April/May 2018

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover


Adams, Jane A. Fakes and Lies (SH, 28.99) May. Naomi Black, a blind former police detective, is asked by a friend to help investigate the death of an artist and successful forger despite the fact that the police view the death as natural causes, in a case involving the murder of a gallery owner and the theft of his paintings.

Albert, Susan Wittig. Queen Anne’s Lace (Brk, 27.00) Apr. China Bayles’ shop is haunted by a ghost, leading her to a crime from Pecan Springs’ past that has repercussions in the present.

Allan, Barbara. Antiques Wanted (Ken, 26.00) May. Antiques dealer Brandy must help when her mother decides to run for county sheriff, but when they visit the local assisted living home to corral votes for the campaign, a series of murders occur, forcing them to find a killer before there’s nobody left to vote for Vivian.

Andrews, Mary Kay. The High Tide Club (STM, 27.99) May. When an attorney is summoned by a wealthy elderly woman to her home, she is surprised that the woman wants her to help to protect her land from developers and to set things right from a long-ago murder in a tale of friendships renewed, true love found, and justice delivered. The perfect summer vacation read.

Barron, Laird. Blood Standard (Put, 26.00) May. A mob enforcer from Alaska resettles in upstate New York, but he is unable to leave his past behind when a teenaged girl disappears and he delves back into the underworld in the first of a new series.

Baxter, Cynthia. Murder with a Cherry on Top (Ken, 25.00) Apr. A woman leaves behind her high-powered career in Manhattan to run an ice-cream shop in the Hudson Valley, but the murder of a business rival forces her to churn up the suspects before her business is frozen out in the first of a new series.

Bell, Maymee. Cake and Punishment (Per, 26.99) May. In the first in a delectable new cozy series set in rural Kentucky, a pastry chef must sift for clues while making a wedding cake for a friend when the chef at the local country club is found dead.

Boyle, William. The Lonely Witness (Peg, 25.95) May. A Brooklyn woman volunteering as a Eucharistic minister witnesses a murder and fears that the killer is stalking her, a situation complicated by the return of her former girlfriend.

Brandon, Jay. Against the Law (SH, 28.99) May. A lawyer who was disbarred and sent to prison after sampling the evidence in a drug case along with the prosecutor is working as a salesman when his physician sister calls him for help when she is accused of murdering her estranged husband, and after he agrees he discovers that the prosecutor is now the judge who will be hearing the case.

Brown, Duffy. Lethal in Old Lace (Per, 26.99) Mar. Consignment-shop owner Reagan must put her wedding plans on hold to investigate when two women who work as professional mourners are implicated in the murder of the man who fleeced them out of their money. This is the first hardcover appearance for this charming, cozy series.

Brown, Rita Mae. Probable Claws (Ban, 27.00) May. When an architect friend is shot to death right in front of her by a man on a motorcycle, Harry Haristeen investigates along with her furry friends, and discovers a connection to corruption and greed beginning in Virginia’s post-Revolutionary past.

Callanan, Liam. Paris by the Book (Dut, 26.00) Apr. When her novelist husband disappears, leaving behind a half-finished manuscript set in Paris, his wife takes her two daughters and goes off to find him, becoming the owner of a struggling English-language bookstore while following the clues left by him and other writers of books set in the City of Light.

Chance, Maia. Bad Neighbors (Per, 26.99) Apr. Agnes and her Aunt Effie take a break from renovating their upstate New York inn when the local mechanic is found murdered and her new boyfriend becomes the chief suspect.

Chapman, Julia. Date with Malice (STM, 26.99) Apr. In the second in this cozy series set in Yorkshire, PI Samson is hired to investigate a series of disturbing incidents at a local senior home and must work with his landlady Delilah in order to get information from the senior community.

Clark, Mary Higgins. I’ve Got my Eyes on You (SS, 26.99) Apr. When a teenaged girl is found dead in the family pool, suspicion falls on her boyfriend, but her sister investigates, putting herself in danger.

Clarke, Angela. Follow Me (Per, 26.99) Apr. An ambitious journalist happens to see an old school friend, now a cop, and inserts herself into the case of the murder of a computer troll, finding clues in a Twitter feed in a debut British mystery.

Cleland, Jane. Antique Blues (STM, 26.99) Apr. When a friend is found murdered shortly after asking antiques expert Josie to appraise a Japanese woodblock print, Josie must gain the trust of the local antiques dealers to find the main suspect, the seller of the print who has conveniently disappeared.

Coulter, Catherine and J.T. Ellison. The Sixth Day (SS, 27.99) Apr. When several politicians die, the initial verdict is natural causes, but the latest death is found to be an assassination using a small drone, so the Covert Eyes team is sent to discover the killer.

Coyle, Cleo. Shot in the Dark (Brk, 27.00) Apr. After Village Blend turns into a hookup hotspot due to a smartphone dating app, Clare finds the body of a lothario who left broken hearts aplenty and must swipe through the suspects to find a killer.

Crane, Genvieve Sly. Sorority (SS, 26.00) May. The death of a sorority pledge is the backdrop to this tale of female friendship and betrayal.

Cussler, Clive and Robin Burcell. The Gray Ghost (Put, 29.00) May. Sam and Remi Fargo must find a legendary automobile—the prototype of the famous car that disappeared first in 1906 only to be found by Isaac Bell—that has disappeared in order to clear the name of the man accused of stealing it the first time.

Duncan, Elizabeth J. The Marmalade Murders (STM, 26.99) Apr. Artist, spa owner, and amateur sleuth Penny Brannigan investigates the murder of a member of the Woman’s Institute when she is found dead at the agricultural fair in the Welsh village in a cozy mystery.

Enmon, Larry. The Burial Place (Per, 26.99) Apr. In a debut police procedural set in Dallas, two detectives must find the kidnapped daughter of the city’s mayor and the only clue is in her Bible—the word Wormwood--which leads them to other unsolved abductions of young women and a sinister cult.

Evans, Mary Anna. Undercurrents (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Apr. While in Memphis to assess an archaeological site, Faye Longchamp comes across evidence of a serial killer when she uncovers the body of a dying woman in a hastily dug grave.

Flanders, Judith. A Howl of Wolves (STM, 26.99) May. When the body of the director is found hanging onstage during the performance of a particularly gory play, London publisher Sam Clair decides to investigate who among his many enemies actually killed him in the latest in this funny, cozy series.

Fleet, Rebecca. The House Swap (Png, 26.00) May. When a couple agrees to swap their cramped flat in London for a week in a house in a leafy suburb, they jump at the chance thinking that it will help repair their crumbling marriage, but the neighbors seem overly interested in them, and then the wife begins to fear that the owners may know her past—a past she has kept secret.

Flower, Amanda. Flowers and Foul Play (Per, 26.99) May. In the first of a new gardening mystery, a florist recently jilted by her fiancé moves to Scotland when her godfather leaves her his cottage, but on the day of her arrival, she finds a body in the garden and must examine a bouquet of suspects to sniff out a killer.

Freeman, Brian. Alter Ego (Quer, 26.99) May. When a film begins shooting in Duluth based on a serial killer he captured, police lieutenant Jonathan Stride is concerned, but when an intern on the film is shot, he investigates after it turns out that she was using a false identity to spy on the lead actor.

Gibbins, David. Inquisition (STM, 27.99) Apr. When an archaeologist discovers a coin marked with a Star of David in the wreckage of a ship that sank off the coast of Cornwall in 1684, he investigates because the ship would have had to pass through waters controlled by the Spanish Inquisition on its voyage from Tangier in a brilliant blend of history and suspense.

Goldberg, Lee. True Fiction (T&M, 24.99) Apr. In the first of a funny new series a crime writer is horrified when a terrorist group uses a scenario he had devised for the CIA to help the government prepare for the worst, so knowing who is responsible and how it was done, he and his book tour minder go on the road, followed by assassins in hot pursuit.

Grecian, Alex. The Saint of Wolves and Butchers (Put, 27.00) Apr. In the first of a new series a Nazi hunter, his Tibetan mastiff, and a Kansas State Trooper join forces to hunt down a concentration camp director let into the U.S. in the 1950’s who has continued his evil work and has amassed a group of wealthy followers.

Griffiths, Elly. The Dark Angel (HMH, 27.00) May. Archaeologist Ruth Galloway is hired to work in an Italian hill town identifying bones, but while she hears rumors of a strong resistance movement in the area during WWII and feels that there are dark secrets buried in the area, it’s not until a murder occurs in the present that she begins to wonder if there is a connection with the ancient bones she’s studying.

Grimes, Martha. The Knowledge (Per, 26.00) Apr. Richard Jury investigates when an acquaintance is murdered outside a London art gallery in a case that takes Melrose Plant to Nairobi and him to a gambling club in Reno.

Haeberlin, Julia. Paper Ghosts (Ball, 27.00) May. A twisty tale of an elderly man, who may or may not have dementia, who may or may not be a serial killer, who is taken on a road trip through Texas by a woman who may or may not be his daughter. A tour-de-force of suspense.

Haines, Carolyn. Charmed Bones (STM, 26.99) May. Sarah Booth Delany and her partner investigate a group of Wiccans who have moved to Zinnia, Mississippi and want to open a school over the objections of the local school board, but when the witches’ landlord is found murdered, the case becomes more serious.

Hall, Araminta.  Our Kind of Cruelty (MCD, 26.00) May. A debut psychological thriller featuring a London golden couple whose relationship falls apart when she decides to leave him for another man and he sees it as part of a kinky role-playing game.

