicide agrees to help a man she meets at Heathrow who wishes to kill his unfaithful wife in Boston, unaware that a police detective is on her trail.

Swiercynski, Duane. Canary (Mull, 26.00) Feb. A young Philadelphia college student finds herself working as a police informant after she gives a ride to a drunken classmate who leaves drugs in her car and she is picked up by a narcotics officer.

Tesh, Jane. Just You Wait (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Feb. PI David Randall asks his psychic friend Cam to help with the disappearance of an aging local actress, but when they find her body buried in the basement of her house, they must investigate a case of murder.

Thompson, Carlene. Can’t Find My Way Home (SH, 29.95) Feb. When her brother disappears after returning to the Maryland town where their father was murdered, a novelist returns to find him in a novel of romantic suspense.

Truss, Lynn. Cat Out of Hell (Mel, 24.00) Mar. A darkly funny tale of a murder and a demonic cat, featuring a librarian who has retreated to the English seaside with his dog to mourn the death of his wife where he hears the tale of Roger, a cat with the ability to murder vengefully and surreptitiously, who has designs on both the librarian and his dog.

Unger, Lisa. Crazy Love You (SS, 25.99) Feb. A graphic novelist whose successful series is drawn from his unhappy childhood in an upstate New York town finds himself torn between his childhood girlfriend—who encourages him in destructive behavior—and his new love in a novel of suspense.

Vann, David. Aquarium (per, 24.00) Feb. A young girl who lives in Seattle with her mother visits the local aquarium where she is befriended by an older man, a man who represents a dark family secret that threatens her relationship with her mother.

Watterson, Kate. Fractured (STM, 27.99) Mar. Milwaukee homicide detective Ellie MacIntosh is investigating two murders with a similar MO, but she has trouble finding a connection between the victims, one a college professor and one an unidentified man living in a rundown house.

Weissbourd, Burt. Teaser (Per, 2495) Feb. Seattle PI Corey Logan and his friend Abe must rescue a private schoolgirl who is abducted by a diabolical killer in a case that takes them from the elite world of private schoolkids to the teenaged runaways on the streets.

White, Randy Wayne. Cuba Straits (Put, 26.95) Mar. Doc Ford investigates when a friend who has become wealthy selling Cuban historical treasures is killed after selling a packet of letters written by Fidel Castro to a girlfriend in the period 1960-62.


New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Abbott, Jeff. Inside Man (GC, 6.00) Feb.

Baldacci, David. The Target (GC, 10.00) Mar.

Barr, Nevada. Destroyer Angel (STM, 9.99) Feb.

Beaton, M.C. Death of a Policeman (GC, 8.00) Feb.

Bell, Ted. Warriors (HC, 9.99) Feb.

Berenson, Alex. The Counterfeit Agent (Brk, 9.99) Feb.

Box, C. J. Stone Cold (Brk, 9.99) Mar.

Childs, Laura. Steeped in Evil (Brk, 7.99) Mar.

Clark, Mary Higgins. I’ve Got Your Under my Skin (Pkt, 7.99) Mar.

Cleeland, Anne. Murder in Retribution (Ken, 7.99) Mar.

Coben, Harlan. Missing You (NAL, 9.99) Feb.

Daheim, Mary. The Alpine Yeoman (BDD, 7.99) Mar.

Deaver, Jeffrey. The October List (GC, 8.00) Mar.

Ferris, Monica. The Drowning Spool (Brk, 7.99) Feb.

Fletcher, Jessica and Donald Bain. Murder She Wrote: Aloha Betrayed (NAL, 7.99) Mar.

Fluke, Joanne. The Blackberry Pie Murder (Ken, 7.99) Feb.

Greeley, Andrew. Irish Cream (STM, 6.99) Feb.

Griffin, Laura. Beyond Limits (Pkt, 7.99) Feb.

Gross, Andrew. Everything to Lose (HC, 9.99) Mar.

Haines, Carolyn. Booty Bones (STM, 7.99) Feb.

Hiaasen, Carl. Bad Monkey (GC, 8.00) Mar.

Hillier, Jennifer. The Butcher (Pkt, 7.99) Feb.

Johansen, Iris and Roy Johansen. Sight Unseen (STM, 7.99) Mar.

McKenzie, Sophie. Close my Eyes (STM, 7.99) Mar.

McKevett, G.A. Killer Physique (Ken, 7.99) Feb.

Patterson, James and Mark Sullivan. Private L.A. (GC, 10.00) Feb.

Reichs, Kathy. Bones Never Lie (BDD, 9.99) Mar.

Robb, J.D. Festive in Death (Brk, 7.99) Mar.

Silva, Daniel. The Heist (HC, 9.99) Mar.

Slaughter, Karin. Cop Town (BDD, 9.99) Feb.

Tanenbaum, Robert. Fatal Conceit (Pkt, 9.99) Mar.

Thoft, Ingrid. Identity (Brk, 9.99) Feb.

White, Randy Wayne. Bone Deep (Brk, 9.99) Feb.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Aames, Avery. As Gouda as Dead (Brk, 7.99) Feb. Cheese shop owner Charlotte is planning her wedding, but when someone is murdered on her fiancé’s farm, she must find the killer.

Arlington, Lucy. Played by the Book (Brk, 7.99) Feb. Literary agent Lila Watkins is horrified to discover a skull in a flowerbed, but things get worse when a member of the garden club is murdered.

Bradford, Laura. Suspendered Sentence (Brk, 7.99) Mar. When the body of a young Amish woman who disappeared years before is found during the raising of a barn, Claire must help unearth long-ago secrets.

Brown, Duffy. Demise in Denim (Brk, 7.99) Mar. After a dead man is found in a bathtub and a  local lawyer  is accused of the murder, Reagan finds herself with a fugitive in her attic and a new murder to solve.

Budewitz, Leslie. Assault and Pepper (Brk, 7.99) Mar. In the first of a new series a woman who runs a spice shop in Seattle must find a killer when a panhandler turns up dead in front of her shop—with one of her cups in his hand.

Carlisle, Kate. This Old Homicide (NAL, 7.99) Feb. Contractor Shannon Hammer must nail a killer when she discovers her elderly neighbor dead in his ransacked home.

