June/July 2014

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Abbott, Jeff. Inside Man (GC, 26.00) July.  When a friend is shot and killed outside of his bar, former CIA agent Sam Capra resolves to find the killer, and goes undercover at the luxurious compound in Puerto Rico where he was working as a bodyguard for one of the daughters of the wealthy family.

Abbott, Megan. The Fever (LB, 26.00) June. A seemingly idyllic suburban community is torn apart when a mysterious contagion afflicts the population in a novel of guilt and family secrets.

Adams, Jane A. Gregory’s Game (SH, 28.95) June. Blind former policewoman Naomi Blake becomes involved in a case of torture murder in a case involving hit-men and former spies

Adler, Elizabeth. Last to Know (STM, 25.99) July. Relaxing at his lake home in western Massachusetts, Boston homicide detective Harry Jordan is pulled into an investigation when a dead body is found in a neighbor’s house after an explosion.

Ahmad, A.X. The Last Taxi Ride (STM, 24.99) June. NYC cabbie Ranjit Singh is thrilled when a famous Bollywood actress gets into his cab, but the next day the police are after him as a suspect in her murder in the second in this series to feature the former Sikh army officer.

Aird, Catherine. Dead Heading (STM, 25.99) June. DI Sloan investigates a case of vandalism at a local plant nursery, but soon he finds murder and blackmail amid a large group of suspects, including the owners, the customers, and a nearby landscape architect.

Andrews, Donna. The Good, the Bad, and the Emus (STM, 24.99) July. Meg’s grandfather goes undercover to rescue a flock of feral emus and ostriches that have overrun the small town where his wife died under suspicious circumstances.

Andrews, Mary Kay. Save the Date (STM, 26.99) June. A Savannah wedding florist is hired to do the flowers for a society wedding, but things start to fall apart quickly, and she finds herself solving problems rather than making bouquets.

Atkins, Ace. The Forsaken (Put, 26.95) July. When Colson discovers evidence that exonerates a black man lynched in Jericho, Mississippi three decades before, he decides to find and charge those responsible for the lynching, creating a fierce and dangerous opposition from the townspeople.

Bain, Donald. Lights Out (SH, 27.95) June. An engineer with the Ontario power plant whose job has been phased out comes up with a scheme to create a major blackout, a plan he wants to sell to Ontario’s leading crime family in a funny, twisty caper.

Baldacci, David, ed. Faceoff (SS, 26.99) June. In this anthology sponsored by the International Thriller Writers, eleven stories by different authors pair well-known series characters in surprisingly effective ways.

Barrett, Lorna. Book Clubbed (Brk, 25.95) July. When a killer turns a bookcase into a murder weapon, bookstore owner Tricia and her sister must shelve their problems and find a killer.

Benedict, Laura. Bliss House (Peg, 25.95) June. In a gothic mystery set in an old house in Virginia a mother and daughter begin to see visions during their housewarming, but when a guest is murdered during the night of the party, they must struggle to find the truth in a small, closed town.

Billingham, Mark. The Bones Beneath (Atl, 24.00) June. DI Tom Thorne is called on when a serial killer offers to lead police to the remains of one of his first victims, a teenaged boy who disappeared 25 years before in a case that turns out to be far more disastrous than the detective had feared. Billingham is terrific.

Bolton, Sharon. A Dark and Twisted Tale (STM, 25.99) June. London police officer Lacey Flint is assigned to the case of a possible serial killer targeting illegal Afghan immigrants.

Bouman, Tom. Dry Bones in the Valley (Nor, 24.95) July. A debut mystery set in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, featuring a police officer drawn into his first murder when a corpse is found on the land of an elderly recluse.

Box, C.J. Shots Fired (Put, 26.95) July. Ten short stories including four featuring Joe Pickett, set in the West.

Brown, Holly. Don’t Try to Find Me (HC, 25.99) July. When a fourteen-year-old girl disappears, her parents use social media in an attempt to find her, but increased media scrutiny on the family results in dark secrets being revealed in a novel of psychological suspense.

Brown, Rita Mae. Nine Lives to Die (Ban, 26.00) June. When one member of a charity that helps disadvantaged youth is found dead and another goes missing Harry Haristeen and her four-footed friends must find a killer.

Burke, Alafair. All Day and a Night (HC, 26.99) June. NYPD homicide detective Ellie Hatcher begins to suspect that a man convicted of murder may be innocent when another murder occurs with the same MO in a case that puts her on a collision course with a woman who is the half-sister of one of his possible victims.

Burke, Declan. Crime Always Pays (SH, 28.95) July. A group of misfits and grifters put together a kidnapping scam that leads to chaos from Ireland to the Greek Isles in a comic caper mystery.

Carlisle, Kate. The Book Stops Here (Brk, 24.95) June. Bookbinder Brooklyn Wainwright joins a travelling TV show as its rare book expert, and discovers a rare first edition of a children’s classic that a woman bought at a yard sale for $3, but she is attacked in a parking lot and threatened by a thug, who claims the book is his. Signing.

Castillo, Linda. The Dead Will Tell (STM, 25.99) July.  When an Amish farmer is found dead in his barn with a small wooden doll stuffed in his mouth, it is the first in a series of murders for Ohio sheriff Kate Burkholder to investigate, crimes tied to the twenty-five-year-old attack on a family.

Clark, Marcia. The Competition (Mull, 26.00) July. After a massacre at a San Fernando Valley high school, with the two shooters found dead in a mutual suicide, prosecutor Rachel Knight and Detective Bailey Keller dig deeper and find that the evidence doesn’t add up—and that another horrific crime is in the works.

Clement, Blaize and John Clement. The Cat Sitter’s Nine Lives (STM, 24.99) July. When the owner of a local bookstore and his cat disappear, pet sitter Dixie Hemingway investigates, but a phone call from a client lures her to an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town, and she must solve a riddle of deception, murder, and revenge.

Conrad, Hy. Mr. Monk Is Open for Business (NAL, 23.95) June. Now in business as consulting detectives in San Francisco, Monk and Natalie have the case of a workplace shooting, but the disgruntled employee disappears, erasing all traces of his past as well.

Cooley, M.P. Ice Shear (HC, 25.99) July. In a debut set in a small upstate New York town, a cop’s murder investigation turns deadly when she uncovers a web of politics and drugs linked to an outlaw motorcycle gang.

Corley, Elizabeth. Grave Doubts (STM, 27.99) July. DCI Fenwick is on the trail of the killer who attacked DS Nightingale, leaving her for dead, but it appears that the killer is intent on finishing the job.

Coulter, Catherine. Power Play (Put, 26.95) July. FBI agents Savitch and Sherlock have their hands full trying to protect the U.S. Ambassador to England, while at the same time protecting themselves against Blessed Backman who has escaped from the psychiatric facility where he was being held.

Crawford, Isis. A Catered Fourth of July (Ken, 24.00) July. Catering sisters Libby and Bernie are setting up the buffet tables for a Revolutionary War re-enactment to celebrate Independence Day when one of the re-enactors is found dead and Bernie’s beau is the suspect du jour.

Denizet-Lewis, Benoit. Travels with Casey (SS, 26.00) July. A moody Labrador and his neurotic companion animal take a cross-country RV trip through America’s relationship with dogs, meeting up with an owner of wolf dogs, a woman taken to court for not using a pooper-scooper, the manager of a rescue shelter, and others. Highly recommended by both me and Bosco.

Doiron, Paul. The Bone Orchard (STM, 25.99) July. After she kills a troubled war veteran, Mike Bowditch’s mentor is targeted by a sniper, and while she lies between life and death, he must find a shooter in the barrens of central Maine.

Donoghue, Clare. Never Look Back (STM, 24.99) June. In a debut British police procedural, DI Mike Lockyer of the Lewisham PD must find a serial killer who is killing and mutilating young women.

Easley, Warren. Dead Float (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) July. Attorney Cal Claxton agrees to help lead a trip on Oregon’s Deschutes River, but when one of the group is found dead, Cal has both motive and the possible murder weapon.

Ellory, R.J. Saints of New York (Over, 26.95) June. A NYPD homicide detective with a totally screwed-up personal life is assigned the case of a murdered petty thief and his teenaged sister, and when he can’t find the evidence he needs, he does what he must do to get the killer.

Evanovich, Janet. Top Secret Twenty-One (Ban, 28.00) June 17. Stephanie is after a bail-jumping used car salesman, and Ranger is fighting off an assassination attempt.

Fairstein, Linda. Terminal City (Dut, 27.95) June. When a deranged individual is killing women days before the President of the U.S. is scheduled to visit, Alexandra Cooper and the Special Victims are in a race against time to catch the killer.

Flynn, Rory. Third Rail (HMH, 23.00) June. A disgraced Boston detective, now working in his hometown, loses his gun during a night of partying, and in his search for it, he uncovers a dangerous new street drug. Highly recommended.

Gardiner, Meg. Phantom Instinct (Dut, 26.95) June. After a shootout at an LA bar leaves her boyfriend dead, a woman joins forces with a retired cop to track down the remaining killer in a stand-alone thriller.

Garrett, A.D. Everyone Lies (STM, 25.99) July. In the first in a new forensic series, a Manchester policewoman is assigned when a series of drugs addicts turn up dead, but the only one who can help her is a troubled forensics expert hiding in Scotland after the disappearance of his wife and child.

Goodman, Lee. Indefensible (SS, 26.00) June. A debut legal thriller, featuring a federal prosecutor who becomes involved with a birdwatcher who witnesses a burial in a state park, and when more deaths follow, he finds himself losing his objectivity. Highly recommended.