Hampton, Nell. Lord of the Pies (Per, 26.99) Apr. Royal chef Carrie Ann is appalled when a lemon meringue pie to die for actually kills a member of the Kensington Palace staff, and she must find a killer before she loses her dream job.

Harrison, DeSales. The Waters and the Wild (RH, 27.00) Apr. A debut literary mystery about a Manhattan psychoanalyst whose patient commits suicide, but a mysterious note causes him to question the death, and after his teenaged daughter disappears, he must search for her and the truth—a truth that lies in a past love affair in Paris.

Hechtman, Betty. On the Hook (Per, 26.99) May. When one of the Tarzana Hookers who’s become a real estate agent stumbles across a body in the house she’s showing, it turns out to be the acting coach of another of the group in a case that has Molly worried that the group is coming apart at the seams.

Heley, Veronica. False Pride (SH, 28.99) Apr. Bea Abbott is approached by an employee working as a housekeeper for an aristocratic family asking her to guard some jewels that she was given, but soon members of the family begin to die in unusual circumstances and Bea must discover what’s going on.

Hill, Sasscer. The Dark Side of Town (STM, 26.99) Apr. A former cop who works for a horse-racing regulative body is sent undercover to Saratoga racetrack to investigate a trainer whose horses win suspiciously often and discovers a connection to organized crime, but the case gains more urgency with the suicide of a young jockey.

Hillerman, Anne. Cave of Bones (HC, 26.99) Apr. Bernadette Manuelito is faced with two mysteries—a skeleton discovered by a young woman at an outdoor character-building program and the disappearance of the instructor sent to find her.

Jewell, Lisa. Then She Was Gone (SS, 26.00) Apr. A woman whose teenaged daughter disappeared ten years before meets a man, and as the relationship develops she meets his daughter, a young woman who is identical to her missing daughter in a novel of psychological suspense. (Signing).

Johnson, Kirk Wallace. The Feather Thief (Vik, 27.00) Apr. The true tale of the theft of rare bird specimens collected in the nineteenth century from the British Museum of Natural History in 2009, stolen by an American obsessed with the Victorian art of salmon fly-tying that calls for feathers of exotic birds. A wonderful tale of natural history, true crime, and obsession for lovers of The Orchid Thief.

Kardos, Michael. Bluff (Per, 26.00) Apr. A former magician is writing an article about cheating at cards, but a card sharp she meets proposes that the two of them perform the ultimate in sleight-of-hand—with a $1.5 million pay-off. I loved this.

Karst, Leslie. Death al Fresco (Per, 26.99) Mar. Restaurateur Sally Solari must find the killer of a fisherman when her father is accused of his murder in the third of this cozy cooking series.

Kidd, Jess. Mr. Flood’s Last Resort (SS, 27.00) May. A magical novel about an Irish woman working as a caretaker in London, who takes over the care of an irascible and reclusive man living in a gothic mansion, a man who may have killed his wife whose body was found years before at the foot of the staircase. I loved this.

Kiernan, Olivia. Too Close to Breathe (Dut, 26.00) Apr. A debut police procedural set in Dublin, featuring a homicide detective who investigates the death of a woman, found hanging in her home, her body covered in scars with partially-healed bones, and her husband missing.

King, Janna. The Seasonaires (Peg, 25.95) May. In a debut novel, a clothing designer dispatches a small group of brand ambassadors to represent her clothing to Nantucket, and when a young aspiring designer is chosen, she is thrilled, but a toxic mélange of drugs, illicit hookups, and rivalry leads to a murder, and she realizes that no one is what they seem.

King, Stephen. The Outsider (SS, 30.00) May. When the body of a young boy is found, a Little League coach is arrested for the murder despite his alibi, but did he really do it? Is he an innocent victim or a monster?

Knoll, Jessica. The Favorite Sister (SS, 26.00) May. Two sisters join the cast of a reality TV series featuring highly successful women, but when one of the sisters is murdered the other most find a killer among the rest of the cast, all of whom have motives to kill for. I like this.

Koonts, Dean. The Crooked Staircase (RH, 28.00) May. Jane Hawke, the widow of a decorated Marine who was murdered in a conspiracy tracks down the operative in the DOJ who killed him.

Kope, Spencer. Whispers of the Dead (STM, 26.99) Apr. FBI agent Magnus Craig investigates a case where body parts are sent to a Federal Judge in El Paso, using his special skill of synesthesia to track down the killer.

Koryta, Michael. How It Happened (LB, 27.00) May. An FBI agent is willing to accept an unsubstantiated confession in a murder case even though the woman confessing is known as a liar and gives incorrect details about what happened because the case brings back memories of the inexplicable death of his own mother when he was a child.

Kushner, Rachel. The Mars Room (SS, 27.00) May. A powerful novel featuring a woman who is serving a life sentence for murder, separated from her young son and incarcerated with a group of women who are compassionately and unsentimentally portrayed.

Lansdale, Joe R. Jackrabbit Smile (LB, 26.00) Mar. When a couple show up at Hap’s wedding they ask the PI pair to investigate the disappearance of an accountant in a nearby town, a case that puts them in contact with a hog farmer who wants to create a segregated white utopia with the help of local yokels.

Laukkanen, Owen. Gale Force (Put, 27.00) May. A woman who captains a salvage boat along the Alaskan coastline finds herself and her crew in danger when a Japanese freighter carrying a man who stole more than $50 million in bearer bonds from the Yakuza founders in a storm—and the gangsters want their money back.

Lepionka, Kristen. What You Want to See (STM, 26.99) May. PI Roxane Weary is hired by a man who thinks his fiancée is having an affair and, when she is shot in the street, he becomes a murder suspect, but as Roxane investigates the victim’s life she discovers that the woman had been involved with a group of con artists scamming the elderly.

Malliet, G. M. In Prior’s Wood (STM, 25.99) Apr. Max Tudor investigates the murder suicide of the lady of the manor and her young lover during a writer’s retreat, but the disappearance of a young girl and threats against a crime writer up the stakes.

McCarthy, Rob. A Handful of Ashes (Peg, 25.95) May. London medical examiner Harry Kent is summoned to look into the stabbing suicide of a pediatrician who had been fired after reporting irregularities in patient care, in particular the deaths of four young patients.

McKevett, G. M. Hide and Sneak (Ken, 26.00) May. PI Samantha Reid is hired by an actor to find his missing wife and toddler who disappeared shortly before the nanny was murdered, but her investigation uncovers some unsavory doings in the couple’s marriage.

Molloy, Aimee. The Perfect Mother (HC, 27.99) May. When a group of young mothers go out for a drink together, one of the babies goes missing, and the subsequent hunt for him uncovers secrets and lies, leading to destroyed friendships and marriages.

O’Callaghan, Billy. The Dead House (Per, 24.99) May. A debut novel that is part psychological thriller, part ghost story about an artist who rents an old house on the west coast of Ireland that dates back to the Great Famine, and when she and friends use a Ouija board during a house party, they call up a spirit that refuses to leave.

Page, Nora. Better off Read (Per, 26.99) May. In the first of a new series, a septuagenarian librarian in a small Georgia town turns to the bookmobile when the local library is damaged by a storm, but when the eccentric benefactor interested in providing money for the repairs turns up bludgeoned to death, she must find a killer as the evidence stacks up.

Palmer, Daniel. The First Family (STM, 27.99) Apr. When the teenaged son of the president of the U.S. shows signs of a disturbing mental illness, the Secret Service Agent in charge of him turns to her ex-husband, a physician, who finds a physical cause in a medical thriller.

Pava, Sergio de la. Lost Empress (RH, 29.95) May. A sprawling novel where football and crime intersect when the daughter of the owner of the Dallas Cowboys is left a New Jersey football franchise and a criminal mastermind in Riker’s Island plans one of the most audacious crimes of all time.

Petrocelli, Bill. Through the Bookstore Window (Per, 24.95) Mar. The manager of a San Francisco bookstore who escaped the war in the Balkans years before discovers that someone from her past is alive and bent on revenge.

Pettus, Charlton. Exit Strategy (HC, 26.99) May. When the founder of a medical technology start-up finds his work and life a shambles, he calls on a company to take him out of his life and give him a new one, but he soon begins to wonder about his old life and what actually happened, so much so, that he decides to break the one rule—return to his old life--in a suspenseful thriller.

Ricciardi, David. Warning Light (Brk, 27.00) Apr. The first in a new thriller series, featuring a CIA analyst turned field operative, who is in Iran to photograph a secret, hidden nuclear facility, but who soon finds himself on the run from both the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and his own teammates in U.S. Intelligence.

Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Raises the Roof (Png, 27.00) Apr. Miss Julia discovers that a nosy do-gooder has made plans to by the house next door to Hazel Marie to establish a home for wayward teenaged girls, but could there be a more nefarious purpose for the property?

Sandford, John. Twisted Prey (Put, 29.00) Apr. When an old nemesis—a rich psychopath responsible for three murders—is elected to the U.S. Senate (where she fits right in), Lucas Davenport follows her to Washington to confront her.

Scottoline, Lisa. After Anna (STM, 27.99) Apr. In a domestic thriller, a woman is delighted when the daughter she lost custody of years before now wants to live with her and her second husband, but things do not go well, resulting in the daughter’s murder and the husband’s arrest.

Shelton, Paige. Lost Books and Old Bones (STM, 25.99) Apr. American Delaney Nichols working at a bookshop in Edinburgh becomes interested in the tale of Burke and Hare who overly zealously provided bodies for an anatomist at the medical college in the nineteenth century, but when a medical student is found dead with a skull placed next to her body, she decides to investigate.