Cass, Laurie. Borrowed Crime (NAL, 7.99) Mar. Librarian Minnie Hamilton and her rescue cat must find out who killed one of the volunteers who helped with the bookmobile, before she is checked out for good.

Collins, Kate. A Root Awakening (NAL, 7.99) Feb. Marco is hired to investigate a suspicious accident of a construction worker at the site of a dilapidated Victorian house, but Abby is also investigating on her own.

Connolly, Sheila. An Early Wake (Brk, 7.99) Feb. Irish pub owner Maura Donovan decides to bring back live music at the pub, but when one of the musicians is murdered, she must make the murderer face the music.

Cook, J.J. Fry another Day (Brk, 7.99) Feb. Food truck owner Zoe Chase enters a nationally televised food truck race, but when the contestants begin to be murdered, police begin to suspect her would-be beau.

Fifield, Christy. Murder Ties the Knot (Brk, 7.99) Mar. When she travels to Alabama to pick up a wedding quilt for her best friend, Glory finds the quilt, quilter, and the quilter’s husband gone, leaving two dead bodies behind.

Gates, Eva. By Book or by Crook (NAL, 7.99) Feb. In the first of a new series a librarian takes a job on an island in the Outer Banks, but when a priceless first edition of a Jane Austen novel goes missing and the chair of the library board is murdered, she’s ensnared in a real-life mystery.

Hale, Rebecca. How to Catch a Cat (Brk, 7.99) Mar. In the latest in this purr-fect series, a serial killer terrorizing San Francisco appears to be tied to the city’s past and the first European ship to pass through the Golden Gate.

Haywood, B.B. Town in a Sweet Pickle (Brk, 7.99) Feb. When a celebrity judge is almost killed by a poisoned pickle during a cooking event, Candy is jarred to find herself one of the suspects.

Hughes, Mary Ellen. License to Dill (Brk, 7.99) Feb. As Piper knows, the vegetables are preserved, but the people around her keep expiring, and when the manager of a visiting Italian soccer team is murdered, she’s in a pickle.

Kappes, Tonya. A Ghostly Undertaking (HC, 7.99) Mar. In the first in a paranormal series, an undertaker develops psychic ability after being knocked on the head by a plastic Santa, but that’s not necessarily a good thing when her grandmother’s arch enemy claims she was murdered.

Kelly, Diane. Death, Taxes, and Cheap Sunglasses (STM, 7.99) Mar. IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway is on the trail of fraudulent charitable foundations, while her boyfriend has gone deep undercover tracking down a dangerous drug cartel.

London, Colette. Criminal Confections (Ken, 7.99) Feb. In the first of a new series, “chocolate whisperer” Hayley Moore is a luxury consultant who specializes in all things chocolate, but when a colleague is found dead at a chocolate-themed San Francisco resort, she begins to fear that she was the intended victim—not a sweet thought.

McHugh, Mary. Flamenco, Flan, and Fatalities (Ken, 7.99) Mar. The Happy Hoofers have been booked for a luxury train excursion through northern Spain, but when one of the tourists is found dead, they trade their flamenco shoes for their sleuthing shoes to find the killer.

McKinlay, Jenn. At the Drop of a Hat (Brk, 7.99) Feb. London milliners Scarlett and Vivian must unveil a murderer when a bride-to-be is accused of murdering her boss.

McLaughlin, Staci. A Healthy Homicide (Ken, 7.99) Mar. When a rival spa opens, Dana worries that the competition might harm her business, but when the owner is found dead, she must catch a killer before the police suspect that the rivalry has turned lethal.

Morrigan, Laura. Horse of a Different Killer (Brk, 7.99) Mar. When her sister becomes a suspect in the murder of her husband, animal behaviorist Grace finds that the trail of clues leads to the disappearance of a Frisian from his stable.

Orgain, Diana. A First Date with Death (Brk, 7.99) Mar. A former policewoman agrees to appear on a television reality show that involves dating ten different men, but when two bachelors are murdered, it becomes clear that someone has killer plans for the new series.

Ryan, Annelise. Stiff Penalty (Ken, 7.99) Mar. Deputy coroner Mattie Winston investigates the murder of a high school teacher stabbed with a barbecue fork in the latest in this series that combines humor and forensics.

Smith, Karen Rose. Gilt by Association (Ken, 7.99) Feb. When the owner of a romantically-decorated house is found dead before the open house, home stager Caprice de Luca discovers that her client had a number of dark secrets.

Stewart, Fran. A Wee Murder in my Shop (Brk, 7.99) Mar. The owner of a Scottish shop in Vermont buys an old tartan shawl that comes with the ghost of a fourteenth-century Scotsman who helps her solve the murder of her ex-boyfriend in the first of a new series.

Swanson, Denise. Dying for a Cupcake (NAL, 7.99) Mar. When she hosts a cupcake competition in her store for a friend, she must investigate the murder of the cupcake queen’s assistant.

Wilde, Tom. The Blood of Alexander (STM, 9.99) Feb. A man who works for a foundation that liberates ancient artifacts from looters and thieves finds himself pitted against a cult leader in the search for a gilded bronze eagle from Napoleonic times that holds the clue to the location of the tomb of Alexander the Great.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Atherton, Nancy. Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well (Png, 14.00) Mar. Helping an Australian wrap up his late uncle’s affairs, Lori finds a wishing well on the property that makes wishes come true, causing chaos in the village.

Baker, Shannon. Tattered Legacy (MidInk, 14.99) Mar. When a filmmaker friend dies in an alleged hiking accident in the Canyonlands State Park, Nora discovers that a deadly power struggle is going on within a multibillion dollar corporation.

Baldacci, David. The Escape (GC, 16.00) Mar. John Puller becomes involved in the search for his brother who has escaped from a military prison, but the more he digs into the case the more he doubts his brother’s guilt.

Barclay, Alex. Harm’s Reach (HC, 14.99) Feb. When she investigates the murder of a woman, FBI Agent Ren Bryce finds that the victim was involved in a cold case from fifty years ago and discovers a family determined to hide some very dark secrets.

Benditt, John. The Boatmaker (Per, 15.95) Feb. A man is compelled to make a boat to leave the isolated island where he lives, but his experiences in the outside world leave him beaten and betrayed.