Greaves, Chuck. The Last Heir (STM, 25.99) June. Los Angeles attorney Jack McTaggert agrees to represent an elderly vintner in the Napa Valley who wishes to prove that his son, presumed dead in an avalanche is in fact alive, but family intrigue and a murder make the case more complicated.

Grimes, Martha. Vertigo 42 (SS, 26.00) June. Jury is asked to look into the death of an heiress seventeen years ago by her husband who has never accepted that her death was accidental in a case that connects with a lost Staffordshire terrier and a group of children. Although Grimes’s mysteries are filled with humor, they are unique in making the reader care deeply for the victims, whose murders do, indeed, rend the fabric of society. Highly recommended. Signed copies.

Halber, Deborah. The Skeleton Crew (SS, 25.00) July. A look at a fascinating subculture—those who use the Internet for DIY CSI—and who have managed to identify bodies and help crack cold cases.

Hall, Rachel Howzell. Land of Shadows (STM, 24.99) June. A black, woman LAPD homicide detective is faced with the murder of an unknown woman that she suspects is tied to the disappearance of her sister twenty-five years before in an exceptional, atmospheric police procedural.

Hallinan, Timothy. Herbie’s Game (Soho, 26.95) July. When someone steals the list with the names of the crooks in the chain of criminals used by Southern California’s “executive crook,” he calls in Junior Bender to figure out who took the list, but Junior already knows—it was his mentor, who’s just been found unpleasantly dead. Highly recommended.

Healey, Emma. Elizabeth is Missing (HC, 25.99) June. In a debut novel of psychological suspense, the narrator is a woman suffering from dementia, living alone in the south of England, whose search for her missing friend causes her to remember the disappearance of her sister in 1948.

Hillier, Jennifer. The Butcher (SS, 25.00) July. When a Seattle man begins working on the house given to him by his grandfather, a former homicide detective, he discovers a grisly secret relating to a serial killer from thirty years before in a twisty thriller.

Housewright, David. The Devil May Care (STM, 25.99) June. Twin Cities PI Rushmore McKenzie is hired by a wealthy heiress to find her missing boyfriend, but he discovers the boyfriend is not who he appears to be, and, worse his friends and lovers are being targeted by a sadistic rapist-murderer.

Houston, Victoria. Dead Lil’ Hustler (Tyrus, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) June. The discovery of a banker’s body in the Pine River is but one of the problems facing the police chief of small-town Loon Lake, Wisconsin.

Hughes, Declan. All the Things You Are (SH, 28.95) June. A suspenseful thriller about a Midwestern woman who returns home to find her husband and children gone and the family dog brutally killed, and by the time she returns with the police, the dog’s body has been replaced by the body of her husband’s childhood friend.

Ignatius, David. The Director (Norton, 26.95) June. A convincing spy thriller about a CIA agent who is sent to Germany after a man walks into the consulate claiming that someone has hacked into the computer system, but the man is killed before he can be interviewed, part of a complex plot to bring down the Bank of International Settlements.

Jance, J.A. Remains of Innocence (HC, 26.99) July 22. Joanna Brady must discover if the murder of a friend, found dead in a limestone hole outside of Bisbee, is related to the death of a hoarder in Massachusetts.

Johansen, Iris and Roy Johansen. Sight Unseen (STM, 27.99) July. Crime consultant Kendra Michaels notices that a traffic accident in San Diego is really a murder, so she notifies the police only to see a pattern in other murders that mirror her most famous cases.

Jones, Stephen Lloyd. The String Diaries (Mull, 26.00) July. In a debut paranormal thriller, three intertwined stories, one set in present-day Wales, one in 1979 in Oxford, and one in 1873 Hungary open with a woman, her husband who is bleeding to death, and her young daughter fleeing an unknown enemy.

Kahn, Michael. Face Value (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) June. When a young associate at a St. Louis law firm is found dead, Rachel Gold agrees to investigate at the behest of a young man with Asperger’s syndrome. As always there’s plenty of humor and lots of good eating.

Keskinen, Karen. Black Current (STM, 25.99) June. When a teenaged volunteer at the Santa Barbara Aquarium is found dead, his grandfather calls PI Jaymie Zarlin to investigate, and after another aquarium worker dies under suspicious circumstances, to prove the innocence of the man accused of the two killings.

King, Stephen. Mr. Mercedes (SS, 30.00) June. A retired detective receives a taunting letter from someone who claims to be the hit-and-run driver who deliberately plowed a stolen car into a job fair, killing eight people.

Koryta, Michael. Those Who Wish Me Dead (LB, 26.00) June. When a young Indiana boy witnesses a murder, he is sent to stay with a survival trainer in Montana, but the killers are still on his trail.

La Seur, Carrie. The Home Place (HC, 25.99) July. A brilliant debut set in Montana, where an attorney of Terrebonne heritage returns when her sister is found murdered. Highly recommended.

Laurie, Victoria. Fatal Fortune (NAL, 24.95) July. When her best friend is caught on video shooting someone, Abby Cooper flies to Las Vegas to bet on her missing friend’s innocence, but she may be gambling with her own life.

Lawson, Mike. House Reckoning (Per, 25.00) July. DeMarco finds out from a dying mobster the name of the man who killed his father, but the man is now on the verge of getting a powerful political position and Joe must hurry to get revenge before the man is untouchable.

Little, Elizabeth. Dear Daughter (Vik, 26.95) July. A woman convicted of killing her mother, but released from prison on a technicality returns to the small South Dakota town where her mother grew up to follow the only lead she has to find the killer—but her greatest fear is that she herself is her mother’s killer.

Mark, David. Sorrow Bound (Vik, 26.95) July. In the third in this excellent police procedural series set in Hull, Yorkshire, Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy is investigating a serial killer, who may be committing copycat murders in revenge for a mishandled crime years before.

Maxwell, Edith. ‘Til Dirt Do Us Part (Ken, 24.00) June. When a local entrepreneur is found dead, organic farmer/sleuth Cameron must sift through a bushel full of potential killers.

McBride, Laura. We Are Called to Rise (SS, 25.00) June. Four disparate lives are brought together by one tragic act in this brilliant novel set in Nevada. Highly recommended.

McBride, Stuart. A Song for the Dying (HC, 24.99) June. A disgraced detective inspector, convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, is released to work as part of a police team hunting a killer who is attacking women in Oldcastle, Scotland, the killer he was hunting before he was put away.

McGrath, M.J. The Bone Seeker (Vik, 26.95) July. Working as a summer school teacher in the Canadian arctic north, Edie Kiglatuk investigates when one of her students is found murdered.

McManus, Patrick F. Circles in the Snow (Per, 24.95) June. The last in the comic series featuring Sheriff Bo Tully, who investigates the murder of  a philandering rancher , and whose increasing disillusionment with the elasticity in legal matters known as the “Blight Way” leads to his retirement.

Muller, Marcia. The Night Searchers (GC, 26.00) July. When a couple come to see Sharon McCone about a group of devil worshippers, she is skeptical, but when she realizes that the man is involved a treasure hunting group, she becomes intrigued about what he is up to, so she goes undercover to join the group.

Murphy, Jennifer. I Love You More (BDD, 24.95) June. In a debut mystery, a man with three wives is shot dead at his beach house on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, and the police detective in charge of the case considers all of the wives to be suspects, since everyone is lying.

Myers, Tamar. The Death of Pie (SH, 27.95) July. The new police chief of Hernia, Pa. asks Magdalena Yoder for help when a writer who alienated the entire community with her “tell-all” memoir keels over at the local pie festival.

Neville, Adam. The House of Small Shadows (STM, 25.99) July. When a woman with past psychological problems is hired to work at a house in the English countryside cataloging a collection of dolls and puppets, she finds that the collector’s dark vision is creating dark shadows in her own mind in a novel of horror.

Owen, Howard. Parker Field (Perm, 28.00) June. In the third to feature Richmond journalist Willie Black, he investigates the shooting of his mother’s elderly boyfriend, a minor-league baseball player, and discovers that the original nine members of the team show some very strange mortality figures.

Patterson, James and David Ellis. Invisible (LB, 29.00) June. An FBI researcher takes a leave from her job, obsessed with hundreds of unsolved cases of kidnappings, rapes, and murders, but finally she stumbles upon the evidence that links them to one man.

Patterson, Richard North. Eden in Winter (Quercus, 26.95) July. When an avid prosecutor wants to arrest his gay son for the murder of author Benjamin Blaine, his CIA agent brother uses his professional skills in his defense in the final volume of the trilogy.

Pearson, Ridley. The Red Room (Put, 26.95) June. Security operative John Knox and his partner go to Istanbul to offer a million-dollar piece of ancient art for sale to a Turkish restaurant owner, but things go very bad very quickly.

Pronzini, Bill. Strangers (STM, 24.99) July. Nameless agrees to help an old friend living in Nevada when her son is accused of committing three rapes.

Ray, Kalyan. No Country (SS, 27.00) June. A sprawling novel that moves from nineteenth-century Ireland to colonial India to America, the story of two Irish friends who are separated by fate, and whose lives are later intertwined by tragedy, terrorism, and murder.

Rosenfelt, David. Hounded (STM, 25.99) July. Andy Carpenter agrees to help a former policeman friend who has found the body of an ex-con dead in his house and the man’s young son and basset hound upstairs, so he not only must handle his friend’s defense, but also care for a child and dog.

Rucka, Greg. Bravo (Mull, 26.00) July. Former Special Forces soldier Jad Bell must thwart a suspected terrorist attack on the U.S. with the help another officer but the man in custody is too far down in the terrorist organization to give them helpful information.