Shepard, Sara. The Elizas (SS, 26.00) Apr. When a debut novelist is rescued from the bottom of a pool, her family insists that it was another suicide attempt, but the woman insists that she was pushed, despite the fact that she has no memory of the incident in a twisty novel of memory, lies, and ratcheting suspense. I liked this.

Soule, Charles. The Oracle Year (HC, 21.99) Apr. An apocalyptic thriller featuring a man who awakens with a knowledge of future events, an ability that he uses online anonymously to predict the future until government agencies, religious groups, and journalists seeking his identity send him running for his life.

Souza, Joseph. The Neighbor (Ken, 26.00) May. In a debut novel of psychological suspense, a woman who moves to Maine with her husband and family finds herself becoming obsessed with her next-door neighbor, so much so that she begins to break in to her house to read her diary only to discover that the neighbor has an unsettling connection to a college student who has disappeared.

Swanson, Peter. All the Beautiful Lies (HC, 26.99) Apr. When his stepmother calls to say that his father has died in a suicide, a recent college graduate returns to Maine where his father ran a bookstore, but his stepmother, who is uncomfortably sensual tries to convince him that his father was murdered, and to make matters more complicated a young woman arrives in town who begins to question his stepmother’s role in his father’s death in a twisty thriller.

Talley, Marcia. Mile High Murder (SH, 28.99) Apr. Hannah Ives is in Denver to study the feasibility of legalizing medical marijuana in Maryland when one of the guests in the B&B where she’s staying, and her investigation uncovers disturbing secrets and hidden agendas among the other guests.

Talton, Jon. The Bomb Shelter (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) May. David Mapstone investigates the bombing death of a Phoenix journalist forty years ago, a case the solution to which left numerous questions unanswered, but the reopened investigation leads to a new series of murders, re-enactments of the city’s mobster past.

Thomas, August. Liar’s Candle (SS, 25.00) Apr. A debut thriller about a young State Department intern who survives a terror attack in Ankara only to find herself on the run from both the Turkish intelligence service and the CIA because she may have witnessed something, something that she cannot remember.

Tully, Daniela. Hotel on Shadow Lake (STM, 26.99) Apr. When a Munich bookseller receives word that the body of her beloved grandmother has been found in an upstate New York forest preserve, she flies to New York to find out what happened in an intergenerational family mystery that spans one hundred years, two World Wars, and two continents.

Ware, Ruth. The Death of Mrs. Westaway (SS, 26.99) May. A wonderful gothic mystery that begins when a young tarot reader in Brighton receives a letter notifying her that she has been named in the will of her grandmother, a grandmother she never knew existed, and goes to Cornwall figuring to take financial advantage of what must be a mistake. I absolutely loved this.

Wechsler, Pamela. The Fens (STM, 27.99) May. When the catcher for the Red Sox goes missing, Boston ADA Abby Endicott discovers that it’s more than a case of a missing celebrity when another player turns up dead in the latest in this excellent legal series.

Webb, Betty. The Otter of Death (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95) May. When zoo keeper Teddy rescues a smart phone carried by an otter, she sees a photo of a murder in progress, leading to the discovery of the body of a marine-biology instructor notorious for sexual harassment of his students, and to the arrest of her friend, one of his accusers. Signing.

Willan, Jane. The Shadow of Death (Per, 26.99) Apr. In the first of a comic cozy, a nun in a Welsh convent famous for cheese-making yearns to solve a real-life mystery to help her write her own mystery novel, until she stumbles over the body of the sexton, and finds that she must enlist her sisters to find a killer.

Woods, Stuart. Shoot First (Put, 28.00) Apr. Stone Barrington returns to confront a turn of events that may be too scandalous even for him.

                                                                             New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint          

Abbott, Megan. You Will Know Me (LB, 7.99) Apr.

Allan, Barbara. Antiques Frame (Ken, 7.99) Apr.

Andrews, Donna. Gone Gull (STM, 7.99) May.

Andrews, Mary Kay. Beach Town (STM, 9.99) Apr.

Atkins, Ace. Robert B. Parker’s Little White Lies (Put, 9.99) May.

Berry, Steve. The 14th Colony (STM, 9.99) Apr.

Box, C.J. Back of Beyond (STM, 9.99) May.

Brown, Rita Mae. A Hiss Before Dying (Ball, 7.99) Apr.

Child, Lee. The Midnight Line (BDD, 9.99) Apr.

Cussler, Clive and Graham Brown. Nighthawk (Put, 9.99) May.

Donlea, Charlie. The Girl who was Taken (Ken, 9.99) Apr.

Evanovich, Janet. Dangerous Minds (RH, 8.99) May.

Gerritsen, Tess. I Know a Secret (BDD, 9.99) Apr.

Goldman, Matt. Gone to Dust (STM, 9.99) May.

Hamilton, Steve. Exit Strategy (Put, 9.99) Apr.

Hart, Carolyn. Walking on my Grave (Brk, 7.99) May.

Hunter, Stephen. G-Man (Put, 9.99) May.

Hurwitz, Gregg. Orphan X (STM, 9.99) Apr.

Jance, J.A. Proof of Life (HC, 9.99) Apr.

Johansen, Iris and Roy Johansen. Look Behind You (STM, 9.99) Apr.

Knoll, Jessica. Luckiest Girl Alive (Pkt, 9.99) Apr.

Lotz, Sarah. The White Road (LB, 7.99) May.

Maron, Margaret. Take Out (GC, 7.99) Apr.

McKevett, G. A. Every Body on Deck (Ken, 7.99) Apr.  

Muller, Marcia. The Color of Fear (LB, 7.99) May.

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau. Cat Shining Bright (HC, 7.99) May.

Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro. 16th Seduction (LB, 9.99) Apr.

Rosett, Sara. Mother’s Day, Muffins, and Murder (Ken, 7.99) May.

Sandford, John. Golden Prey (Put, 9.99) Apr.

Scottoline, Lisa. Don’t Go (STM, 9.99) Apr.

Sefton, Maggie. Only Skein Deep (Brk, 7.99) May.

Slaughter, Karin. The Good Daughter (HC, 9.99) May.

Storey, Erik. A Promise to Kill (Pkt, 9.99) Apr.

Thor, Brad. Use of Force (Pkt, 9.99) May.

Toyne, Simon. The Boy who Saw (HC, 9.99) Apr.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Adams, Ellery. Murder in the Locked Library (Ken, 7.99) May. When the excavation for the new spa at Storyton Hall reveals some old bones and a very old book, manager Jane feels lucky that a rare-book conference is taking place at the resort, until one of their number is found dead in the library.

Adler, Rebecca. Cinco de Murder (Brk, 7.99) Apr. Tex-Mex waitress and journalist Josie must find a killer when one of the chefs at a chili cook-off is found dead and her beloved uncle is charged with fatal negligence.

Blackwell, Juliet. A Magical Match (Brk, 7.99) Apr. When her fiancé is accused of murdering a man who appears unexpectedly from her past and put in jail, witch Lily must find the real killer, especially after she sees his double walking in the street.

Blum, Christine E. Murder Most Fermented (Ken, 7.99) May. When she unearths the body of an elderly woman while digging her new vineyard, Halsey, the Wine Club, and her yellow lab pour over the suspects and work to end a reign of terroir.

Chien, Vivien. Death by Dumpling (STM, 7.99) Apr. After a bad breakup, a woman returns to work in her family’s noodle shop, but the death by dumpling of the property manager of the shopping center, a man with a severe shellfish allergy, has the police looking at her family for the murder in the first of a new series.

Delaney, Devon. Expiration Date (Ken, 7.99) May. After her short-lived marriage fails, a woman enters the world of competitive cooking, but when one of the judges falls face down in a seafood flatbread pizza, she must find out who turned this food fight fatal.

Dyer-Seeley, Kate. Natural Thorn Killer (Ken, 7.99) Apr. In the first of a rosy cozy new series, a woman leaves her deadbeat husband and dead-end job to work at her aunt’s flower boutique in a charming waterfront area of Portland, but when a sleazy developer is murdered with a pair of garden shears in his chest, she must find a killer.

Ehrhart, Peggy. Murder She Knit (Ken, 7.99) Apr. In the first of a new series, a widow starts a knitting group called the Knit and Nibble, but when a newcomer is found dead, she must take up a new hobby—amateur sleuth.

Fee, Vicki. Til Death Do Us Party (Ken, 7.99) Apr. Southern event planner Liv is in Las Vegas for an Elvis-themed wedding, but when the minister of the Burning Love Wedding Chapel leaves the building permanently, the Dixie gang must scour the Strip for a killer.

Hollis, Lee. Death of a Cookbook Author (Ken, 7.99) May. When food columnist Hayley gets the chance to cook alongside famous chefs at a celebrity bash, she is thrilled—until she is felled by food poisoning and overhears two people plotting a murder.

McKinlay, Jenn. Wedding Cake Crumble (Brk, 7.99) Apr. When the Fairy Tale Cupcake bakery is hired to make cupcakes for a book-signing event with an author who wrote a blockbuster novel filled with steamy local gossip, life is sweet—until the author is found dead.

Sennefelder, Debra. The Uninvited Corpse (Ken, 7.99) Apr. In the first of a new series, a lifestyle entrepreneur must turn sleuth when her sister is the main suspect in the murder of a rival real estate agent during a garden tour.

Wallace, Aurelee. Down the Aisle with Murder (STM, 7.99) May. When the bridesmaid goes MIA and then is found DOA, Erica and her associates must find out what happened PDQ.