Berney, Lou. The Long and Faraway Gone (HC, 14.99) Feb. The survivors of two crimes that rocked Oklahoma City in 1986—a shooting during an armed robbery that left five people dead and the disappearance of a teenaged girl—join forces to discover the truth of what happened.

Block, Sandra. Ashes to Ashes (LB, 15.00) Feb. A debut psychological thriller about a psychiatrist haunted by childhood memories of the death of her birth mother in a fire who takes on a new patient—a beautiful sociopath who killed her own mother—and begins to fill in the blanks about her own mother’s death.

Bolton, Sharon. A Dark and Twisted Tide (STM, 16.99) Mar. Having newly joined London’s marine policing unit, Lacey Flint finds the body of a young woman in the Thames, and it appears that the body was deliberately left for her to find. Highly recommended.

Brodrick, William. The Sixth Lamentation (Png, 16.95) Feb. A reissue of a brilliant crime novel featuring Father Anselm who hears the confession of a dying man, a suspected Nazi war criminal. Excellent.

Brown, S. G. Less Than Hero (SS, 16.00) Mar. In a funny, satirical thriller, a band of guinea pigs for clinical pharmaceutical trials discover that they have gained powers that allow them to fight criminals and bring a kind of justice to New York City.

Brown, Sandra. Mean Streak (GC, 15.00) Feb. A marathon runner disappears on a mountain road and awakens to find herself held captive by a man with a violent past, but when they both have an encounter with people much more dangerous, she finds herself working with him to rescue a young woman.

Burley, John. The Forgetting Place (HC, 14.99) Feb. A psychologist working at the Menaker State Hospital in Maryland investigates when a patient arrives who doesn’t appear to belong in such an institution.

Casella, Carol. Gemini (SS, 15.99) Mar. When a physician asks her journalist boyfriend to help find the identity of a woman in the ICU after a hit-and-run accident, she finds that the relationship among them is much closer to home than she’d realized in a medical mystery set in the Pacific Northwest. I liked this.

Chang, Henry. Death Money (Soho, 14.95) Mar. NYPD homicide detective Jack Yu is called in when the body of an unidentified man is found in the Harlem River, in a case that takes him from New York’s Chinatown to the exclusive suburbs of New Jersey. Highly recommended.

Chesterton, R.B. The Seeker (Peg, 14.95) Feb. A graduate student researching Henry David Thoreau goes to Walden Pond after she discovers a journal written by an aunt who spent time there with him, but the more work she does, the more sinister things become, and when a young girl disappears, she becomes a suspect.

Cleeves, Anne. Dead Water (STM, 16.99) Feb. When the body of a journalist is found in the Shetland Islands, a detective is sent in from outside, leaving DI Jimmy Perez out of the loop—but it’s his knowledge of the locals that helps solve the mystery.

Cook, Josh. An Exaggerated Murder (Mel, 16.95) Mar. An exceedingly intelligent detective is faced with really stupid clues in his hunt for a gazillionaire, and when someone puts a dead pig in his living room, he realizes that there may be real danger in a funny sendup of detective stories with some real thrills.

Crosby, Ellen. Multiple Exposures (SS, 16.00) Mar. In the first in a new series, photojournalist Sophie Medina, whose husband, a covert CIA operative, disappears and later is spotted in Moscow seemingly involved in illicit Russian oil deals, fights to find him and clear his name.

Dahl, Julia. Invisible City (STM, 15.99) Mar. A young NYC journalist is assigned the story of the murder of a Hasidic Jew, and must find the truth within the close-knit world to which her mother belongs.

Davidson, Hilary. Blood Always Tells (STM, 15.99) Mar. When a woman seeks vengeance on her cheating married lover, she lands in the middle of an unexpected kidnapping and attempted murder, so she calls on her brother, an ex-military man with secrets of his own, to help her out.

Davies, Deborah Kay. Reasons She Goes to the Woods (Per, 15.99) Feb. A strange little girl in Wales with dark secrets spends her time in the woods, and no one knows the mystery behind her actions in a powerful novel of psychological suspense.

Diamond, Sarah. In the Spider’s House (F&M, 14.95) Mar. When a writer and her family move to a small village in Dorset, she begins to do research on the village only to find that a notorious murderess from the 1960’s lived in the house where her family lives.

DiSilva, Bruce. Providence Rag (STM, 15.99) Mar. A man convicted of killing five people while a teenager is still behind bars due to charges stemming from his time inside, but journalist Liam Mulligan is aware that the charges are trumped up, and his young colleague wants to see the criminal released.

Ellory, R.J. City of Lies (Png, 16.95) Feb. A young man’s happiness at discovering the father he thought was dead is alive is tempered when he discovers that he has been plunged into an underworld of treachery, power, and menace.

Freeman, Brian. The Cold Nowhere (Quer, 14.99) Mar. When a homeless teenager arrives at his house claiming to be fleeing a shadowy pursuer, Minnesota detective Jonathan Stride is inclined to believe her story, but his police partner doubts her as more and more violence occurs.

Gailey, Samuel W. Deep Winter (Png, 16.00) Feb. When a woman’s body is found outside of a small Pennsylvania town with a developmentally-disabled young man at her side, the deputy sheriff is convinced that he is the culprit, but he is wrong.

Gaus, P.L. Whiskers of the Lion (Png, 15.00) Mar. Sheriff Robertson is charged with finding a young Amish woman on the run from a murderous drug ring in the latest in this series set in Ohio’s Amish country.

Gore, Steven. Night is the Hunter (HC, 14.95) Feb. A Former San Francisco police officer is hired to review the conviction of a death-row inmate convicted of killing another gang member, but he finds that while interviewing everyone involved in the case he gets wildly conflicting versions of what happened.

Greene, Thomas Christopher. The Headmaster’s Wife (STM, 15.00) Mar. When the recently-bereaved headmaster of an exclusive Vermont boarding school is found wandering naked in Central Park, the story he tells the police gradually reveals the true nature of his wife’s death.

Hankins, James. Shady Cross (T&M, 14.95) Feb. When a small-time crook finds a wrecked car with a dead driver and a bag containing $350,000, he soon discovers that the money was ransom for the release of a kidnapped little girl, and amazingly, he decides to play along with the kidnappers in an attempt to rescue her.

Harlow, Jennifer. Witch upon a Star (MidInk, 14.99) Mar. Anna Olmstead must save herself and her children when her former vampire lover launches a plot to kidnap them.