Sampson, Fay. Beneath the Soil (SH, 28.95) June. Genealogist Suzie Fewings and her family are drawn into a murder at bucolic Saddlers Wood, when a farmer’s wife is shot to death and the farmer is arrested.

Sefton, Maggie. Yarn over Murder (Brk, 25.95) June. With wildfires raging, Kelly and her knitting friends must rush some alpacas to safety at a ranch, but when the ranch owner is found dead, she and her friends must catch a killer.

Silva, Daniel. The Heist (HC, 27.99) July. Israeli spy and art restorer Gabriel Allon is searching for a stolen Caravaggio, and when all leads come up empty, he decides to steal another one to see if the first will reappear.

Slater, Susan. Rollover (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) July. New Mexico insurance investigator Dan Mahoney is asked to find out what’s going on when someone tunnels into the bank in a tiny town, leaving millions in cash and stealing a valuable necklace belonging to an eighty year-old woman.

Slaughter, Karin. Cop Town (Dela, 27.00) July.When her brother’s police partner is killed by a notorious cop killer, a woman officer in the Atlanta PD decides to track down the killer with the help of a new recruit assigned to her patrol, in a standalone crime novel.

Smith, Dwayne Alexander. Forty Acres (SS, 25.00) July. An attorney is recruited into a secret conspiracy of black men to redress the wrongs of slavery by taking revenge on the descendants of slave owners in a debut thriller.

Stevens, Chevy. That Night (STM, 25.99) June. After being released from prison for killing a young girl, two former high-school sweethearts return to Vancouver Island desiring to clear their names, but the woman whose false testimony put them away is equally determined to send them back to prison.

Tervalon, Jervey. Monster’s Chef (HC, 24.99) June. When a chef just out of drug rehab is offered the chance to work for a music superstar, he accepts with misgivings, misgivings that are borne out when he finds a dead body in the superstar’s compound.

Thor, Brad. Act of War (SS, 27.99) July. Counterterrorism operative Scott Horvath is called in to stop an imminent and devastating attack on America.

Thoft, Ingrid. Identity (Put, 26.95) June. When a Boston woman and her daughter demand to know the identity of the girl’s anonymous sperm donor father, the law firm’s private investigator discovers that the donor is a prominent entrepreneur, who is murdered after his paternity is revealed in the media.

Truman, Margaret and Donald Bain. Margaret Truman’s Undiplomatic Murder (STM, 24.99) July. When his daughter is killed by a suicide bomber at a Washington, D.C. café, a State Department security agent vows to find her killer, and his investigation leads to a senator’s son and a cabal intent on killing diplomatic workers in protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tucker, Neely. The Ways of the Dead (Vik, 27.95) June. In the first of a new crime series, a newspaper reporter is not convinced when three black men are arrested for killing the teenaged daughter of a powerful Washington, D.C. judge, so he investigates a string of cold cases while fighting against pressure from police and government officials.

Turnbull, Peter. Denial of Murder (SH, 28.95) June. In the latest in this police procedural series, homicide detectives from New Scotland Yard investigate when an ex-con, imprisoned for killing a young heroin addict, is found dead in posh Wimbledon, and they discover that both his life and death were more complicated than they’d thought.

Vachss, Andrew. Shock Wave (RH, 26.95) June. When a battered corpse with Nazi tattoos washes up on the beach of the Oregon town where Dell Jackson and his wife live, a schizophrenic man is arrested for the crime, but Dell decides to investigate in a case that takes him to a dark world of hate groups.

Verdon, John. Peter Pan Must Die (Crown, 25.00) July. Dave Gurney agrees to help a friend, former New York state police officer Jack Hardwick, who wants him to investigate to aid the appeal of a woman convicted of shooting her husband, a gubernatorial candidate running on an anti-Mafia platform. Verdon is terrific.

Weaver, Tim. Never Coming Back (Vik, 27.95) July. In the U.S. debut of a popular British mystery writer, a woman discovers that her sister and family have completely disappeared, and when the police have no leads, she turns to David Raker, a missing-persons investigator, who discovers a decades-old cover-up.

White, Karen. A Long Time Gone (NAL, 25.95) June. When a woman returns home to the Mississippi Delta to stay with her grandmother after the breakup of her marriage, she discovers the remains of a long-dead woman buried near the house and dark secrets from her family’s past.

White, Kate. Eyes on You (HC, 25.99) July. A suspenseful thriller set in the world of television in NYC, where a chat show cohost is being sabotaged in her newly-resurrected career. White excels at creating suspense with credible characters and engaging pop culture references.

Wiehl, Liz with April Henry. A Deadly Business (Nelson, 26.99) June. In this Christian legal thriller, a Seattle prosecutor learns that her husband’s death in a car accident was not an accident, and her investigation attracts the attention of an enforcer for the mob.

Williams, Amanda Kyle. Don’t Talk to Strangers (Ban, 26.00) July. When the remains of two girls are found outside a small Georgia town, Atlanta-based PI Keye Street is hired by the local sheriff to build the killer’s psychological profile.

Willig, Lauren. That Summer (STM, 25.99) June. When she inherits her aunt’s house outside of London, a woman returns to England for the first time since her mother’s death, and in sorting through the house she discovers a pre-Raphaelite painting, and begins piecing together the story of the house’s secrets.

Wilson, Carter. The Boy in the Woods (SH, 28.95) June. A crime that he witnessed as a boy comes back to haunt a bestselling thriller novelist, when he uses the incident in his forthcoming book, and the murderess reenters his life.

Woods, Stuart. Cut and Thrust (Put, 26.95) July.  Stone Barrington, in Los Angeles for the Democratic National Convention, is asked to help the wife of the current president defuse physical threats and character assassinations, and he is helped by Ed Eagle from New Mexico and Dino Bachetti.

Wright, Erica. The Red Chameleon (Peg, 25.95) June. In a first mystery set in NYC, a former undercover NYPD detective, now a PI, discovers the body of an unfaithful husband she was tailing in the men’s room of a bar, she is cleared by the police, but realizes that someone is after her when both her office and her home are broken into.

Young, Natalie. Season to Taste (LB, 25.00) July. When a housewife with a passion for cooking living in a cottage in Surrey murders her husband, she needs to think of how to dispose of the body, and discovers that she has just the recipe in a darkly funny and surprisingly delicious look at marriage and its aftermath.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Barclay, Linwood. A Tap on the Window (NAL, 9.99) July.

Barrett, Lorna. Not the Killing Type (Brk, 7.99) July.

Bass, Jefferson. Cut to the Bone (HC, 9.99) July.

Beaton, M.C. Something Borrowed, Someone Dead (STM, 7.99) July.

Box, C.J. The Highway (STM, 9.99) July.

Burke, James Lee. Light of the World (Pkt, 9.99) July.

Cabot, Sam. Blood of the Lamb (NAL, 9.99) July.

Child, Lee. Never Go Back (BDD, 9.99) Apr.

Cleeland, Murder in Thrall (Ken, 7.99) July.

Clement, Blaize and John Clement. The Cat Sitter’s Cradle (STM, 7.99) June.

Corleone, Douglas. Good as Gone (STM, 9.99) June.

Coulter, Catherine. Bombshell (Brk, 9.99) July.

Cutter, Nick. The Troop (Pkt, 7.99) July.

Cussler, Clive and Graham Brown. Zero Hour (Brk, 9.99) June.

Davidson, Diane Mott. The Whole Enchilada (HC, 7.99)

Douglas, Carole Nelson. Cat in an Alien x-Ray (STM, 7.99) July.

Ellis, David. The Last Alibi (Brk, 9.99) June.

Evanovich, Janet. Takedown Twenty (BDD, 8.99) June.

Francis, Felix. Dick Francis’s Refusal (Brk, 9.99) July.

Gardiner, Meg. The Shadow Tracer (NAL, 7.99) June.

Hamilton, Laurell K. Affliction (Brk, 7.99) June.

Hillerman, Anne. Spider Woman’s Daughter (HC, 9.99) July.

Hoag, Tami. The Ninth Girl (NAL, 9.99) June.

Howell, Dorothy. Evening Bags and Executions (Ken, 7.99) June.

Hurwitz, Gregg. Tell No Lies (STM, 9.99) July.

King, Stephen. Joyland (Hard Case, 7.99) June.

Laurie, Victoria. Deadly Forecast (NAL, 7.99) June.

Patterson, James and Howard Roughan. Second Honeymoon (GC, 10.00) July.

Pearson, Ridley. Choke Point (Brk, 9.99) June.

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child. White Fire (GC, 10.00) June.

Reichs, Kathy. Bones of the Lost (Pkt, 7.99) July.

Rollins, James and Rebecca Cantrell. Innocent Blood (HC, 9.99) June.

Sefton, Maggie. Close Knit Killer (Brk, 7.99) June.

Steinberg, Hank. Out of Range (HC, 9.99) July.

Thor, Brad. Hidden Order (Pkt, 9.99) June.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Alan, Isabella. Murder, Simply Stitched (NAL, 7.99) June. In the latest in this series set in Amish country, Angie and the quilting circle must patch together the clues to catch a killer.

Blackwell, Juliet. A Vision in Velvet (NAL, 7.99) July. After she buys an antique trunk filled with vintage clothing, Lily discovers that one of the pieces is magical, and when the dealer who sold her the trunk is killed she suspects a supernatural force may be behind his death.

Bolin, Janet. Night of the Living Thread (Brk, 7.99) June. Zombies, killer dresses, and an ancient Egyptian curse show that Halloween in Threadville can be sew dangerous.