Weiss, Kristen. Bleeding Tarts (Ken, 7.99) May. Valentine Harris is asked to provide pies for a pie-eating contest at a fake Western ghost town in northern California, but the discovery of the body of the bartender turns the experience less than sweet.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Alexander, Rebecca. A Baby’s Bones (RH, 14.95) May. In the first of a series, an archaeologist is called in when a body is found in a well, but the discovery of the skeletal remains of a woman and an infant dating from Tudor times is not the only mystery in the area—the owners of the property where the bones were found claim their house is haunted and the local vicar is receiving abusive phone calls. I really liked this. For fans of Kate Ellis.

Archer, K.C. School for Psychics (SS, 16.00) Apr. A young woman with psychic ability is recruited by a school dedicated to teaching how to expand her gifts, but soon the school is plagued with break-ins and missing students, and she accepts a dangerous mission to discover the truth in the first of a new paranormal series.

Atherton, Nancy. Aunt Dimity and the Widow’s Curse (Png, 15.00) May. At a quilting bee, Lori learns about the death of a sweet little lady’s first husband and finds that the villagers are divided about whether or not she is a murderess.

Ballantine, Poe. Whirlaway (Per, 16.95) Apr. A patient at a mental hospital escapes and returns to his wealthy father’s estate where he spends his days betting on horses at the nearby Del Mar racetrack, until a fellow horse-player tells him about the death of his brother years before, and while he wants to help, the police are on his trail in a funny and suspenseful “racetrack gothic.” I really liked this.

Barker, J.D. The Fourth Monkey (HMH, 14.99) May. When a Chicago police detective realizes that the dead man whose death he is investigating is a serial killer who has terrorized the city for five years, he also realizes that the man has taken another woman who may still be alive.

Beck, Haylen. Here and Gone (RH, 16.00) May. A woman escaping domestic abuse with her children is pulled over by the police in Arizona and put in custody, but when she is released her children are missing and, worse, the police claim that she was alone.

Belsky, R. G. Yesterday’s News (Per, 16.00) May. When new evidence surfaces in the disappearance of a young girl ten years before, a prize-winning journalist is plunged back into the story and follows leads that point to a motorcycle gang and a prominent politician—and secrets of her own past. I liked this a lot.

Blackhurst, Jennie. Before I Let You In (SS, 16.00) Apr. A psychological thriller about a psychiatrist—a complex and not-entirely-reliable character—who develops a toxic and potentially lethal relationship with her patient.

Blanchard, Alice. A Breath after Drowning (RH, 14.95) Apr. A woman whose sister was murdered years before has been comforted by the knowledge that the killer was behind bars, but a private investigator contacts her to tell her that he thinks that she was murdered by a serial killer—who’s still free.

Brown, Holly. How Far She’s Come (HC, 15.99) May. A recent college graduate is offered a job as a newscaster at a major network, but she begins receiving excerpts from the diary of a woman who formerly had her job, a woman whose fate was not happy.

Brown, Janelle. Watch Me Disappear (RH, 17.00) May. When a woman disappears during a dangerous hike, her daughter begins having waking dreams that her mother is still alive and asking her to find her.

Burns, V. M. Read Herring Hunt (Ken, 15.95) May. In the second in this cozy series, mystery bookshop owner Samantha must help a young athlete accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, while at the same time plotting the mystery she is writing in which someone has tried to murder Wallis Simpson.

Burrows, Steve. Cast of Falcons (Per, 14.99) Apr. In the third in this birding series, the murder of a researcher studying climate change in Norfolk causes DS Maik to butt heads with his superior when he sees a link with the huge cash incentive offered by the company funding the project, while DI Jejeune investigates a murder in Scotland.

_____. A Shimmer of Hummingbirds (per, 14.99) May. DI Jejeune investigates the death of an ecological activist, but his take on the case dismays his superior when he theorizes that the case may involve a feud over birding lists.

Cameron, Graeme. Dead Girls (HC, 15.99) May. A police detective continues her hunt for a serial killer in Norfolk, despite suffering from wounds both physical and psychological at his hands, but her biggest frustration is the surviving victim who refuses to help.

Campbell, Michele. It’s Always the Husband (STM, 16.99) May. A twisty page-turner about three friends at a toney New England college who become fast friends despite a tragedy in their freshman year—and a murder two decades later.

Cantero, Edgar. Meddling Kids (RH, 16.95) May. A great guilty pleasure, this is an updating of what happens to the Scooby Doo gang when they face adulthood after years of being chased and abducted and revisit their last case, which includes demon spawn and a need to save the world.

Carbo, Christine. A Sharp Solitude (SS, 16.00) May. When a journalist is killed in northern Montana near the Canadian border, one of her interviewees is accused of the murder, but FBI investigator Ali Paige becomes involved unofficially because the suspect is her former boyfriend.

Cartmel, Andrew. Victory Disc (RH, 14.95) May. The vinyl detective is hired to find the recordings of a group of RAF airmen made during WWII, but he finds that for some the war isn’t over and can still prove lethal.

Chance, Maia. Bad Housekeeping (Per, 15.99) Mar. In the first of a cozy new series, a woman jilted by her professor boyfriend agrees to help her eccentric great-aunt refurbish a local inn, but when a woman with whom they both have had words is found dead, they must turn to sleuthing to save themselves from a murder rap.

Chaney, JoAnn. What You Don’t Know (Flat, 15.99) May. A debut crime novel set in Denver that begins in 2008 when homicide detectives arrest a man who has the bodies of his victims going back for years hidden in his house, then in the present a series of murders takes place with the same MO all connected to the original case.

Chase, Julie. Cat Got Your Secrets (Per, 15.99) May. New Orleans pet-boutique-owner Lacy Marie must help her own father avoid a murder rap when he is the last person seen with a murder victim, but her investigations roil up a blackmailer, who threatens to reveal all her secrets unless she keeps her paws off the case.

Cleeves, Ann. The Glass Room (STM, 16.99) Apr. The fatal stabbing of a book critic at a writer’s retreat in Northumbria, where a group of crime writers has gathered is the setting for the latest case for curmudgeonly Vera Stanhope.

Connolly, John. A Game of Ghosts (SS, 17.00) May. PI Charlie Parker is hired by an FBI agent to track down another missing PI who has been investigating a series of homicides that occur after hauntings in a fusion of noir and the supernatural.

Crispin, Edmond. The Moving Toyshop (STM, 16.00) and The Gilded Fly (STM, 16.00) May. Two classic mysteries featuring Gervase Fen, Oxford don and amateur sleuth. These are wonderful.

Dionne, Karen. The Marsh King’s Daughter (Put, 16.00) Apr. When a happily-married woman discovers that her father has escaped from prison after killing two guards, she realizes that the only way to save her carefully-constructed life is to use the survivalist skills he taught her in order to track him down in a debut set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Dodd, Christina. Dead Girl Running (HC, 15.99) May. A young woman with amnesia, on the run although she’s not sure why, takes a job at a remote Pacific Coast resort, and when a former employee is murdered, she fears that the investigation could uncover her own past—which might not be a good thing.

Doiron, Paul. Knife Creek (STM, 16.99) May. Maine game warden Mike Bowditch finds the body of a dead baby buried in a shallow grave in the middle of the forest, and the subsequent investigation leads him to believe that the mother was a young woman who disappeared from a rafting trip four years before. If you haven’t tried Doiron, you are in for a treat.

Drew, Alan. Shadow Man (RH, 17.00) Apr. A detective returns to his California hometown looking for a more peaceful life, but a serial killer shatters the peace of the community, a community that has a dark secret that may be revealed by the suicide of a teenager.

Duncan, Francis. So Pretty a Problem (Source, 14.99) May. Mordecai Tremain must discover why a woman would falsely confess to shooting her husband in the reissue of this classic mystery first published in 1947.

Ephron, Hallie. You’ll Never Know, Dear (HC, 15.99) Apr. Years after a young child disappears with her antique porcelain doll, the doll returns, the first clue in a case that now threatens her mother, her sister, and her sister’s daughter in a novel of psychological suspense.

Farnsworth, Christopher. Flashmob (HC, 15.99) Apr. A “fixer” for wealthy celebrities discovers the existence of an encrypted site on the “dark net,” listing celebrities and offering a bounty for anyone who can kill them, sending him on a hunt for a criminal mastermind.

Freeman, Brian. Marathon (Quer, 14.99) Apr. Duluth police detective Jonathan Stride investigates when a bomb explodes during a marathon after a right-wing rabble-rouser taunts the Muslim community.

Girard, Geoffrey. Mary Rose (Per, 12.99) Apr. A creepy ghost story about a man who discovers that his fiancée disappeared while a child for 33 days and reappeared with no memory of what happened, and when he decides to investigate during their honeymoon, she behaves more and more strangely. Highly recommended.

Goldsborough, Robert. The Battered Badge (Ing, 14.99) Apr. In the latest of the Nero Wolfe/Archie Goodwin series, Nero takes on the case without a client when his NYPD contact is relieved of his badge after a high-profile murder.

Green, Marti. The Good Twin (T&M, 11.99) May. Twins who were separated at birth—one remaining with her mother and the other adopted by a wealthy family—meet as young adults and find themselves dealing with a present filled with lies, fraud, revenge, and murder in a twistily-plotted novel of psychological suspense.

Griffiths, Elly. The Chalk Pit (HMH, 14.99) May. The discovery of a cannibalized skeleton in an underground Norfolk tunnel catapults archaeologist Ruth Galloway into a case that leads to the murder of a homeless man—and a surprising revelation from the wife of her married lover, DCI Nelson.

Hamdy, Adam. Pendulum (Quer, 16.99) May. When a solitary photojournalist regains consciousness to find that he is hanging in his living room, he miraculously manages to escape, but the police think that he is suicidal and he alone must find out who his assailant is and why he is a target in a novel of unrelenting suspense.