Hawkins, Jeremy. The Last Days of Video (Per, 15.95) Mar. A very funny story about a struggling video store in a southern college town, owned by a misanthrope who decides to fight back when a large video store comes to town.

Hayder, Mo. Pig Island (Per, 15.00) Mar. The reissue of a standalone thriller about a journalist  specializing in debunking religious hoaxes who travels to a remote Scottish island where he encounters true evil in the person of the leader of a religious cult. Excellent.

Haynes, Elizabeth. Behind Closed Doors (HC, 15.99) Mar. When a young girl who disappeared during a family vacation in Greece ten years before turns up in a brothel in Briarstone, DCI Louisa Smith and her team struggle to find out what happened to her and how it relates to two murders.

_____. Under a Silent Moon (HC, 15.99) Feb. In the first in a British police procedural series that mixes in police reports, forensic analysis, and interviews,  DCI Louisa Smith and her team are called in to investigate two murders of women, and only later does the connection between the victims become apparent.

Hellmann, Libby Fischer. Nobody’s Child (Red Herrings, 16.99) Feb. PI Georgia Davis discovers that she has a half-sister, who is not only pregnant and sixteen, but also has been caught up in Chicago’s underground human trafficking ring.

Herbert, A. L. Murder with Fired Chicken and Waffles (Ken, 15.00) Mar. In the first of a new cozy mystery series set in a soul food restaurant in Maryland, Mahalia Watkins must serve up justice when a shady businessman is found dead in her restaurant and her young nephew is the prime suspect.

Herron, Mick. Down Cemetery Road (Soho, 14.95) Mar. This debut novel introduces a dissatisfied Oxford housewife who becomes interested when a young girl goes missing and joins forces with a PI to investigate. Herron is great.

Hodel, Steve. Black Dahlia Avenger (Per, 15.95) Feb. A Los Angeles policeman extensively researches the 1947 murder of a Hollywood starlet and concludes that his own father was the killer.

Kasischke, Laura. A Mind of Winter (HC, 14.99) Mar. Snowbound and alone with her teenaged adopted daughter, a woman discovers that the vague sense of unease that she feels for the child has turned to terror.

Klein, Zachery. Ties that Bind (Per, 14.95) Mar. PI Matt Jacob is called in by his former father-in-law when his new girlfriend’s son attempts suicide, and must discover why a kid with everything to live for would want to die.

Korelitz, Jean Hanff. You Should Have Known (GC, 15.00) Mar. A therapist who has just written a book cautioning women to hear what the men in their lives are trying to tell them is shocked   when her own husband disappears after a horrific death, and she begins to discover that she never really knew him.

Kuhn, Shane. The Intern’s Handbook (SS, 15.00) Feb. A highly-paid assassin goes undercover as an office lackey to kill the CEO, only to cross paths with a sexy federal agent sent to investigate the same man in a funny and suspenseful novel.

Lescroart, John. The Keeper (SS, 16.00) Mar. A guard at the San Francisco jail returns from an errand to find his wife missing, and by the time Dismas Hardy takes the case, he has becomes a suspect in a possible homicide.

Lotz, Sarah. The Three (LB, 16.00) Feb. When four planes crash within hours of each other on different continents, in each case but one there is a single child survivor, dubbed the harbingers of the apocalypse by a religious fanatic in a scary thriller.

Lourey, Jess. February Fever (MidInk, 14.99) Feb. Mira and an elderly friend take a trip on a Valentine’s train—a route designed for singles to meet and mingle—but what begins as fun rapidly turns ugly when a passenger is murdered.

McBride, Stuart. A Song for the Dying (HC, 14.99) Mar. When a nurse turns up dead, it looks as if a killer who had stopped years before after murdering four women has struck again, and Oldcastle DCI Ash Henderson sees a chance for redemption.

McKinty, Adrian. Gun Street Girl (Prom, 15.95) Mar. Sean Duffy with the Royal Ulster Constabulary looks into a double murder when a man commits suicide after he allegedly killed his parents.

Miller, Jason. Down Don’t Bother Me (HC, 14.99) Mar. A gritty debut novel set in the tough Illinois area known as Little Egypt, where the owner of a colliery asks one of his employees to investigate the death of a journalist.

Mina, Denise. The Red Road (LB, 15.00) Mar. Glasgow Police detective Alex Morrow is working to put away a dangerous arms dealer and the investigation leads to a privileged Scottish lawyer involved in money laundering.

Murphy, Jennifer. I Love You More (Anchor, 15.95) Mar. When a man is killed at his beach house, his wife becomes the main suspect—until wives number two and three appear—and only his daughter knows the truth. Highly recommended.

Offord, Lenore Glen. Skeleton Key (F&M, 14.95) Jan. A mystery first published in 1943 set in London during the Blitz featuring a young widow working as a typist for a scientist who trips over the body of an air raid warden during a blackout.

Patterson, James and David Ellis. Invisible (LB, 16.00) Feb. A standalone thriller about an FBI agent who believes that dozens of deaths across the country, including the death of her own sister, are linked if only she could find the evidence that ties them together.

Perry, Karen. The Innocent Sleep (STM, 15.99) Feb. After their child is killed during an earthquake in Cairo, a couple returns to Dublin, where, five years later the father sees his child on the street in a novel of suspense.

Quirk, Matthew. The Directive (LB, 16.00) Mar. Trapped into helping plan a heist with his brother, a conspiracy to steal a secret worth billions from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, former conman Mike Ford may not survive.

Rankin, Ian. Saints of the Shadow Bible (LB, 16.00) Feb. Rebus returns to investigate when the girlfriend of the son of a high-ranking politician is found injured in a car crash, but he also is coming under scrutiny for a thirty-year-old crime that may involve police corruption.

Richtel, Matt. The Doomsday Equation (HC, 14.99) Feb. A techno-thriller about a scientist who uses data from sources like food and oil prices, weather patterns, and population density to predict human conflict, and whose indicators are foretelling the end of the world in three days.

Robotham, Michael. Watching You (Mull, 15.00) Feb. After the disappearance of her husband, a woman begins seeing clinical therapist Joe O’Laughlin, and together they discover that the scrapbook he was compiling for her birthday reveals that someone has been eliminating anyone who gets close to her.