Budewitz, Leslie. Crime Rib (Brk, 7.99) July. When a television cooking show decides to feature the small town of Jewel Bay, MT, gourmet market owner Erin sets up a steak-cooking competition, but when one of the cooks is found dead, she must smoke out a killer in the second in the series.

Cass, Laurie. Tailing a Tabby (NAL, 7.99) July. When a local artist is found over the body of a murdered woman, Minnie rushes to clear his name and catch the real killer before someone else checks out in the second in this purr-fect series.

Cates, Bailey. Some Enchanted Éclair (Brk, 7.99) July. Magical baker Katie Lightfoot and her coven become extras when a Hollywood film crew invades Savannah, but when one of the crew is killed, they must turn to sifting through the suspects.

Connolly, Sheila. Razing the Dead (Brk, 7.99) June. When a dead body is found on the site of a historic dairy farm outside of Philadelphia, museum director Nell Pratt must look to the past to solve a present-day murder.

Cooper, Amanda. Tempest in a Teapot (Brk, 7.99) June. After her Manhattan restaurant fails, a woman goes home to help her grandmother with her tea shop, but the murder of her best friend’s fiancé’s mother at a rival tea shop forces her to turn sleuth to make sure the guest list doesn’t turn into a hit list.

Costa, Shelley. Basil Instinct (Pkt, 7.99) July. When a new sous-chef turns up dead in her Italian restaurant, Eve and her cousins launch an investigation in a case that may be related to a secret society for Italian women chefs.

Crockett, Jessie. Maple Mayhem (Brk, 7.99) July. Dani is starting a syrup-making cooperative, but when a resistant colleague is killed, she must find a killer before someone else kicks the bucket in the second in the series.

Davis, Krista. The Diva Wraps it Up (Brk, 7.99) June. Two accidents during the Christmas season are unfortunate, but when a cookie exchange turns fatal, the Diva begins to wonder who’s being naughty, not nice.

DeSmet, Christine. Hot Fudge Frame-up (NAL, 7.99) June. After a foodie judge is murdered, the sheriff wonders if candy shop owner Ava fits the mold of a murder suspect.

Dyer-Seeley, Kate. The Scene of the Climb (Ken, 7.99) June. In the first of a new series, a newly-graduated journalist gets a job on a magazine concentrating on outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest, but her first assignment turns into a murder investigation when a fellow climber plummets off a mountainside.

Eastman, Dawn. Be Careful What You Witch For (Brk, 7.99) July. When it appears that there’s a witch hunt afoot, with witches being murdered during the Fall Festival, and all the evidence points to her best friend, psychic and former cop Clyde Fortune must catch a killer in the second in the paranormal series.

Freydont, Shelley. Independence Slay (Brk, 7.99) June. When a Revolutionary War re-enactor goes missing and a dead body shows up in his place during Celebration Bay’s Fourth of July festival, Liv must find a killer before someone else becomes history.

Gaylin, Alison. Stay with Me (HC, 5.99) July. Missing Persons Investigator Brenna Spector is faced with her most horrifying case ever when her daughter Maya disappears, leaving behind a text message saying that she is with someone who loves her.

Hamilton, Victoria. Muffin but Murder (Brk, 7.99) July. Fearing that her plans to sell her upstate castle have turned into a recipe for disaster after a potential buyer is murdered, muffin-maker Merry Wynter must find a killer before maintaining the property leaves her with crumbs.

Hechtman, Betty. Silence of the Lamb’s Wool (Brk, 7.99) July. In the second in this charming series that combines cooking, knitting, and murder, dessert chef Casey Feldstein puts together a retreat for knitters to learn about sheep shearing, spinning, and dyeing, but a murderer threatens to unravel her plans.

Hyzy, Julie. Grace against the Clock (Brk, 7.99) July. When Marshfield Manor hosts a charity event, curator Grace Wheaton must find a killer who’s decided to contribute a dead body.

Kelly, Diane. Paw Enforcement (STM, 7.99) June. In the first in a new funny, doggy series, a police woman is assigned a new partner, described by her chief as a real bitch, but when a bomb explodes in the local food court, her partner’s nose for trouble helps them sniff out the clues and collar a killer.

Kornetsky, L.A. Doghouse (Pkt, 7.99) July. In the third of this furry series, investigator Ginnie Mallard is hired by someone with landlord trouble, but when it turns into a case of an illegal dogfighting ring, she turns for help to her bartender friend, and together with their dog and cat they go for the villains’ throats.

Lee, Amanda. Thread End (NAL, 7.99) June. After she finds a dead body behind her embroidery store, Marcy wonders if it could be related to the museum’s exhibit of antique textiles.

Lowell, Virginia. Cookies and Scream (Brk, 7.99) July. When a collection of antique cookie cutters leads to murder, cookie shop owner Olivia must sift through the clues to find a killer.

McAndrews, Jennifer. Ill-Gotten Panes (Brk, 7.99) July. After a banking scandal costs a woman her job and fiancé, she returns to the small upstate New York town to live with her grandfather, but when a man opposed to the plan to turn the small town’s brickworks into a tourist attraction is killed with a brick, she must save her grandfather from a murder charge in the first of a new series.

Parra, Nancy J. Engaged in Murder (Brk, 7.99) June. In the first of a new series, a woman’s plans to help her sister’s boyfriend propose marriage in the most romantic way possible fly smoothly until she finds a dead body in the ladies’ room.

Rosen, Delia. To Kill a Matzo Ball (Ken, 7.99) July. When a martial arts expert is shot and killed in her Nashville deli, Gwen Katz decides to investigate with the help of an eccentric new-age entrepreneur in the third in this yummy series.

Rowen, Michelle. From Fear to Eternity (NAL, 7.99) July. When an amulet containing a wish-granting djinn goes missing at an auction of paranormal objects and everyone is suddenly trapped, newlywed vampire Sarah must find out what’s happening.

Smith, Karen Rose. Deadly Décor (Ken, 7.99) June. When her pregnant sister, whose marriage is coming apart, decides to meet an old flame, who’s later found dead, interior decorator and home stager Caprice De Luca must switch from finding the perfect curtains to finding the perfect culprit.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Arsenault, Emily. What Strange Creatures (HC, 14.99) July. A Massachusetts graduate student with a houseful of pets helps out her brother when he is arrested after his new girlfriend is found murdered. Arsenault is great.

Banks, C.L. Before I Wake (Source, 14.99) June. In a debut novel of psychological suspense a teenager is in a coma after being hit by a London bus in an apparent suicide attempt, and her mother, hunting for clues as to why she would do it, begins to suspect her husband.

Barry, Max. Lexicon (Png, 16.00) June. A thriller about the tremendous power of words with a young woman who is recruited to join a group trained to control minds, to use words as weapons.

Bertsch, David Riley. Death Canyon (SS, 16.00) July. A prosecutor who has moved to Wyoming to become a fishing guide becomes suspicious when three deaths occur at the same time a fight is going on between environmentalists and developers in his small town.

Billingham, Mark. The Dying Hours (Per, 15.00) June. Thorne returns to the London police force and investigates a rash of suicides of elderly men. Highly recommended.

Blake, Adam. The Dead Sea Deception (IPG, 12.95) June. A London homicide detective finds that the case of a murdered university professor leads to further deaths, all linked to a medieval manuscript and a mysterious religious sect.

Blake, James Carlos. The Rules of Wolfe (Mys, 15.95) July. When a young man working for a narco in Mexico kills him and runs off with his girlfriend, his family must rescue them both in a beautifully-written noir. Highly recommended.

Brooks, Kevin. A Dance of Ghosts (IPG, 14.95) June. A PI in the dreary English town of Hey is hired by a very nervous woman to investigate the disappearance of her adult daughter, a case that leads him into the town’s violent, druggy underground in a gritty noir, the first in a series by a children’s author.

Carpenter, C.J. Never Alone (MidInk, 14.99) June. In a debut police procedural, an NYPD detective on the brink of resigning gets the case of the brutal murder of a young woman, and she must turn to a sadistic perp from a previous case for help.

Carver, Will. Girl 4 (IPG, 14.95) June. In a debut British police procedural, DI January David is faced with the case of a serial killer, whose sadistic murders become more and more violent, even as the clues lead only to dead ends.

Castillo, Linda. Her Last Breath (STM, 15.99) July. When an Amish deacon and her children are run down by a speeding car, Kate Burkholder soon realizes that it was no accident.

Child, Lee, ed. Inherit the Dead (SS, 15.00) June. Twenty best-selling mystery authors collaborate on a story of love, betrayal, and intrigue.

Cleeves, Ann. Silent Voices (STM, 15.99) July. When DI Vera Stanhope discovers the body of a woman in the sauna of her local gym, she is hoping for a death by natural causes, but it is not to be.

Coifer, Eoin. Screwed (Png, 15.95) June. Daniel McEvoy, down-at-his-luck bouncer at a seedy New Jersey bar must solve another string of bizarre murders in the second comic mystery.

Doiron, Paul. Massacre Pond (STM, 15.99) June. The senseless slaughter of six moose is the beginning of a case of murder for Game Warden Mike Bowditch in an environmental thriller.

DiSclafani, Anton. The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls (Over, 16.00) June. After a family tragedy for which she is held responsible, a young girl is sent to a boarding school for wealthy Southern debutantes during the Depression, where she grapples with what actually happened in a novel that moves between the present and the past.

Dufresne, John. No Regrets, Coyote (Nor, 14.95) June. A dark crime novel set in Florida, with a forensic consultant who is called in on Christmas Eve, when the members of a family have been brutally murdered, and who investigates on his own after the police categorize it a murder-suicide. I liked this for its darkly comic tone.