Harper, Jordan. She Rides Shotgun (HC, 16.99) Mar. A shy 9-year-old girl is kidnapped by her father upon his release from prison and learns to survive in a world of drug heists and danger as he struggles to protect her from a prison gang that has put a price on both their heads.

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia. Old Bones (SH, 17.95) Apr. DI Bill Slider is assigned to a cold case after being under suspicion for leaking information to the press when the twenty-five-year-old bones of a teenager are found in the back garden of a London home.

Hawkins, Paula. Into the Water (Png, 16.00) May. In a small riverside town, a single mother and a teenaged girl are found drowned, in a novel of psychological suspense about a family drowning in secrets.

Higdon, Christine. The Very Marrow of Our Bones (Per, 16.95) Apr. In this evocative Canadian mystery, two women disappear from a working-class town near the Fraser River, and while the daughter of one of them finds a note from her mother, she keeps the secret for forty years.

Hopkins, Ellen. A Sin Such as This (SS, 16.00) May. A woman who is married to a rich and successful surgeon must juggle the tensions in her new life when her niece begins dating her attractive stepson, but worse than this domestic drama is the re-entry into her life of figures from her past, people who may be very dangerous.

Howells, Debbie. Part of the Silence (Ken, 15.95) May. When a woman is found left for dead in a cornfield, she awakens in the hospital asking for her three-year-old daughter, but the authorities can find no evidence that the girl exists in a twisty novel of psychological suspense.

Kelly, Erin. He Said, She Said (STM, 16.99) Apr. A couple who have been on the run for 15 years after the woman witnessed a crime during a solar eclipse find that their past has caught up with them in a novel of psychological suspense.

Kerrigan, Gene. The Rage (Eur, 18.00) May. In the latest thriller set in contemporary Ireland a disgraced police officer and an ex-con planning his next heist are part of a plot that weaves together financial chicanery, church abuse, and gangland crime.

Knowles, Mike. Tin Men (Per, 15.95) Apr. Three dirty cops must investigate the murder of a female officer—without revealing their own secrets or their less-than-professional relationship to the pregnant victim.

Kubica, Mary. Every Last Lie (HC, 15.99) May. When her husband is killed in a car accident that leaves her 4-year-old daughter suffering from nightmares, a woman becomes convinced that the accident was, in fact, not an accident at all.

Kukafka, Danya. Girl in Snow (SS, 16.00) Apr. A debut thriller about the death of a high-school girl in a small Colorado town and how it impacts the lives of the townspeople, particularly the boy who loved her, the girl who wanted to be her, and the policeman investigating the crime.

La Farge, Paul. The Night Ocean (Png, 17.00) Apr. A psychiatrist follows her missing husband from Ontario to Mexico City when he disappears after a scandal erupts over the horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, with whom he has become obsessed.

Lapena, Shari. Stranger in the House (Png, 16.00) May. A woman victim of a car accident on the wrong side of town cannot explain what happened or why and suspicions are tearing her marriage apart. Lapena is great at twisty plotting.

La Plante, Lynda. Hidden Killers (SS, 16.00) Apr. In the second of this British police procedural series, DC Jane Tennison is assigned to a case of a serial rapist and finds herself questioning the methods of her superiors. In May the third of the series will be published, Good Friday (SS, 16.00).

LeCarré, John. A Legacy of Spies (Vik, 17.00) May. George Smiley returns when his assistant at MI6 is called out of retirement in Brittany to answer questions about a Cold War operation that created a number of casualties, casualties whose descendants are threatening legal action against the British government. Excellent.

Lehane, Dennis. Since We Fell (Ecco, 16.99) May. A former journalist who can now barely leave her house is helped by her husband, whom she met when she was looking for the identity of her real father and later married, but as she gets better, she begins to doubt the man she loves. I loved this for the strong portrait of relationships and the creepy sense that you never really know the one you love.

Lelic, Simon. The New Neighbors (Brk, 16.00) Apr. A couple buys their dream home in London, only to find a murdered man on their doorstep. Nicely creepy and twisty.

Lepionka, Kristen. The Last Place You Look (STM, 16.99) May. The sister of a man on death row hires PI Roxane Weary to reinvestigate the case after she sees the supposed victim, and Roxane discovers that there have been a number of young women who have turned up missing or dead.

Lindley, Maureen. The Beloveds (SS, 16.00) Apr. A creepy and darkly funny novel of sibling rivalry, featuring a woman whose envy for her pretty and successful sister knows no bounds, especially when the sister inherits the family manse that should have been hers.

Logan, Michael. Hell’s Detective (Per, 15.99) May. A fun combination of noir and the supernatural featuring a woman who committed suicide after accidentally killing her lover in 1978, and who is condemned to live in Los Angeles tortured by memories until a mysterious woman asks for help finding a missing box.

Lorac, E.C.R. Bats in the Belfry (PP, 12.95) May. In a classic mystery set in 1930s London, a writer disappears and the policeman in charge of the case must uncover his secrets to find a blackmailer.

MacBride, Stuart. A Dark so Deadly (HC, 15.99) Apr. A disgraced police detective is assigned to the cold case squad, but the discovery of a mummified body turns into the biggest case of his career when it becomes clear that a serial killer has been operating for decades in Oldcastle.

Malliet, G. M. Devil’s Breath (M, 16.99) Apr. Cleric Max Tudor is asked by his friend from MI5 to look into

the death of a glamorous film star killed aboard a yacht, and he find that not only the victim, but also her fellow passengers have deadly secrets.

Mark, David. Dead Pretty (Png, 16.00) May. DS Aector McAvoy is looking into the disappearance of a teenager when another girl is found dead, while his Superintendent is dealing with a highly-publicized wrongful conviction suit in the latest in this police procedural series set in the north of England.

Mathews, Francine. Death on Nantucket (Soho, 15.95) May. Nantucket police detective Merry Folger investigates the disappearance of a Vietnam War correspondent whose memory is failing, and discovers that his entire career may be based on a lie in the first new mystery in this series in almost twenty years.

McLachlin, Beverley. Full Disclosure (SS, 16.00) May. A Canadian defense attorney takes the case of a man accused of murdering his wife, but she finds that the evidence is overwhelmingly against him and all the witnesses are surprisingly uncooperative in a debut legal thriller.

Meade, Glenn. Unquiet Ghosts (SS, 16.00) May. A woman who believes that her husband and children died in a plane crash discovers that he disappeared on purpose after uncovering evidence of the $8 billion that completely disappeared during the Iraq War (and yes, that $8 billion did disappear and has never been investigated to this day).

Meredith, Ann. Portrait of a Murderer (PP, 12.95) Apr. A classic mystery written in 1933 set in an isolated manor house where the unpleasant owner invites his six unloving children for Christmas, only to be found dead on Christmas Eve.

Milchman, Jenny. Wicked River (Source, 15.99) May. When a couple honeymooning in the Adirondacks become lost and do not return home, their teenaged niece raises the alarm, but she doesn’t know that they have been taken in by a lonely psychopath who has plans for them.

Millar, Margaret. A Stranger in my Grave (Soho, 14.95) Apr. A reprint of an early domestic thriller about a young housewife who suffers from nightmares and the inability to remember one day in her past, but when she hires an investigator to help her, she is plunged into a dangerous conspiracy. Millar is great.

Miller, Emma. Plain Confession (Ken, 15.95) Apr. When a young Amish man is shot to death it becomes clear that it was no hunting accident after his brother-in-law confesses to murdering him, but Rachel Mast becomes involved when the family begs her to find out what really happened in the fifth of this series set in Pennsylvania Amish country.

Montealegre, Eva. Body on the Backlot (Per, 17.95) May. An LAPD homicide investigator must investigate when the victim in her latest case walks out of the morgue in a case that pits her against a fanatical voodoo cult and a large pharmaceutical company (and we know which is the scarier in this scenario).

Norton, Graham. Holding (SS, 16.00) May. A police procedural set in a small Irish village, featuring a melancholy, underworked policeman whose life changes when 20-year-old bones are found at a construction site, bones thought to be those of a young man who left hurriedly after a love triangle ended badly. I really liked this.

O’Donahue, Clare. Beyond the Pale (MidInk, 15.99) May. In the first of a new series, a couple of college professors are approached by an old friend, a CIA agent, to travel to Ireland retrieve an old manuscript which is supposed to hold the key to finding a missing agent. O’Donahue is a favorite author of mine for great characterizations and a good sense of humor.

Orenduff, J. Michael. The Pot Thief who Studied Edward Abbey (Per, 14.99) May. Albuquerque pot salvager Hubie Schuze is teaching ceramics at UNM when he becomes a suspect in the murder of a beautiful life model in the latest in this quirky southwestern series.

Outzen, Rick. City of Grudges (Per, 16.95) Mar. In a noir thriller set in Pensacola, a newspaper editor publishes a story implicating a wealthy man in stealing from the Arts Council and finds himself in trouble when the wealthy man’s wife is found murdered and the corrupt sheriff sees him as responsible.

Overton, Hollie. The Walls (Hach, 1599) Apr. A woman who works on death row in a Texas prison finds herself in an abusive marriage, and to protect herself and her family, she considers using what she has learned from the inmates to commit the perfect murder.

Paris, B.A. The Breakdown (STM, 16.99) May. A woman who is tortured by guilt for not helping a woman she saw in the woods, a woman who was later found killed, can’t get over the feeling that someone is watching her.

Penny, Louise. Glass Houses (STM, 16.99) May. An ominous costumed figure begins appearing regularly on the green of Three Pines, and then Gamache’s wife discovers a murder victim in the local church leading to the unearthing of some dark, disturbing community secrets.