Rose, M.J. The Collector of Dying Breaths (SS, 16.00) Feb. A contemporary scholar researches the life and accomplishments of Catherine de Medici’s perfumer, who may have discovered the elixir of life in a sweeping gothic tale.

Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia’s Marvelous Makeover (Png, 16.00) Mar. Miss Julia must teach her cousin’s granddaughter how to be a lady, while at the same time fixing Sam’s campaign for state senate.

Ross, Loretta. Death and the Redheaded Woman (MidInk, 14.99) Feb. In the first of a new series an appraiser for an auction house finds the body of a naked man in a house she is preparing for auction, and with the help of a private investigator searching for some missing jewels hunts for a thief who also may be a killer.

Scottoline, Lisa.Keep Quiet (STM, 15.99) Mar. When his son gets in a fatal automobile accident, a man claims responsibility, but someone was watching and now is making threats.

Smith, Lachlan. Lion Plays Rough (Per, 14.00) Feb. Oakland attorney Leo Maxwell is hired to defend a drug dealer who claims he is innocent, but nothing about the case is as it seems, and Leo is thrust into a world of corruption with both the cops and the criminals out to get him. Excellent.

Troy, Judy. The Quiet Streets of Winslow (Per, 15.95) Feb. A pick for Southwest Books of the Year, this story of the murder of a young woman and the search for her killer in the small towns of Arizona is told from multiple points of view—the sheriff investigating the case, her boyfriend, a teenaged boy. Highly recommended.

Tucker, K. A. Becoming Rain (SS, 15.00) Mar. An officer in a major Washington D.C. crime squad goes undercover as a socialite to trap the nephew of a big-time mob boss.

Verne, Deirdre. Drawing Conclusions (MidInk, 14.99) Feb. In a debut mystery, a young woman who has turned her back on her wealthy family is drawn back when her beloved twin brother is murdered and the police use her knowledge of the family company to find the killer.

Watson, Sterling. Suitcase City (Akashic, 15.95) Mar. A former college football star ignites a firestorm of bad publicity when he assaults a young black man, and soon he is tied to a string of murders of young prostitutes of color in a well-written noir.

White, Dave. Not Even Past (Per, 14.00) Feb. Former policeman Jackson Donne is making plans for a new wife and a new life when he receives a video of his fiancée—who supposedly died in a car crash six years before—held captive, and when he begins to investigate, he discovers that neither the police nor the FBI are willing to help him.


New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Adler-Olsen, Jussi. The Marco Effect (Png, 16.00) Feb. A young gypsy boy is forced by his family to beg and steal, but when he discovers a dead body, he goes on the run, leading the detectives of Copenhagen’s Department Q on a hunt to find him before his family does.

_____. The Alphabet House (Dut, 27.95) Feb. A historical thriller set during WWII in Germany about two British pilots shot down behind enemy lines and held prisoner in a hellish mental hospital, where they are subjected to brutal treatment, electroshock, and experimental drugs, and how they plot their revenge 30 years later at the 1972 Munich Olympics. This was the author’s debut novel.

Bilal, Parker. The Burning Gates (STM, 27.00) Feb. Cairo detective Makana is hired by an art dealer to find a missing painting that is connected to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and finds himself caught between an Iraqi war criminal and an American mercenary.

Black, Cara. Murder in Pigalle (Soho, 14.95) Feb. Aimée Leduc is asked to investigate the disappearance of a teenaged girl from a Pigalle neighborhood where a serial rapist has been preying on girls.

_____. Murder on the Champs de Mars (Soho, 27.95) Mar. A young Gypsy boy tells Aimée that his dying mother has information about the murder of her father years ago, but when she arrives at the hospital the woman has disappeared, likely abducted.

Blaedel, Sara. The Forgotten Girls (LB, 26.00) Feb. As the head of the newly-createdSpecial Search Agency, former Copenhagen homicide detective Louise Rick must investigate the murderer of a middle-aged woman and the murder of a young baby-sitter, both of which have links to a long shuttered mental institution—and Rick’s own tragic past.

Brekke, Jørgen. Dreamless (STM, 25.99) Feb. When the body of an unidentified young woman with her larynx removed is found, Norwegian chief inspector Odd Singsaker of the Trondheim police discovers that the death is tied to a mysterious seventeenth-century musician.

Browder, Bill. Red Notice (SS, 28.00) Feb. The real-life story of an American financier working in Russia who uncovered the corruption of the oligarchs aligned with Putin and fought for justice after a young tax attorney he was working with was imprisoned, tortured, and killed.

Fossum, Karin. I Can See in the Dark (HMH, 14.95) Mar. A man is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit and the only way to free himself is to reveal the crime he did commit in a suspenseful stand-alone by the Norwegian master of crime.

Fox, Candice. Hades (Ken, 15.00) Feb. A debut novel that was a bestseller in Australia, featuring two Sydney police detectives—brother and sister raised by the king of the underworld—who investigate a serial killer who is killing people to sell their organs to the desperately ill. Good, but not for the squeamish.

Froetschel, Susan. Allure of Deceit (Prom, 15.95) Feb. A health care team goes to Afghanistan as part of an NGO supported by a charitable foundation, but the headman of the village has his hands full trying to discover the truth of his son’s death.

Giacometti, Eric and Jacques Ravenne. Shadow Ritual (le Frenchbook, 16.95) Mar. The first English translation of the best-selling French series that begins with the ritual murders of the French Embassy archivist in Rome and a biblical archivist in Jerusalem, both murders tied to French Freemason archives plundered by the Nazis.

Jia, Mai. Decoded (STM, 16.00) Mar. When an autistic math genius is recruited by a top secret Chinese counterintelligence unit, he discovers that the code he is working on was developed by his former teacher and friend who has sold it to China’s enemies.

Kallentoft, Mons. Spring Remains (SS, 16.00) Mar. Swedish police detective Malin Fors investigates a bombing that kills two little girls and injures their mother when it is unclear whether the explosion was an act of domestic terrorism or a specific targeting of the victims.

Kestin, Hesh. The Lie (SS, 16.00) Mar. An Israeli lawyer, famous for defending accused Palestinians, finds that her views change when her son is captured by Hezbollah in a thoughtful thriller.