French, Dawn. Oh Dear Sylvia (HC, 15.99) June. When a woman lies unconscious after a fall from a balcony, the visits of her friends and relatives begin to reveal a dark secret she has kept hidden in a novel of psychological suspense.

Fyfield, Frances. Gold Digger (HC, 13.99) July. As a wealthy man lays dying, his wife and sole heir prepares for the onslaught of his family, who feel that his money is rightfully theirs and will stop at nothing to get what they want, but she is preparing to turn the tables in a novel of psychological suspense.

Grabenstein, Chris. Free Fall (Peg, 14.95) June. Jersey Shore rookie policeman Danny Boyle believes a nurse friend who claims she is innocent of a charge of aggravated assault, but when one of her patient’s turns up dead, he and John Ceepak investigate to make sure that they didn’t let a friend get away with murder.

Guzeman, Tracy. The Gravity of Birds (SS, 15.99) July. A dying painter asks two colleagues to find the missing painting of two sisters painted forty years before, which means that they must find the sisters as well in a debut mystery of art and love.

Hamilton, Steve. Let it Burn (STM, 15.99) June. Alex McKnight returns to Detroit to visit a friend, but he begins thinking about his last case as a policeman and finds himself investigating.

Hawkin, Sam. Tequila Sunset (Serp, 14.95) June. Set along the Texas-Mexico border, this gritty noir features an El Paso policewoman and a Mexican federal agent, who are working to take down a violent gang that operates on both sides of the border.

Hiaasen, Carl. Bad Monkey (GC, 15.00) June. A former Miami PD officer now working as a Health Inspector thinks that the human arm that he has in the freezer will help him get his job back, but not before leading him to a Bahamian voodoo queen, avaricious land developers, and the eponymous primate.

Hiebert, Michael. Close to the Broken Hearted (Kens, 15.00) July. The only detective in a small Alabama town is inclined to dismiss the concerns of an emotionally disturbed young mother who claims that the man who shot her baby brother years before is stalking her, but comes to realize that the situation is dangerous indeed.

Hilary, Sarah. Someone Else’s Skin (Png, 16.00) July. In a debut of a new British police procedural series, DI Marnie Rome is investigating an attack at a domestic violence shelter, but none of the witnesses tell quite the same story about what happened.

Hockensmith, Steve and Lisa Falco. The White Magic Five & Dime (MidInk, 14.99) July. The first in a new paranormal series set in Arizona, where a woman moves after her con-woman mother is killed and takes over her occult shop, supporting herself by giving tarot readings.

Howe, Melodie Johnson. City of Mirrors (Peg, 14.95) July. When a widowed actress goes back to work, her discovery of the dead body of the female lead is not a wise career move, especially since some people in Hollywood will go to any lengths to protect their images.

Hyzy, Julie. Inaugural Parade (Brk, 17.00) June. The first three mysteries in the series featuring White house chef Olivia Paras.

Knowles, Mike. The Buffalo Job (Per, 12.95) June. A Canadian mob enforcer is hired to steal a valuable antique violin, but the trip south turns very ugly when another group will stop at nothing to get the loot in a gritty noir.

Kosmatka, Ted. Prophet of Bones (STM, 15.99) July. When a scientist is summoned to test DNA in the bones of a new species of tool user, his excavation is unexpectedly shut down and he is forced to flee Indonesia, but the murder of a friend causes him to rethink what he has learned, even though he is warned to leave it alone.

Krueger, William Kent. Tamarack County (SS, 16.00) July. When a judge’s wife disappears, a beloved dog is brutally killed, and his own son is attacked, Cork O’Connor believes that the incidents are related to one another and to a twenty-year-old miscarriage of justice that occurred while he was a deputy sheriff.

Lancet, Barry. Japantown (SS, 15.99) July. A San Francisco antiques dealer who was raised in Tokyo is asked for help by the SFPD when an entire family is gunned down in Japantown, but his investigation puts both himself and his daughter in danger in a case with its roots in Japan centuries before. Highly recommended.

Lansdale, Joe R. Cold in July (Per, 14.95) June. The reissue of a gritty Texas noir, about a man on the run after killing the son of a criminal in self-defense. Highly recommended.

Lawson, Mike. House Odds (Per, 14.00) July. Joe DeMarco is asked to investigate when his boss’ daughter is charged with insider trading in a high-profile case with serious political implications.

Leotta, Alison. Discretion (SS, 14.99) June. When a beautiful paid escort falls from the balcony of the office of the most powerful man in Congress, AUSA Anna Curtis investigates a high-profile case that could end her career.

Lightfoot, Frederick. The Extinction of Snow (Dug, 16.95) June. When a Londoner learns that her son was found dead outside a French village, she decides to go investigate, and is shocked to discover that not only did he have drugs in his system, but also he had left his wife and child.

Lovett, Charlie. The Bookman’s Tale (Png, 16.00) June. An antiquarian bookseller relocates to rural England after the death of his beloved wife where he discovers a Victorian watercolor of a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to her, and as he researches the picture’s origins, he follows a trail of clues leading back to the time of Shakespeare.

Masterman, Becky. Rage against the Dying (STM, 15.99) June. An excellent debut by a Tucson author, featuring a former FBI agent who is pulled back into the worst case of her career when a killer confesses, but the new agent on the case believes that the confession is false. Highly recommended. Signing.

McDaniel, Wayne and Steve Womack. Resurrection Bay (MidInk, 14.99) June. A single mother in Anchorage is kidnapped by a psychopath who takes her to a remote island and releases her in order to hunt her down in a debut mystery.

McIllvaney, William. Laidlaw (Europa, 16.00) June. The reissue of a Scottish police procedural series, featuring DI Jack Laidlaw, who investigates the rape and murder of the teenaged daughter of a Glasgow crime lord. Highly recommended.

Moss, John. Blood Wine (IPS, 11.99) June. When she wakes to find the corpse of her lover next to her and no memory of what happened, a homicide detective is suspended, but she soon realizes that she was sexually assaulted after being drugged, and that she really didn’t know her lover at all well.

Oswald, James. The Book of Souls (HMH, 13.95) July. Edinburgh DI McLean is looking for the killer of three women, killed following the m o of a convicted murderer knifed in prison, while a journalist accuses the police of mishandling the original investigation.

Parker, T. Jefferson. The Famous and the Dead (NAL, 16.00) July. The finale of the Charlie Hood series brings together the three protagonists caught between light and darkness.

Patterson, James and Mark Sullivan. Private LA (GC, 16.00) July. When a glamorous Hollywood couple disappears, Private calls in investigator Jack Morgan, who finds a trail of deception and dark secrets.

Penny, Louise. How the Light Gets In (STM, 15.99) July 29. Inspector Gamache is increasingly isolated in Quebec, so when he is called to Three Pines during Christmastime to investigate the disappearance of a mysterious woman, he jumps at the chance.

Pessl, Marisha. Night Film (RH, 18.00) July. A journalist investigates the death of the beautiful and talented daughter of a notorious film director, unable to accept a verdict of suicide.

Quinn, Spencer. The Sound and the Furry (SS, 16.00) July. At the behest of a criminal pal that they sent away, Chet and Bernie travel to the Louisiana bayous to hunt for the man’s missing brother, an inventor and the only law-abiding member of a family of very black sheep.

Rader-Day, Lori. The Black Hour (Prom, 15.95) July. A Chicago area university professor, attacked by a student who killed himself is trying to figure out the motive for the attack with the help of her teaching assistant, a former gang member in an exceptional debut mystery.

Rice, Christopher. The Heavens Rise (SS, 16.00) July. A spooky supernatural tale set in the Louisiana bayous.

Rosenfeld, David. Dogtripping (STM, 15.99) July. Rosenfeld comically recounts his epic journey moving 25 canine rescues from California to Maine with 3 RVs and 11 volunteers, not as easy as it might sound!

____. Unleashed (STM, 15.99) June. Andy Carpenter and his accountant investigate when an old friend calls, very distraught, and then dies in an accident in his jet before they can get to him. A great doggy series.

Rotstein, Robert. Reckless Disregard (Prom, 15.95) June. Attorney Parker Stern is hired by a video game creator to defend him in a defamation suit because a major Hollywood producer claims that a new video game identifies him as the kidnapper of a starlet who disappeared in 1987.

Rudolph, Wally. Four Corners (Per, 15.95) June. A drug-addled man tries to save a young boy from his junkie father in a road trip through the dusty towns of the desert southwest.

Runcie, James. Sidney Chambers and the Problem of Evil (Blooms, 17.00) June. I’ve been categorizing these as historical because they’re set in the 1960s, but I want to give them a wider audience because these charming interlinked mystery short stories are strong and character-driven, featuring Canon Sidney Chambers who investigates a serial killer with a grievance against the clergy, a stolen painting, an accident that was no accident, and the mystery of a baby left at Christmastime. Try these!

Sallis, James. Death Will Have your Eyes (Mull, 15.00) July. A welcome reprint of a spy novel published in 1997, featuring a retired spy, now working as a sculptor, who is called in when another agent goes rogue. Highly recommended.

Sarginson, Saskia. Without You (Hach, 15.00) June. When a seventeen-year-old girl goes missing in a boat accident off the coast of Suffolk, her sister is convinced she is not drowned but alive on a deserted Ministry of Defense testing island.

Searles, John. Help for the Haunted (HC, 14.99) July. When her parents, who work at helping “haunted souls” find peace are killed, a young girl struggles to discover what happened and why.