Pyper, Andrew. The Only Child (SS, 16.00) May. When a forensic psychiatrist meets a nameless man who is accused of the most twisted crimes, she is shocked when he says that he is two hundred years old—and her father—in a suspenseful and creepy new novel.

Richmond, Michelle. The Marriage Pact (RH, 16.00) Apr. In a novel of psychological suspense and conspiracy a newlywed couple find themselves inititated into a mysterious organization called the Pact, dedicated to keeping marriages together—at all costs. I really liked this—great ending.

Rio, M.L. If We Were Villains (Flat, 16.99) Apr. A murder mystery set at a college specializing in Shakespeare studies where the tensions among a group of students escalate to murder.

Robertson, L.F. Madman Walking (RH, 14.95) May. In the second in this legal series, an attorney who specializes in defending death-row inmates takes the case of a man accused of arranging the shooting of a drug dealer, who was exonerated by the man who pulled the trigger, but whose mental illness prevents him from advocating for himself.

Rosenfelt, David. Collared (STM, 16.99) May. When a dog left at the Tara Foundation turns out to be a dog that was kidnapped along with a baby 2 1/2 years before, Andy Carpenter investigates to see if the baby might still be found.

Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Weathers the Storm (Png, 16.00) Apr. Miss Julia must protect Latisha during a trip to the beach when a hurricane blows up and a strange couple begins following them to safety in the latest in this cozy southern series.

Segura, Alex. Dangerous Ends (Per, 15.99) Apr. Miami PI Pete Fernandez is hired by the daughter of a former Miami police officer convicted of killing his wife, and at the same time finds himself investigating his own father’s death at the hands of a pro-Castro hitman.

Shulman, Audrey. Theory of Bastards (Eur, 18.00) Apr. A dystopian novel set in the near future featuring a scientist who uses a MacArthur grant to study bonobos at a primate sanctuary in the Midwest, until a dust storm sends her and her charges fleeing into the surrounding countryside. I loved this and wished I had studied bonobos.

Straley, John. The Curious Eat Themselves (Soho, 15.95) May and The Woman who Married a Bear (Soho, 9.99) May. The first two in the series set in Sitka, Alaska, featuring PI Cecil Younger, originally published in the 1990s. An excellent, funny series.

Sykes, Plum. Party Girls Die in Pearls (HC, 15.99) May. In the first of a new series, a country girl newly arrived at Oxford in 1985 discovers a glamorous classmate with her throat cut, and enlisting the help of an American exchange student she decides to investigate for the Oxford newspaper, during which they find danger amidst the secret dining societies and black-tie parties. There’s nothing more fun in a mystery than the rich behaving badly.

Torjussen, Mary. The Girl I Used to Be (Brk, 16.00) When a real estate agent in a northern English town wakes up after a night of heavy drinking, she has more to worry about than a nasty hangover when she begins receiving photos of her behaving very badly—none of which she can remember--in a mystery of blackmail and revenge and very twisty plotting.

Turow, Scott. Testimony (GC, 15.99) March. A U.S. attorney working for the International Criminal Court in The Hague investigates a 2004 war crime where 400 members of a Roma community were killed in Bosnia.

Unger, Lisa. The Red Hunter (SS, 15.99) May. Two women—one learning to deal with a brutal attack that left her perfect life in tatters and the other a woman seeking revenge on those who killed her family—come together when the first buys the house where the murder took place.

Vermette, Katharena. The Break (Per, 16.95) Mar. A debut novel set in Winnipeg, where a horrible crime unites an intergenerational group of women most of whom are Métis.

Waddell, Martin. Otley Complete (Soho, 17.99) Apr. A reprint of 4 complete comic spy novels from the 1960s featuring a British conman recruited by the Secret Service, who becomes a superspy with his skills and the help of his handler, the alluring Grace.

Watkins, Eileen. The Bengal Identity (Ken, 15.95) Apr. When a man drops off a cat to board with cat groomer Cassie, she is surprised when she shows her spots after a bath, leading her to believe that the cat may be a purloined purebred Bengal, and after the owner is found dead, she knows that she can’t pussyfoot around in finding a killer.

Yocum, Robin. A Perfect Shot (RH, 15.95) Apr. A middle-aged basketball champ opens a restaurant, but when his brother-in-law, a mob enforcer murders his best friend, he must decide how to avenge the killing, which will mean leaving his local fame behind.


New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Arbol, Victor del. A Million Drops (RH, 19.95) May. A disaffected Spanish lawyer discovers that his estranged sister has committed suicide after murdering the Russian gangster who kidnapped her son, but in investigating her death he examines the life of his antifascist father who had spent time in the USSR, was arrested, and later became a leader in the resistance.

Bannalec, Jean-Luc. The Fleur de Sel Murders (STM, 26.99) Apr. Inspector Dupin is unexpectedly attacked while doing some unofficial sleuthing at the salt works for a journalist friend, and when the friend disappears, he makes sure to be assigned to the case, which involves him in false alibis, conflicts of interest, and Breton legends in the third in this excellent series set in Brittany.

Beck, Peter. Damnation (Per, 26.99) Apr. The head of security for a Swiss bank must investigate when a valuable client is killed in a helicopter crash in a case where he must follow the money to find the truth in the first of a new Swiss series.

Black, Cara. Murder in Saint-Germain (Soho, 15.95) May. Aimée Leduc agrees to help a friend who is convinced that she is being haunted by the ghost of a Serbian warlord whom her counter-terrorism team had killed in Yugoslavia, and when members of the team begin to die mysteriously, Aimée begins to wonder if the man could still be alive and pursuing vengeance in Paris.

Bonnert, Kenneth. The Mandela Plot (HMH, 27.00) May. A teenaged South African boy becomes involved with an American college student teaching in a black township when she stays with his family, but he soon discovers that she is a political activist trying to topple the apartheid regime in a literary thriller set in the 1980s.

Brynard, Karen. Weeping Waters (Eur, 18.00) Apr. A Johannesburg detective recently transferred to a backwater near the Kalahari Desert investigates the murder of an artist and her daughter on a local farm, in the midst of racial tension and his difficult relationship with his deputies. Highly recommended for fans of Deon Meyer.

Bussi, Michel. Time is a Killer (Eur, 18.00) Apr. A novel of broken lives and family secrets set in Corsica, where a woman returns after the car accident that killed her family decades earlier, and when a letter arrives signed with her mother’s name, she must confront what really happened to her and her family years ago.

Craig, Charmaine. Miss Burma (Per, 16.00) Mar. A multigenerational saga of a Burmese family who are caught up in the bloody twentieth-century history of Burma. Excellent and heartbreaking.

Friis, Agnete. What My Body Remembers (Soho, 15.95) Apr. A woman who has had severe panic attacks since she was a child after her father murdered her mother returns to her childhood home in northern Denmark with her young son to confront her memories, but finds that dredging up the past can be dangerous.

Hamalainen, Karo. Cruel is the Night (Soho, 15.95) Apr. The English-language debut by a prize-winning Finnish author is a locked-room black comedy inspired by Agatha Christie.

Hezroni, Nir. Last Instructions (STM, 27.99) May. In the second in this Israeli espionage series, psychopathic agent 10483 is seeking revenge against those he feels were responsible for his betrayal by tracking down a nuclear warhead, but two groups within the Organization are on his trail.

Holt, Anne. In Dust and Ashes (SS, 26.00) May. The final volume of the Hanne Wilhelmsen series finds her taking up the cold case of a man convicted of murdering his wife, a case that may be related to the suicide of an eccentric blogger and the kidnapping of the grandson of a millionaire.

_____. Odd Numbers (SS, 17.00) May. Curmudgeonly police detective Hanne Wilhelmsen is called in when a series of terrorist attacks in Oslo appear to be related to a cold case of a missing girl from decades before.

Indridason, Arnaldur. The Shadow Killer (STM, 26.99) May. In Reykjavik in 1941, a man is found dead in a small apartment, sending police officers Flovent and Thorson on a case that becomes increasingly dark and personal.

John, D.B. Star of the North (RH, 27.00) May. A Korean American searching for her twin sister who was kidnapped on a South Korean beach by North Korean operatives learns that she may still be alive thirty years later and agrees to work for the CIA to go undercover in North Korea to find her.

Leon, Donna. About Face (Per, 16.00) May. A reissue of an early Commissario Brunetti mystery set in Venice.

Longworth, M.L. The Secret of the Bastide Blanche (Png, 16.00) Apr. When a famous author moves into a large house that has been left empty for decades, he becomes haunted by more than his controversial past, and while Verlaque investigates to see who might be causing the problem, Bonnet investigates the past of the house itself in the latest in the series set in Aix-en-Provence.

Manchette, Jean-Patrick. Ivory Pearl (NYRB, 14.95) May. An unfinished noir novel featuring a war correspondent who also acts as a spy in various geopolitical hotspots over her forty year career, including author notes that suggest how it might have ended.

McCall Smith, Alexander. The House of Unexpected Sisters (RH, 15.95) May. Precious and Grace investigate the case of a woman who claims she was fired unjustly from her job, even as Precious must deal with personal problems of her own including the reappearance of her disreputable ex and the appearance of an unknown sister.

Miller, Derek B. American by Day (HMH, 26.00) Apr. A Norwegian police inspector travels to upstate New York to search for her missing brother, the suspect in the death of his lover, who was thrown out of a window, and when she joins forces with a local sheriff, she finds that things are quite different in America.

Morfoot, Peter. Box of Bones (RH, 14.95) Apr. During Carnival in Nice, Inspector Darac and his team are investigating a series of suspicious deaths that may be related to a cold case from years before.