Leon, Donna. By Its Cover (Per, 16.00) Mar. Brunetti is asked by the director of a Venetian library to investigate the theft of several pages from rare books, but a case of false identity, and then a murder make the case much more serious.

Nykanen, Harri. Behind God’s Back  (Bitter Lemon, 14.95) Feb. Helsinki homicide detective Ariel Kafka investigates the shooting of a Jewish businessman and finds that his ties as well as the victim’s to the small, close-knit Jewish community make for complications.

Ohlsson, Kristina. The Disappeared (SS, 16.00) Mar. When a student disappears her body is not found for two years, but the investigating officer remembers that she was researching a person with a dark past in a Swedish mystery.

Patterson, James and Ashwin Sanghi. Private India: City on Fire (GC, 16.00) Now available in a trade paper original, Private in Mumbai turns the reins of the agency over to an Indian operative who must stop an elusive killer targeting young women and leaving strange objects by their bodies in a ritual manner.

Pétel, Gilles. Under the Channel (Gallic, 15.95) Mar. When the body of an English businessman is found on a train to Paris via the Channel Tunnel, the French police inspector goes to London to investigate the death.

Quarty, Kwei. Murder at Cape Three Points (Soho, 14.95) Feb. Accra detective Darko Dawson investigates when a canoe washes up off the Ghanaian coast containing the ritualistically murdered bodies of a prominent couple from an area being developed by corporations with oil interests.

Sherry, Miranda. Black Dog Summer (SS, 25.00) Feb. A woman killed during a massacre at a South African bush farm watches her family from the afterlife, fearing for her daughter who may be putting the life of her cousin in jeopardy.

Sigurdardottir, Yrsa. Someone to Watch over Me (STM, 25.99) Feb. Reykjavik attorney Thora Gudmondsdottir is hired to exonerate a young man with Down’s syndrome accused of setting fire to a residential care facility killing five people, but she discovers evidence of irregularities at the facility suggesting new motives for the crime.

Simenon, Georges. A Man’s Head (Png, 10.00) Feb. The next four in the series featuring Parisian detective Inspector Maigret will be reissued in February and March, including The Dancer at the Gai-Moulin, The Two-Penny Bar, and The Shadow Puppet.

Tursten, Helene. The Beige Man (Soho, 26.95) Feb. The murder of an abused young girl leads to an investigation of human trafficking that sends DI Huss to the island of Tenerife, where a series of murders are connected to the same trafficking ring.

Vlugt, Simone van der. Safe as Houses (IPG, 12.95) Mar. A scary thriller set in the Netherlands where a woman who witnesses the abduction of a woman and her child suffers a car accident while going for help and struggles to regain her memory.

Weiss, Jan Merete. A Few Drops of Blood (Soho, 14.95) Mar. When two bodies are found in the garden of an elderly countess, Captain Natalia Monte of the Naples Carabiniere investigates in the heart of the city’s art community.

Williams, Timothy. Black August (Soho, 14.95) Feb. Inspector Trotti is approached by a colleague to help in the investigation of the murder of a local doctor, a case he believes is part of a conspiracy reaching to the highest level of government, but Trotti refuses—until his colleague is found dead.

Zander,Joakim. The Swimmer (HC, 27.99) Feb. A debut bestseller in Sweden, this espionage thriller features a PhD student who finds evidence that the American CIA and private contractors tortured captured terrorists, information that puts him and his lover in grave danger.

New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Airth, Rennie. The Reckoning (Png, 16.00) Feb. John Madden is called out of retirement in 1947 when the murder of a bank manager is tied to an earlier murder of a country doctor in Scotland, and both had trying to get in touch with Madden before their death.

Appignanesi, Lisa. Sacred Ends (Duf, 21.00) Feb. Set in France during the Belle Époque, Marguerite de Landois helps a young friend whose sister is missing, but the case soon turns to one of murder when the body of a man is found on the railway tracks.

Beer, Edith H. The Nazi Officer’s Wife (HC, 16.99) Mar. The true story of an Austrian Jewish woman who obtained a false identity and married a Nazi officer (who kept her secret), and survived the war.

Belinda, Alexandra. White Gardenia (SS, 16.00) Feb. In the White Russian enclave of Harbin, a mother must give up her child so that she may survive in the final days of WWII.

Bilyeau, Nancy. The Tapestry (SS, 26.95) Mar. Former novice Joanna Stafford is called to the court of Henry VIII because of her talent for weaving, but there she finds intrigue and danger when an assassin attempts to kill her shortly after her arrival.

Black, Benjamin. The Black-eyed Blonde (STM, 16.00) Mar. Black channels his inner Raymond Chandler to feature Philip Marlowe in a new case, searching for the missing boyfriend of a beautiful woman.

Blake, Robin. The Hidden Man (STM, 25.99) Mar. The shooting death of a pawnbroker behind a locked door in 1742 in Preston is suicide according to coroner Titus Cragg, but Dr. Luke Fidelus disagrees and delves into the victim’s personal life and his ties to the slave trade.

Bowen, Rhys. The Edge of Dreams (STM, 25.99) Mar. Recovering from a car crash, Molly tries to help her husband who is hunting for a killer sending taunting letters after each murder in the latest in this turn-of-the-century series set in New York.

Brightwell, Emily. Mrs. Jeffiries and the One Who Got Away (Brk, 7.99) Feb. Inspector Witherspoon revisits a case that has haunted him for years when a woman is found strangled in a North London cemetery, and his housekeeper must help him discover the real identity of the victim.

_____. Mrs. Jeffries Serves at Six (Brk, 17.00) Mar. Three Victorian mysteries in one omnibus volume.

Brody, Frances. Murder in the Afternoon (STM, 15.99) Feb. Kate Shakleton investigates when a village stonemason is found dead by his children, but the body disappears before the police arrive in the third in this series set in post-WWI England. For fans of Winspear and Todd.

_____. A Woman Unknown (STM, 25.99) Feb. In1923 Kate agrees to help a distraught husband whose wife has disappeared while at the same time a man seeking a divorce from his wife has been found murdered in a hotel room.

Bruschini, Vito. The Prince (SS, 26.00) Mar. A prominent landowner in Sicily is implicated in a murder in 1939, so he escapes to America, but he returns to Sicily during the height of WWII in a thriller that details the rise of fascism under Mussolini and its Mafia ties.