Setterfield, Diane. Bellman and Black (SS, 16.00) June. In a creepy supernatural tale, a young boy who kills a rook forgets about the death of the bird, but rooks never forget, and years later when a mysterious man appears and offers him a Faustian bargain—to work with him or lose everything he loves.

Simsion, Graeme. The Rosie Project (SS, 15.99) June. A socially-maladroit genetics professor agrees to help a young woman look for her biological father in a funny, romantic novel. Highly recommended.

Stone, Robert. Death of the Black-Haired Girl (HMH, 14.95) June. When a professor at an elite college decides to terminate his affair with a student, his decision leads to tragedy.

Tartt, Donna. The Goldfinch (LB, 1800) July. A young boy escapes from the bombing of a museum that kills his mother with a beautiful painting that draws him into the world of art.

Turner, Lisa. The Gone Dead Train (HC, 14.99) July. Memphis detective Billy Able becomes involved with a case of bizarre murders, Santería, and a damning photograph in a gothic noir.

Turow, Scott. Identical (GC, 16.00) July. When an ex-FBI agent begins to investigate a twenty-five-year-old murder involving the brother of a mayoral candidate, he discovers a tangle of deception.

Zan, Koethi. The Never List (Png, 16.00) July. Two young women are captured by a sadist along with two other girls, and ten years later, when he is up for parole, one of them reconnects with the other survivors, only to being unraveling a mystery more horrifying than she could ever imagine.

Ziskin, James W. No Stone Unturned (Prom, 15.95) June. Reporter Ellie Stone looks into the murder of a college student seen having multiple assignations at the local no-tell motel before her body was found.

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Anderson, Lin. The Case of the Black Pearl (SH, 28.95) July. An Englishman with a murky past living in Cannes, who works as a “fixer” is ask to look for a woman’s missing sister who disappeared with a valuable black pearl, in a case filled with Russian mobsters, crooked cops, and beautiful temptresses.

Brackmann, Lisa. Hour of the Rat (Soho, 14.95) June. Living in Beijing, Iraqi war vet Ellie McEnroe is asked to investigate the disappearance of an army buddy’s brother, entangling her in a conspiracy that may or may not involve a sinister biotech company, eco-terrorism, and lots and lots of cats.

Brown, Andrew. Coldsleep Lullaby (STM, 24.99) June. A prize-winning debut police procedural set in South Africa, featuring a DI with a drug problem who realizes that the black suspect in the murder of a teenaged white girl is innocent, and his investigation leads him to an underworld of sexual perversity.

Cabasson, Armand. Wolf Hunt (IPG, 15.95) June. In a historical mystery set during the Napoleonic Wars, French author Cabasson combines action and detection as a French officer looks into the murder of an orphan at the behest of an Austrian woman and with the help of a hussar who is obsessed with finding a murderer with the same m o.

Camilleri, Andrea. Angelica’s Smile (Png, 16.00) July. Inspector Montalbano investigates a rash of burglaries in the coastal Sicilian city of Vigata, but one of the victims is so stunningly beautiful that he can hardly keep his mind on the investigation.

Campion, Alexander. Death of a Chef (Ken, 15.00) June. Capucine is called in when a steamer trunk bought at a Paris flea market is found to contain the body of a chef on the point of losing his second Michelin star.

_____. Murder on the Mediterranean (Kens, 24.00) July. Paris police Commissaire Capucine LeTellier is relaxing on a Mediterranean cruise, but when the yacht’s chef disappears during a squall and a bullet hole from Capucine’s gun is found in her pocket, her vacation turns into a busman’s holiday as she searches for a killer.

Cauvin, Henry. The Killing Needle (Locked Room, 15.95) June. First published in France in 1871, this precursor of Sherlock Holmes is a locked-room mystery introducing a drug-addled private investigator who helps a servant accused of poisoning his master.

Clarke, Lucy. Swimming at Night (SS, 16.00) July. When her estranged sister is found dead in Bali, a supposed suicide, a woman leaves London and, using her sister’s travel diary reconstructs her final travels in order to understand her death.

Cohen, Stuart Archer. 17 Stone Angels (Per, 14.95) July. An unconventional detective novel set in Argentina where an investigator is hired to kidnap a stranger, but accidentally kills him, and then must cover up his actions while trying to decide why someone wanted the victim kidnapped. 

Condon, Matthew. The Toe Tag Quintet (IPG, 16.95) July. Five novellas featuring a recently-retired Australian policeman who has the uncanny ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time—anywhere that there’s crime and mayhem.

Cumming, Charles. A Foreign Country (STM, 15.99) July. When the MI6 Paris chief goes missing, a disgraced agent is called in to find her in a case that is tied to the murder in Egypt of an elderly French couple, and the kidnapping of a French accountant.

Deva, Mukul. Weapon of Vengeance (STM, 25.99) June. The head of the Indian Anti-terrorist Task Force has a lot on his plate with Delhi hosting both the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Summit and the Commonwealth Games, but he is particularly worried when his estranged daughter—an MI6 agent—returns, and he begins to wonder if she is a terrorist kingpin.

Dicker, Joel. The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair (Png, 18.00) June. In the U.S. debut of a Swiss writer, a Manhattan-based novelist with writer’s block turns for help to his mentor, and discovers that his mentor’s blockbuster novel was based on a real affair with a teenaged girl, whose remains turn up on his property, leading to a murder charge.

Disher, Garry. Fallout (Soho, 14.95) June. Australian jewel thief Wyatt returns to a life of crime, but discovers that the jewels he has stolen are fakes, leading him to call in his nephew, who inveigles him into the theft of some expensive artwork.

_____. Hell to Pay (Soho, 26.95) July. A small-town policeman exiled to South Australia’s wheat belt, investigating some stray gunfire, discovers a sinister plot more dangerous than he expected.

Dugain, Marc. The Avenue of Giants (Europa, 17.00) June. A California sociopath, incarcerated for killing his grandparents as a teenager, is able to convince the authorities that he is completely rehabilitated and is released, but despite his apparent respectability—he even becomes friends with the local police chief—he has a bloody double life.

Ewan, Chris. The Good Thief’s Guide to Berlin (STM, 16.99) July. While in Berlin, part-time thief Charlie Howard is asked by Her Majesty’s Government to recover stolen property, stolen by one of four embassy officials, but the material is so sensitive that he isn’t even told what to look for, only that he’ll know it if he sees it.

Fiechter, J.J. A Masterpiece of Revenge (Per, 14.95) June. A famous art critic and authority on the paintings of Claud Lorrain discovers that his son has been abducted, and when he receives no ransom demand, he realizes that the kidnapping is tied to the discovery of a new, and possibly dubious, Lorrain painting.

Haas, Wolf. Come, Sweet Death (Mel, 15.95) July. Ex-cop Simon Brenner takes a job driving an ambulance in downtown Vienna, but he soon notices that too many  wealthy, elderly people are dying than should be.

Hill, Antonio. The Good Suicides (RH, 26.00) June. Barcelona police inspector Hector Salgado investigates two suspicious suicides at a cosmetics company while his partner reopens the cold case of his estranged wife’s disappearance.

Holt, Jonathan. The Abduction (HC, 26.99) June. The disappearance of an American officer’s teenaged daughter in Venice is investigated by Carabiniere Captain Kat Tapo and a U.S. Army officer, and soon they discover that the girl is being tortured when videos appear on Carnivia.com in the second in the Venice-based series featuring a cyber-Venice in which carnival masks hide identities.

Jungstad, Mari. Dark Angel (Stockholm, 14.95) June. Gotland DS Anders Knutas investigates the murder of a prominent event planner in a case involving an array of unhappy families in the latest in this excellent series.

Kepler, Lars. The Fire Witness (STM, 16.00) June. When a phony spirit medium begins having real visions about a murder at a home for wayward girls, police detective Joona Linna decides that the theory that the murderer was a girl who escaped in the middle of the night may not explain what happened.

Koch, Herman. Summer House with Swimming Pool (RH, 24.00) June. In a literary mystery by a Dutch writer, a therapist and his family, including his underage daughter, agree to spend part of their vacation at the home of a patient, an actor, and the sexual tension leads to tragedy.

Lawrenson, Deborah. The Sea Garden (HC, 26.99) July. A British landscape designer is hired to create a memorial garden for the owner of a palatial estate on the French island of Porquerolles in the Mediterranean, but she runs into problems immediately and fears that someone is trying to run her off the island in a novel tied together by events that took place in 1943 during WWII.

Levy, Marc. Replay (Png, 23.95) June. A NYT reporter awakens two months before someone fatally stabs him determined to find the killer, but suspects abound including his new wife, a jealous co-worker, and two stories he’s investigating involving Chinese child traffickers and Argentine war criminals.

Lin, Ed. Ghost Month (Soho, 26.95) July. When his former girlfriend is found murdered by the side of the highway, a Taipei food vendor decides to investigate, and discovers that nothing can prepare him for what he discovers.

Loubiére, Sophie. The Stone Boy (GC, 15.00) July. This creepy psychological thriller is the U.S. debut of this French author. When a retired headmistress returns to her home in Paris, she begins to spy on her neighbors, and becomes convinced that their boy is being abused, but, on the other hand, she may be going mad….

Menutti, Nicholas and David Guggenheim. Weaponized (Mull, 16.00) June. When a man on the run hiding out in Cambodia is approached by a mysterious man who offers to swap passports, he agrees, but his troubles are only beginning as he finds himself being chased by Russian oligarchs, Chinese operatives, and the CIA.

Mishani, D.A. A Possiblity of Violence (HC, 26.99) July. Israeli police investigator Avraham Avraham investigates when a fake bomb is left outside of a day care center in a complex case in which the main suspect is hiding something, but it may have nothing to do with the case.