Nakamura, Fuminori. The Boy in the Earth (Soho, 14.95) Apr. A Tokyo taxi driver finds himself obsessing about committing suicide after his abusive father makes contact with him again in a powerful, prize-winning novel of psychological suspense.

_____. Cult X (Soho, 27.95) May. After his girlfriend disappears, a young man joins the Tokyo cult that she was part of, entering into a web of violence that he did not expect.

Nesbø, Jo. Macbeth (Hogarth, 27.00) Apr. A retelling of Shakespeare’s tragedy set in 1970s Scotland battling a serious and persistent drug problem where the head of the Emergency Response Unit is told by Hekete, the head of the drug trade, that she will make him chief of the police if he follows her orders. We all know how this will end.

Osborne, Lawrence. Beautiful Animals (Hogarth, 16.00) Apr. Two female tourists in Hydra, Greece, one British and one American, discover a Syrian immigrant on the beach and help him, putting in place a plan for revenge with deadly consequences.

Persson, Lief G.W. The Dying Detective ((Pan, 17.00) Apr. A famous detective, retired from the Swedish National Criminal Police, suffers a stroke, and while in the hospital investigates an unsolved case of a murdered nine-year-old girl with the help of an amateur detective and a man closely involved in the case.

Seghers, Anna. The Seventh Cross (NYRB, 16.95) May. Originally written in 1938, this is a powerful indictment of Nazism, featuring seven political prisoners who break out of a concentration camp, as well as a suspenseful thriller.

Shea, Susan. Dressed for Death in Burgundy (STM, 26.99) May. In the second of a cozy new series, American Katherine Goff is settling into life in Reigny-sur-Canne, but when she discovers a body in a local museum, she must find the killer to protect her friend from a murder charge.

Sigurdardottir, Lilja. Snare (IPG, 14.95) Apr. the first of a new series set in Reykjavik where a divorcee smuggles cocaine to support herself and her son, but it becomes more and more difficult leading her to concoct elaborate ruses to escape detection by customs officials. Warning: dogs are killed in this.

Simenon, Georges. The Snow Was Dirty (Png, 13.00) Apr. A classic novel about a young man’s descent into crime. Also coming in April, Maigret and the Headless Corpse (Png, 13.00). In May Maigret Sets a Trap (Png, 13.00) will be released.

Svensson, Anton. The Sons: Made in Sweden, Part II (Quer, 26.99) Mar. The son of the abusive criminal father plots to steal back the millions recovered in the arrest of his father—money that is housed in Stockholm’s police station in the final part of this powerful family saga.

Tuomainen, Antti. The Man who Died (IPG, 14.95) May. A Finnish mushroom farmer discovers that he has been fatally poisoned with only weeks to live and when he rushes home to tell his wife, he finds her having sex with his truck driver in a blackly funny crime novel.

Vadukut, Sidin. Bombay Fever (SS, 16.00) Apr. When a plague strikes the people of Mumbai, a deadly disease that leaves people in a pool of blood, a team of doctors, civil servants, and scientists fight to identify and contain the rogue microbe in a fast-paced medical thriller.

Vargas, Fred. The Accordionist (IPG, 23.95) Apr. The conclusion to the Three Evangelists trilogy finds Louis and his three eccentric historian friends investigating the murder of two seemingly random women on the streets of Paris after a mentally impaired street musician is accused of the crimes.

Vigan, Delphine de. Based on a True Story (Bloomsbury, 17.00) May. When a shy woman writer meets a meets a chic confident woman with whom she quickly becomes friends, she finds herself ceding control of both her writing and her life to her new friend in a chilling tale of obsession and interchangeable identities.

Villepin, Emmanuelle de. The Devil’s Reward (RH, 16.95) May. A woman and her daughter return to Paris to stay with her mother when her husband’s infidelities become overwhelming, but her mother shares the family secret history during WWI and WWII that shows that love and life are much more complicated.

Viskic, Emma. Resurrection Bay (RH, 18.95) Apr. A deaf detective investigates the murder of his friend in Melbourne, a cop who police suspect may have been dirty, but he soon discovers that the killer is coming after him, so he returns to his hometown to take refuge with his ex-wife in a brilliant debut by an Australian writer.

Walker, Martin. The Templar’s Last Secret (RH, 16.00) May. Bruno investigates when the body of an archaeologist is found near the ruins of a stronghold of the Knights Templar, and the case becomes more serious when he uncovers that she had ties with Islamic extremists—but not so serious that he forgoes good wine and good food in the company of an old flame.

Williams, Timothy. The Second Day of the Renaissance (Soho, 15.95) May. Commissario Trotti comes out of retirement when a friend from Siena warns him that a notorious hit man has returned to Italy to kill him.


New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Beaufort, Simon. Mind of a Killer (SH, 28.99) In the first of a new Victorian series, a London journalist investigates the death of a haberdasher whose cerebrum was removed before his body was burned in a fire.

Bergmann, Emanuel. The Trick (SS, 16.00) May. A young Jewish man falls in love and joins the circus in 1934 where he becomes a famous magician in Germany, then years later a 10-year-old boy hunts him down to his retirement home in L.A. pleading with him to perform his famous trick. I loved this for its humor and all-around feel-good quality.

Bowen, Rhys. The Tuscan Child (Lake Union, 14.95) Mar. Returning home after her father’s death, a young woman discovers a letter he had written in 1944 to an Italian woman who had helped him when his plane went down during WWII, so she goes to Tuscany to learn more about her enigmatic father. Highly recommended.

Christie, William. A Single Spy (STM, 9.99) May. The adopted son of a German couple who immigrate to the Soviet Union only to die in a purge, becomes a spy for the Soviets because of his intelligence and linguistic ability and is sent to Germany in 1936 to infiltrate Nazi intelligence.

Cleverly, Barbara. Fall of Angels (Soho, 26.95) May. In the first of a new series set in 1920s Cambridge, featuring the young DI John Redfyre, raised in Cambridge and able to navigate the split between town and gown, who investigates the death of a beautiful musician, the first in a series of murders of young women.

Downing, David. The Dark Clouds Shining (Soho, 27.95) Apr. In the final of the Jack McColl WWI –era series, the British spy is sent to Moscow after the Bolshevik Revolution to spy on other British spies who may be involved in an assassination attempt.

Dunn, Carola. Murder on the Flying Scotsman (STM, 15.99) Apr. A reissue of an early Daisy Dalrymple mystery.

Fredericks, Mariah. A Death of No Importance (STM, 24.99) Apr. A lady’s maid in 1910 Manhattan decides to help out her employers when the playboy fiancé of the daughter is found dead with his eyes gouged out and the suspects range from his jilted fiancée to the families of those killed in a mining disaster on his property to anarchists. PW gave this first mystery a starred review.

Goddard, Robert. The Ends of the Earth (Per, 17.00) Apr. In the final volume of this historical trilogy, WWI flying ace James Maxted goes to Tokyo and confronts a lethal German foe and a thirty-year-old secret in an attempt to find out about his father’s murder. A twisty, swashbuckling gem.

Goldberg, Leonard. The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes (STM, 16.99) May. In 1914, the elderly Dr. John Watson invites a nurse who has witnessed an apparent suicide to help him and his son investigate the death, because unknown to her, she is the daughter of the late Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler.

Golden, Peter. Nothing is Forgotten (SS, 26.00) Apr. A young man living with his Russian-Jewish grandmother in 1950s New Jersey finds himself in the USSR and the south of France when the murder of his grandmother sends him on a quest for his identity in order to solve her murder.

Grann, David. Killers of the Flower Moon and the Birth of the FBI (DD, 16.95) Apr. The true story of the investigation into the murders of Osage Indians in Oklahoma in the 1920s, a murder spree that led to the hiring of a former Texas Ranger by the FBI, who in turn set up an undercover team including one of the only Native Americans in the FBI to uncover a massive conspiracy that flourished amidst the prejudice against Native Americans.

Harris, C. S. Why Kill the Innocent (Brk, 26.00) Apr. The murder of a pianist with ties to the royal court plunges St. Cyr into the world of deceit and death at the palace.

Harris, Tessa. The Sixth Victim (Ken, 15.95) Apr. In London in 1888, a flower girl with the gift of clairvoyance is asked by a wealthy woman to investigate when a woman is found murdered and assumed to be another victim of Jack the Ripper.

Harrison, Jamie. The Widow Nash (Per, 16.95) May. A novel set in Montana in 1904, featuring a young woman who leaves her fiancé after he father dies and resettles in a small town, reinventing herself as a wealthy widow, but the fiancé is determined to find her. Jamie Harrison wrote a series of wonderful mysteries in the 1990s and is the daughter of Jim Harrison.

Hartov, Steven. The Soul of a Thief (HC, 24.99) Apr. At the end of WWII, a young German soldier, the adjutant to a colonel in the Waffen SS, decides to leave the army taking the colonel’s mistress with him, but when he discovers that the colonel also plans to escape with a stolen fortune, he decides to steal the fortune as well.

Herriman, Nancy. Searcher of the Dead (Per, 26.99) Mar. In the first of a new series set in Elizabethan England, an herbalist escapes London after her husband is murdered, but when her brother-in-law, a wealthy merchant, is found dead, an apparent suicide, she realizes that someone is after her and her entire family.

Kenyon, Kay. At the Table of the Wolves (SS, 14.99) Apr. An alternate history with fantasy elements set in England in 1936, featuring a young woman with a superpower who is recruited to investigate a possible German spy among the British aristocracy.