Calkins, Susanna. From the Charred Remains (STM, 15.99) Mar. When the body of a man who was stabbed to death during the Great Fire of London in 1666 is found, lady’s maid Lucy Campion investigates.

Cantor, Norman F. In the Wake of the Plague (SS, 16.00) Mar. A historian examines the ways in which the plague of the fourteenth century changed Europe completely.

Carmack, Amanda. Murder in the Queen’s Garden (NAL, 7.99) Feb. When a skeleton is found in Queen Elizabeth’s garden, the Queen’s personal musician investigates in a case that implicates astrologer Dr. John Dee.

Carter, M.J. The Strangler Vine (Put, 26.95) Mar. A debut mystery set in Colonial India in 1837 where a young British army officer is tasked with finding a novelist who disappeared after visiting the company’s department dedicated to destroying the threat of the murderous thuggee gangs.

Clark, Cassandra. The Dragon of Handale (STM, 26.99) Mar. Having returned from a pilgrimage uncertain whether she will return to the priory, Hildegard travels to Handale where she finds the body of a young man who has been clawed by a vicious beast in a case tied to a mysterious tower in the forest in the latest in the series set in fourteenth-century England.

Corby, Gary. The Marathon Conspiracy (Soho, 14.95) Mar. Nicolaos and his new wife investigate when the skull of the tyrant Hippias is found outside of the Temple of Artemis, despite the fact that his body was supposed to have been left in Persia thirty years before.

Cussler, Clive and Justin Scott. The Assassin (Put, 28.95) Mar. Isaac Bell is sent to investigate the monopolistic Standard Oil, but a sniper begins murdering independent oil company executives in a case that moves from the oil fields to the enclaves of power in New York to Russia.

_____. The Bootlegger (Brk, 9.99) Mar. Detective Isaac Bell must stop a rising foreign power that is targeting the United States.

Donaghue, Emma. Frog Music (LB, 17.00) Feb. When her friend is shot dead in San Francisco in 1876, a woman vows to bring her murderer to justice.

Dunmore, Helen. The Lie (Per, 14.00) Mar. A poignant story of a young man who returns from WWI to a small fishing village in Cornwall, where his wartime experiences have made him incapable to fit in, leading to tragedy. I loved this.

Dunn, Carola. Death at Wentwater Court (STM, 14.99) Mar. A reissue of the first Daisy Dalrymple mystery set in England in 1923.

Estleman, Loren D. The Confessions of Al Capone (STM, 16.99) Feb. A rigorously researched historical thriller about the notorious gangster of the twentieth-century, who also had a softer side and refined tastes.

Franklin, Ariana and Samantha Norman. The Siege Winter (HC, 25.99) Feb. Franklin’s daughter completed this adventure set in twelfth-century England with civil war raging and the teenaged wife of a local lord defying her husband to give shelter to the Empress Matilda.

Furst, Alan. Midnight in Europe (RH, 16.00) Mar. In Paris in 1937, a Spanish émigré attorney works to smuggle arms to Republican Spain joined by a surprising group of aristocrats, businessmen, workers, and villains. Excellent.

Haffner, Ernst. Blood Brothers (RH, 14.95) Mar. Originally published in 1932—banned a year later by the Nazis—this is a look at the criminal gangs of Berlin, young men outside of society who are tied by loyalty to one another.

Hannah, Kristen. The Nightingale (STM, 27.99) Feb. Two French sisters show remarkable courage during the German occupation during WWII—one as a resistance fighter in Paris, the other by hiding Jewish children both in her home and in a nearby convent.

Harris, C.S. Who Buries the Dead (NAL, 24.95) Mar. The grisly murder of a West Indies slave owner and the reappearance of a deadly enemy puts St. Cyr to the test of his career in the latest of this Regency series.

_____. Why Kings Confess (NAL, 7.99) Mar. St. Cyr is entangled in the riddle of the “lost Dauphin,” the boy prince who supposedly disappeared during the French Revolution when a French doctor is found murdered.

Harris, Gregory. The Connicle Curse (Ken, 15.00) Mar. In the latest in this Victorian series, detective Colin Pendragon is called in by Scotland Yard when a wealthy financier is found murdered with a sack of West African voodoo fetishes left next to the body.

Harris, Tessa. Shadow of the Raven (Ken, 15.00) Feb. In the latest in this eighteenth-century English series, anatomist Dr. Thomas Silkstone travels to a rural village to help his friend, Lady Lydia Farrell, imprisoned in the notorious Bedlam hospital, but he finds a dire situation in the village, a situation that leads to murder.

Harrison, Cora. Condemned to Death (SH, 28.95) Feb. When a boat containing the body of a goldsmith from Galway is found on the shore in the Kingdom of Burren, Mara concludes that the man was murdered and must find the killer in the latest in the series set in sixteenth-century Ireland.

Hewitt, Jason. The Dynamite Room (LB, 26.00) Mar. In 1940, a young girl runs away from Wales where she has been evacuated returning to the deserted village where she is from only to find a wounded German soldier in her house with dangerous plans for her and her family.

Kaaberbol, Lene. Doctor Death (SS, 25.00) Feb. In the first of a new series set in provincial France in 1894, a doctor and his daughter investigate the murder of a young woman, and three days later the murder of a priest, whose body is stolen. An excellent debut with a compelling heroine.

Kanon, Joseph. Leaving Berlin (SS, 27.00) Mar. A German writer in exile in America from the Nazis returns to post-war Berlin after a run-in with the McCarthy hearings, and reunites with a former girlfriend now the mistress of a powerful Soviet general in a tale of love, betrayal, and espionage. Highly recommended.

Keneally, Thomas. Shame and the Captives (SS, 26.00) Feb. The inhabitants of a small Australian town on the edge of a POW camp for Japanese soldiers do not understand the sense of shame felt by the prisoners and the lengths they will go to regain their honor in a historical thriller base on a notorious incident in New South Wales during WWII.

King, Laurie R. Dreaming Spies (Ban, 26.00) Feb. Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes are taking a holiday boat trip from India to Japan, but it turns into a busman’s holiday when a passenger goes missing and reports of a poltergeist emerge.