Nakamura, Fuminori. Evil and the Mask (Soho, 15.95) June. The scion of a wealthy family is forced by family tradition to become an evil person, causing as much misery and destruction as possible, but as he grows up, he begins to question his role, in a study of the powerful human instinct to resist evil.

Nunn, Malla. Present Darkness (SS, 16.00) June. When a high school principal is killed and his wife left for dead, their daughter claims that the two attackers were black students, putting Johannesburg cop Emmanuel Cooper in a difficult position because one boy is the son of a colleague.

Palmer, Matthew. The American Mission (Put, 26.95) June. A disgraced Foreign Service employee takes a job in the Congo, working for the American ambassador, but he soon discovers that the ambassador and the country’s dictator are too cozy with an American mining company, and he is forced to act against powers that never hesitate to eliminate trouble makers.

Patriau, Gustavo Faverón. The Antiquarian (Grove, 16.00) June. In a beautifully-written debut mystery by a Peruvian journalist, a psycholinguist is contacted by an old friend who is in a nearby mental institution, held for murdering his fiancée, who wishes to explain why he did what he did in a case involving book dealers fronting for a ring of traffickers in human organs.

Roslund and Hellstrom. Two Soldiers (Quercus, 26.95) June. Juvenile gangs are terrorizing a Stockholm suburb, and things become more serious for DS Ewert Grens when they kidnap a prison officer in a case that has its roots in an arrest 20 years before.

Royes, Gillian. The Sea-Grape Tree (SS, 16.00) July. In Largo Bay, Jamaica Shad Myers, bartender and unofficial investigator must help a lonely English tourist involved in a love triangle.

Ryan, Patricia. Windswept (SH, 27.95) June. When a hard-drinking travel writer is murdered, a vacationer finds the body and finds herself helping the local police with their inquiries in a novel of romantic suspense set on Aruba.

Schenkel, Andrea Maria. The Murder Farm (Quercus, 22.99) June. The murder of an entire family on a German farm is analyzed through eyewitness accounts, third-person narration, and incomplete case files in a puzzling, prize-winning mystery.

Schirach, Ferdinand von. The Collini Case (Png, 15.00) June. The young, inexperienced lawyer assigned to defend an elderly man who killed a prominent industrialist in Berlin discovers that the man’s motive is connected to his own life.

Schofield, Robert. Heist (IPG, 19.95) June. In this debut Australian thriller, a mining engineer working at a gold processing plant in the outback is taken hostage by gunmen who raid the plant’s storage vault, but when he manages to escape, he realizes that crooked cops and the mine’s hired guns are as dangerous as the criminals.

Smith, Tom Rob. The Farm (LB, 26.00) June. A novel of psychological suspense featuring a man whose parents have moved to an isolated farm in Sweden, who receives first a call from his father saying his mother is delusional, and then his mother arrives saying that his father is lying and part of conspiracy against her.

Stevens, Taylor. The Catch (Crown, 24.00) July. Vanessa Michael Munroe returns to Africa and takes a job working aboard a ship as a guard, but when Somali pirates attack, she and the captain barely escape, and she returns to defeat the hijackers and rescue the hostages.

Swarup, Vikas. The Accidental Apprentice (STM, 25.99) July. A billionaire industrialist approaches a salesgirl in Delhi and offers to make her CEO of his company if she can pass seven tests from “the textbook of life.”

Tan, Cheryl Lu-Lien, ed. Singapore Noir (Akashic, 15.95) June. A collection of short stories set amidst the ethnic, cultural, and linguistic tensions by native writers and knowledgeable visitors.

Xiaolong, Qiu. The Enigma of China (STM, 15.99) June. Chen Cao of the Shanghai Police is asked to confirm that the death of the corrupt son of a high-level Party member was a suicide, but his investigation reveals murder.

New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Alfieri, Annamaria. Strange Gods (STM, 26.99) June. When a missionary is fatally speared outside of Nairobi in 1911, the police want to pin the murder on a local witch doctor, but his idealistic assistant wants a real investigation to take place, since the missionary was a notorious philanderer and a number of jealous husbands are suspects.

Altman, John. The Art of the Devil (SH, 28.95) June. In a thriller set in 1955, a group of unlikely conspirators is targeting President Eisenhower, and when the Secret Service investigates, they discover a very highly placed mole.

Beauman, Sally. The Visitors (HC, 27.99) July. In Egypt in 1922, two young girls become drawn into Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon’s search for the tomb of King Tutankhaman.

Bretherick, Diana. City of Devils (Peg, 25.95) July. A debut mystery set in nineteenth-century Turin with a young Scottish doctor studying with Cesare Lombroso, the famous criminologist, but the discovery of a hideously mutilated body with a note that seems to implicate Lombroso causes him to put his studies to practical use.

Burke, James Lee. Wayfaring Stranger (SS, 27.99) July. A historical thriller that begins with a young boys meeting with Bonnie and Clyde and then follows his life through WWII and the oil fields of Texas and Louisiana. Signed copies.

Cameron, Kenneth. The Second Woman (IPG, 14.95) June. An American Civil War veteran and novelist living in London is notified that the body of a woman has been discovered in his garden, in a case that has anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic repercussions.

Casey, Donis. Hell with the Lid Blown Off (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) June. When the body of a man blown into a field by a tornado is discovered, it becomes clear that he was murdered before the storm, and Alafair Tucker uses her knowledge of human nature to help find the killer when suspicion falls on her daughter’s beloved music teacher. Signing.

Cleverly, Barbara. A Spider in the Cup (Soho, 15.95) June. Joe Sandilands is given the job of protecting an American senator during an economic conference in London in 1933, but when the discovery of a woman’s body on the banks of the Thames with a gold coin in her mouth is linked to the senator, he realizes that the senator is caught up in a very deadly game.

Davis, Lindsey. Enemies at Home (STM, 25.99) July. Flavia Alba is asked to solve the murders of a family, after their slaves flee for their lives to take refuge in the Temple of Ceres, a situation that the authorities want to bring to an end.

_____. The Ides of April (STM, 15.99) June. Flavia Alba, the adopted daughter of Marcus Didius Falco is working as a PI during the reign of Domitian and finds herself with an awful client and a clever and powerful opponent in an accident case.

Doherty, Paul. Candle Flame (SH, 28.95) July. Brother Athelstan investigates the death of a tax collector, whose body is found in a locked room in a Southwark tavern in the latest in this series set in fourteenth-century England.

Downie, Ruth. Semper Fidelis (Bloom, 17.00) July. Returning to his regiment in Britannia, Ruso finds that his men are suffering from mysterious ailments that they attribute to a curse, but when on soldier commits suicide, he decides to investigate. An excellent Roman series.

Flanders, Judith. The Invention of Murder (STM, 16.99) July. The author argues that while actual murder was rare in Victorian England, it became ubiquitous in popular culture, with Charles Dickens’s Inspector Bucket becoming the first—and incredibly influential—fictional detective. Once you read this, you’ll want to read Bleak House.

Fuller, David. Sundance (Over, 27.95) July. While legend has it that he died in a shootout in Bolivia, the Sundance Kid has been serving a prison term under an alias, so when he gets out in 1913 he goes looking for his wife, but discovers that she was very different from what he thought she was in a suspenseful reimagining of the legend.

Furst, Alan. Midnight in Europe (RH, 27.00) June. In 1937, a Spanish émigré lawyer living in Paris is asked to help provide arms to the republican army putting his life and family at risk when he joins up with a varied group of people including arms dealers, smugglers, aristocrats, and patriots.

Goodwin, Jason. The Baklava Club (FSG, 26.00) June. In the final in the series set in Ottoman Turkey, the eunuch Yashim becomes involved in the kidnapping of a Polish prince and the attack on the Polish ambassador to Istanbul.

Gordon-Smith, Dolores. After the Exhibition (SH, 28.95) July. Jack Haldean is asked to help when a woman discovers the body of a woman of dubious repute, a body that later disappears.

Gregory, Susanna. Murder on High Holborn (IPG, 29.95) July. In 1665, Thomas Chaloner must deal with another uprising against Charles II, while at the same time investigating the murder of a courtier.

Hall, Patricia. Blood Brothers (SH, 28.95) June. Photographer Kate O’Donnell gets a gig with a crime reporter in early 1960s London, who is investigating rumors of a major heist being planned.

Hanley, C. B. The Bloody City (IPG, 14.95) June. During a military effort to recapture the city of Lincoln from the French in 1217, a trusted servant of the Earl of Surrey is asked to sneak into the city and discover traitors.

Hodgson, Antonia. The Devil in the Marshalsea (HMH, 15.95) June. In a debut set in 1727, the wastrel son of a clergyman sent to the infamous debtor’s prison agrees to investigate the hanging death of another prisoner, after it is reported that the man’s ghost is haunting the prison.

Huber, Anna Lee. A Grave Matter (Brk, 16.00) July. When a grave is disturbed and a caretaker is murdered at a nearby abbey, Lady Kiera’s knowledge is essential to solve the case in the third in the series set in 1830 in the Scottish Highlands.

Ifkovic, Ed. Final Curtain (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) June. Edna Ferber is preparing for her stage debut in 1940 in a play that her co-author George Kaufman is directing, when a handsome understudy who had created problems with the cast and crew is killed.

Izner, Claude. Strangled in Paris (STM, 15.99) July. Victor LeGros investigates when the body of a well-dressed woman is found in La Villette, the abattoir district of Paris, and it turns out that she is a prostitute, in a case with ties to a secret society looking for the philosopher’s stone in belle époque Paris.