Kerr, Philip. Greeks Bearing Gifts (Put, 27.00) Apr. In 1956 in Munich, Bernie Gunther is working for an insurance company when a large claim is made by a former SS officer who served in Greece of artifacts probably confiscated from Greek Jews, but when Bernie goes to interview the man in Athens he finds him dead, and the Greek police detective he meets thinks that the murder is similar in MO to one committed during the German occupation of Athens.

King, Crystal. Feast of Sorrow (SS, 15.99)) Apr. A novel of greed, ambition, and gastronomy set during the reign of Caesar Augustus, where a wealthy man seeks to become the culinary advisor to the emperor and buys a slave known for his cooking ability.

Koreto, R.J. Alice and the Assassin (Per, 15.99) May. In the first of a new series Alice Roosevelt and her Secret Service Agent investigate the murder of President McKinley, killed by an avowed anarchist.

MacBird, Bonnie. Unquiet Spirits (HC, 15.99) May. Sherlock Holmes and Watson go to the Scottish Highlands to investigate a haunted castle in an area near a whisky distillery in a case that ties in with a case in the south of France in a new pastiche.

MacNeal, Susan Elia. The Paris Spy (Ban, 16.00) Apr. Maggie Hope is sent undercover to Nazi-occupied Paris, disguised as a fashionable Irish lady, to search for her German half-sister and a fellow agent whose transmissions are critical for the planned Normandy invasion.

McCall Smith, Alexander. The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse (RH, 25.95) Apr. A stand-alone novel about a British farm girl, an American pilot, and a German soldier brought together during WWII by a very cute border collie.

McConnell, Thomas J. The Wooden King (Per, 16.95) May. A pacifist history professor in Czechoslovakia in 1939 must decide how best to protect his family when the Nazis invade his homeland, and later finds himself , like his country, caught between the Germans and the Soviet Union in a beautifully-written novel.

McCrumb, Sharyn. The Unquiet Grave (SS, 16.00) May. A novel based on a real nineteenth-century murder case in West Virginia where a man was convicted of murdering his wife based on the testimony of her ghost.

Moore, Christopher. Noir (HC, 27.99) Apr. A spoof of hard-boiled fiction of the 1940s featuring a bartender who is ordered by his boss to find a bevy of broads for an event at the Bohemian Club in redwood country, but he discovers his boss’s snake-bitten corpse in the stock room and soon men in black suits arrive.

Mukherjee, Abir. A Necessary Evil (Peg, 25.95) Apr. In the second in the series set in India in the 1920s during the Raj, Captain Wyndham and his sergeant are escorting the crown prince of a small kingdom when he is assassinated in the streets of Calcutta, leading the two detectives to his kingdom to investigate.

Navarro, Joe. Three Minutes to Doomsday (SS, 26.00) Apr. The true story of an FBI agent whose job was to interrogate a suspected traitor who had been giving secrets to the Russians at the end of the Cold War.

O’Donovan, Gerard. The Long Silence (SH, 28.99) may. In the first of a new series set in Hollywood in 1922 a New York City cop is hired by producer Mack Sennett to prove that Mabel Normand did not kill film director William Desmond Taylor.

Ondaatje, Michael. Warlight (RH, 26.95) May. A teenaged brother and sister are left by their parents who go off to Singapore in 1945, in the care of a man named Moth, who may be a criminal, but who cares for them and educates them until their mother returns about a year later without their father. Only years later do they begin to understand.

Parker, Ann. A Dying Note (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Apr. Colorado saloon owner Inez Stannert moves to San Francisco where she invests in a music store, and when the body of a young musician is found, she becomes involved in the investigation of his death in the latest in this late-nineteenth-century Western series.

Parks, Alan. Bloody January (Eur, 17.00) Apr. The first of a new noir police procedural series set in Glasgow in the early 1970s featuring a detective inspector who discovers that a murder/suicide is tied to one of the city’s most powerful—and most corrupt—families.

Pattison, Eliot. Savage Liberty (Per, 26.00) May. In the fifth in this series set in eighteenth-century America, exiled Scotsman Duncan McCallum finds himself in trouble after a ship arriving from London explodes in Boston harbor and soon finds himself caught between the British officials who charge him with treason and the colonists who are fomenting revolution.

Pearl, Matthew. The Dante Chamber (Png, 28.00) May. When a man is found dead in London in 1870 with a stone around his neck etched with a verse of the Divine Comedy, Christina Rosetti fears that her brother, painter Dante Gabriel Rosetti will be the next victim, so she enlists the help of fellow poet Tennyson and Browning to decipher the clues to find the killer.

Penrose, Andrea. Murder at Half Moon Gate (Ken, 26.00) Apr. In the second in this Regency series, the Earl of Wrexford stumbles across the body of an acquaintance in a disreputable part of London, and the man’s widow asks him to investigate the death.

Perry, Anne. Murder on the Serpentine (Ball, 17.00) Apr. Thomas Pitt undertakes his latest case at the behest of Queen Victoria herself, when one of her most trusted advisors is murdered in the final installment of this Victorian series.

_____. Twenty-one Days (Ball, 28.00) Apr. In the first of a new series featuring Daniel Pitt, the lawyer son of Thomas and Charlotte, set in 1910, he investigates the case of a biographer sentenced to hang for the murder of his wife in three weeks, unless Daniel can find the real murderer.

Perry, Sarah. The Essex Serpent (HC, 16.99) Apr. A widow leaves London for Essex in 1893 where she finds the villagers talking of a fearsome sea creature after the death of a young man, so because she is interested in the study of nature, she joins forces with the local vicar to discover what the creature indeed is.

Potzsch, Oliver. The Council of Twelve (HMH, 18.00) May. Bavarian hangman Jakob Kuisl takes his family to Munich in 1672 to attend a professional meeting, but they discover the bodies of three young women, and the locals blame the hangmen, so Jakob must act fast to identify the real killer.

Reid, Taylor Jenkins. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (SS, 16.00) May. When an aging actress decides to reveal the secrets of her rise to stardom, she chooses a young journalist to tell the story of her career that began in the 1950s and included the seven husbands, but as her tale nears its conclusion, it becomes clear that the actress and the journalist are tied together in tragic ways.

Rose, M.J. Library of Light and Shadow (SS, 16.00) Apr. A woman flees to the south of France from NYC following WWI after one of her scandalous drawings causes a tragedy in a mix of history, mystery, and magical arts.

Sheridan, Sara. England Expects (Ken, 26.00) Apr. In the third of the series featuring a former Secret Service officer during WWII who investigates when a sports journalist in Brighton is found with his throat slashed in a case tied to the freemasons. I love this series for the recreation of 1950s Britain and a smart heroine.

Smith, Alisa. Speakeasy (STM, 25.99) Apr. A debut author by a Canadian author set during WWII where a government code breaker fears that her past is catching up with her when she begins receiving messages from her former lover now on death row for a series of bank robberies that she committed with him.

Stanley, Kelli. City of Sharks (STM, 26.99) Mar. San Francisco PI Miranda Corbie is planning to leave for Berlin in 1940, but first she agrees to help the secretary to a well-known publisher who fears someone is trying to kill her, a case that involves her in the publishing world of the time and a missing manuscript about goings-on at Alcatraz.

Stein, Stephen Robert. The Oath (Per, 16.95) May. A French Jewish doctor who volunteered to help Mengele and other SS doctors at Auschwitz to save his family is working as a physician in the U.S. after WWII when another former prisoner tells him that one of the worst of the doctors is also living and practicing medicine in the U.S. and tries to convince him to help him kill the doctor.

Street, Karen Lee. Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of Peru (Peg, 25.95) Apr. In the second in this series featuring Poe as the detective, he receives an anonymous package containing three dead crows, leading him to believe that his nemesis is on his trail again, while at the same time he is investigating the murder of a bird collector.

Sweazy, Larry. See Also Proof (RH, 15.95) May. Indexer Marjorie Trumain, a recent widow, sets aside the large job that she has to help the sheriff look for a missing disabled girl, a search that becomes more serious when the body of a murdered man is found on her family’s property in the third in this wonderful series set in 1960s North Dakota.

Thompson, Victoria. Murder in the Bowery (Brk, 7.99) Apr. Frank and Sarah investigate the murder of a society woman whose death may be connected to the murder of the brother of Frank’s client.

_____. Murder on Union Square (Brk, 26.00) May. Frank Malloy finds himself the main suspect in the murder of his adopted daughter’s father when the man is found beaten to death after demanding money for relinquishing his daughter.

Trent, Christine. No Cure for the Dead (Per, 26.99) May. In the first of a new series set in Victorian London, Florence Nightingale must find the killer who left one of her young nurses hanging in the library of the hospital where she is supervising.

Underdown, Beth. The Witchfinder’s Sister (Ball, 28.00) Apr. A debut historical novel set in 1645, where the sister of the Witchfinder General of England returns home penniless, husbandless, and pregnant to find that her brother is targeting woman like her.

Ventrella, Michael, ed. Baker Street Irregulars: the Game is Afoot (Per, 15.99) Apr. A collection of thirteen stories featuring the famous sleuth.

Weeks, Stephen. Sins of the Father (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) May. In the second on this series, Countess Trixie is asked by the police in Prague in 1905 to help when her phone number turns up in the pocket of a decapitated magician, but later she is asked by Franz-Josef I to investigate the suicide of his son.

Wishaw, Iona. It Begins in Betrayal (Per, 14.95) May. When Inspector Darling is compelled to return to England for questioning in the death of a rear gunner under his command in 1943, Lane follows, and after he is charged with murder she finds herself caught between a return to a life she had happily left at the end of WWII and seeing the man she loves hanged.

Of Special Interest

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