Lealos, Ron. Don’t Mean Nuthin (Skyhorse, 24.95) Feb. An American soldier in Vietnam in 1970 is part of the Phoenix program and a legendary assassin, but after he kills a beautiful, Sorbonne-educated woman, he finds himself seriously bothered by her death and out for revenge.

Lebow, Laura. The Figaro Murders (STM, 24.99) Mar. In this musical mystery set in Vienna in 1786 Mozart’s librettist is forced by the police to go undercover in the household of a politician after a young page is killed.

Lehane, Dennis. World Gone By (HC, 27.99) Mar. Mobster Joe Coughlin travels between Tampa and Cuba in a world that has changed after the repeal of Prohibition and the beginning of WWII, and the comfortable world he has created for himself is on the verge of falling apart.

Mathews, Francine. Too Bad to Die (River, 27.95) Mar. In November 1943 Ian Fleming is working at a desk in the Royal Navy dreaming of writing novels, but the Tehran Conference, where Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt meet to finalize the D-Day Invasion gives him the chance to experience a real-life thriller when he goes undercover to catch the assassin sent by Hitler to infiltrate the conference.

Mazzeo, Tilar J. The Hotel on Place Vendome (HC, 15.99) Feb. A fascinating look at the Ritz Hotel in Paris during WWII, where it was not only the headquarters for high-ranking Nazi officers, but also for spies and the well-to-do.

Moran, Michelle. Rebel Queen (SS, 26.00) Mar. Set in mid-nineteenth century India this is the story of Queen Lakshmi of Jhansi, who defended her beloved country against the British imperialists.

Moore, Christopher. The Serpent of Venice (HC, 15.99) Feb. Pocket the Fool is drugged and locked in a Venetian dungeon by three villains in a comic mystery that includes murder, villainy, comely maidens, and a monkey named Jeff.

Morrell, David. Inspector of the Dead (Mull, 26.00) Mar. In 1855 in London a string of grisly murders has the city on edge, so Thomas de Quincey and his daughter Emily investigate to stop the reign of terror.

Murthy, Vasudev. Sherlock Holmes, the Missing Years: Japan (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Mar. Indian author Murthy explains what happened to Holmes after Reichenbach Falls when Dr. Watson receives a ticket to Yokohama in 1893 along with a request for his violin from Holmes.

O’Connor, Scott. Half World(SS, 16.00) Mar. A scientist working with the CIA’s drug and mind control experiments in the 1950’s can no longer stand his job and disappears with the evidence only to have another disaffected agent come after him twenty years later.

Perry, Anne. The Angel Court Affair (Ball, 27.00) Mar. Thomas Pitt is charged with caring for an evangelist recently returned from Spain, a task he considers a waste of time until she is kidnapped and two of her companions are murdered.

_____. Death on Blackheath (Ball, 16.00) Mar. When the housemaid of a naval weapons specialist is found dead, Thomas Pitt begins to suspect a deadly conspiracy.

Redfern, John. Children of the Tide (IPS, 19.99) Mar. An atmospheric Victorian mystery set in London where the murders of two workhouse matrons sends Inspector Owen Enderby searching for the murderer before he can strike again.

Riordan, Kate. Fiercombe Manor (HC, 26.99) Feb. A gothic tale set at a manor house in the Cotswolds in 1932 about a young, pregnant woman sent by her parents to stay at the manor, who begins reading the journal of the lady of the house in 1898, herself pregnant, who is hoping for a son and heir, but strange happenings and a dark secret from the past create danger for the young woman.

Rose, M.J. The Witch of Painted Sorrows (SS, 25.00) Mar. Set in Belle Époque Paris, this gothic thriller is about a young woman who flees her marriage and life in New York to experience the splendor of high society life in Paris, but she finds herself becoming possessed by the spirit of a sixteenth-century courtesan and witch.

Royal, Priscilla. Satan’s Lullaby (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Feb. When one of the soldiers guarding the entourage of the French friar coming to inspect Tyndal Priory in East Anglia has his throat slit, it is the beginning a series of murders that Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas must investigate.

Sansom, C.J. Lamentation (Mull, 27.00) Feb. Tudor attorney Matthew Shardlake must find out not only who stole a private religious work written by Catherine Parr, the wife of Henry VIII, but also who murdered the printer found holding the first page of the work in his hand.

Sedgwick, Marcus. A Love like Blood (Peg, 24.95) Feb. An English officer at the end of WWII visiting a chateau that housed German officers comes across a man drinking a woman’s blood and flees in horror: years later he glimpses the man again and vows to find the predator.

Simmons, Dan. The Fifth Heart (LB, 28.00) Mar. Sherlock Holmes and Henry James join forces in 1893 to investigate the mystery of the death of Clover Adams, wife of the historian Henry Adams, but Holmes is suffering from grave doubts because he has come to the realization that he is a fictional character.

Stirling, Jessica. Whatever Happened to Molly Bloom? (SH, 29.95) Feb. When Molly Bloom is found dead in her bed in Dublin in 1905, her husband Leopold is arrested, his motive being her affair with “Blazes” Boylan in an imaginative mystery based on James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Sykes, S.D. Plague Land (Peg, 24.95) Feb. A debut mystery set in England in 1350 where the eighteen-year-old Oswald de Lacy returns to oversee the estate he has inherited on the death of his father and brothers from the plague, only to discover the body of a tenant’s daughter, murdered by what the parish priest claims was a dog-headed man.

Tallis, Frank. A Death in Vienna (Per, 16.00) Mar. In the reissue of the first in the series set in early twentieth-century Vienna, a psychoanalyst is asked to help the police investigation when a medium is found dead in a locked room.

Taylor, David C. Night Life (STM, 25.99) Mar. In a debut mystery set in NYC in 1953, a police detective investigates the torture/murder of a Broadway dancer in a case that draws the interest of the FBI, the CIA, and a mob boss.

Treur, David. Prudence (River, 27.95) Feb. When a Indian young girl is mistakenly killed in 1942 during the hunt for a missing German POW near a Minnesota summer estate, the two young men involved in the shooting—one Native American, one white--are haunted by the incident even as they are shipped off to war.

Winspear, Jacqueline. A Dangerous Place (HC, 26.99) Mar. On a trip back to England in 1937, Maisie stops off at Gibraltar, a British garrison teeming with refugees from the Spanish Civil War, but when a Sephardic merchant is found murdered, she becomes entangled in the investigation.

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