Jennings, Maureen. Beware this Boy (M&S, 17.95) June. The second in the series set in Birmingham, England in 1940, where an explosion at a munitions factory may be more than an accident according to DI Tom Tyler.

Jones, J. Sydney. A Matter of Breeding (SH, 28.95) July. Viennese lawyer Karl Werthen is asked to protect Bram Stoker on a visit in 1901, who then helps him to investigate the deaths of three young women seemingly killed by a vampire.

Kuhns, Eleanor. Cradle to Grave (STM, 25.99) June. When a Shaker friend is accused of kidnapping a neighbor’s children, itinerant weaver Will Rees and his wife travel to New York, but when they arrive, their friend has been accused of murder.

Lister, Michael. The Big Hello (Pulpwood, 26.99) June. The third of a crime trilogy set around Panama City, FL in the 1940s, featuring a PI on the trail of a sadistic serial sex killer who has abducted his girlfriend.

Loan-Wilsey, Anna. A Sense of Entitlement (Ken, 15.00) July. Working in Newport, travelling secretary Hattie Davish plans on a working vacation, but when a wealthy summer resident is found dead, and union agitators are blamed, she investigates only to find many skeletons in his mansion’s closets.

Ludwig, Jerry. Blacklist (STM, 25.99) June. After one of a team of screenwriters who were targeted by HUAC in the early 1950’s dies, his son returns the body to Hollywood, but when a red-baiting journalist dies after a confrontation with him, he becomes a suspect in his murder.

MacNeal, Susan Elia. The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent (Ban, 15.00) July. In 1941, Maggie Hope is sent to Scotland to teach in a training camp for spies, but she becomes involved in helping a close friend accused of murder and in investigating the death of two ballet dancers.

McCallin, Luke. The Pale House (Png, 16.00) July. In the second in this series set in the final days of WWII, German intelligence officer Gregor Reinhardt is reassigned to a new branch of the military police, where he is separated from his friends and allies, and forced to deal with those who seek to continue the fight beyond the battlefield.

McCleary, Carol. No Job for a Lady (STM, 24.99) June. Nellie Bly travels from Texas to Mexico in 1886 as a freelance reporter and meets up with Harry “Sundance Kid” Longabaugh.

McCoy, Max. The Spirit is Willing (Ken, 7.99) July. In the second in this historical mystery series with a paranormal twist, psychic detective Olivia Wylde is asked to examine some spirit photographs during a fraud trial, but she discovers that one of them is real, and the spirit is that of a man murdered twenty years before by a man who is now a powerful Colorado politician.

Merrell, Susan Scarf. Shirley (Blue Rider, 25.95) June. A young couple, a graduate student and his pregnant wife, move into the house of Shirley Jackson and her critic husband at Bennington in 1964, and the young woman’s friendship turns to fear as she begins to suspect that something is seriously wrong in a brilliant novel of psychological suspense and an homage to Jackson’s classic horror stories.

Morrell, David. Murder as a Fine Art (Mull, 16.00) June. In London in 1854, Thomas de Quincey becomes the prime suspect in a series of mass murders that are patterned after his essay “On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts,” but crippled by his opium addiction, he must turn to his daughter and a pair of Scotland Yard detectives to clear his name.

Morris, Bill. Motor City Burning (Peg, 24.95) July. In 1967, a burnt-out college student agrees to help his brother by driving a load of stolen guns to Detroit, but once there he realizes that the police are still investigating an unsolved murder, and he is the prime suspect.

Nicholson, William. Motherland (SS, 15.99) July. The story of a woman and two men who meet during WWII in Britain, and whose love triangle plays out during the war and its aftermath.

Nickson, Chris. The Crooked Spire (IPG, 13.95) June. In the first in a new series set in fourteenth-century Britain, an itinerant carpenter investigates the murder of his supervisor in the when he finds the body in a church spire in Chesterfield.

O’Brien, Charles. Death in Saratoga Springs (Ken, 15.00) June. In the second in this series set in the Gilded Age, private investigator Pamela Thompson investigates when her young ward is under suspicion of having murdered a decorated Civil War veteran with a penchant for young girls.

Pattison, Eliot. Original Death (Per, 15.95) July. Scottish exile Duncan McCallum is travelling through colonial America with his native friend when they stumble across a settlement of Christian Indians who have been massacred.

Perutz, Leo. Saint Peter’s Snow (Per, 14.95) June. A man awakes in a hospital and is told that he was in a coma after an automobile accident, but he has memories of being in a small village where experiments with a wheat mold have created violent altercations among the villagers in a novel of suspense and identity written in 1933 and banned by the Nazis.

_____. The Swedish Cavalier (Per, 14.95) June. The reissue of a classic thriller set in the early eighteenth century, a swashbuckling tale of a young thief who exchanges identities with a nobleman.

Phillips, Jayne Ann. Quiet Dell (SS, 16.00) July. A novel based on a real-life killer in the 1930s who preyed on widows, featuring a journalist who will do anything to see the man who killed a widow and her three children receive justice.

Ripley, Mike. Margery Allingham’s Albert Campion Returns in Mr. Campion’s Farewell (SH, 28.95) July. Based on a story fragment by Allingham’s husband, and set in 1969, this revival of the series has Campion traveling to a small English village where a number of unusual occurrences appear to be connected to a shadowy organization founded four centuries before.

Robertson, Imogen. Circle of Shadows (Png, 16.00) June. In the fourth in this series set in late eighteenth-century England, Mrs. Westerman and anatomist Gabriel Crowther travel to Germany to save her brother-in-law from a charge of murdering a noble lady at a masked ball.

Smith, Dan. The Child Thief (Peg, 14.95) July. In a powerful debut set in the Soviet Union in 1930, a troubled veteran of WWI races across the Ukraine to save a child from a shadowy killer.

_____. Red Winter (Peg, 25.95) July. In 1920 a deserter from the Red Army returns to his village only to discover that all the men have been massacred and that the women and children have disappeared, so he sets out to find them in the bitter winter, shadowed by darkness in his past, and, maybe a darkness in the woods.

Spann, Susan. Blade of the Samurai (STM, 25.99) July. When someone fatally stabs the shogun’s senior clerk with his dagger, Ito Kazu investigates with the help of a fellow clansman, an assassin turned body guard in the second in this series set in sixteenth-century Japan.

Todd, Charles. A Question of Honor (HC, 15.99) June. Bess Crawford investigates when a man accused of murder in 1908 in India is seen alive on the battlefield in France, but she must find him first in order to find out the horrifying truth of the murder.

Tremayne, Peter. Atonement of Blood (STM, 25.99) July. When the king is stabbed by a religieux during a feast, Fidelma and Eadulf  must discover who is behind the assassination attempt, traveling into enemy territory amid grave dangers.

_____. The Seventh Trumpet (STM, 16.99) June. When the body of a noble is found not far from Cashel in 670 Ireland, the king asks Sister Fidelma and Brother Eadulf to investigate.

Upson, Nicola. The Death of Lucy Kyte (HC, 15.99) June. Real-life mystery novelist Josephine Tey is left a bequest by her actress godmother of her cottage and papers, but when she looks over the papers she begins to have suspicions about her death.

Wallace, Wendy. The Painted Bridge (SS, 16.00) July. When a Victorian woman is left at a private asylum for hysterical women by her husband, she finds herself unable to leave, and falling into a state of strange visions, she begins to doubt her own sanity.

Walsh, Jill Paton. The Late Scholar (STM, 25.99) June. Lord Peter Wimsey and his wife Harriet investigate at Oxford when a dispute among the Fellows of St. Severin’s College about whether to keep or sell a valuable manuscript leads to a series of deaths in a continuation of the Dorothy L. Sayers series.

Winspear, Jacqueline. The Care and Management of Lies (HC, 26.99) July. A standalone set during the Great War, featuring two friends whose lives entwine when one marries the brother of the other, who is later sent to the Front.

Wortham, Reavis Z. Vengeance is Mine (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) July. In the fall of 1967, a Las Vegas hit man and his girlfriend move to Center Springs, Texas bringing with them murder, counterfeit money, and robbery.

Wright, June. Murder in the Telephone Exchange (Per, 15.95) June. An Australian mystery first published in 1948, featuring a “telephonist” at the Melbourne  Exchange, who investigates the murder of her supervisor in a lively period piece.

Of Special Interest

Bosco is worried that you consider him just another pretty face here at Clues, so he has decided to inaugurate a new feature: Bosco’s Bites, two or three books every newsletter with doggy themes, some mysteries, some dog books, and 20% of the books’ price will be donated to Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption so that more greyhounds can follow their dreams to have a forever home (and, if they’re lucky, become bookselling hounds).

For June/July, he recommends:

Wolverine Bros. Freight & Storage (STM, 25.99), a noir mystery written by greyhound adopter Steve Ufelder and featuring greyhounds Cha Cha and Dandy as characters.

Dogtripping (STM, 15.99) where David Rosenfeld comically recounts his epic journey moving 25 canine rescues from California to Maine with 3 RVs and 11 volunteers, not as easy as it might sound!

Travels with Casey (SS, 26.00) July. A moody Labrador and his neurotic companion animal take a cross-country RV trip through America’s relationship with dogs, meeting up with an owner of wolf dogs, a woman taken to court for not using a pooper-scooper, the manager of a rescue shelter, and others.

I am planning on taking a break—an actual vacation—the last week of June and the first week of July. The store will be open abbreviated hours, which I will post on the website and put on the phone message, so be sure to check before coming down.

Chris and Bosco